Friday, December 30, 2011

Version 312.507.10290

Features added / modified

Recalculation on printed documents
The job takes into account the parameter 'Modify printed document', found in Series.

Proxy function for type B fiscal devices.
Type B fiscal devices connected to a network have the ability to print from multiple computers, running through proxy.

New transaction for IFAISTOS.
902-Return (including the highest SCT rate) from the end consumer.(Legal Person, Article 1 of Ministerial Decision)

Paste from excel and line check.
Added on system options->Settings, the parameter 'Disable fast paste from clipboard', that activates the mechanism that existed in earlier versions.

Improved the execution time of printouts
Improved the execution time of printouts: Inventory Current balances, Inventory Trial Balance, Monthly inventory statement, Monthly inventory statement per W/h, Monthly import statement, Monthly import statement per W/H, Stock ledger (I.A.S.), Opening balance book, Opening balance book per W/h.

Changes in synchronization of the offline database
From now on the offline database is created from the start with table deletion and not with Drop Database process.

Bug fixing

Intrastat statistical value
A wrong statistical value would appear in Reports/Printouts: Intrastat imports when a credit document was included in detailed costing folder.

New prototype on sales documents.
The new prototype did not work properly for sales documents.

Error in Copy company job (Full Copy)
When the job was finished an error message would appear. Ole Error: 80040E14. The index 'CUSTMASTER_CUSTMASTER01' is dependent on column 'CUSTMASTER01'

Cash tills on collection documents.
When the user selects a different Cash on the collection document, then the posting of the document is made on the selected Cash.

Error while posting new inventory items with prototype
In inventory items, an error message 'ΙΤΕΜ:Dataset not in edit or insert mode' would appear when a selection was made from prototype.

On/Off: Synchronization
Corrected various problems on the synchronization of the local and central database. During the synchronization of the local database an error message would appear "The database is in use".

Error during the selection of Series in Sales/Retail documents.
An error message would appear "the document can not be changed" during the posting of a document with a series which has the prohibition option selected, in modify printed document field, and a customer with pricing policy.

Sql monitor from client.
Sql Monitor did not work from client (client/server, Azure)

Azure - Lot code creation from document lines.
In Azure environment, when creating the Lot from document lines with expiry date, an error message "invalid date" would appear.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Version 312.507.10286

Features added / modified

Forms printing
Supporting the string '<!PXS: number>' on workstations with Windows 7 operating system.

The last user that logged in, is not saved in Azure enviroment.
Added the ability on Azure, to save the last user that logged in the application in the each workstation.

Bug fixing

Displaced Report header when it is exported to Excel
When exporting customer Card printout in Excel the titles were not properly aligned.

Delay in QV scenarios execution.
Improved the script and gui portions of QV scenarios, to cope with larger volumes of data. CAUTION!: Requires manual update of scenarios (files .qvw) if there are earlier file versions in the folder.

Selecting the button two times.
When the button was selected two times in documents, the arrow of the drop down list in series, is disappeared.

Hyperlink rights
The rights for the use of hyperlinks did not load correctly after the change of users from the status bar.

On/Off Operation
In On/Offl installations the flag of offline configuration, would not appear during the log in. The selection of a connection should be made for the update to take place.

Sales - Purchases history in Services documents.
If the Sales - Purchases history was called by right click in a document with services transactions, an error message would appear "VFINHIST: Field 'MTRLOT' not found''.

Update of sales prices when the type has automatic coverage
There was not properly updated the sale price when the Type had auto coverage

Error while selecting goods in production documents.
During the selection of goods in production documents, an error message would appear "Access violation at address 0624DC03 in module 'findoc.bpl' ".

On/Off functionality.
The database function fnSOGetLinePend and the database VIEW VSOCASH did not install during the synchronization of the offline database in On/Off installations.

Services folders
At Services folders a message would appear 'Field: ITELINES.X_PRICER03 not found'.

Excel import in multilingual versions.
A malfunction is corrected in excel import, in multilingual versions, for non latin characters.

At the Line columns of purchace documents the field "U.O.M 1 Price" could not be selected
At the Line columns of purchase documents, the field "U.O.M 1 Price" could not be selected.

Services folders.
At Services folders a message would appear 'Field: ITELINES.X_MTRMANFCTR not found'.

Printing Forms for Installations.
At Forms for Installations,the plus sign (+) would not appear, on the customer branch.

Data flow scenarios
Fixed the behavior of the application in data flow scenarios to return the correct value, when divisions were made with fields with decimals.

Goods with SN and posting control.
For goods that follow SN(Mandatory) the posting control is being made during the posting of the line of the document(i.e. with barcode) and not during the posting of the document.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Version 312.507.10282

Features added / modified

EAN code production --COUNTRY.EANCODE
Added a parameter to the job of alternative codes production, by which the alternative code has the first digit that is posted in COUNTRY.EANCODE located in the field country of origin in the Items file.

Compulsory field modules in Execute and Cancel updates for revenue/expenses
The filter "Modules" is now compulsory for the jobs Execute and Cancel updates for revenue/expenses

Browser columns by SoSource in open-design documents
The set as default search is now supported in open-design documents.

Accounting links to General Ledger
Added a resolver with the quantity of the line and the third party's quantity (from the relative indication of the inventory items).

Inactive Users - User Rights
If a user or group was set as not Active, the record is not shown available for selection in the definition of users access rights

Cash Machine/Fiscal Printer DL-90
Added the Cash Machine / Fiscal Printer DL-90 on the supported machines list.

Browser printout "Customer Balance"
When printing the default browser: ''Customer Balance'' on a printer, the size of columns Tel.1 and Tel.2 was not sufficient.

Function added
Added a REFRESH function that lets you refresh a memory table in java script.

Fuction added.
Added the function INVALIDATEFIELD to update the controls of views.
function ON_ITEM_NAME()

Retail receipts matching
Retail receipts are now matched with the deposit and collection documents.

ON_ITELINES_BEFOREDELETE and line compaction.
A modification was made so as the Delete event, during the lines compaction, does not activate the script events.The rest of the Delete and the Before and After events are activated.

Printout - Negative inventory balance (per attribute)
Added in the filters, the Description and the Group of the item.

Search code
A modification was made so, the simultaneous use of alternative codes and barcodes of item atributes is avaliable.

Cash Register.
The cash register's next day start includes the original amount plus the cash register's start and not the counted amount.

Project card.
The results did not appear in the project card from document lines

Accounting report and Brief accounting report of trading parties.
Added dialogues for seires and types on Accounting report and Brief accounting report of trading parties.

Goods with SN.
For goods that follow SN(Mandatory) the posting control is being made during the posting of the line of the document(i.e. with barcode) and not during the posting of the document.

Negotiable Instruments in collection reversal documents.
If the collection document includes Negotiable Instruments transactions, then the reversal series will include Negotiable Instruments transactions selected with the first avaliable transaction of the reversal type. If no Negotiable Instruments transactions are set for the reversal document the behaviour remains the current.

Bug fixing

Warehouse in default series.
If a series number was declared to a document view (retail), the proposed warehouse based on customization of the series was not operating correctly. (the application proposed the first warehouse of the branch).

Custom on Users view.
On a custom view of users, during the view change, the users password was revealed.

User Rights in Line columns
If a user did not have design browser rights (add - remove column - save browser), this did not apply when the browser was called from command line with custom=0

Trial balance in General Ledger.
The dividing lines across the width of the page did not appear.

Excel printout from grid.
Under conditions in specific workstations grids did not print in excel.

Sales browser - View
In a sales browser without transactions if another view was selected then the last viewed document was shown.

Disable the option "Automatic run'' in Browsers when there is no grouping field.
Disable the option "Automatic run'' in Browsers when there is no grouping field.

User field in actions
The user was not automatically entered in the field user on an action created by the button in the sales opportunities.

Line columns in revenues/expences on SAAS
In construction companies with revenues/expences, the Line columns did not load correct during the selection of different series documents.

Supplier synchronizing with customer
There could not be a change of a supplier record that resulted from synchronization of a customer.

Services folders
An access violation message would appear during the copy from buffer in Services folder with spare parts.

S.C.T. tax and Lots.
Fixed the behavior of the application to allocate the S.C.T. tax on all document lines, on goods with lots which are consumed automatically by FIFO.

Report "Quantity per attribute"
Error Message "Incorrect syntax ..." would appear in the Report "Quantity per attribute"

Copy from buffer on items
A modification was made so the process copies the measurement units of purchases and sales of the original item.

Error message during Fast Entry
An "Access violation" message would appear during a paste from clipboard with the fast entry option selected.

Focus on the password field.
At the execution of the application the cursor was not focused on the password field.

Line columns on document types.
When selecting a document type without proposed Line columns immediately after the posting of a document with proposed Line columns, the application kept the properties of the Line columns (eg Read-only) of the former type.

Views with the minimum requirements of screen resolution.
Some fields did not show in some monitors types with the minimum requirements of screen resolution.

Sharing contributions in D.P.S. in a period that has multiple earnings with the new IKA rates
Incorporated sharing contributions in D.P.S. in a period that has multiple earnings (wage types) with the new IKA rates.

Copy from buffer
Changed the application behavior, so the copy from buffer does not copy fields of the document associated with handwritten information of KEPYO.

Paste from clipboard and search code
Paste from clipboard did not work if the search code field was included in the Line columns of the document.

Cancel update of revenues/expenses
The Cancel update job of revenues/expenses deleted the records of all revenues/expenses in all the companies of the database.

Paste from Clipboard
During Paste from Clipboard in revenues or expenses document an access violation error message would appear.

Payment days ins Services lines
Added the field "Payment days" in Line columns of services documents (Sales - Purchases)

Data flow and import script
Changed the behavior of the application so, in two cases using import script (data flow and objinfos) to have the same result.

Calculation of deductions to holiday allowance.
Corrected the calculation of deductions to holiday allowance.

Access Violation on Paste from clipboard
An Access Violation message would appear if a Paste from Clipboard was made to sales documents with Line columns.

Paste from clipboard and new Lots.
When a Paste from clipboard was made and the field "new Lot code" was in an intermediate column an Access Violation message would appear.

Export to Excel
An error message would appear if alphanumeric data were exported and included the '=' character.

ABC transactions
The delete record option is disabled in ABC transactions browsers.

ABC transaction not reversed upon reversing a document
During the cancelation of a document (manual,cancel by reversal,cancel transactions) the application did not delete the ABC transactions.

Document posting from S1 outlook connector
Was restored malfunction in the registration of documents codes representing actions through S1 Outlook connector

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Version 312.507.10278

The first multilingual versions 312.507.10278 are now available in English, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian and can be downloaded from the common area. For more details, click here.
Please, make sure you have completed all necessary steps before upgrading your installation to the new version.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Version 312.505.10258

The first multilingual versions 312.505.10258 are now available in English and Russian and can be downloaded from the common area. For more details, click here.
Please make sure you have completed all necessary steps before upgrading your installation to the new version.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Version 312.504.10231

Features added / modified

Function for checking the user password
A new function has been added that can be used to check if the password entered by the user matches the saved one.

General Ledger parameters
The counter-balancing accounts for exchange rate differences do not appear in Greek installations.

Design of columns at inventory documents
At the design of columns for inventory documents the fields Commercial and Group Category are from now on available.

Default BOM at Production Orders
The default BOM that appears by right-clicking on the Order browser is now the main BOM of the item.

The DATASET function ISNULL now uses the name of the field and not the ID.

Bug fixing

Statistical number (BGBULSTAT)
The validation/uniqueness check of the statistical number (BGBULSTAT) did not function (Bulgaria only).

Switching the company or the date from the status bar
By switching the company or the date from the status bar (more than once), closed down the application.

Status bar - Change company
If no fiscal years has been defined for a company, the application was shut down unexpectedly when the user was trying to login to another company from the status bar of the application. From now on the message appears.

Trial Balance - Extra fields
The application did not print correctly the data in columns of tables (Extra account data) in printouts.

Remmitances , transaction in third currency
The wrong value in supplier currency appeared in supplier remittances in third currency (other than the account / local).

Unpaid documents report
Ιf at filters has been selected the Cheque analysis and grouping ,an error message would appear.

Approvals and Credit Control
The document approval system through credit control did not function in client/server environment.

Sales statistics - Sales discount
There was an issue when calculating the discount amount in transactions for document types that have [Retail_Vat] set to [With Vat, not incl.]. All documents posted with older versions should be corrected by massive update.

Filters in crystal report
The filters set in a report desinged with Crystal report did not function properly.

Document conversion
If there were special characters in the line comments (e.g '('), the message '.CRTQANAL:' is not a valid integer value for field FINDOCS' appeared during document conversion.

Button in view using the X.QUICKVIEW
The X. QUICKVIEW did not function.

Balance aging report - Standard data
If the report was run using standard data, the message 'Field Sointeger2 cannot be modified' appeared.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Version 312.504.10227

Features added / modified

General function, data for the current calculated fund
Added general function, which returns data for the current calculated fund.

PBX Monitor
Radical changes in communication between SoftOne and PbxMonitor. IMPORTANT! After the update, you should test if the file PbxMonitor has been updated (date 28/02/2011) because the old version is incompatible with the current version of SoftOne.

In the configuration, the option to initialize the server its removed. If the name of the server is declared, the application decides whether and when to be initialized (similar behavior with the "If there is no detection of a line")

Taxis page
The electronic submission of the F1 form is available.
(Greek legislation)

QlikView Scenarios
1. From the version 500 and onwards, the QV scenarios are common.
2. Added information of the cost on the chart of the items.

Taxis Page
Adapting a new way for the electronic submission of forms on Taxis Concerns F1-F2-E3.

Taxis page
Adapting new procedure for the electronic submission of forms on Taxis the E5 form.

People data (Company)
At People data (from companies) was added the "occupation areas" field. In the working hours printout, appearing in priority the data (Safety Technician, Doctor, etc.) of the first occupation area or branch login or by profession.

Year-end statement
Added a new Year-end statement form for all categories. (Greek legislation)

Payroll data
Added to payroll data of the employees, an edit type of company branches.

Monthly Inventory report
Added as filter the Accounting category of goods which operates also in totals for both active and inactive goods.

Change remittance documents
When changing the value of a line to a remittance, the previous matchings are deleted. Please note that the deletion will be made automatically without viewing any message.

The type SOFORMULA3 at the table FUNDLNS was changed to meet the configuration of Payroll (OAED programs).

Search code with Lot
Added on the Search Code the search option by "Lots code" On the line of document the first inventory item and the corresponding lot-based code will be returned.

Monthly inventory statement
Added the filter (Imports-Exports) or (Purchases-Sales) in monthly statements of Inventory, including those by code correlation. By selecting the filter (Imports-Exports) shows the quantities and values of imports and exports, as the printout practiced until today and if selected (Purchases-Sales) it will include only quantities and values of Purchases and Sales respectively. By this way inter-company quantities can be excluded and of other transactions too.

Related files in Production module
The related files have been added to the documents of production.

Season as a filter in job: Generate EAN codes
Added season as a filter in the job: Generate EAN codes

SAREMA DI50/EJ as cash mashine & fiscal printer
Support of SAREMA DI50/EJ
as a cash machine and fiscal printer.

E5 and special rates
Application on E5 Form of special reduced rates which are used for example in borderlands.(Greek legislation)

E3 and Indicative VAT calculation
Indicative VAT calculation dispute arising from the difference between gross revenue compared to revenue from books.(Greek Legislation)

E3 and electronical submission
Harmonization of sumbition of E3 form fields in the online computer system at the taxis net. (Greek legislation)

Accounting Statements
The new form F.01.010 of the year 2011 is integrated. (Greek legislation)

Vat 9%
Has been incorporated all functionalities for submitting documents with 9% vat.(Bulgarian legislation)

Bug fixing

Balance check for Negotiable instruments
Added at the parameters of negotiable instruments, a parameter whether the balance of the negotiable instrument will be checked. The default value is set to 'Yes'.

Problem when rposting dates
Corrected conversion error during the input of dates in a new Call.


When a document is posted and its code is manually entered the system has to display a warning message in case the same code exists for the same trading regardless any other criteria.
The fiscal year is not checked when the Bulgarian specifications are activated.

Update field [entry date] in GL articles
Did not update the time of the field [entry date] in accounting enties when the record was created by 'copy from buffer' option.

Export to 2010 Ms Office
When exporting to excel Office 2010 from the transactions browser (eg sales documents) the date fields are displayed as integer from the excel.

Detailed list of income (Income control reports) in oracle, standalone environment
An error message would appear "SXNETPROFIT: Type mismatch for field 'MTRTYPE&', expecting: SmallInt actual: Float".

Trial Balance
It did not print correctly the blank lines at the bottom of the page if the corresponding parameter was selected in design of the print.

Transfer contacts with an xxf file.
Could not transfer contact records with an xxf file.

Horizontal analysis is Sales Statistics
The horizontal analysis based on payment type of the document , did not work, in the sales statistics.

Opening balance book (correlation code per warehouse)
It did not update the cost price in the Opening balance book (correlation code per warehouse).

EFK expense in documents
The nominal value of the reversal document was not properly updated.

Massive printing of documents
After a number of records, a message appeared "Out of memory while expanding memory stream" and did not finish printing.

Printing in fiscal printer
An error Message would appear "Warning: A problem found with printer Driver".

Wrong value in supplier currency
In reconciliation of suppliers / suppliers, the value of the suppliers currency (TNETAMNT, TTRNVALUE) for the supplier, from the header of the document, was not calculated at the TR ex. rate, creating problems in matching.

Issue in touch retail
After completing 9-10 item lines on the screen of Touch Retail, a problem appeared on the view.

Pricing policies without 'To date' and scaling per qty
There was a problem in search of values in the cache of pricing policies. So they did not work correctly, scaling in quantity and discount application.

Update finpayterms with Exchange differences
The application created finpayterms also for the documents of exchange differences.

Participation of VAT in the cost
Was configured to affect only goods and not lines of services or fixed assets.

Cancel update of accounting entries
Following the cancellation of accounting update, the financial data of the Cost accounting did not update. The problem was solved by re-updating the transactions.

Change Data of Cost Centers
The application allowed the change of the cost centers on an already calculated payroll without the related message been shown.

Decimal of values ??in the selection of contract from documents
Decimal of values would appear instead of decimal of prices.

Report forms designed from Crystal report
On document forms, when Crystal reports have been designed with sql commands, the parameters did not work correctly on the final query.

Shortage orders job
During selection of warehouse in the section 'Data of generated documents', a message 'Invalid column name whouse' would appear.

Retail_Payment In Advance_Multiple Selection
The multiple selection of advance payments did not work correctly.

Document conversion - Expenses
If an expense is parameterized to Follow VAT line and apply Charges on lines then during conversion, once the option Transfer expenses is selected, the net value of the final document contained the value of the expense.

Traders aggregators (fiscal year)
The calculation of the average Balance ageing of the fiscal year was based on the total balance of the trading party (and not just the outstanding debt of the fiscal year).

Error message in special transactions
Upon the entry of a document of special transactions with manual series, an error message would appear when moving from the field 'code', if the company had the Taxation Laws for Bulgaria.

Wrong value in foreign currency in cash account card
The value in foreign currency did not update correctly in financial transactions, arising from the suppliers remmitances.

Availability of Lots
In case of a reserved Lot, the availability of Lots did not appear correct by right clicking on the documents lines.

Retail document
Updated the driver of HITEC458 so it supports successive discounts in the same line (aggregate (value) in one).

Design of views
Fixed issues that arise when designing views. 1. By deleting all tabs in a designed view, an error message would appear. 2. If a new tab was added, including fields and then specific tabs were deleted (eg Basics and Contact tabs on Customers file), in this new tab, fields from another tab would appear that were not added by the user.

On / off functionality and touch items
The item groups, mtrtouch, during the synchronization of the local database, did not update.

Paste from clipboard, post of a new document which contains items with S/N
During the paste from clipboard if the item was entered before the entry of the serial number, the option of the serial number did not fill the appropriate table with the serial number of the line.

Crystal reports
The message 'Invalid index' would appear on Crystal reports with subreport.

QlikView Cash flow
Executing the Qlik View scenarion of Cash flow, at cheque analysis on the transactions of Cheques receivable, the column of Payments was updated instead of the column of Collections.

Trial Balance
If the extra table 2 of the accounts was added as a filter on the printout of Trial Balance the message "ACNCHEMA is not a valid integer value" would appear uppon the selection of the filter.

Automatic conversion with automatic manual collection
If in a series the automatic conversion to another series was applied which it also had an automatic pay-off with a manual series, the message "You have not completed the code of the document" would appear.

Qlik view and Oracle
The update on Oracle databases did not work.

Advance Payment in Retail documents
In Retail module, the selection of only one advanced payment was not possible.

During matching of a customer reconciliation, the open value (ointment) remained non-matched
During the deletion of matching of a customer reconciliation line the optamnt of the related document was not updated.

Retail printing form in Oracle
If the form included the field SALDOC.DUEPAY (Outstanding), an error message would appear.

Error message in calculating payroll
During the payroll calculations with edit on bonus data an error message would appear.

Project Status
At the Menu options, the job [Project Status] was defined as Table processing instead of File processing.

Project categories
At the Menu options, the job [Project categories] was defined as Table processing instead of File processing.

Access Violation in printouts
Under special circumstances, an access violation would appear during the execution of printouts on a client pc.The problem was fixed by restarting the Application Server.

Report :Collections - journals
If the Geografical zone was added as filter an error message would appear ‘SODTYPE is not a valid integer’.

Call centers / PBX monitor
PbxMonitor.exe is corrected.

Sales Qlik view file
The classification in months was not done correctly during the appliance of the relevant filter.

Sales Qlik view file
Scenario change at Qlikview, Sales Analysis to record lines (of documents) for goods - services without calculating cost price.

Calculation of Depreciation
In calculating the depreciation, the application did not take into account, under conditions, the decimal values of the company.

Trading parties financial data
Could not properly calculate the open balance in the financial data of the trading parties.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Version 312.503.10210

The first multilingual version 312.503.10210 is now available in english and can be downloaded from the common area. For more details, click here.

Please make sure you have completed all neccessary steps before upgrading your installation to the new version.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Version 311.499.10195

Features added / modified

Revenue / Expenses book and Monthly statement report
The default value of the filter [Columns non-active during the period] is now'"Yes, only with progressive Debits / Credits".

Matched / Non-matched documents report
The filter customer branch has been added to the 'Matched documents" report. If the user selects a customer and a branch and provided that the branch exists in debit or credit transactions of matched documents, then the specific records will be included.The same applies to the non-matched documents.The branch data also appear in the available columns of the report.

Change item in lots
It is now prohibited to change the lots of items that have transactions.

Resolvers for all extra fields in lines of special transactions
The resolvers for all the extra fields have been added to the special transaction documents.

Bug fixing

Composition documents
If the transaction of the document header was set to update final purchase price, the last purchase price in the financial data of the raw material codes was also updated even if it was not configured to do so.

Document convertion (offer to order in sales opportunities)
The application now checks if the Customer in the sales opportunity is marked as [Prospect].

Script in retail screens
Scripts on the credit cards grid (VCARDS) did not run.

Status bar
Under certain circumstances, when changing companies from the status bar, some job tabs from the previous company remained opened.

Trial balance of correlation codes
The warehouse filter did not function when it was combined with any of the other filters.

Deletion of document open-item
The document open-item entries are no longer deleted when the document [Comments] and or [Remarks] are modified.

Service folders in xxf files
An xxf file that contained a service folder record could not be imported.

Intrastat report
If the company's [Tax requirements] was set to [Romania], then the filter country in the intrastat report displayed the code 5 and not the name of the country.

Cash account general parameters
In the general parameters of the cash accounts, the titles of user-defined fields (numbers) showed a date instead of a number.

Change of customer in documents
If the customer in a document was deleted and a new one was selected, there was a rounding difference in the values.

Calculate discount credit notes
If [Counter-balancing] was set to [No] for discount credit note calculation, the results were not correct (the value of the debit note appeared with the wrong sign).

Synchronization of Oracle databases
The function fnDateDIff was not created.

Inventory balances brought forward
After running the [Inventory balances brought fwd] job, the fields PURQTY1 & SALQTY1 in CDIMFINDATA failed to update. The problem was solved after an inventory reupdate service.