Friday, October 4, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10466(i)

Features added / modified

Credit card instalments - Charged on [marginal date]
A change was made, on the field "Charged on [marginal date]" of retail instalments of credit cards, so that it concerns the first instalment in days. If on the Card devices one of the fields "Charged on [marginal date]" or "Payment date" is completed then, the application takes into account these fields. Otherwise applies the corresponding fields of credit cards.

Send SMS via Java Script
Addition of SysRequest.XSendWebSMS function. As parameters, are accepted the phone number at which the sms would be send and the text of the message.

Name of the Alternative code
Added the field Name of the alternative code of the items to the corresponding selector in sales documents lines.

Mass approval of sales documents
Added a job for mass approval of sales documents,
on sales browsers (on right click).

Detailed or Groups printout
In execution of printout from command line, the printout of groups is made available if at the .txt file of the command the parameter GROUPSONLY=1 exists.

Bug fixing

Search in Remittances
The use of backspace key during the search of customer/supplier in remittances, would cause the appearance incorrect results.

Alternative codes selector
If a seach was made on document lines, based on items with items alternative codes broswer set as default selector, the selector window in document lines would remain open, when only one option was available.

Statement 300 (Romanian Localization)
Modifications has been applied regarding the values demonstrated at some fields.

Item image in labels
An error message would appear, in case of label printout, in which the item image was set and empty lines existed at the top of the page.

A correction was made so that XTABLE.Current.Delete() would correctly delete, the current entry and not the first.

Document printouts
Long time delays were appearing during the print of document printouts with the use of fiscal printers.

Indicative cost of Bills of Materials
The cost of Bills of Materials was not correctly updated, when there was a change of the indicative cost of cost data.

Execution from command line on Azure
With the execution of commands from command line (windοws scheduler), on Azure, an access denied message would appear on Xecutor.log file.

Function IteAgedRemain
The function IteAgedRemain did not work correctly, if the parameter for the calculation in detail of the transactions of previous years was selected.

Customer card and Document column
The length of Document column on customer cards was increased.

Wrong balance calculation
The balance calculation on lines, was not executed correctly for the Shipment to customer job, from Services folders.

Status in Service calls
With copy from last, in service calls, the field "Status" also copied.

Service calls
An error message would appear in printout Service calls, if the value "Processed" is selected on Call status field and a processed service call entry existed.

Double lines of Currency on Exchange rates
Double lines of Currency would appear on Exchange rates table, in case an entry was already posted on specific date for the currency rate.

Payment terms with calculation method [Per Project] and Services
Payment terms were not updated correctly, in case documents included services lines and the document had a payment method in which, the calculation method took into consideration data from lines eg project.

Special transactions with payment method calculation [Per Project]
Payment terms were not updated correctly, in case of Special transactions documents and payment method in which, the calculation method took into consideration data from lines eg project.

Selector in document lines
The line selector did not appear, when entering item code or description, in documents lines, with the use of the * character and enter button, nor selecting the item with accurate entry of the item code.

Total of cash and cheques
An error message would appear during the detailed printout in MS-Excel of the browser "Total of cash cheques and credit cards" in case a grouping was applied.

Socket error
In case of network issues, an error message would appear "Socket Error 10054".

Paste from clipboard
In case "Disable fast paste from clipboard" was selected on Explorer Configuration settings, then Paste from clipboard would not work correctly.