Monday, August 29, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11518

Features added / modified

Collections - Payments/Mass Approve/Reject Documents
'Mass Approve/Reject Documents' job (right-click on list) is now available for Collections - Payments.

Closed Costing folders/ Modify Docs
No more changes can be performed in Purchase & Sales Docs if they are included in a closed costing folder.

Trading parties/ Email validation
The Email validation is now properly working in trading parties data.

Service Folders/ Send to Customer
When performing 'Send to Customer' job (right-clicking), the Shipping and Carrier fields are filled in on the new delivery note, provided they were filled in on the initial one based on which the folder was created.

Employees parameters/ New fields
At Employees parameters, MyWorkplace tab, the following have been added:
*Track Check out
*Track Check in
*Keep track of working time

Bug fixing

Objects Log File/ Alternative prices
Fixed the issue in Objects Log File(TRACEDEF), where the fields wholesale and retail alternative prices were displayed without description.

Fast Reports/ Expenses List
The ACTLINES and SOEXPEN tables are now properly displayed in Expenses Lists Fast Reports.

Docs/ Search Items
Searching items in documents by code, sorting by description and again search by code, is now properly working.

Purchase Documents report/ Fast Report
Displaying results in the Purchase Documents report (PUR_STM), is now properly working when Fast Report has been activated.

Items Browser/ FItemCDimLimMin function
Results are now properly displayed in a custom Items Browser using the FItemCDimLimMin function.

Production Orders/ SN
In Production Orders, if the SN window is opened but the required number of serial numbers is not given, the quantity of the line is updated according to the SN filled in. If the quantity in the line is manually changed, a check is performed during entry.

Lots Statement/ Balances Brought fwd
The Balances Brought fwd are now properly calculated in Lots Statement report(CUS_LOT_STM).

Documents processing/ Merge lines
Transferring lines' Business Unit is performed only in case the Merge lines field is set to 'None' (Documents processing).

(Related ticket: ERP-15317 Ref_Id: 20220511-1155-1-2850)

Questionnaires/ Answers
The Answers to the Questionnaires are now properly displayed.

Production Orders/ Conversion
Fixed issue concerning Cοnversion of Production Orders when the product was monitored in Variations and part of the quantity was converted.

Browser filters/ Large-size custom alphanumeric fields
Browser filters are now properly working on large-size custom alphanumeric fields.

Organizational levels/ Active field
At Organizational levels (HR & Payroll>HR>Setup), the 'Active' field is now CheckBox.

Sales opportunities/ Interest Series
From now on, when a new Sales Document is created, it then will be displayed in 'Interest' tab (Sales opportunities) provided that it bears an Interest Series. If in CRM parameters, the same Series has been set in Interest and Quotation, then the Interest precedes the Quotation and the Doc will be created as an Interest (provided that the Interest grid in empty).

Email/ Excel file
Attaching excel file upon sending e-mail from report, is now properly working, when the 'Internal spreadsheet engine' parameter was activated (Users parameters).

CRM Calendar/ Actions
At CRM Calendars, only Actions related to login Company are displayed.

AUTOLOCATE param/ Item transactions
The filters (Questions hyperlink) in Item transactions related job are now properly working in case of redirecting to Item using the AUTOLOCATE parameter.

Production Docs/ BOM
Selecting BOM, in Production Docs custom Screen Form, is now properly working.

Production Orders/ SN
Fixed the issue regarding the mandatory use of SN in Production Orders. It will now operate accordingly with the Doc Type and the corresponding option in Items.