Thursday, February 16, 2012

Version 312.507.10295

Features added / modified

Picture QuickView
Creation of a function that enables pictures of inventory items in Quick view. (the extention for the function is X.QUICKVIEW)

Message in trading parties Reupdates.
In trading parties Reupdates a message is added when the reupdate is executed in a previous fiscal year to execute the reupdate in the current fiscal year.

New tax rates and special solidarity contribution - Greek legislation
Changes in the application for the new tax rates from 01/01/12 and the special solidarity contribution.

Special Solidarity Contribution - Greek Legislation
Calculation of the Special Solidarity Contribution on Payroll. Relative addition to printing and financial information for workers/employees.

Improved the execution time for fifo/lifo cost prices calculation.
Improvement the execution time of Cost price calculation for fifo / lifo method.

Gift vouchers lines in sales browser.
Gift vouchers lines is available in sales browser.

Bug fixing

Dates in MS-Excel - Sales per customer.
In Sales per customer printout with "Days" selected in the Analysis period field, dates did not appear correctly if printed in MS-Excel .

Column titles alignment in MS-Excel printouts
In MS-Excel printouts in
Statistics of customers per item, the columns did not appear correctly.

Column titles alignment in MS-Excel printouts - Suppliers Trial balance
In MS-Excel printouts of Suppliers Trial balance the column "Brought fwd" did not appear correctly

MS-Word form with pictures of inventory items
In MS-Word form with pictures of inventory items (IMAGE:$MTRLINES.MTRL;0) an error would appear when items did not have pictures in their card.

Column titles in MS-Excel
Column titles did not appear correctly when printed in MS-Excel

Error message (ACNUPDTMP) during the Update of unadjusted entries.
An error message would appear "ACNUPDTMP the field all ready exist in file"
during the Update of unadjusted entries when the Dates lockup was enabled and a lockup was made manually.

Cancel production costing and item cost.
In "Cancel production costing" job, in some cases the deletion of entries did not post correctly the account balances in "Cost Accounting". As a result a permanent growing error was made in the following "Production costing".

Insert Date (insdate) of a new user
During the posting of a new user (table Users) the field Insert Date (insdate) was not updated correctly.

Wrong date of submition in F2 report at taxis - Greek Legislation
After the changes at TAXISnet the current F2 report was submitted with a wrong date.

Azure - Sales per customer - Dates in MS-Excel
In Sales per Customer from Statistics, with "Days" selected in the analysis period field, if the printout was printed in MS-Excel the dates in columns did not appear correctly.

Error message during the copy of a company that has items with attributes
In a full copy of a company, that has items with attributes, at the end of the execution an error message would appear "Ole error: 80004005. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows = , ! ... or when the subquery is used as an expression".

Pending color/size analysis in item data per warerhouse
In item data per wearhouse, if there was no item balance, the pending color/size analysis did not appear.

Stock control in documents with item attributes.
In document with stock control (Prohibition) for the lines and item attributes, an incorrect error would appear for exceeding the balance, even with deletion or correction of the item.

Access violation error message during the posting of an item
During the posting of an item, an Access violation error message would appear when the option "Copy to companies" was enable.
The error message would appear on Azure enviroment.

Column "Opening balance" in xls from Trial Balance of General Ledger
The column Opening balance was not printed correctly in MS-Excel printouts.

Counter-balance production cost without the existence of accounting entries
The job Counter-balance production cost did not work properly when the was no accounting entries.

Delay - Paste fron clipboard - Lots
Improved the response time of the application during the execution of paste from Clipboard in document lines, having as columns: Code, lot and quantity.

Azure: Error during posting of reminders in actions
During posting of reminders in actions an error message would appear "xxxx is not a valid date and time"

Incomplete corrections for sn in Physical stock taking
The Physical stock taking job did not correct some sn that appear in Inventory but where not found in Physical stock taking.