Friday, April 28, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11530

Features added / modified

Series 6 UI / Wrap grid column titles
'Wrap grid column titles' has been added to General Parameters in Series 6 UI, where description wrap is available.

Employees Actions / Check double actions
'Check double actions' browser has been added to Employees Actions, which brings Double actions of Work, Day off
 and Non-working, with common date of entry, which have Labeling:
-To be activated
-In progress
Cancelled are missing.

Employee Leave Statistics / File processing
EMPL_LEAVE_REP_OBJ object has been created, which uses green fields, instead of red, for Calculation.

Documents / Payoff recalculation
In message 'There is a difference between the document's total and the payment. Continue Yes\No, with recalculation?', besides the options Yes/No, 'Yes with recalculation' option has also been added. Once it is selected, payoff will be recalculated based on the changes of the initial Document and then the entry will be saved.

Job Monitor / Working hours
Working hours in Day and Week level have been added to Job Monitor. In case of violation ! symbol is displayed in the respective day, as well as, in Working hours per week.
Additionally, * is the data modification symbol which is displayed in days where the user has already modified and saved actions. To activate the relative indications the user has to move to the next line, after the modification.

Employees' Browser Design / FGetPayPrdFlds function
FGetPayPrdFlds function has been added to Employees' Browser Design, in Local fields -> Available functions -> Application -> Payroll. It gets as Parameters:
-Payroll year
-The name of Payroll years-periods table (PAYPRD)
and returns field's Value, e.g. FGetPayPrdFlds(FiscPrdPay,PayPeriod,FROMDATE).

Payroll / Template list - Payroll Elements
'Template list - Payroll Elements' has been added to Payroll Settings.
'Template list - Payroll Elements' option has been added to Questions. in User defined payroll report.

Customers / Update Coordinates
'Update Coordinates' job has been added by righ-clicking in Customers.

SoftOne.Lib.dll / SetParam & DeleteParam methods
SetParam & DeleteParam methods have been added to SoftOne.Lib.dll for .net. use.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes / New filters
'Branch' & 'W/h' filters have been added to 'Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes' job.

Trading Parties Balance / User with restricted access
User with restricted access in specific Companies is no more able to view all Companies Trading Parties Balance, in data per Company, through Related Jobs.

BAM / Attaching more than one files in e-mail
Attaching more than one files is now available in sending e-mail in BAM.

Other Transactions / Debit/Credit Accounting category
Resolvers of Debit/Credit Accounting category are now added.

Employees Leaves object / Μobilephone & Εmail
Μobilephone(X_MOBILEPHONE) and Εmail (X_EMAIL) fields have been added to Employees Leaves object (SOPRSNLEAVE).

BAM / E-mail account
A button that enables a new Variable has been added to Sender Account field, in BAM scenario.

Period payroll elements / Manual entry allowed
'Manual entry allowed' field appears closed in Period payroll elements. The value update will be performed through Synchronize payroll data Job.

Item Set / Consumption Lines
All Type selections (SPCLINETYPE) have been added to Consumption Lines in Sets/Kits, just like in Documents Lines.

Copy Company / Specifications & Item Sets
Specifications & Item Sets are now transferred upon copying a Company. The same happes upon copying Parameters, by selecting 'SPCS' table.

Fixed Assets Status Summary / Entity branches
'Entity branches' filter has now been added to Fixed Assets Status Summary of Accounting Standards.

Screen Forms Design / Image import
Image import is now available in Screen Forms Design -> Layout and right click in area.

B.A.M. Run Time / Web Call
URL copy is now available in BAM Run Time, during Web call.

S1 Retail Designer / Change Collector
'Change Collector' function has been added to S1 Retail Designer.

Payroll / Employee's signature
Signature as an image is now available in Employee's Documents. After file's import, by right-clicking in properties, Signature must be selected in Special category field.
SOSIGNFILE function has been created in Employees.
It can be used in advanced report as follows:
We add a Picture object and set [PRSNIN."SOSIGNFILE"] value in FileLink property.
This will bring from Employee's documents the 'Employee's signature' in 'Special category' field.

Jobs / Refresh button
A Refresh button has been added to Jobs Task bar, where data can be refreshed without exiting the Job.

Bug fixing

Sales Credit Notes Rules / Price per UoM (scaling conditions)
'Price per UoM (scaling conditions)' field has been added to 'Field 1' in Sales Credit Notes Rules(CRDRULE.13).

Pricing policy and combinative scaling
Fixed the issue which occurred in discount pricing policy with Combinative scaling.

Fixed Assets Depreciation
Fixed Assets Depreciation are now properly calculated.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary / Include sold F/A
'No (previous fiscal year)' option in 'Include sold F/A' flag, is now properly working in Fixed Assets Status - Summary (CON_BOOK).

Fast Report Browser / Filters Reports
Fixed the issue with the Filters Reports in Fast Report Browser.

Commercial categories / Hierarchy
Hierarchy is now properly displayed in Services, Debit/Credit & Fixed Assets Commercial categories.

Employees Browser
Fixed the issue which was displayed in Employees' Browser.

GL Accounts / Check TRN VIES
Fixed the issue which occurred in Check TRN VIES in GL Accounts.

Documents / Check stock balance per variation
Fixed the issue which occurred upon saving Document, when 'Per variation' flag was activated in Stock control, in Document's Type.

URL image / Account credentials
Account credentials are now saved when adding URL image through Dropbox.

CRM Meetings / Contract
'Contract' is now updated in CRM Meetings.

2008 UI / Trading Parties Parameters
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Trading Parties Parameters in 2008 UI.

2008 UI / Stock Management Parameters
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Stock Management Parameters in 2008 UI.

CusChequeBalanceDate / SQL order
CusChequeBalanceDate function properly displays results as an SQL order.

Reverse Production Costing
'Reverse Production Costing' job is now properly working.

Custom Report with 2 Modules / Ascending order
In Custom Report with 2 Modules, ascending order is now properly displayed per Module.

Browser with Grouping & 2 Modules / Stock Items filters
Fixed the issue with Stock Items filters in Browser with Grouping and 2 Modules.

Add URL / Embedded browser
Αdding a URL with an Embedded browser is now performed. An update of the Add-ons is required.

Stock items / Extra variations
Fixed the issue which occurred upon loading Stock items variations, in Extra variations.

Collection document from Sales document / Credit control
Collection document is now created from Sales document, when Credit control is applied.

Group of Companies Schema / Bonus card
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Bonus card in Retail Document, in Group of Companies Schema/Model.

Job Monitor / Auto break record
When 'Auto break record' field has value Yes in the selected Working hours of a date, then value 00:00 is accepted in 'From time' and 'To time' fields, in Job Monitor. Respectively, regardless of 'Auto break record' value, 'From time' and 'To time' fields accept 00:00 value for regular job.