Friday, June 22, 2012

Version 312.508.10330

Features added / modified

Gross value in purchace lines
Added to the purchase documents the field 'Gross value field' as the one existed on sales documents.

On/Off with Azure.
The On/Off ability is now supported in Azure environment.

online price calculation of last purchace price
In databases with online price calculation and valuation method the last purchace price, the posting of invoice-delivery note for items with many transaction, delayed excessively.

Intrastat exports xml
Modifications applied to Intrastat exports xml file

New email and 'To' field.
A change was made so when customer, customer branch or customer person was selected, the 'To' field will be filled only if it was blank.

Document modification in another fiscal period for CustFinDoc.
Added the parameter UPDFISCPRD which for value '1' allows the modification of documents in another fiscal period.

SELRECS parameter
A change was made so in browsers with line expansion the SELRECS parameter brings the ID of the lines too.

Intrastat - Delivery term
In the list of Delivery terms for Intrastat (BGINTDELIVERY), the following option was added:
DAP-Delivered at place

Bug fixing

Expenses and fifo lots.
In case that, in the document type, an automatic fifo was set and two items with expenses where selected in the document lines with discount 1 filled on both lines, then total value of the documents was changed after posting.

Wrong totals values during document change.
A change was made so when a record is in a changing state, no printout for that record can be made.

Item quantity Input in sales documents.
In multiple selection of items in sales documents with input, an error message would appear when the item did not have available quantity.

Creation of external files for Revenues/Expences
During the export of the revenues/expences file with the selection 'Transfer to client' an access violation error would appear and otherwise 'ist index out of bounds'

Payment documents date
A change was made so automatic payment documents can be posted with a later date from that of the original document.

Production orders in oracle databases
In Oracle databases, when a production documents were created from production orders, then the user could not view the order or make changes in the production document.

Special transactions - Creditors
A change was made so in document posting of Creditors Special transactions with online revenues/expences accounting link, would appear correctly when the matching with revenues/expences is selected from related jobs.

Export of accounting file
During the export of the accounting file, an access violation error would appear.

Transactions between warehouses <= of the limits
In transactions between warehouses when the balance was between the limit levels then the balance value was brought in the field quantity.

Line columns in data flow scenarios.
During a document view from data flow scenarios, the defined Line columns would not be applied.

Statement 390, sign '&' in traders name
If the '&' sing existed in the name of a trading party, then no data would be displayed at Statement 390.

Error Invalid column name 'SOTYPE'
If the version was earlier than 311.499, then an error Invalid column name 'SOTYPE' would appear instead of the message for database synchronization to 311.499 version.

Convertion of lines
From a browser with item lines, the convertion of a document did not work correctly. The dialog would appear on screen but no document would be created.

Report problem ( FIELD '' HAS NO DATASET)
When defined in the design of the print more than 6 local sql fields, appeared error: FIELD'' HAS NO DATASET

S1 portal in English Azure
When login with English in Azure environment the S1 Prortal would appear in Greek.

New account at cost accounting article
When introducing a new line while modifying a cost accounting article
generated from general ledger entry, the field 'ACNTRN.ACNTSEC' did not update, thus not reflected properly in Sharing Sheets.

Synchronize offline database
When synchronizing from the central database error occurs.

Sales & Purchases history for Services
Did nor work properly the Sales and Purchases History for Services

Report form with entity image
Report form which had the image of the item in the header and footer, did not print the form data unless the image does was placed in the first line of the section.