Friday, August 25, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10931

Features added / modified

Payment plans
Suppliers' bank account has been added in the lines of payments plans job.

Value of Production Documents
The quantity(P) of various consumptions of Physical Inventory is now taken into account when updating the value of production documents in the 'Cost Price Calculation' job.

Number of Document Copies with Fast Report
A change has been made so that the number of copies that is declared in the document's series is taken into account.

The Item Manufacturer in Salespersons Commissions
The field 'Manufacturer' has been added in the calculation dimensions of the Salespersons Commissions.

Access Rights in Quickviews
Introduced the option to limit access rights of quickviews on the grid lines of documents.

Coverage of Pending
The option 'Coverage of Pending' is now available by right-clicking on the Grid Lines of a Sales Document that has been created as a Contract of a Purchases Document.
Attention: The 'Coverage of Pending' will delete the link between the sales document and the purchases document that it originated from.

Printing in Fast Report with DB Cross Object
The property 'Filter' has been added to the Fast Report's DB Cross Component, so that we can eliminate the Dataset's options, and that it can be used for the 'Detail Lines' of a report.

Addition of fields 'Average days in stock' and 'Item turnover rate' have been added to the items Financial Data
The fields 'Average days in stock' and 'Item turnover rate' have been added to the items Financial Data.

Bug fixing

Partially Settled Cheques
The cheque functions 'FChequePossesorType' and 'FChequePossesorName' have been fixed, so that they take into account transactions with the parameter "New holder:Cannot be modified".

The Fifo Open-Items calculation wasn't working properly for open-design documents
The Fifo Open-Items calculation is now working properly for the open-design documents.

E-mail Import (job)
The malfunction that occurred during the authentication of gmail accounts via 'TLS' protocol has been corrected.

Customer opening data
Fixed an error in customer opening data job occuring in customers with foreign currency.

Commissions of Salespersons
Added the option to select the Companies' Branches in job 'Calculate commissions'

Items Stock Overview in a Group Of Companies
Fixed an error that would cause display of false results for quantity and value of Purchases in Items Stock Overview of a Group Of Companies, when the item had transactions in other Companies of the Group.

Balance per W/H
Corrected an error that caused column W/H to be hidden from the form of the Retail Grid Lines.

Production documents from orders
An error occured when creating production documents through production orders.

Error in sales statistics per customer branch report - 'group of companies' model
Correction of malfunction that occurred at the sales statistics per customer branch report.

Production Orders Report (LMTRRESTORD)
The Error that occurred when the 'Dates' filter of the 'Production Orders Report' had delivery ate range
value, has been corrected.

D394 XML export
Resolved a 394 XML export error when only "tip partener 2" transactions where recorded on a given calculation period