Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11034

Features added / modified

Automatic creation of document series
The ability to automatically create new document series for branches has been added. The job is available from the Parameters menu, in Companies, with the name "Copy Doc. Series to Branches" (COPYSERIES)

Project market transaction
In the Project market transaction job, transactions from the stock management documents have been added.

Width of the column "Trading party branch"
The width of the column "Trading Party Branch" has been adjusted, in the trading party transactions.

Cash Flow
In the cash flow Analysis a new statement has been added named "Cheques", capturing receivable-payable ones and bank.

Items' selector Input in the stock management's documents
In the module of the Stock Management's Documents, the button "Input" has been added during the selector's opening.

Suppliers Reconciliations in report filter
In the filter "types" of the "Statement in Transaction Currency" report, the types of the Suppliers Reconciliations have been added.

Bug fixing

Pending sales/purchase orders
Pending purchase/sales orders from an item's related jobs, are now filtered correctly.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11033

Features added / modified

Ascii import in Azure
Ascii imports are now available in clinet/server and azure enviroments.

CRM follow up series
Flag "Only by parameters"
has been added in the CRM parameters per user, in order to determine the follow up series.

Purchase/Sales history
Flag "Quotation-Orders" has been set as 'Yes" in the Purchase/Sales history of the items.

Field's read state
SetProperty function can modify the read state of the field. ex. SetProperty(XModule,'FIELD','SALDOC.CCCFXDINOS','READONLY','TRUE').

Cheques selector filter
Searching with cheques' value is now available in the new UI.

Active browser
New parameters has been added in the genereal settings regarding the maintenance of active browser filters.

Conversion history
Trading partners' description has been added in the conversion history.

Bins in production documents
W/h bins are now available in the production documents.

Default w/h and storage bins
Production documents has been added as a module in the default w/h and storage bins of the items.

Bug fixing

Open item cover with commands
Open item cover was not properly working using function X.CALLPUBLISHED('ProgLibIntf.ModuleCommand', X.MODULE, 1035,'...')