Thursday, December 10, 2009

Version 311.494.10074

The following specifications have been modified or added:

Update of QlikView files
The integrated QlikView files have been updated.

Database explorer results
The decimals are now displayed correctly when printing the results of a query to Excel.

Search in memory tables
The search in memory tables and active browsers is independent of the input language (Greek or English).

Notification message when upgrading to new version
Each time a new Soft1 version that requires database synchronization is installed, a message appears, notifying about the required database backup.

Document columns
The “Transaction link” field" (FINDOCL) is now available when designing document columns.

Redirection in browsers with detail
The feature is now available in the detail section of the browser (e.g. document browser with item lines).

Bug fixing

Date ranges in browsers and reports
When the regional settings of the workstation included the “.” as date separator, the date range filters did not work properly.

Foreign currency and payment terms
Documents with payment terms and foreign currency In documents of traders in foreign currency and automatic payment terms generation, the message “Field amount not completed” appeared (new or modify).

Unpaid documents report
If the “Document date” was selected in report filters, the wrong dates appeared in the report (the final (due) date instead of the document date). Moreover, an error message appeared when “Outstanding cheques analysis” was selected.

Cash account transactions
When down payment retail document (with linked cash documents) were transformed to retail receipts, the cash account transaction of the original document was deleted.

Reprinting of documents
The reprinting control of documents was not applied if the user was still in the document screen after posting – printing it.

Printing multiple document copies to word
Printing of multiple copies of documents to a physical printer using a word printing template did not function correctly. The first copy was sent to the printer while the second one to Word.

Editable fields in browsers
If a custom view was set as default in customers, the extra fields did not work as editable in browsers.

Modify/Delete matched documents
A bug has been fixed than occurred when modifying/deleting matched documents.

Update of payment term lines when modifying documents
An issues has been corrected that lead to incorrect update of payment term lines (FINPAYTERMS table) when modifying documents.

Update of FINPAYTERMS when modifying document lines via Java Script
The FINPAYTERMS update failed when posting documents with custom views that contained scripts that modified quantities or values (OnPost event).

Open-item in reconciliation documents
The OPENAMNT field was not correctly updated in reconciliation documents.

Connection files (xco) not displayed
An issue has been corrected, which prevented the available connection files (xco) from being displayed after upgrading to a new version.

Converting Retail Orders among company branches
It was not possible for non-administrator users to convert a Retail Order posted in a different branch.

Item balance per W/h and color-size
If the same item was posted in a second line of a transfer document, the update of the balance per warehouse and color-size was not correct.

Error in reconciliation document

If a document line has been matched and a new one was inserted prior to save (without being matched), an error occurred.