Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Version 4.00.513.10615

Features added / modified

Serial Number balance per W/H
Added the printout "SN balance per W/H"

'Users Access Rights' printout
Added 'Users Access Rights' printout in Access Rights - Approvals parameters. The printout shows the Access Rights defined per User.

Discount fields at Stock Items
Added at 'Stock Items' the fields Discount 2(%) and Discount 3(%)

F/A - Depreciation rate
In case of a Fixed Asset that is not monitored 1-1 with entities at the popup window of the documents you can now define the depreciation rate from Purchases module.

Minimum stock levels
The balance check at documents for minimum stock levels is now made also for items with attributes.

Close Cash Register
At the 'Close Cash Register' job the 'Calculate actual data' button now includes the value from the 'Inicialize cash register' field.

Convertion of document lines to purchases
Added the possibility to convert sales document lines to purchases documents from browser expanded by document lines.

Retail prices and Costing folders
Added the option of update of the retail sales prices from costing folders with or without VAT.

Comparison Overview dashboards
Added the field Country of the trading parties at dashboards 'Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis' and 'Purchases Comparison Overview'

Alternative Depreciations
A dialogue field is added for the selection of Accounting or Alternative Depreciations during the creation of Depreciations documents from Depreciations Calculation job.

Invoice Warning at Sales document lines
Added the field 'Invoice Warning' of Stock Items in Sales Documents
Browser design as a column 'ITELINES.MTRL_ITEM_WARNING'.

User rights
The description of records in users rights now appears correctly for Unpaid documents, Outstanding orders, Oustanding delivery notes, Outstanding cheques, market transactions, Sales - orders analysis per item.

Field Document in printouts
The size of the field 'Document' is increased in printouts.

Actions Journal
Added in 'Employee Parameters' the possibility of defining which fields will appear from actions in 'Actions Journal'.

Copying of Document Series, Types and Line columns in other companies
Added the possibility to copy Document Series, Document Types and Line columns from a selected company to others in the same database. The job is available at the browsers of the records with right click. The copying procedure should take place consecutively i.e. copying first the document types and then the document series. Also common parameters should exist at the transactions of the companies.

Turnover in customer browsers
A changes was made in 'Turnover' field in customer browsers for quicker execution.

Available Serial Numbers screen form
Added the 'Available Serial Numbers' screen form in 'Stock Items'. The screen form shows the available serial numbers of the item per warehouse.

Alternative code field size
The field size of 'Alternative code' is increased to 50 characters.

Transfer to purchases
In case a sales document is posted and then is transferred to purchases then the project of the sales document is also transferred to the purchase document.

Issue date and Receipt of cheque fields
Added the fields 'Issue date' and 'Receipt of cheque' as columns at the browser design of 'Collections' and 'Payments'

Project market transaction
Added the fields Trading party code and Name as columns at the 'Project market transaction' screen form.

Approvals Obligations - User
Adde the field 'Inserted by' to 'Approvals Obligations - User' job.

Contacts and Employees to other companies
Added the possibility from parameters to copy Contacts and Employees to other companies of the same database.

Accounting Opening Entries
Added a dialogue field at 'Accounting Opening Entries' for the selection of I.A.S or G.A.S entries.

Create Company job
With the creation of a company the branch and w/h code is defined as 1000 as in the prototype company.

Retail to Purchase documents
Added the possibility to transfer multiple retail documents to a purchase document.

Serial Number in SNLINES table
The field size of sn code in SNLINES tables is changed to 50 characters.

Saleperson and Installations at Stock Documents
Added the possibility to select salesperson in Stock document lines and Installation at Stock document headers.

SN creation at Composition documents
Added the possibility to create Serial Numbers at the header of Composition documents.

File extention .svg and HTML fields.
SVG format is now supported in HTML fields type.

Installations and Services folder
Added the 'Services folder' screen form at 'Installations' related jobs.

Imports-Exports per Item printout
Added the printout 'Imports-Exports per Item' at General Stock Reports of Stock Management.

Inserted On and Last modified User and Date fields
The Inserted On and Last modified User and Date fields where not updated in case a G/L account was automatically created form a Supplier posting.

Payroll function for the calculation of holidays
Added a payroll function to calculate the number of holiday days for given calendar period regarding the branch connected to employee
PUBL_HOL_DAYS(From date(Date),To Date(Date),Weekdays(Mon = 1, ..., 7 = Sun))
PUBL_HOL_DAYS(From date(Date),To Date(Date),'1,2,3,4,5')
returns the number of holiday days between FromDate and ToDate and the Day of Week is one of Monday,...,Friday

Use of barcodes in composition documents
The field 'Use of barcodes' at composition document types now works correctly.

Calendar and Actions Journal parameters
Added the field 'Day width' at calendar parameters and 'Actions Journal' (right click) which defines the width in pixels of the Day column when the calendar format is 'Month'.
Added the field 'Column width for days' in C.R.M. parameters and 'Employee Parameters' which corresponds to the same parameter.
Added the field 'Users/Pages' and 'Employees/Pages' in C.R.M. parameters and 'Employee Parameters' which corresponds to the field 'Resources' at calendars and 'Actions Journal' (right click).

Color zones
Added the 'Application field' at Actions & CRM parameters in C.R.M. Entries tab. The color zone is now configurable and can be defined based on other fields and not only 'Labelling' field.
Departments in calendars
Added the option of multiple departments selection at Personal and Group Calendars.

Serial No of installation and CallPublished
Added the field SERIALNUM at system parameters and it can be used as X.SYS.SERIALNUM for the logged in installation.

Set items with Serial numbers
The warning message for Serial Number selection is now displayed after the posting of composition items in lines of the composition documents.

Filters in Journals
Added the fields Series,Status and State as filters at the Resources and Actions Journals. Multiple resources or employees can be selected for each journal from the browser and selection of Journal with right click.

Function that returns the average collection time
Added a function in collections that returns the average collection time of the sales documents that are coverted from a collection document for a specific date range defined in parameters.

Sales and Purchases Journals of Fixed assets
Added the field Trading party at the printouts of Sales and Purchases Journals of Fixed assets.

Fixed assets printouts
Added fields Accounting Category, Item Category and Item Group
as filters in all Fixed assets printouts

GSIS data job
The field JOBTYPETRD (Profession) is also updated from 'GSIS data' job.

Sales document lines in production documents
Added the possibility of conversion of specific sales documents lines to production documents.

Pay-off document
In case a pay-off document was posted from related jobs of an other transactions document with a different date from the original document, the date field was automatically updated again with the date of the original document.

Similar lines packing
Added the posibility for similar lines packing to be applied in document lines type 'Mtrtype' (Normal,Warranty) execpt Gift.

Holidays Calendar in all available calendars
Holidays appear in all Calendars (Personal Calendar,Group Calendar,Actions Journal,Resources). At the Date navigator the defined date will appear in red color. Τo defined a day as holiday the user must update the 'Holidays Calendar' from company parameters and set the appropriate calendar at the company branch at 'Holidays Calendar' field.

NBG bank web banking
Added the possibility of exporting files for NBG bank (web banking) regarding payroll.

'Bill of Lading' printout
Added the filter Delivered on [Dates] at the 'Bill of Lading' printout.

Sales Orders per Item - Analytica
Add at the 'Sales Orders per Item - Analytical' printout fields regarding Lots.

Document processing
The document processing job takes into account in the packing of lines the MTRTYPE field.

Users Access Rights printout
The 'Users Access Rights' printout can display five different modules (Companies, Jobs, Operations, Series and Customizations) through related filters.

Delivery date at Production Orders
Added the field 'Delivery date' [MTRDOC.DELIVDATE] and its now available at the browser of 'Production Orders'.

Bug fixing

Login at inactive companies
The check for login at inactive companies now works properly.

SN transactions per item printout
Correct results appear in 'SN transactions per item' printout even if the last transaction of the SN is from cancellation document.

SN and cancelled documents
SN from documents cancelled by reversal now appear normally at the printouts 'SN transactions per item' and 'SN card'

Ordinary Supplier at Fixed Assets
Added the field 'Ordinary Supplier' at Fixed Assets.

Backup from Client
An error appeard "Access violation at address 0110E389 in module XDLL.dll. Read of address 00000004" in case the 'Backup' Job was excecuted as client and not standalone.

Deletion of printed documents
The deletion of printed documents in offline databases is not allowed if the corresponding parameter is set at the Central database.

Deletion of employees and related documents
The deletion of related documents of employees was not completed correctly with the deletion of the employee.

Close Cash Register and Cash Account Transactions
At the 'Cash Account Transactions' when the document type has behavior 'Deposit' or 'Return of withdrawal' then the 'Close Cash Register' record will have a negative sign. If the behavior is 'Withdrawal' or 'Return of Deposit' then the record at the 'Close Cash Register' will have a positive sign.

Creation of EAN Barcodes
In specific cases the job 'Generate EAN Barcodes' did not create continuous codes.

Related jobs in screen forms
The related jobs defined as hyperlinks in screen forms work correctly.

Business Unit in Series
When a Business Unit is defined in series of Wire transfers or Reconciliations then it is completed automatically at the document.

Lots without balance
In already posted documents the redirection to Lots that did not have balance did not work.

Lot wholesale price
After the convertion of a sales document with item lots the proposed price was the Wholesale price of the item and not the correspinding from Lots.

Text type Calculated fields
Added the possibility of use of Text type Calculated fields in Open Designed Reports.

Transfer among W/h job
The 'Transfer among W/h' job did not take in concidaration the decimals from values in quantities.

C.R.M. actions in journals
Actions with date range greater than the displayed did not appear in journals.

Active Qlikview tab
In case a Qlikview tab was open and the user minimized Soft1 application or changed the active window with another application then the Qlikview tab would appear in black if it was selected again.

Login to inactive companies
Login to inactive companies is not allowed even if the login credentials are automatically completed.

Sales journals
The field 'Insertion time' (SOTIME) appeared as date in Sales journals.

Cash Registers negative balances
Improved the behavior of Cash Registers transactions to avoid 'virtual' negative balances.

Supplier balance payment
Balance payment by right click from supplier collections lines now completes the supplier balance with the correct sign.

Printform to different database connection
In case of a Printform call through javascript from a sales document that used a form from a different connection (xco file of another database) the field 'Sosign' of 'Mtrdoc' table was not updated correctly.

Comment 2 in Accounting entries
In specific cases the field 'Comment 2' did not appear correctly in Accounting entries.

Unpaid documents
The Open-item clearing method defined at the trading party was not correctly selected at the 'Unpaid documents' screen form from 'Related jobs'.

Sales per Item per Customer Branch printout
At 'Sales per Item per Customer Branch' printout the Grouping is made based on the code of the Customer.

Force pivot
The option 'Force pivot' did not work correctly.

Balance check and Warranty
During the convertion of a document the balance check did not work properly for the items with type 'Warranty'.

Approvals Obligations
At Approvals Obligations - User job with right click from the browser an error message appeared regarding user rights

Password at custom browsers
Password set at custom browsers was removed when the user added a new column and then saved the new browser by right click.

Customer Market Transaction
The correct data now appear from the selected record of the Customer Market Transaction lines.

Printform in Custfindoc
The 'Printform' function did not work properly if used at object type 'Custfindoc'

Inactive Fiscal year
The login check did not work properly in inactive Fiscal years.

Project market transaction
In case of discount in documents with defined projects different values appeard in 'Project transaction (header)' and 'Project market transaction' screen forms.

Debit/Credit Categories and Credit Notes
The values from Debit/Credit Categories appear correctly at the
'Credit Notes Calculation Results' browser.

Project Statement
The error 'Ambiguous column name PRJC' appeared at the execution of the 'Project Statement' printout in specific cases.

VAT per Tax Account printout
At 'VAT per Tax Account' printout in Revenues/Expences the brought forward results did not appear correctly with Local Execution of the printout.

Imports Costing printout and Dossier ID
The field 'Dossier ID' from the 'Imports Costing' printout at the Analysis per Item module returns the correct ID.

SOTIME field
The field SOTIME did not appear correctly at the production module.

Costing folders
After making changes to a costing folder document with cancelation of last update the document could not be saved.

Set items and composition documents
The selection of set items to composition and decomposition documents did not complete correctly causing issues to the applications stability.

Synchronization of offline databases
The messages regarding the completion of the creation and synchronization of the offline database did not appear.

Outstanding Delivery notes
The rerouting to outstanding delivery notes from the screen form of the related jobs of trading parties did not work properly.

Related jobs of trading parties
In case of collection/payment document posting from the related jobs of the trading party the correct trading party was not selected at the document if the trading party record was changed from the navigation arrows.

Azure and offline databases
The automatic reconnectιοn to Azure from an offline database did not work properly.

Revesal job in Retail
An error message would appear in case the Revesal job was selected from a Retail document with credit card selected as pay-off method.

Credit cards
An error message would appear in case the user made changes in the credit card area after the retail document was posted.

Indirect posting of documents
The error message 'selector record not found' appeared in case a sales/collection/purchase/other transaction document was posted by right click at trading parties hyperlink from an already posted document.

Trading praties Wire transfers
The default filters at Trading praties Wire transfers printout did not work properly.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10535

Bug fixing

FIFO calculation - memory consum
A change was made at the Cost Price Calculation job for FIFO calculation. The job now completes faster with less memory consumption.

UOM 2 in set items
In case of set items with compotition of items with attributes, the quantity on the 2nd UOM was not calculated correctly.

Email and
In some cases (use of SMTP port 587), the sending and receiving of emails failed for accounts of

Email Import
The error message 'Max line length exceeded & Unexpected Non-last response line (i.e. a data line) did not start with a *, offering line' would appear during the execution of email import job.

Customer and Supplier Analysis dashboards with Bank transfers
The collection and payments of Trading Parties from Bank transfers did not appear correctly at Customer and Supplier Analysis dashboards.

Multiselect of integer fields
The values from custom memory tables with a primary key field defined as integer did not appear correctly.

Calculated fields and Fixed Assets Status - Summary printout
Calculated fields at "Fixed Assets Status - Summary" printout did not appear correctly at the first line of the printout.

#$SOSOURCE in caculated fields
Added the possibility to use #$SOSOURCE as an editor in caculated fields.

Item with variations in production documents
An error message would appear with the selection of a Bill of Materials in production documents in case items with variations have been defined at the bill of materials.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10529

Bug fixing

Date in Accounting link
On Azure installations if a date field was set at the Accounting link the date appeared in the form month/day/year.

Currency Rates functionality - button "Get Rates"
When CubeDate (31.8.2014)<> RateDate (1.9.2014) the system will prompt the message "Attention! The rates refer to the date . Do you want to import the same rates for the date? Yes/No". If the user selects the RateDate will remain 1.9.2014 but the system will import the rates of 31.8.2014.

Task creation from Journals
In case of a Task creation from calendars with the use of "Next step" option an error message would appear.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10525

Features added / modified
Mass Approvals - Purchases & Other documents
Added the possibility of mass approvals in the modules of and

Bug fixing

File export - Attached files
When exporting a file from an error message would appear in case this was stored in database.

Templates - Sales/Purchases
For purchases and sales module, a correction was made when selecting option.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10524

Features added / modified

Action update from Calendars
Added the field 'Confirm changes' at Calendar area in CRM parameters. If the field is set to 'Yes' then any update to an action from a calendar will request confirmation from the user.

Taxation laws
Added the option "Indifferent' at Taxation laws field.

Cost center at Stock Documents lines
Added the field Cost center at Stock Documents lines.

Items Transactions overview Dashboard
Added the possibility to select Series and Types of documents at the Items Transactions overview Dashboard. The field "Module" is required to be selected for the Series and Types of the correct module to appear.

Bug fixing

Analytical Trial balance (CUST_ANBAL) printout
An access violation message appeared at the execution of Analytical Trial balance printout (CUST_ANBAL) when Romanian taxation laws were selected.

Vat Status - Branches
The VAT status field is set as required at company branches.

Currency and Open Item
In case of update to the field Comments of a credit document in a currency other than the original document, then an incorrect change of currency was made in Open item.

Offline and cancellation documents
An error message would appear at the update from a remote site
to the central database if cancellation documents were posted in offline mode.

Accounting link
In case the option "Transfer of securities trans" was selected as "Yes" at an accounting link then the option "Trace" was activated automatically.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10522

Features added / modified

VIES and Other transactions of Debtors/Creditors
Added the ability for the Other transactions of Debtors/Creditors to be included at the VIES printout.

Related files must be available in Contracts
Added the ability of related files to Contracts.

Lot balance check
Added the Lot balance check option for the item at the header of a Composition Document. The check is made based on the parameters set on document type.

Bug fixing

Number of digits for PRICE in Fixed Assets Tab
The field size of Price in document lines for Fixed Assets is increased to ten (10) digits.

Meeting duration
When creating a Meeting through the Group Calendar, the suggested duration is set based on the Start and End time fields of the login user.

Emails Screen Form design
At the design of Emails Screen Form an error would appeared "access violation ... in module rtl170.bpl".

Field Expense at Expenses
In specific cases the field "Expense" did not appear at the design of Expenses.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10521

Features added / modified

Services from Other transactions documents in VIES
Added the option of the expenses that concern services from Other transactions documents to appear at the Services column of the VIES printout.

VAT check
The character # is now acceptable at the Code field of Check VAT area in company "General parameters".

Production with By-Products
From now on, production expenses (costing data) can be excluded during the calculation of production value for By-Products.

Bug fixing

Backup job translation
The notification message for the completion of the backup job did not appear at the correct language.

Greek characters in file type 2.
On Azure installations the files created from the job "Accounting from commercial documents" with file type 2 did not show correctly the Greek characters.

Login at OnDemand
The username of the last login user is now saved at OnDemand installations and is proposed at the next login.

Exchange Rates - International codes
At the "Get Rates" job the validity of international codes of currencies is checked and the appropriate warning messages are displayed.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10520

Features added / modified

Labelling at Action history
Added field "Labelling" at Action history of Crm Actions.

Bug fixing

Other transactions - Intrastat
In case a Debit/Credit with type "Expense" existed in Other transactions then the calculation of Intrastat value was doubled.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10519

Features added / modified

Currency Rates functionality
Added button "Get Rates" which appears only when the report Currency is EUR or RON. It is required that the international code of the currencies is completed.

SMS provider Bulker
Added the ability to send SMS via the provider BULKER.

Bug fixing

Automatic Routing with mail server
In case of Automatic Routing to email the application used the field username instead of the Outgoing-Mail Address.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10518

Features added / modified

Balance aging per Customer branch
Added a parameter at "CusAgedRemain" function for the customer balance aging to be calculated per branch.

Transfer of Cheques with balance (different of the initial value)
Add parameter "No action (rest value)" at Cheques Transactions so the current balance of Cheques is suggested. The older parameter "No action" is renamed to "No action (initial value)"

Open item and trading parties branch
At the dialogue for Open item mappings through documents, the branch of the trading parties is now suggested.

Bug fixing

Calculated fields and screen form design
In case calculated local fields were used at a custom screen form, an error message would appear at the selection of a new record.

Inactive series and Customer cards
For Users with limited rights at documents series the descriptions of inactive series did not appear at Customer cards.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10517

Features added / modified

Email from Crystal report form
Added the ability to send email using Crystal Report forms as .pdf file.

Automatic filing with Crystal Report forms
Added the ability to have "Automatic filing" at Crystal Report forms.

Intrastat and Vies
Add the parameter "Based on document date" at VIES printouts for the selection of the documents date instead of the intrastat date.

Customer Analysis dashboard
Added at Customer Analysis dashboard the fields Year and Period.

Week(hours) at Calendars
Added "Week(hours)" as a calendar option in which records appear based on their posted hours.

Connection to Dropbox
Added the ability to connect related files with files in dropbox.

Cash registers at accounting vouchers
Added the job "Cash register code" by right click, for mass insert of cash registers at accounting vouchers.

Waste % decimals
At production documents that are created based on bills of materials the waste % decimals are no longer rounded. Reposting of the bills of materials is required.

S1 Outlook connector
Corrected an issue related with the possibility of cancellation of a record posting using S1 Outlook connector.

Bug fixing

Active field in grid
At Sales documents if a line was selected using the mouse pointer then the previous line was always selected and not the correct line from the user.

Depreciations and sold fixed assets
Depreciations were not calculated correctly in case of sold fixed assets with parameters set "Per month" and "Up to the end of the sales month".

Calendar format
The Calendar format was not saved in case a new template was created.

Business category
If the same Business category code existed for customers and suppliers then the Business category name of the suppliers was shown at Customer Analysis dashboard.

Word forms
An error message would appear at the posting of a word form that was created with the use of "New model report"

Pricing policies and "Input"
An error message would appear in case "input" was used at document lines with pricing policies with scaling value.

Production documents from production & consumption documents
The error message "must declare the scalar variable "@pq1." would appear when executing the job "Production documents from production & consumption documents"

Production Documents and Lots
Production Documents incorrectly checked the lot balance of the produced item.

Import of collection with negotiable instruments
The error "VCAPTION not in edit or insert mode" would appear in case an excel import was made at collections with negotiable instruments.

Posting dates limits and Open-item.
If "Posting dates limits" were set then manual open-item mappings were not available.

Modify printed document check and Open-item
The option "Modify printed document" check did not allow manual open-item mappings.

Selector size
In specific cases the selector field did not appear correctly at grids.

On/Off and custom .dll
In case that s1interop.dll was used and custom .dll existed at custom administration the On/Off synchronization would not be completed correctly.

QlikView file authentication at Azure
Added the "QlikView file authentication" job at Azure installations.

Accounting update and Totals per day
At "Cancel update" job of Accounting update an error would appear if accounting vouchers existed from Commercial documents with "Totals per day" option selected.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10511(i)

Features added / modified

Proposed default form printouts
Changed method for mass printing of documents: if the option 'The same to all' is checked, Soft1 will not ask the user for the form option again. Also if the option 'Auto' is checked, Soft1 will not ask for printer or form and gets the defined values from the series parameters of the document.

Printing mode
Added the option "Follows initial" at printing mode field of the series parameters. Forms defined with this option follow the printing mode set at the field "Method".

New tax forms for 2014
Added new tax forms for 2014.
Changes are made at the calculation of the tax forms (Greek Legislation).

Fixed Assets depreciations
A change was made at the automatic update of the field Start depreciation date for fixed assets. The date is posted is the first of the following month with the posting of the document. (Greek Legislation Ν.4172/2013)

Services folder creation from actions
Added the parameter "Fill Item" at the type of an action for completition of the item at the Services folder.
Also added the parameter "Group by" at the job "Transfer to folder" for the grouping by Item and Customer branch

Bonus Cards table fields
Added the fields of bonus cards table to the design of Customers view.

Read only login date parameter
Added the parameter NOLOGINDATE used at the .xco file. If the value is set to 1 the login date cannot be change.

Hide status bar parameter
Added the parameter HIDESTATUSBAR used at the Login section of the .xco file. If the value is set to 1 the status bar of the application is hidden.

Bug fixing

Items Monthly inventory and zero balance filter
At Items Monthly inventory (correlation codes) printout the filter "Items with zero balance" did not work properly.

Date at Customer card of B2B
The "Date" field did not appear correctly at the printout "Customer Card" of the B2B cloud application.

Cumul at Azure
The function CUMUL did not work properly at printouts for Azure installations.

Band picture at internal printout forms
If at internal printout forms a band picture was set in the repetitive line the image was deformed at the printout.

Update of Services folder
In case of update on field Labeling in Services folders an error message "MTRDOC:Dataset not in edit or insert mode" appeared

Calculated fields of Projects
The green fields "Expenses","Revenue (+subprojects 1st lvl)","Expenses(+subprojects 1st lvl)" and the field "Expenses" from the tab ROI of Campaigns are update to disregard VAT.

Next step and Direction of an action
At the "Next step" of an action the value of the field "Direction" was updated with the value of the series to be converted and not of the selected series.

Services folder and Customer branch
An error message appeared during the creation of a Services folder from an action with the field Customer branch filled.

Addition of actions to Services folder
The error message "Selector record not found" appeared during the addition of an action to a Services folder.

Accounting vouchers and Value GSIS
Credit is subtracted from the Debit values of the field "Value GSIS" from Accounting vouchers at the printout "Tax Consignment Information (Accounting)" (Greek Legislation).

Actions of Actions journal
Actions from "Actions journal" did not appear at the Personal and Group calendars.

Print to pdf / xps file
The call of the function Sysrequest.PrintForm is now working properly.

SoftOneLib - Use .Current in XTable through VB.NET
Corrected the inability to use the .Current in Xtable from VB.NET environment through (Library SoftOneLib).

Cancel at Sales opportunity
If a changed was made at a posted sales opportunity then the user could not cancel the changes.
Expenses and ReUpdate of tax information
In case of services invoice with tax withholding which had been defined as an expense at a previous version, the value of the expense would be doubled when executing the job "ReUpdate of tax information"

IBAN check at cash accounts
The IBAN check did not work properly at cash accounts.

Update sales prices
If automatic coverage was set at purchase documents and different item prices existed at posted Orders then more than one item price for the same item would appear at the job "Update sales prices".

Value GSIS from Accounting
In case that multiple sales accounts existed at the Accounting voucher the Value GSIS was not calculated correctly.

Form with footer Band picture
In case band picture was defined at the header and the footer of a form, the picture of the footer would not be printed correctly.

Form with header band picture
In case Band picture was defined at the header of a form, the picture would not be printed after the fisrt page.

Approval of documents
Approval of documents did not update the time correctly at the document.

Partial conversion and Serial Numbers
The document conversion of an already partially converted document added the converted serial numbers of the document lines to the new document.

Automatic creation of a Services folder
An error message would appear during the posting of a Sales document that automatically created a Services folder.

Services folders
An error message would appear during the posting of new Services folder.

Prices per attributes (color and size)
In some cases defined prices per attributes (color and size) were not applied at document lines during the posting of a document.

Date type fields size at printouts
The date type fields did not print with the correct size at printouts.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10507(i)

Features added / modified

Tasks tracing and PRSN
Contacts and Employees appear separately at [Tasks tracing]

Cancel by reversal
When [Cancel by reversal] is performed, the automatic collection is ignored for the cancellation document.

Actions of trading parties and Contacts
Added column [Project] at Actions from Related jobs of trading parties and Contacts.

Unpaid documents of customers
At [Unpaid documents] from Related jobs of customers the currency of the customer is used and not the currency of the company.

Approvals and prerequisite stages
If [Prerequisite stages] are defined for [Approvals] the final user set at the [Approvals procedures] cannot approve the document until the Prerequisite stages have been completed.

Bug fixing

Excel and dates
In case a client PC had different regional settings from the server, dates would not appear correctly at MS-Excel exports.

Internal forms with user defined table and band picture
In case of internal forms with [User defined table] for items with attributes (color-size), the band picture at the recurrent line would not be printed correctly. Line and column were not complied with the design.

Update cost elements cost in production documents
The job [Update cost elements cost in production documents] no longer takes into account the quantity of by-products as defined in production document.

incorext syntax near "AND" at documents printout
The error message "incorext syntax near AND" would appear when printing a document using an internal report form which incorporates the character "$" (field wrap) along with Set Item analysis.

User defined table and field wrap
The error message "Field SODTYPE not found" would appear during document printout if the internal printout form incorporates the character "$" (field wrap) along with [User defined table].

Suppliers payments
An error message "Ole error Invalid column name" would appear at Suppliers payments with cheques if at the bank code field letters were defined.

View/Screen selection
The error message "An object with the given name has already been added" would appear upon View selection.

User-Defined fields at Line columns
User defined fields operating as [Calculation] did not work properly upon selection in Line columns.

Projects Statement
An error would appear at [Project statement] report when selected as filters the options "data from document lines (exclusively)" and transactions included "All (sub-projects included)"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10505(i)

Features added / modified

Services folders and C.R.M. Actions
C.R.M. Actions can now be selected or posted through Services folders.

Installations and SN
Added SN field at the lines of Installations.

Active contacts of trading parties
Added the field at the Contacts of Trading parties

Resource at C.R.M. Actions
Added the field at C.R.M. Actions.

Employees Journal
Added "Employees Journal" at the Related Jobs of Employees file.

C.R.M. Email
Added "Start/End date" and "Time" fields at C.R.M. Emails.

Warehouse abbreviation
At the selection of Warehouses the abbreviation field is available.

User Rights and Related jobs
Is longer possible to define User Rights for the Related Jobs:
1.Copy Document
2.Cancel Transactions
3.Cancel by reversal
4.Jobs (In purchaces and production documents)

User Rights at Related Jobs of Views
Added the possibility to define User Rights at Related Jobs of Views.

Export SN - Inventory parameters
At Inventory parameters and at the option "Only SN selection in inv [Out]" an additional value is added "Select only with SN". The parameter description is changed to "Export SN". With the new value the check during export concerns only items that have the value "Yes (Mandatory)" selected at SN field.

Redirection at the User's default View
Added at "Actions & CRM" parameters the field "Redirection" which has the options "Input view" or "User view"

Restore pending at Services Folders
Added the option at the Services folders for the entire folder.

I.P.F. date check
A check is made on the I.P.F. of the employees, so that the field "To Date" does not have a previous date from the field "From Date".

Printouts of Invoice discounting
Added the following reports at Factoring module:

Value of Outstanding Orders at Credit Control
The value (Net and Total) of Outstanding Orders is calculated only for the Approved at Credit Control.

Accounting link of Fixed assets depreciation documents
Added the Supplier resolver at the Accounting link of Fixed assets - Lines of depreciation - Entity subject to depreciation.

Manufacturer at Shortage orders
At "Shortage orders" job the field "Manufacturer" of the item is added as a filter.

Function PILib.GetQueryData
Function PILib.GetQueryData will use the current support object if the value 0 is given at the first support parameter.

Job tracing - Open designed documents
Added at Job tracing the possibility of Open-design documents check.

Job tracing - Reconciliation
At "Job Tracing" job the following options added:
1.Customers-Customers (CUSCUSDOC)
2.Customers - Suppliers (CUSSUPDOC)
3.Suppliers - Suppliers (SUPSUPDOC)

Account IBAN field in Employees (PRSN)
Added the Account IBAN field to the Employees file. This option is available for payroll payment by bank file.

Cash flows in local currency
Added the possibility for Cash flows to appear only in local currency. The conversion of values is based on the last posted exchange rate from the table of Exchange rates.

Stock ledger (extra-acc./ing 94)
If the item Code and the Account prefix (94) field suffix are the same then the item Descritpion is displayed.

Cost of goods sold account field in Accounting category
Added the Cost of goods sold account field in Accounting category of Items.

Negative balance printout and Group field
Added the Group field as a filter in "Negative balance" printout

Cash flow filters
Added at the Cash flow filters the option for the results to appear based on:
1) Only settlements
2) Only program of collections - payments
3) Mixed mode (the settlement value will appear if no program of collections - payments is set)

Mass deletion of Inflows-outflows
Added the possibility of mass deletion of records at the Inflows-outflows table for a selected date range.

S1 designer javascript in objects
A new Editor has been added for Scripts at S1Designer.

Retail documents - Collector
The collection that is created by a sales document brings the collector of the document.

Automatically synchronize cloud apps
Dιd not work properly the automatic synchronization, when the changes were made on the control of the calendar.

FIFO open-item jpb
Added at "FIFO open-item" job the filter "Closing based on branches".

Cash flow with scheduled collections - payments
Scheduled collections - payments that are matched with a trading party appear at Cash Flow.

Payment method
Added "Per type of line" at the Calculation methods of Payment methods.

Detailed control report
Added the Payment method filter at Sales printouts "Detailed control report".

Field for Fiscal printer printout forms
Added the possibility to use the Qty (P) field (MTRLINES.QTY) at forms of Fiscal printer type.

Item Warning in Line Columns
At Line columns of documents the the filed "Warning" of the item is made available.

Bulgaria - Deklar.txt
Changes have been made for DEKLAR.TXT file created from Soft1 based on new Bulgarian legislation.

Services folders
The Warehouse of Spare parts is proposed at the Services folders conversion.

Alternative package and Item Attributes
The definition of alternative package now takes into account the inactive attributes of the item.

Intrastat/Vies - Special Transactions
Intrastat & Vies Reports take into account the Special Transactions of customer-supplier.

Sales Order to Production Order
When converting a sales order to a production order, the items are now sorted as they were in the original document.

Azure user innactivity
Added parameter for inactivity time check with which the application shuts down automatically.
The default value is 3 hours. If the value is set to 0 the application will no longer shut down automatically. The parameter is CLOUDUSRTIMEOUT and it must be set on PARAMS.CFG file.

Double click on reports
At the HTML View of reports, double click displays the screen of the entity-record.

Modify in a different fiscal year
Added the parameter "Modify in a different fiscal year" at the types of and .
In addition, this control is disabled if at the parameters of the object is defined the Parameter UPDFISCPRD=1 (for use in custom objects or custom views of an object ).

Action series from Projects
At Actions & CRM parameters > CRM entries >User settings, has been given the possibility to define which Series will be available through Projects modules when selecting the the button "Save action". The general parameter is the [Applied On].

VAT analysis columns and addition by right click
The field BGEXCISE appears by default at VAT analysis. Added at Other transactions the capability to display the field LVATNOEXM by right click. In both cases the use of default view is required or a custom view that was created based on the default view. For older customizations the fields must be added manually.

Filter warehouse at SN printouts
Added the field warehouse as a filter at printouts: SN transactions per item, SN transactions and SN journal.

Bug fixing

Grouping zones with monthly analysis
The grouping zones with analysis type [Month] did not function correctly (data posted on the 1st of the month appeared in the last date of the previous month)

Group calendar from favorite jobs
An access violation error message would appear upon selection of Group calendar from favorite jobs.

G/L Account creation with the New entry option
For fields requiring "mask" for account code for which a new account was created with the option "New Entry" the ID of the account was appearing at the field instead of the account code. The field now remains empty.

User Rights
An error message would appear upon selection of Description/Name of User Rights.

ACNDOCS.INI in Multilang versions
Changed the whole process for downloading the XAD files.

Translation issue: Romanian version message
Corrected translation issues for messages concerning deletion of converted documents.

Canceled qty at default Inventroy Series
If a default Inventory Series was defined then the Canceled qty field could not be updated.

Convertion of Services Folder to Delivery Note
A Services Folder that was created from a Quantity Receipt note and was converted into a Delivery Note could be converted again to a new Delivery Note.

Non-restricted jobs non-accessible and User Rights
Added the possibility to define User Rights for indirect jobs of documents and on all modules in general.

Concealment of panel and page
A refresh was needed in customizations that conceal panel and page to appear correctly.

Items stock balances per item property of items with negative balance
If an inventory item had a negative balance at a specific warehouse and the same positive balance at another warehouse it would not appear at the printout "Items stock balances per item property"

Table 1 on collection lines
The use of Table 1 in lines of collections did not work correctly.

C.R.M. Action occurrences
A starting CRM Action was always posted when weekly, monthly or yearly occurrences were set at an Action.

Conversion of Purchases to sales
The Branch field was not automatically updated if the Customer was changed at the conversion dialogue of a purchases to a sales document.

Reupdate of General Ledger and Cost Accounting
In case accounts had the same Code at General Ledger and Cost Accounting, the Reupdate G/L job did not function correctly.

GLUPD field and .XXF files
When transferring documents with the use of .XXF files the GLUPD field (Update accounting) was also transfered.

Conversion of Services folders
If a Services folder was updated and did not have any Spare parts - Services posted the Convertion field changed to Fully Converted.

Cash register closing
Creditor Payment Documents were appearing with a positive sign at
Cash register closing

Character appearance after sending email
After sending email from the application, the letters of the screen were bold and spoils the Alignment of fields within the pages of text.

Lots at Production documents
At production documents Lots with zero balance were available for selection even if "Balance > 0" was selected at the Proposal field from the document type.

Transfer of Agreement at conversion
If all documents for conversion have the same pricing policy and the "Maintain prices" option is selected then the pricing policy is transfered to the new document.

Cheques cash account
The correct cash account is selected at Supplier payments lines, in case that a same cash account code existed at another company in the same database.

Qlik View - Romania
For Companies with Taxation Laws=Romania are available by default only the following QV files.

New Romanian S1 menu
For Companies with Taxation Laws=Romania the following modifications were made.
1. S1 Menu, has been updated with the proper romanian translations
2. From S1 Menu has been excluded jobs related to Greek Legislation

event OnFormLoad
the event OnFormLoad() did not work when called through panel custom view.

Job journal (Standard data)
No records would appear at "Job journal" if Standard data where used.

Detailed Trial Balance - Project filter
In the General ledger trial balance an error message would appeared if
1. was chosen the project as line filter and 2. search with <*>

EXCELIMPORT function in Azure
EXCELIMPORT function did not work properly in Azure.

Default value at Series
An error message would appear at a posting of a new document if at a custom view a default value was defined at "Series".

Price import per attribute
In specific cases of price import per attribute the update has not been correct and the price was not proposed at document lines.