Thursday, May 30, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10415(i)

 Features added / modified

Questions when sending email
Added parameter for whether to display questions when sending mail. The parameter can be set either globally or per user.

Bug fixing

Search by character =
Not functioned properly the search possibility when using the = character when used in an intermediate position of the word search.

Creating S/N through document
When creating a s/n through document did not take into consideration in their masks the numbers.

Brought fwd value at the Inventory Book and participation of the W/H at the cost of balance
At the Inventory Book the column of brought fwd values takes into account the parameter 'Included in cost price calculation available at the Warehouses configuration.
The correction applies also at the reports: Monthly Inventory statement, Monthly Inventory statement pes W/H

Workstations (WRKSTN)
When selecting Workstations (WRKSTN), displayed the error: Field SERIESNUMB not Found.

Azure - New Series and Types
In Azure environment, the program is updated immediately for changes in document Types.

Production with consumption to 3 decimal
When selecting a BOM in a production document with consumption to 3 or more decimals, were rounded to decimal quantities of the company.

Prototype to Template
Changed the word of the Save Template Data: From 'Save New Prototype' became 'Save New Template'.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10413(i)

Features added / modified

Dimensions in production documents
Added new option in the 'Transfer in' parameter calculating dimensions to convert the quantity in UOM2, without being considered the quantity in UOM1 declares pieces.

Bug fixing

Transfer prices per attribute in conversion
In conversion of document with different prices per attribute became erroneous calculation of values: did not be taken the prices per attribute despite the fact that they had been converted.

Services from order to retail
Was presented the error "select record not found, if in retail were selected an advance of/order from relative jobs and the order contained services.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10411(i)

Bug fixing

Separator character in design columns of ascii import
In designing import from ascii, in the "Columns separated." Saves only the character "," and nobody else.

Guarantee / SN
Calling selector of SN, in the View of guarantees, appeared the message "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DISTINCT'."

DISTINCT in view table
If a view table had been set with select distinct, then when you call it in a field as editor, the program mistakenly add the top 20 and displayed error for the query.

Error in Offline mode
During the synchronization of the local database, it appears a meesage that the exlorer.exe stopped working.