Monday, September 28, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10652

Features added / modified

Purchase prices per supplier
Purchase prices per supplier are henceforth available in stock management browser designer in all installations.

Calculation method in expenses per mass
A new calculation method has been added in expenses:
item's mass * charge value

Contract transactions
Wire transfers are henceforth visible through contract transactions.

Order planning
In order planning, filters regarding season, date of delivery and w/h have been added.

Bug fixing

Same dimension
Managing dimensions per item, it was possible to declare the same dimension more than one time.

Zero quantity physical inventory documents
An error was occurring in zero quantity physical inventory documents task, when code format had been declared in stock items.

Remote server
POP3 email server can be now successfully connected with remote server.

Cancel cost of goods sold calculation with accounting entries analysis
Cancel cost of goods sold calculation task was not completed, when cost accounting entries had been analyzed to individual accounts.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10650

Features added / modified

Auto analysis of item set for converted documents
Converting documents with activated auto analysis of item set, prices and discounts are henceforth updated according their values in set/kit.

Unique document code
Control has been added, checking the uniqueness of purchases document's code, when documents are issued by the same supplier.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10649

Features added / modified

W/h balance and Company balance
It appears now and the balance of the items (overall and for the wharehouse) in the sales document transformation job to purchase document.

Products with different lot in production costing
Costing production can be performed even if a production document involved the same Co-product more than once with different lot-number.

Bug fixing

Off line installation Setup
During configuration off line installation, the responsible branch synchronization proposed users who are inactive.

In some cases, become readable hidden user code.

Automatic collection
Become automatic collection in document that had no such configuration, when had failed previous registration with another series which had declared automatic collection.

Price of supplier and Dimensions in columns Lines
In a document with line columns with Dimensions in Lines appeared error when declared using Price of supplier.

Payables on specific Date
In printing suppliers ' Payables on specific Date ", appeared in documents unpaid value (column Unpaid), while there was no document open (non-covered) value of table of open-item.

VIES - intra-EU Arrivals Report
In Oracle databases printing VIES - intra-EU Arrivals Report (REP_VIES) display error: "FVIESTBL: Type mismatch for ' field ', expecting TRDR: actual Integer: Float".