Thursday, February 18, 2016

Version 4.00.514.10676

Features added / modified

Costing Folders & duties
Added allocation method for "duty * line value" in costing folders.

Declaring and reporting on delivery of goods or services for personal use - § 12. Art. 113
The charged tax on the delivery of goods or service for personal use under Art. 6, par. 3, pt. 1 or Art. 9, par. 3, pt. 1 and 2 of the VAT Act update col.16 of Bulgarian Sales VAT journal.
For this purpose, has been added a new option for "Special VAT cases"

Bulgarian Sales VAT journal - Other Cases (Column 16)
VAT value of documents under Special VAT case for
"Other cases ( 02-23)" update col.12 at Bulgarian Sales VAT journal 

Bulgarian Localization - Amendments and additions
Have been modified the titles of column 12 and 16 at Bulgarian Sales VAT Journal (based on Annex ? 10 to Art. 113, par. 2)
Have been modified the first and the last section at the Bulgarian VAT Statement. (based on Annex ? 13 to Art. 116, par. 1)

Bug fixing

Expense - SCT value
Expenses, related to SCT value, can be allocated per special consumption tax value

Lots & Document recalculation
Upon document recalculation, the price of lot is placed at the lines of the document

Document expenses
Under certain circumstances, the total value of expenses in local currency was not properly displayed

VAT expenses value
Under certain circumstances the VAT value of expenses was not properly calculated at the document total value.