Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11226

Features added / modified

Item warning/ Sales-Purchases Docs
The item warning is now applied, using a general parameter, in both sales and purchases documents.

B.A.M. tool/ Automated e-mail report
Through Soft1 B.A.M. tool, you are now allowed to send a report via e-mail without requiring from the customer to have an open device. The development concerns cloud installations and the emails are sent via the cloud server.

Scheduled tasks/ Messages in Current Local Time
The run time of a scheduled task or a message display regards the Current Local Time (System).

Exchange rate gains and losses-Aging Balances
At Aging Balances report, the Exchange rate gains and losses have been excluded in cases where the trading party's currency is the same with the local or/and open-item is performed in transaction currency.

Cancel by Reversal - Prices & discounts recalc. message
When a document derives from "Cancel by Reversal" job, upon Series selection/change the application no longer asks the user about recalculating prices & discounts.

C.R.M. General Actions/ Related jobs added
At C.R.M. "General Actions" the following options have been added to the related jobs:
1. Action History
2. Timeline
3. Next step
4. Repeat Action
5. Attached Files
6. Previous Step
7. History changes

Employees List / Job Calendar
A new option named "Job Calendar" is now available when right-clicking on the Employees List.

Employees' List of Expenses / Attached files
The "Attached files" related job has been added to "Employees' List of Expenses".

Installations / History changes
The "History changes" related job has now been added in Installations module.

"Sales/Purchases Budgeting" job
At "Sales/Purchases Budgeting" job in "Dimensions" area, the option "Service Commercial Category" has now been added.

Bug fixing

List Scheduler tool/ Sales Statistics
When using the List scheduler tool for the "Sales Statistics" report, is now displaying the proper results.

Pop-up messages / Reminders parameter
The parameter "Pop-up windows messages/Reminders" is now activated for Series 5 UI running on Azure environment.

Browser/List Design - Series 5 UI
When designing a List/Browser you can now add the same field in different format and the results will be displayed properly.

Composition Documents-Copy from buffer
W/H field is now updated when a new Composition Doc. derives from Copy from buffer action.

Internal Advanced Form/ VAT percentage
At an Internal Advanced Form, the VAT percentage is now printed when "MTRLINES.VAT_VAT_PERCNT" field is used at the VAT table.

Credit notes calculation per branch
The "Credit Notes calculation" job is now properly calculating the credit notes per branch for a specified date range.

Wrong status designation while editing a non-converted doc
In case of editing/modifying a document, which includes positive and negative quantities in lines, it is no more designated as "Partially" converted.

Documents incl. Item Variations
The results displayed at a multi-line document including items in Variations e.g. Color/Size, are now properly dipslayed.

List/Browser design/ Field Captions
Upon a List/Browser design, the captions of User-defined fields are now properly displayed with the correct names.

Lots Trial Balance - W/H filter
At "Lots Trial Balance" report, the filter for the W/H is now properly operating when selecting the Dates.

Group of Companies schema / Trading parties' branches
At a Group of Companies schema/model, the data per company are now properly saved at trading parties' branches.

Group of Companies schema / Employees List
At a Group of Companies schema/model, you can now add a column at the Employees' List and view the proper results.

Group of Companies schema / Customer branch
At a Group of Companies schema/model, the following error "Selector record not found (TRDBRANCH=..)" was displayed at a sales document upon selecting a customer's branch, which did not belong to the specific company. The error has been fixed.

Group of Companies schema / FIFO automatic
At a Group of Companies schema/model, at a Composition doc Series, when having set the "Consumption mode" field to "FIFO (automatic)" option and the "Selection" field to "Nominal >0" value, the lot is now properly filled in.

Retail Doc/ Change customer/ Payment method
At a retail document, when changing the customer or/and the payment method, the changes are properly saved.

Purchases VAT Journal - Romanian Localization
Error fixed at Purchases VAT Journal regarding period filter.

"Replace receipt" pop-up window/ Screen resolution readjusted
The pop-up window displayed when clicking "Replace receipt" has been readjusted in order to be properly visible also in 1366*768 screen resolution.

Group of Companies schema /"Accounting based on Payroll" job
At a Group of Companies schema/model, the "Accounting based on Payroll" job is now properly operating when using a branch filter.

Group of Companies schema - "Balances per W/H" report
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and specifically at a child company, error displayed at "Balances per W/H" report, while correcting/fixing accounting fiscal year in parent company. The error appeared when "ChangeFiscPrdPeriod" job has been executed.

Group of Companies schema / Fixed Asesets Summary Book
At a Group of Companies schema/model, at the "Fixed Assets Summary Book" report, the fixed asset's transaction is now displayed when posting a purchase at a non-parent company.

Group of Companies schema / "Reupdate Items" job
At a Group of Companies schema/model, when using the "Reupdate items" job, the selector is now operating properly.

"Update Acctg based on Com. Dimensions - Trace Analysis" job
When running the job "Update Accounting based on Commercial Dimensions - Trace Analysis" the system uses the Debit/Credit transaction set at "Activity-based costing" tab at "Chart of Accounts".

Item Transactions - W/H
In "Item Transactions" Related job, the W/H is now properly displayed.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11225

Features added / modified

Leave Balance Report/ 3053 payroll element
"Prev. Year Balance" column is now updated based on the latest calculated value for 3053 payroll element.

Bug fixing

FastReport labels - Databand columns
Columns designed at Databand section are now properly displayed when printing a Fast report label.

Credit notes/ Color & Size
Error upon converting a document, which has been created from sales credit notes job with items monitored in color-size, has been fixed.

Statistics Reports - Filters
At all Sales/Purchases Statistics, the commercial categories of Debit/Credits filter has been excluded as they do not apply on these modules. Regarding the rest of the filters, namely the commercial category, accounting category, group, model and brand of items, the proper values are displayed based on module (SODTYPE).

Customers "Associated Companies Statement"/ Balance brought fw
At Customers' "Associated Companies Statement" report, the "Balance brought fw" is now displayed.

"Item data per WH" related job
Error fixed at "Item data per WH" related job when upon changing fiscal year. Data are now properly updated.

Production Doc from Purchase Invoice
Upon creating a production document (Subcontracting) from purchases, the document Series was not the one defined at document's "Special Data" area.

Change doc Series/ Branch not updated
Error fixed at sales doc, when changing the Series, whose type was set to check T.R.No. The default branch of the Series is now properly updated in the respective field.

Sales Doc incl. Items & Services/ Error upon saving
Under certain circumstances when switching between Items and Services tabs, an error message was displayed upon saving the sales document.

Interest Docs at Sales Opportunities
In some cases, the users with different Series at CRM parameters could not see Interest Docs posted at Sales Opportunities. Error fixed.

"Book of Leave Days" report/ Employment Agreement
At "Book of Leave Days" report, the initial employment date is displayed at "Employment Date" column. This includes cases where the employees have renewed or modified their employment agreement.

Intrastat/ over twelve-month fiscal year
In case of over twelve-month fiscal year, upon creating the Intrastat file of arrivals and dispatches, the date and the year is now properly updated.

Browser/List date format-Specified dates
Error fixed when setting the following date format "Tue 23/09/2003" at system settings. You are now allowed to set the date field "To"at a Browser/List with specified dates.

Inventory Doc - Cost price within Customs W/H
The cost price in now properly updated when bringing a customs lot on Inventory doc line and the "Use price" parameter has been setup to use cost within the Customs W/H.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11224

Features added / modified

"Update Stock Limits" job/ Number of Months
At "Update Stock Limits" job, in "Semester Sales" area, the parameter "Number of Months" has been added. This parameter concerns the stock limits when calculation is performed based on sales.

Year Overview Dashboards/ Factory code
The Factory code (CODE2) of an item has been added to additional fields in "Sales/Purchases Overview & Comparative Analysis" dashboards.

"Recipient" column/Increased characters (EDA-ALERT tool)
At the EDA-ALERT design, the "Recipient" column now accepts 100 characters (instead of 70).

Bug fixing

Projects/ Gantt Chart
Error fixed upon adding "Duration (man-days)" field at the Gantt chart.

Group of Companies schema/ Accounting links
At a Group of companies schema/model, upon creating a new accounting link the following error "softone range error ή GL template not found" has been fixed.

Group of companies/ Payroll "Automatic Data Import" job
At a Group of companies schema/model, when the user logs into a another company (not the parent one), the Payroll "Automatic Data Import" job is now properly performed.

Purchase Order Plan/ Quantity analysis
At "Purchase Order Plan" job, in "Items to order" tab, quantity analysis was not visible in case of items' monitoring solely in one variation eg. only Colour.

Switch companies while logged in/Branches list
When a user has been configured to have access to specific companies and branches, in case of switching companies while being logged in to another company, the list of branches (at the login screen)are now displayed.

Consumption Req. per Product/ Raw material balance
At "Consumption Requirements per Product" report the column "Raw material Balance" is now properly updated.

Production Cost Report/ Products details
At "Production Cost Report" all products' data are now properly displayed.

Production Cost Report/ Documents volume
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14 ..." has been fixed. This error occurred upon a large number of production documents when executing "Production Cost Report".

Exchange rates gains & losses / Group of companies
At a group of companies schema/model, when a company is not the parent one, the supplier and/or the customer can now be selected at exchange rates gains & losses based on open-item jobs.

Cash Account Transactions/Cash account error
Error "LINBACFPRMS: Field 'INTCODE' not found" upon posting a document of cash account transactions, has been fixed. Error occurred due to foreign country selection in Cash Account card.