Thursday, January 3, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11131

Features added / modified

Office 365 Calendar
From now on the 'contact' appears in Office 365 calendars' calls.

From now on the FORCEOFFLINE=1 in azure's params.cfg is supported.

Bug fixing

Browser searching
Fixed error occurred when searching in a browser, while having the parameter "Single click to open a menu option" enabled.

Office 365 Synchronization
During the synchronization of Soft1 records to Office 365, a pop-up window with the user's credentials was appearing constantly.

Tools menu (Romania)
Fixed error occurred, in Series 5 UI, in companies with Romanian (country) standards, when a user with personal menu selected tools menu.

ExecReport - Advanced Printout Forms
Fixed error occurred in ExecReport method of XSupport in SDK, when applied on Advanced Printout Forms.

In companies with Bulgarian (country) standards, the open-item records didn't appear.

Unreadable email text
In some cases with Outlook Office 365, Microsoft 32 bit, the email text appeared with unreadable characters.

Meeting screen forms in the calendars
When opening a meeting from a calendar, it was opened with the default screen form and not with the one that was defined in the user.

Google Apps Synchronization
Fixed error occurred while synchronizing google contacts.

Document with zero quantity
Since an item with colour/size was registered in a document with zero quantity, we couldn't refresh the lines and so the the value remained, without any quantity.

Settled gift vouchers in a document's pay-off
When paying off a document from the relative jobs, in the gift vouchers' lines, the selector is now on appearing only the gift vouchers that are not settled..

Office 365 Groups
In Office 365 apps, when not selecting a specific group, all the relative objects are synchronized.

Purchase Order Plan
Fixed error occurred in the "Purchase Order Plan" from purchases, by clicking the button "Selection", even if 'Series' and 'Warehouses' were completed.

Fixed Assets Opening Job
During the Fixed Assets Opening Job, the accounting depreciation documents were not created, in some assets.

Currency change of a trading party with wire transfer
In some cases, we could change the currency of a trading party that had been transacted with wire transfer, without any error being displayed.

Office 365 contacts synchronization
During the Office 365 contacts synchronization, the json's format wasn't right.

Office 365 contacts synchronization
In some cases, the Office 365 contacts synchronization wasn't completed.

Office 365 and meetings in calendars
When inserting a meeting in which the operator was a user registered in the CRMPPRMS.USERS table, a pop up window used to appear for the user's credentials, in order to accomplish the connection with office 365.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11129

Features added / modified

Revenue - Expenses Link
The trading party code has been added to the Revenue - Expenses links available resolvers.

Costing folders
When opening a costing folder, a query is now executed for all of the trading parties participating in the costing folder.

Commercial Category in Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
The item's commercial category was added in the "Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage" job filters.

Bug fixing

Background image printing
In some cases, the background image in a printout form was not printed.

Gift cards FastReport preview
An error that occurred when previewing a Fast Report printout form, from the Gift Cards module, has been fixed.

Fast report open designed report
In a Fast Report open designed report, in case there was a suggested value in date local fields, the question did not take into account the filter's dates, but the suggested ones.

Item Variations search in the Series 5 UI
In the Series 5 UI, a search can be made in the matrix of the Item Variations in a document's lines, by selecting the corresponding filter.

Project labels in Fast Report
In a Fast Report label for the projects module, the data of the condition for printing - repetition section did not appear correctly.

Gross Profit in the P&L
In the "Profit and Loss" job (DSBACNPL), the Gross Profit was not calculated correctly.

Sales Year Overview in the Series 5 UI
An error that occurred in the Series 5 UI, in the Sales Year Overview, when having default values selected in a field, has been fixed.

Cash Flow / Cheques
In groups of companies, in a company besides the main one, the cheques did not appear in the cash flow, in the cheques tab.

Internal Fast Report printout form for a Gift List
In an internal Fast Report printout form, when printing a Gift List, the Master Data was not printed.

AUTOLOCATE in a custom object
In the Series 5 UI, in a custom object with a custom table and the AUTOLOCATE parameter selected, the correct locate did not happen.

WEB page
A job that is supposed to open a web page did not open in its own separate tab.

Field Alert
An incorrect behavior in a field alert where the formula contained the ''<,>'' symbols, has been fixed.

Action start date
The action's start date was updated incorrectly when copying an action in a CRM calendar. It has been fixed in the "Work Week". "Week", "Month", "Year" templates.

Consumable quantities with variations
Fixed error occurred when saving a production document in consumable with colour/size and more than 2 decimals in quantities.

Accounting / Revenue-Expenses update in group of companies
In group of companies, in case of the fiscal year is locked in the main company, the accounting units couldn't be updated with batch job in companies except the main one.

Customer selection
An error that occurred when searching for a customer, in a browser of the main company in groups of company, when having logged in a company besides the main one, has been fixed.

Merge Actions
At the 'Merge Actions'' [MERGESOPRSN] job, the error "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" occurred. The job is now on executed properly in many companies in the same base.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11127

Features added / modified

DB Date in history changes
Time has been added in field "DB Date" in history changes.

MTRCATEGORY in purchase lines
The field 'MTRCATEGORY' has been added in purchase documents lines.

Purchase order plan
'Business Unit' filter has been added in the 'Purchase order plan' job, in purchases unit.

Production orders and lots
When transferring a sales order to production order, the items lot are now on being transferred too.

Expenses Documents templates
In expenses documents templates, the "calculation type" has been added.

Bug fixing

"Home" button functionality
In the Series 5 UI, when clicking the "Home" button in a grid two times, the cursor did not go to the first column on the second click.

Form design in the Installations module
An error that occurred, when designing a form in the "Installations" module has been fixed.

Access rights in the Core operations
When pasting from clipboard in the Core operations of the users, the entire copied list of the access rights was not pasted.

Expenses in a purchase document with a supplier in foreign currency
In a purchase document, with a supplier who transacts in a different currency than the company's currency, in the case that expenses with a negative value were added, the VAT value of the expenses was not displayed.

Pricing policies
In a pricing policy that scales by quantity, empty containers and gifts, the quantity of the gift was not updated correctly in the document's lines.

Required column fields
An error that occurred when selecting a document series with a columns design that contained required fields, has been fixed.

A manual value could not be set in the field "Code, CMPCODE", in calls and meetings in the CRM module.

Branch Name in group of companies
In group of companies, in case of a common id of a company's branch to those of the parent company, the function BranchName returned the description of the parent's company branch.

Production documents from Notes
When executing the gob "Create Production Documents based on Consumption/Production Notes", the units in production documents didn't update properly, when the costing element's calculation method was "Proportional to quantity".

Payment and Payment Terms
Wrong payment date appeared,in document saving, in payment terms, where the calculation method was "Based on Settlement Analysis".

Redirection from reports
In some cases redirection in documents didn't work, although the parameter "Redirection to active jobs" was enabled.

F1 (Soft1 Help)
Fixed error at key F1 (Soft1 Help), in Series 5 UI.

Accounting budgeting
The accounting budgeting information was not displayed correctly, when the group had been selected as the first dimension.

Fixed error in function CusAgedRemain : the optional parameters didn't work properly.

Soft1 Hyperlinks Right
In Series 5 UI, the user's right "Soft1 hyperlinks:right to use" didn't work properly.

Grouping in documents editing (group of companies)
In some cases the grouping didn't appear, when editing documents.

Custom selector limit
In memory tables, there is no longer any option restriction in using filter "in".

Keyboard shortcuts of relative jobs
In Series 5 UI, the 'Relative unit jobs' are now working properly by setting a keyboard shortcut.

Quantity decimals in reports
In some reports, the quantity decimals didn't appear properly, in company other than the standard one.

FIFO open-item with a contract
In the FIFO open-items calculation job, the filter "Exclude documents included in Contracts" did not work properly.

Consumption Requirements from Production Orders
In the "Consumption Requirements from Production Orders" production report, when designing the report, and creating a local field with the ITEM.RESTQTY field, no results appeared if the option "take into consideration" was not selected.

Workstation copy
Fixed error occurred when coping from buffer a workstation.

Cash transaction from a cheque
An error that occurred in an Oracle database when selecting "Cash transaction" (with a right click) from a cheque, has been fixed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11126

Features added / modified

Open-item (Unpaid)
In the Series 5 UI, in the Open-item (Unpaid) relative job in the trading parties, the option "select/deselect all" has been added.

Bug fixing

Required fields (ClientImport)
An error that occurred when "running" an Import Script with ClientImport and required fields, has been fixed.

Save New Templates in Group Calendar
When choosing 'Save New Templates' in the group calendar, the branch that had been saved in the template didn't appear.

Required Fields
In Series 5 UI, when enabling the parameter 'Justify field titles: Right' (from system settings), the required fields in screen forms didn't appear properly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11125

Features added / modified

Purchase orders per Supplier
In the "Purchase orders per Supplier" report, the filter "value" has been added, in the same way as the "Sales orders per Supplier" report.

Outlook connector - Sales leads
When right-clicking an email, the sales lead now opens, and the email import to Soft1 is simultaneously executed, along with its connection to the corresponding sales lead, by choosing: Soft1CRM / follow up / opportunity and archive. In addition, through the Outlook connector, the option to connect an email with a sales lead is provided.

Open - Design Documents in accounting entries check
In the Accounting updates / Accounting based on Commercial, in the modules of the accounting entries check, the trading parties' reconciliations module has been added.

Accounting report (grouping)
In the "Accounting report", grouping is done by code and description of the type.

Bug fixing

Import of an existing file
When importing the same file to the documents of a module, a warning message appears, stating that the file already exists.

Defining user access rights from the menu and user access rights
After defining user access rights in a printout from the menu, the new access rights did not appear in the "User access rights".

Browsers with transaction analysis
In the Series 5 UI, in a browser expanded by the transactions, the document did not open from the transactions grid.

Other transactions design (Series 5 UI)
In the Series 5 UI, the correct layout of the fields did not appear, when designing an Other Transactions form.

Customer transactions as a menu job
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occurred in the customers' transactions, with the parameter "Master - Detail tree view" selected, has been fixed.

Browser ordering in excel (Series 5 UI)
In the Series 5 UI, browser ordering was not done correctly, when printing a grouped browser in excel.

Nominal value/customs in a supplier's branch outside of the EU
In purchase documents' lines, the country of the supplier's branch was not taken into account, when calculating the nominal value.

Copy from buffer in a contact
An error that occurred when copying a contact from buffer, has been fixed.

Unbalanced entry after an automatic coverage of pending
An error that occurred when automatically covering pending items in a document with document discount and an accounting link, has been fixed.

Accounting characterization (MTRTYPE1) as a filter
In a debit/credit categories browser, the filter "Accounting characterization" did not return any results.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11124

Features added / modified

Sales Year Overview
In the "Sales Year Overview", the extra fields customer code and item code have been added.

Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis
In the "Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis", the extra fields, customer code and item code have been added.

Forecast calculations - Posting Date Limits
When calculating forecasts, when the user selects a date for which there is a date limit, the message "Employee X was not calculated because there is a Date limit up until 31/08/2018" appears.

Employees - Update from job position
When saving a job position in an employee, the message "Do you want to update skills, benefits and duties from the job position?" appears.

Bug fixing

Designed report with totals
In a designed report with user defined table, and columns where numeric results were running, the "Totals" didn't appear.

Filters in the question popup
In the Series 5 UI, and error that occurred when designing a form, when adding filters in the questions popup with recommended values, has been fixed.

Filter in advanced form
Fixed error occurred when printing with internal form (advanced) with custom numeric field in the MTRLINES.

Item search browser
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occurred when selecting items in documents, given that the item search browser had a Caption in CCC fields, has been fixed.

Browser and filtering
In stock management browser with images, the results didn't appear in once, during the filtering.

Automatic data import - Update from calendar
In the automatic data import the transfer of types of working time is executed based on the Start of the action.

Bonus Cards with discount value
In bonus cards with type of redemption 'From now on discount on the lines (Disc. 1 value)', if we selected firstly the card and then the items in the lines, the discount wasn't updated properly.

Browser filters appearance
In Series 5 UI, in case we selected the filters to appear in a report, only the 'FROM' appeared and not the 'TO'.

Counting of working time
The break duration reduces the ending of the working time by the corresponding minutes.

Stock control with warning message in client/server
In client/server environment, the warning message from the stock control didn't appear during the documents conversion.

Difference in the variation analysis in Coverage of Pending
An error that occurred when covering pending in item lines with variations has been fixed.

Filtering in the description in a browser with images
In some cases, the item's image didn't appear properly in a browser with images, at the filtering.

Fifo Open - Item Calculation in group of companies
In group of companies, the selection of a trading party wasn't possible, when running the Fifo Open - Item Calculation job and the log-in company wasn't the Parent Company.

Automatic suggestion of a SN in a sales document
The automatic suggestion of a serial number when converting a document did not happen, after a document's cancellation.

Error at the update actual data in budgeting
Fixed error occurred during the 'Update Actual Data' in Budgeting.

Variation Statement
In some cases, the items variation didn't appear properly, in the 'Variation Statement' report.

Evaluations - Models
The browser in the employees and seminars evaluation models is now appearing automatically.

Evaluation Models - Type
In the field 'Type' in the employees evaluation models, the value 'Seminars (3)' doesn't appear anymore.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11122

Bug fixing

Problem with last purchase price
While re-updating a stock item, its last purchase price, was updated from the purchase document plus its expenses, in case it was in a purchase - import, without considering the designing of the item transaction that the folder created.

Company's Branch when logging in
When trying to log in the program, only if we changed company, the branch wasn't completed automatically.

Messages Icon
In Series 5 UI, the messages icon refresh couldn't be done, when there was a new message .

Trading Parties Transactions Printing
When printing a trading party's transaction from a statement, not all the columns were printed.

Company searching at the login - Series 5 UI
In Series 5 UI, the company searching at the login has been improved.

Deletion of a company with transactions
In a client / server & Azure installation, while deleting a company with transactions, the relative message didn't appear.

Reminders - Messages
In messages, we couldn't add a note.

Company's accountant data
Fixed error occurred , in case of filling the accountant's data, in a company where the user wasn't logged in.

Personal Calendar and inactive series
Inactive series were appearing in the personal calendar.

Expenses in cash account transactions in ABC costing
The expenses in cash account transactions, didn't update right the analysis of Activity based Costing.

Payable amount for card
When deleting lines in a retail document, the payable amount for card wasn't update.

Different in subject value
In some cases, the subject value wasn't correctly updated, so it didn't match with the lines.

FIFO automatic consumption mode
The procedure of saving a stock document has been accelerated, with FIFO automatic consumption mode.

Sales series browser
Fixed error occurred when adding a reversing series in the series browser, in series 5 UI.

Ora 1400 error when log-in the program
Fixed error occurred in Oracle, while logging-in the program, when the option 'Record login/logout' in the Objects Log File was active.

Copy Project - group of companies
Fixed error occurred when copying from buffer a project, in group of companies.

Messages in Series 5 UI
The column 'Job' in the messages browser wasn't updated.

Full Copy Company
Fixed error occurred while full copy company.

Statement of Branches - Headquarters only
Fixed error occurred in the report 'Statement of Branches' when selecting the flag 'Headquarters only'.

Update Sales Prices
The job 'Update Sales Prices', didn't consider the alternative prices' percentage/value, in the 'Cost prices and given percentage' method.