Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11112

Features added / modified

SN from a Service Ticket to a Meeting
The field SN is now transferred to the Meeting from the Service Ticket by selecting the field 'Follow-up'

ExecuteXScript timeout
To use the function “ExecuteXScript” with another timeout (default 5 min), you must add the parameter SCRIPTTIMEOUT in section APPLICATION of the connection .xco file.
ex. ten minutes timeout
(time in seconds)

Bug fixing

When a user cancels a sales document from the Retail circuit, and has used a Gift Voucher on the Voucher lines, the Reversing Document does not bring the Gift Voucher to the the Voucher lines. After the save of the Reversing Document, the status of the Gift Voucher returns to "Redemption".

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage in Azure
In client / Server & Azure installations, the ''Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage'' job could not be executed.

Connection Office 365 with Soft1
Office 365 did not store user parameters correctly. Now, for each user, a login box is displayed when they have not already logged in, in order to select folders to sync.

Custom grids are not filled when creating a record from PHOTO
Internal update: When creating a new project in FANI with the screen form and PHOTO the grid Contract certifications gets filled, but does not display the data until we click on the grid

Import Excel
There was an error when importing an excel file with a large number of entries.

User Access Rights
In the Series 5 UI, an error was corrected when a user with 'Non-Controlled jobs' was running a job.

Connection with Office 365
In some cases, in Office 365, when loading calendars a symbol '=' was displayed and as a result an error message was displayed during the synchronization and the synchronization did not finish.

Depreciations Calculation
The results of batch jobs were not shown on screens with small screen resolution.

Copy from Buffer in production documents
An error was encountered during the copy from buffer of a production document, with Columns Design where there was a local field with RunSQL.

Points calculation in retail
In some cases, points were not calculated in retail sales documents.

Sales documents printouts
When printing documents with ''Internal (Fast Report)'' printout form, with simultaneous printing on a physical printer and saving to a PDF file, in some cases the documents were not printed.

Logo printout in documents
When mass printing documents with ''Internal (Fast Report)'' printout form, in some cases the logo was not printed.

Retail View with Image
Fixed an error that appeared in a custom retail view, with an item image.

Service Folders (Bulgaria)
Fixed an error that appeared in service folders in a company with Bulgarian Country Standards.

When the installation is changed in the header, the change now goes on the lines as well.

For the rest of the case, the market transaction selects the line installation or the header installation if there is no installation on the line.

Continue action in personal calendar
Fixed an error that was displayed when pressing continue in the action in the calendar.

Offline - Azure
In Azure installations, an error was encountered if the user of the synchronization was an Administrator.

Cost Item data per W/h
The view "Item data per W/h" shows the cost price of the corresponding fiscal year.

S1 Outlook Connector and Connect to (Screen)
Fixed an error that appeared when connecting an email with a task, Appointment etc, through outlook connector.