Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10462(i)

Features added / modified

New parameters for Pivot grids
A new option was created (by right click on the header of the pivot) in the popup menu for the way that the Pivot grid will be shown.

Bug fixing

Cancel update of accounting from commercial module
An error message would appear when executing the job

Copy from last and Customer Branch
In a sales document, in which was selected at the tab Delivery - Transfer the field ''Order From'' and "Branch", and then made a copy from buffer and deleted the customer from "Order From'', the customer's branch was not deleted from the field "Branch".

Balance aging of cheques and Grouping zones
A correction was made for the value shown in the Grouping zones in the printout Balance aging of cheques.

Advanced stock control Per Attribute
An error 'Invalid pointer operation' would be desplayed in the posting of a document if:
At the type of document was set 'Per Attribute' at the Advanced stock control and the expression of the Formula field included the reserved from sales orders.

Current entity quantities
In Fixed assets printout "Current entity quantities" the filter "Zero quantites" did not work properly.

Import script on custfindoc
In import scripts that imported entries at the custfindoc object an
error would appear for non-recognition of the type of document.

Issue in lot selector caused by rounding
During the selection of Lots, with balance control set on the type of the document, Lots with zero balance were available for selection.

Order posting
A message "invalid argument" would appear during order posting if at the type of the document an entry was set at the field "Outstanding" and at "Formula" an expression was set [Balance minus the specific outstanding] and the control was made on items with attributes.

Code format
In implementation of code format (general parameters) for alphanumeric characters, Soft1 did not recognize correctly the Greek characters.

Creation of database tables
An error "access violation" would appear during the creation of database tables

Outstanding Orders
In Customer Card "Outstanding Orders" an incorrect value would appear on the field "Outstanding Value"

Windows scheduler on windows 8
The jobs stated in the windows scheduler did not completed correctly in windows 8.

Record Printouts
The option "Record Printouts" from "Related Jobs" was not available for selection.

Creation-Import of database tables
An error would appear on creation of database tables if the selected xdt file was from a previous version.

Spell function
Characters were not displayed correctly using the function "Spell", in multilingual versions.

Exchange rates and inactive currency
If there were inactive Currency entries, then when selecting the option "Exchange rates" an error would appear.

PiLib.FileExists with wildcard
Implementation of "FileExists" function with the ability to find multiple files (using wildcard) in import script.

Detail trial balance
The printout "Detail trial balance" from General Ledger, with specific conditions was demostrating negative period totals.

Incomplete item name on Outstanding documents
The length of the field "Item Name" was increased in the printout "Outstanding documents"

Costing levels calculation
During the execution of the job "Costing levels" a dialogue was added for the involvement of inactive "Bills of materials" on the Costing levels.

Sales Document Approval
The option 'Execute job' did not work correctly in Approval obligations (user).

Outstanding customer orders from related jobs
The series per module was not displayed correctly to outstanding customer orders from related jobs.

General Ledger Official journals
The series abbreviation did not appear in General Ledger Official journals if selected from the design of the printouts.

Start and stop character in funcotion Code128A
With the use of function Code128A the start and stop character did not appear correctly.

Composition documents and Copy from last
An error "Access violation" would appear if the Copy from last option was selected in "Composition documents"

Wrong balance value
In printout Balance per W/h the parameter "Calculate balance value" did not work correctly

Printout Service Calls
The printout "Service calls" displayed an error message "There is nothing to print" although posted entries existed.

Detail Trial Balance (CUST_ANBAL)
An error "Access Violation" appeared during the execution of Detail Trial Balance printout for all trading parties.

Cancel in the same day
A correction was made for the use of field <Cancel> found on document types. Under certain cases the date control did not work properly.

Comment on Accounting entries
If at a General Ledger Accounting entries browser the field <Comment> was set as a filter, upon selection an error mesage would appear.

Series on Customer Transactions (T.C.)
At Customer Transactions (T.C.) the field series appeared inactive and upon selection from the hyperlink an error message would appear "Ole Error"

Outstanding cheques view
On Outstanding cheques from related jobs of a customer, the fields for totals did not show the correct value if cheque status filter was selected with another value.