Thursday, December 2, 2010

Version 311.499.10190

Features added / modified

Salesman - Collector in cash document lines
The salesman or/and collector code that is entered in the document header is automatically entered in the lines if the respective field is empty.

Bug fixing

VAT check
The behaviour of VAT checks (unique and valid) has been corrected in new entries.

GL entries from documents
In Oracle databases the documents were posted even if they failed to create the GL entry.

Brought forward in Subsidiary ledger
The brought forward amounts (Progressive and Balance) did not appear, if the user selected [All] in the filter [Approved].

Error message when modifying contact code
If the code of a contact was modified , the message «Incorrect syntax near the keyword AND»appeared.

Modification of time sheets
By changing a posted time sheet, the message "cannot be posted, the field transaction line already exists ' was displayed.

Collector commissions
The calculation of the commission was not refreshed according to modifications in documents.

Fixed asset depreciation
In fixed assets with small cost value (<1), the salvage values were not properly calculated.

Calculation of commission - bonus
The selector included only salespeople.

Salesman commission based on paid sales
The specific calculation method did not function.

Intrastat report
When printing INTRASTAT arrivals in Oracle databases, the message 'ORA-00904-ISNULL-invalid identifier' was displayed.

Prohibition message in Statistics Agency No  
The message displayed after entering a wrong Statistics Agency No was not correctly translated.

Rounding differences in remittances
There were rounding differences between the value in LC and the value in TC in remittance documents with expenses.