Thursday, December 2, 2010

Version 311.499.10190

Features added / modified

Salesman - Collector in cash document lines
The salesman or/and collector code that is entered in the document header is automatically entered in the lines if the respective field is empty.

Bug fixing

VAT check
The behaviour of VAT checks (unique and valid) has been corrected in new entries.

GL entries from documents
In Oracle databases the documents were posted even if they failed to create the GL entry.

Brought forward in Subsidiary ledger
The brought forward amounts (Progressive and Balance) did not appear, if the user selected [All] in the filter [Approved].

Error message when modifying contact code
If the code of a contact was modified , the message «Incorrect syntax near the keyword AND»appeared.

Modification of time sheets
By changing a posted time sheet, the message "cannot be posted, the field transaction line already exists ' was displayed.

Collector commissions
The calculation of the commission was not refreshed according to modifications in documents.

Fixed asset depreciation
In fixed assets with small cost value (<1), the salvage values were not properly calculated.

Calculation of commission - bonus
The selector included only salespeople.

Salesman commission based on paid sales
The specific calculation method did not function.

Intrastat report
When printing INTRASTAT arrivals in Oracle databases, the message 'ORA-00904-ISNULL-invalid identifier' was displayed.

Prohibition message in Statistics Agency No  
The message displayed after entering a wrong Statistics Agency No was not correctly translated.

Rounding differences in remittances
There were rounding differences between the value in LC and the value in TC in remittance documents with expenses.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10187

Features added / modified

Nominal value and VAT of Services
A new resolver has been added that is used for the nominal value of services.

Intrastat/Duty entry in the accounting links of Special transactions
The accounting link of special transactions now includes "Intrastat/Duty" entries.

Bug fixing

Statistics Agency No_BGBULSTAT
The english translation of the message that appears when wrong code is entered at field CUSTOMER.BGBULSTAT has been corrected.

Document processing (items with attributes)
When a document including items with different prices per attribute (color-size) was processed with line packing, the price in the new document was not correctly calculated. This bug has been fixed, however, the different prices of the original lines will be replaced by the price average. There are two options available in order to maintain the different prices of item attributes: 1. Use document conversion instead of processing 2.Use document processing without line packing.

Pricing policies (applied in lines)
When an item line of type [Gift] was deleted, the recalculation of pricing policy with combined scaling did not function properly.

Rounding values in accounting entries for Import export cost
A question has been added to the job "Calculate cost prices" that helps preventing rounding differences.

Supplier remmittances
Under certain circumstances (exchange rate, transaction and expense value combinations), the value in TRDR currency in supplier remmitances was not correctly calculated.

Means of transport
The job type in official menu was not correct.

Document convertion
Under certain conditions (two total discounts, successive appliance and modification of the document totals) there were differences in total values when a document was converted.

Wrong discounts in documents
Under certain conditions (two total discounts, successive appliance and modification of the document totals), the discounts in totals of documents were not correctly calculated.

Business unit as dimension in budgets
The business unit used as dimension in budgets was not filtered by the login company.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Version 311.499.10185

Features added / modified

Search as you type in selectors
The [Arrow Down] button in search now works as [Tab].

Accounting link of expenses
If an expense is set up to follow line VAT, the field Sales VAT (EXPN.ACNMSKVAT) and Purchases VAT (EXPN.ACNMSKVAT1) are marked as read-only.

Trial Balance per group (ROM_GL_BAL)
Parameter: Yes, only with debit/credit balance to date ,found in the dialogue of the report, spesifically for Romania and the Trial Balance Per Group (ROM_GL_BAL), checks for accounts that have transactions in the selected period, op.balance period and previous periods. NOT the Brought fwd+Period until the selected period

Acctg entries with negatine/positive values only in credit or debit (ROM_GL_STM-ROM_CHRON_LIST)
In this special case no opposite account appears when executing the Opposite account card report

New expense type
A new expense type has been added to cover the calculation of municipal tax. The expense is item-related and the calculation method is [Exp.percentage * (Line value + SCT)].

Redirection to active jobs (PBX monitor)
A new type of job has been added to PBS menu. By selecting "Open job", the user can set a command to be executed.

Bug fixing

Cash transactions with cheques
A new feature has been added in order to correct the line value if the amount exceeds the balance of cheque. A warning message will also appear.

Opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM)
Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM) based on Date is available.

Update physical stock-taking
An error occured when an item code was entered in more than one lines in the same physical stock-taking document.

Minimized window at startup
When running under Windows XP, the application started in minimized window.

Doument browsers with line analysis
If a new entry was posted from a browser with line analysis, a query that run without a filter delayed posting.

Error message in batch job
An error message appeared when running the job [Packing of retail sales documents].

Grouping zones with monthly analysis
The grouping zones with analysis type [Month] did not function correctly (data posted on the 1st of month appeared in the last date of the previous month)

Discount of prices per supplier
If the discount is set to zero [0], it will update the supplier data in items.If it is null, it will remain as is.

Update GL from commercial module
The job did not appear in the old menu.

Cash flow batch job
The job did not run if there were exchange rate differences documents.

Values in local currency of cost accounting entries
The values in local currency in cost accounting entries that were automatically generated by GL entries based on models were not updated. The issue is reproduced only in versions 311.499.10178 -311.499.10182.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10182

Features added / modified

Accounting closing entries at the end of a period
A new job was created, that inserts Accounting closing entries for the period chosen based on the sign of the balance (Romanian localization).

Company view
A progress bar has been added.

Bug fixing

Open-item in updated remittance
If the transaction date of a remmitance with open-item was modified without deleting the matching before, the amounts in finpayterms were not correctly updated.From now on, if a matched remmitance is modified, all open-item entries will be deleted.

FInancial data of GL accounts
A string has been corrected in FInancial data of GL accounts. More specifically, the option [Turnover] instead of the correct [Credit] appeared.

Modification of exchange rates in Remittances
If the exchange rate of the document header was modified, the line rate (TRDTLINES.TRDRRATE) was not updated.

Physical stock-taking
The filter [Posting Series opening balance] in [Update physical stock-taking] job did not work when items with attributes (color-size) were included.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Version 311.499.10180

Features added / modified 

Physical stock-taking of items with no balance   
A new job has been added that nullifies the balance of items not included in physical stock-taking documents. This job creates documents (physical stock-taking) of zero balance per item (lots and attributes are taken into account) that have transaction in the selected warehouse. It should be performed before using 'Update physical stock-taking'.

Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM)
Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM) based on Date is available (Romanian localization).

Trial Balance per Group   
A filter for the movable accounts has been added to the [Trial balance per group] report. (Romanian localization)
Bug fixing

Resizing of panels in Inventory parameters
The first time the tab [Properties] was opened, the panels did not display correctly.

Field Acquisition / Addition in fixed asset lines
When a purchase document with item lines, fixed asset lines and custom column set was posted, a message appeared.

Change of date in a Supplier Remittances
When the date in a Supplier Remittances was modified the field TRDRRATE was not refreshed.

Opening balance as upper level account balance   
The check box “Opening balance as upper level account balance” did not  work properly in all Trial Balances .

Wrong INTRASTAT amounts in case of more than one company   
If there were more than one company in the database, the INTRASTAT amounts were not correctly calculated. (Bulgarian localization)

Trading partner general setup   
In general parameters, the [Open-item exchange rate gains and losses based on evaluation] no longer appeared.

Settlement dates when modifying documents
When a document was modified, the payment terms dates were calculated based on the date of the document and not the one of the payment method. In addition, when the document date was changed the dates were calculated based on the previous payment term date and not the one of the payment method.

User fields in general parameters
The numeric fields had been replaced with the date fields.

Allocation models in Cost Accounting   
If there were two different allocation models with the same code in different accounting schemas, then the allocation was not working properly.

Icons in browsers and views
The icons that indicate the default and built-in browsers and views did not display correctly.

Accounting link   
When the accounting chart format was not using any separators (just a space instead), the accounting link did not function properly.

Exchange rate differences   
A fix has been made in order to include both documents within the selected date range and documents that have beeen matched with other documents in previous dates.   

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Version 311.499.10178

Features added / modified

Difference between line value and accounting entries
When the trading partner, the account and the company had the same currency but the transaction had different currency, the accounting entry did not match the line value.
Related issue: 20100621-1155-1-770

Costing folder and last purchase price
The hyperlink in last purchase price in item financial data now displays the correct transaction.

Change in Spell function (Turkish localization)
The Spell function now returns "TL" for the Turkish lira and "KR" for the Turkish cents.

GetWhere function as CallPublished
The GetWhere function has been implemented as CallPublished and is now available in Java Scripts.

Financial data and ratios (trading partners)
 The calculation of [Average settlement days] in financial data of trading partners has been improved. In particular, the following changes have been made:
1. The calculation is based on the transaction date (TRNDATE) for invoices and final date (FINALDATE) for payments.
2. The yearly ratio is calculated up to the login date (and not up to the last date of the login fiscal year as before).

Bug fixes
Refresh of pricing policies in documents
When document lines are deleted, the agreement policies are re-calculated per line only if one of the applicable rules uses combinative scaling.
Open - Item exchange rate job 
Under certain circumstances, the job did not run and the message "Field 'trnval1' not found" appeared.

Reversing documents
When a document with manually changed VAT status was reversed, the reversing document had the default VAT status, thus resulting in discrepancies.

VAT status of trading partner branch in document conversion / processing
During document conversion/processing the VAT status of the trading partner branch was not calculated.

Company creation
If there were series with branches or warehouses in the model company, the process of company creation was not completed.

Wrong warehouse in document header
It was reproduced when converting sales documents to purchase ones.

Related documents in Calls
When [Related documents] were selected in Call browsers, an error message appeared.

Settlement dates in documents 
When the beginning date of the settlement was set to either [Last month date] or [First date of next month], the dates were not correctly calculated.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10176

Features added / modified

Issue #20090407-1155-2-476
Change password
The job for changing user password has been placed again in the System selection menu of the application (under Tools).

Issue #20100604-1155-2-675
Inventory reports
Two new reports regarding item sets have been added to the inventory reports:
1. Item sets – displays the set analysis in two bands
2.Composition document analysis (sets) – displays the set composition documents (behavior 101) in two bands

Issue #20100604-1155-1-682
Special transactions
The application now checks the document code of manual series and displays a message if the same code is used in a different document.

Issue #20100608-1155-2-700
Sales – Purchases history
A new filter has been added that allows for excluding cancelled and their cancelling documents from the sales – purchases history in items.

Issue #20100625-1155-2-804
Nominal value in Service lines
The respective fields are now available when designing service lines in Purchases as well as Special transaction documents - Nominal value (PLSMVAL), Nominal VAT (PLSMVAT).

Issue #20100706-1155-2-860
Order planning 
The [Order planning] feature is now available in sales document browsers.

Issue #20100713-1155-2-895
Search company in status bar
A new “search as you type” feature is now available when selecting companies in the Status bar.

Issue #20100720-1155-2-927
Re-login button
The re-login button function (at the left bottom part of Status bar) has been changed. Now, it can be used to exit the application.

Retail Purchase Behavior
A new QlikView scenario has been developed that presents the purchase behavior in retail module. For the time being, it is only available in Greek but it will be translated in the upcoming versions.

Bug fixing

Issue #20100630-1155-1-817
Import email
A problem was fixed that did not allow the import of certain e-mails (either an error message was displayed or blank lines).

Issue #20100715-1155-1-911
E-mail sending
The process has changed in order to monitor and record any problems that occur during sending.

Issue #20100706-1155-1-862
Document status after conversion
When mass conversion was selected, the status of the source document was not updated.

Issue #20100709-1155-1-878
VAT value in converted documents
If a document was converted to another document with at least one manually entered expense, the value of the VAT of the expense was transferred to the new document.

Issue #20100713-1155-1-899
FIFO cost price calculation (Romania)
If there were internal transfers of items (among warehouses), the cost of goods sold was not correctly calculated.

Issue #20100715-1155-1-914
New selectors in report design
The selector no longer appears in the reports that are placed in the user menu.

Issue #20100720-1155-1-932
Indirect card in Services / Lots
The indirect card in Services and Lots did not display results.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-939
Update of net line value after changing conversion rate
Now the net line value in local currency is updated each time the conversion rate of the document is modified.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-941
INTRASTAT XML file (Bulgaria)
The Nature of Transaction field displayed wrong values.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-942
Item lots 
A bug is fixed that occurred when an item with lots was inserted a second time in a document, the document type was using FIFO in lots and similar lines were not packed.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-943
Error message in Production slips
The message ‘‘Field PENDING NOT FOUND" appeared.

Issue #20100722-1155-1-946
Auto login
Auto login functionality has been restored.

Issue #20100723-1155-1-950
The reminders did not function correctly. They were displayed only during login.

Download news in pdf format.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Version 311.498.10153

Upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before proceeding.

Features added/modified

Check accounts for zero cost of goods sold
The commercial costing job (entries for cost of goods sold) no longer includes check for accounts when the cost of goods sold is zero.

Availability of expired special contracts
A new option has been added to the contract setup (parameters) that allows the user to define how the selection of contracts in sales/purchases documents will be done (based on start-end dates or without any control).

Customer contract in open-item
Filtering documents with customer contract is now available when matching documents.

Description in Special Contract
If the description is blank, the selected customer’s description is proposed. If no customer is selected, the contract code is proposed.

Actions in Calendars
The user can now select contact data in calendars.

Actions in Contracts
The indirect job [Actions] has been added to Contracts.

Transactions in Contracts
The indirect job [Transactions] has been added to Contracts.

Market transactions in Contracts
The indirect job [Market transactions] has been added to Contracts.

Cheque transactions – Warnings
A warning message appears in case a cheque has transactions on a later date.

Delete cheque transaction
A warning message that forbids the deletion of a transaction if there is another cheque transaction on a later date.

Preview General Ledger entries
The General Ledger entries has been improved in order to sort documents by insertion date (the feature applies [when totals per day] flag is selected).

Totals per day in accounting entries
The batch update of accounting entries also displays the numbers of documents that are included.

Check accounts for zero value of cost of goods sold
The commercial costing job doesn’t check for account existence if the cost of goods sold is zero.

Order planning
Two new options have been added that allow for price and discount transfer.

Order planning
A new option has been added for calculating the available quantity to be covered.

Service document lines
The [Covered] and [Cancelled] fields are now available in service sales documents.

Retail document browsers
The [Cash], [Cards]. [Unpaid] and [Advanced payments] fields are now available in retail document browsers.

[Matched documents] report
A new filter has been added to enable printing of [Matched] only, [Non-matched] only or both.

Duration of cost price calculation
The total duration is displayed when the job is completed.

Special contract in Action Next Step
The special contract is now transferred to the next step of an action.

Document control report
The salesman has been added to the filters.

Bug fixing

Resource table in service lines
It is now available.

Custom lot views
A bug appeared when designing the view in item lot.

[Detail trial balance] report
If the [Accounts w/o transactions] filter was selected, the report displayed all the accounts ignoring the values of the other filters. In addition, a problem has been fixed that appeared when [Approved]=All was set.

FIFO open-item job
If a partially matched credit/return invoice was matched again, all open-item entries were deleted.

Fixed asset inactivity
If a fixed asset was set to inactivity, the [Current entity quantities] report displayed double values.

FIFO open-item
Documents that had been manually matched and afterwards the open-item entries had been deleted were not included in the FIFO matching.

Automatic numbering and barcode format
If there was a barcode code format with automatic numbering, only zeros appeared when posting items.

Differences between amounts in remittances
A rounding difference appeared between amounts in local currency and in trading partner’s currency in remittances.

Resolver [FTR1ASPR1] in fixed asset depreciation documents
The [FTR1ASPR1] resolver has been renamed to [FTR1ASDR1]. Note that, all GL links that used the specific resolver should be modified

Color-size attributes
If a new color / size was added, it was not available to the items lines in documents in client / server installation. Now it requires just the item to be re-entered in the document line.

Error in document copy
Under certain conditions, the copy from buffer feature did not work properly.

Print to Excel
The printing of customer transactions (indirect jobs) to Excel displayed the abbreviation and not the description of the series.

Import from clipboard
When trying to import data from clipboard, the message "Cannot open file "c:\current_exe\.xxf". The system cannot find the file specified" appeared.

People data
The PRSEXT table was not updated when the people entries were modified.

Sales force commissions
The calculation of commission and bonuses to sales people has been improved (for both methods).

Convert documents with custom views
Under certain conditions, the conversion  of documents with custom default views produced error.

Removing attribute management from items
If the attribute management was unchecked, the modification of the item entry was not allowed.

In remittances the open-item value was calculated always in the transaction currency regardless of the respective flag value (Open-item in TC).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Version 311.497.10133

Upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before proceeding.

Features added / modified

This version includes a major technical improvement that will affect all installations using customization in the Contracts module. Before upgrading read carefully the detailed instructions here.

Redesign of default screens
The settings in the default screens of document types and inventory parameters have been reorganized under new tabs and groups.  In the upcoming versions more improvements will be included.

20100415-2165-2-18 Draft entries
A new file –company independent – has been created that is used to store data of entities either physical (people) or legal. The records can be linked to actions (calls, emails etc.).

20081119-1155-2-1722 Full payment of documents
The comments of the document being paid are transferred into the payment document.

20090310-1155-2-354  Modify attribute code in items
It will be allowed only if there are no item transactions or opening balance entries (in color-size) have been posted.

20100127-1155-2-85 Depreciation rate per asset entity
When “Depreciated in year” flag is selected, the fixed asset will be fully depreciated regardless of the depreciation ratio and starting date.

20100205-1155-2-113 Payment in advance - Order 
A new column has been added when selecting orders in retail documents – the name of the retail customer (searchable also).

20100408-1155-1-356 Transforming documents 
The extra fields in MTRLINES are brought forward to the target document.

20100412-1155-2-369 Company view 
The revenue total includes services provided.

20100415-1155-1-387 Default value in document payment
A new flag has been added to the document types (Payment amount), which defines the default amount of payment document – applies to payment by selecting the indirect job on documents. The available values of the field are: 0 – Payable, 1 – Value of settlement up to document date.

20100412-1155-2-364 Duty percentage in invoice lines
The field “Duty percentage” has been added to the invoice lines (Third country purchases). When it is modified, the nominal value and the respective VAT are calculated.

20100423-1155-2-420 Link to General Ledger 
The resolver for [RESOURCES] has been added to GL link in sales/purchases documents.

20100426-1155-2-444 Currency trial balance 
The currency has been added as filter.

Bug fixing 

20100409-2165-1-17 Activate reminders
The reminder screen was not automatically activated.

20100416-2165-1-20 Pricing policies with gifts
The pricing policies were applied to document lines of type “Gift” as well despite the parameter in the document type.

20100211-1155-1-133 CRM 
A database constraint has been added to forbid the deletion of customers with linked actions.

20100329-1155-1-328 Agreement prices in attributes
The agreement prices in third attribute were not stored.

20100330-1155-1-334 Document payment
The collector of the customer was not proposed in document payment through the indirect job.

20100412-1155-1-372 Customer balance aging per salesman
In some cases of special type built-in browsers (e.g. Customer balance aging per salesman) the user rights were not applied.

20100423-1155-1-421 Deleting of cancelled documents 
The deletion of cancelled documents was allowed regardless of the respective setting (“Delete transf. in document types).

20100423-1155-1-423 Line currency in collection document
When the currency in the header of the document was modified, the line currency was not updated.

20100423-1155-1-425 Shortage/requirements orders
Items with general limits only were not included.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Version 311.496.10115

Version 311.496.10115 is avalaible in all languages. Below you will find a list with the major changes included:
Features added/modified:

Lots in Retail documents
The item lot in the source document (order) is now transferred to the target document (retail receipt)

Preserve discounts when transforming documents
The feature is now supported – with a parameter - when transforming purchase documents to sales ones.

Packaging in production orders
The feature has been enabled in the production order documents.

Quotation lines in contracts
Contracts generated by quotations include only items that have been marked as [Win] in quotation lines.

Custom jobs selector
The selector in Import jobs has been replaced. The selector has been redesigned in order to merge the design and run of data import. The new selector will be used in upcoming editions to unify the interface of design and run in Browsers, Views, Line Reports, Template Reports, Alerts etc.

Change V.A.T rates (Greece only)
A new job has been added to change the V.A.T rates according to the new legislation.

Modifying of item code
If an item has linked transactions and in the company data the flag “Official Inventory” is enabled, the item code cannot be modified.

A new parameter has been added to report design that allows the user to define the orientation of the report.

Folder menu
The Quotation report has been added to the Purchases.

Sales – Purchases statistic reports
In all Sales-Purchases statistic and order statistic reports a new filter has been added. ([Show] = 1.Quantity, 2.Value, 3 Quantity-Value)


Reminders that show up in popup window have been added. Reminders can be set either on actions or by alerts on any application object.

Check T.R.No
The check is now applied on document series change.

VAT change (DEKLAR.TXT – Bulgaria only)
The DEKLAR.TXT file has been changed according to fiscal regulation in Bulgaria.

Similar lines behavior
The option “Prohibition” has been added.

Item lots
Only users set as “Administrator” and SOUNLOCK=1 can alter the lot management in items with linked transactions.

Bug fixing

Error in pivot analysis in browsers
(Romanian version only)
Due to a translation error an error message appeared when the pivot table data were expanded.

Display of user rights (Romanian version only)
Due to a translation error, the configuration of user rights was not correctly displayed.

Error message in document posting/preview
The message “Invalid column name” appeared when posting or previewing cash documents (payments/remittances)

Folder menu changes
The changes in command lines of jobs in folder menu were not saved.

Color zones
The feature was disabled.

XML Intrastat (Bulgaria only)
Differences due to rounding were corrected in XML INTRASTAT file.

Production of items with lots
An error message appeared when posting production documents with item lots that used the expiry date as consumption date.

Rounding variation in INTRASTAT value
In cases where there are discounts in document lines, a rounding variation appeared in the INTRASTAT value of the document.

Calculation of exchange rates in collections
If the transaction date was changed and no trading partner was selected then the exchange rate of the trading partner remained 0.

ΕXCEL processes in task bar
The excel instances remained opened in the task bar after printing document grid data to Excel.

 ITELINES: dataset not in edit or insert mode
The message appeared when selecting a date from the calendar control in fields with Date-Time editor.

The selector of cash accounts in remittance documents did not function properly.

Current balance in collections
The current balance of trading partners in cash documents was not updated correctly.

Collector in collections
The collector of the trading partner was not proposed in cash documents.

Copy from buffer in VAT table
When the feature was used, an error message appeared.

Bug in GL update
Under certain circumstances – when the subjected value or the VAT amount has been modified, the GL entry and the document were not consistent.

Matched documents report
When the non-matched flag and specific entities were selected, an error message appeared.

Transforming documents
When transforming documents of manual series that had been partially transformed, the VAT amount was wrongly updated in the target document.

Bug in saving of “Comments” field
If the field was completed and the cursor was moved to a different tab, then the contents of the field were not saved upon posting.

Customer reports
The “Project” filter in customer statement report did not function correctly.

Print question in documents
If a document was posted from a photo, the question for printing the document did not appear.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Version 311.496.10111

Upgrading to the current version requires synchronization database. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before you proceed.

New / Modified features

Cash documents
New columns were added to the cheque lines of cash documents that enable the direct selection of bank branch and bank account.

New TSMEDE file (Greek legislation only)
The format of TSMEDE file has been redesigned.

Value of services in VIES / INTRASTAT (Greek legislation only)
The value of services lines in sales - purchases documents is now calculated in INTRASTAT / VIES value. In addition, changes were made to the respective reports according to POL 1127.

Triangular sales
The retail documents were not included in triangular sales. The behavior has been modified in accordance to the sales documents.

Multiple settings of fiscal signature devices per workstation (Greek legislation only)
More than one fiscal signature device can be set per company and workstation.

Shortcut key for line details
A new shortcut key has been added to the Keyboard settings that allows for one-touch display of line details in documents.

Zero values in pricing policies
A new parameter – “Zero values” - has been added to the pricing policy (agreement) rules. If enabled, then 0 in the specific agreement is considered to be a value. In any other case, it will return no results.

VAT status in retail documents
The VAT status in retail documents is proposed according to the VAT status of the company branch and not the one of the customer.

Massive reversing of pending in lines
The feature can be used in browsers with line analysis.

Check balance with reserved qty when transforming pending orders
Depending on the type setup, the balance check (applied to lines) may take into account the target document.

XML file for Intrastat declaration (Cyprus – Bulgaria legislation)
Extra fields have been added to the sales – purchases documents.

Retail documents with negative payable value
A new flag has been added to sales setup which can be used to prevent posting of documents with negative value in the [Payable] field.

Payroll function
A new function has been added that returns the payroll calculation sheet for a specific employee.

Bug fixing

Copy from buffer in documents
When using copy from buffer in documents, the warehouse of the central branch was proposed.

Sales opportunity in calls
A sales opportunity linked to a call was not available from the call screen.

Transforming purchase documents with manual VAT value
The target document retains the VAT value of the source document (only for 1 to 1 transformations). However, if the target document is edited the VAT value will be recalculated.

Special transactions
The hyperlink on the partner displayed incorrectly the financial data of the customer instead of the partner.

Matched documents report

The partially matched documents did not appear in the report.

Rounding differences in INTRASTAT value
Any rounding differences among the total INTRASTAT value and the sum of line values are now allocated to the lines.

Modification of INTRASTAT exchange rate
When the INTRASTAT rate was modified, the VIES value was not updated with the results of the new calculation

Batch price recalculation
When the batch price modification from purchase documents was selected, the wholesale price of the item did not appear.

Customer remittances
When matching documents in remittance lines, an error message appeared.

Modify Period data
When the job was selected, incorrect payroll elements were displayed.

Employer certificate and Detail D.P.S report
A flag has been added to prevent HTML printing of the reports.

Balance cost in monthly statement of correlation code
The calculation of the cost was not correct.

Price per color – size in retail
The price analysis pop-up window was not available in retail documents.

Serial Number journal
The report failed to print data if the customer code of the transaction was added as column.

Filters in Actions (indirect display)
The filter screen of Actions when displayed through Installations was missing the ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Version 311.495.10093 uploaded

Version 311.495.10093 is available in all languages in public download area. For details about new features and bug fixes, please follow the link.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Version 311.495.10093

Important notice

Upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Please make sure you have completed all necessary actions before proceeding. It is also recommended to keep the backup copy of the database together with the log file until you verify that the process has been successfully completed.

The following specifications have been modified or added:

Three new jobs have been integrated to optimize open-item data and create FIFO open-item entries. See more here.

Exchange rate differences
The calculation of exchange rate differences has been expanded to include matched documents in different periods where evaluation exchange rate differences have been calculated. 

Cancel documents
Cancelling a document (cancel transactions) is no longer allowed for documents that have been cancelled by reversal.

Balance per attribute/Wh
The length of the Wh field has been increased to 20 from 15 in “Balance per color/Wh” and “Balance per attribute/Wh” reports.

New accounting resolver
The resolver for the accounting code of the document partner has been added in special transaction documents.

When the same workstation is posted more than one times, the application uses the network data to track the code of the workstation.

Copy company
A multi-selector has been added to the Copy company job. It is available when copying companies with “Copy parameters” to select additional tables to be copied.

Document checking
A new option has been added to set “Question” instead of Warning / Prohibition in document checks (credit control and balance availability).

The special contracts have been modified to support the material supply in specific quantities and prices.

Weighted days based on payment terms
The Full payment days and Full payment date indicators have been added to the payment term analysis.

Default cash selection
An additional check is performed to determine if the cash point defined in user data belongs to the document branch. If not, the SOCASH field is cleared. If the branch has one cash point only, this will be the default.

Send delay in batch mailing
A user-defined delay time has been added to apply to batch mail sending (in sec).

Modify in previous fiscal year
The relative parameter has been added to the special transaction document types.

Update Multilingual versions in client/server installations
The automatic update of the client files from the server is now supported in Multilingual editions.

Cancelling transactions of a transferred document
The cancelling of the documents is now based on the value of the parameter “Delete transferred”. If the deletion of a transferred document is not allowed, the cancelling of the document (either way) will be also prohibited.

User rights in retail advance payments per branch
A new parameter has been added to the branch details to define if users from other branches can process advance retail payments.

Εmail without a subject
A warning is displayed if a user attempts to send an e-mail without a subject.

Copy offers
A new option to copy an offer has been added. The offer that is copied will be cancelled.

Status header
The header of status in action series setup has been renamed to “Status of previous action”.

Date control in agreement data
The posting of a “To date” that is prior to the “From date” is not allowed.

Interest-Offer-Order series per branch
A grid has been added to the CRM parameters to define separate Interest/Order/Offer series per branch.

Printing a document from sales opportunities
Printing an interest / offer document that is called from a sales opportunity is now supported.

CRM statistics
The following fields have been added to CRM statistics and can be selected:
1. Number of relative actions, displays the number of actions in history
2. Pending relative actions, displays the number of pending actions in history
3. Start of relative actions, displays the minimum starting date of actions in history
4. End of relative actions, displays the maximum end date of actions in history

Credit control
The PRVBAL expression has been added, which returns the balance before the current transaction.

Recalculate prices in documents with pricing policies
When recalculating prices in documents with pricing policies, a confirmation question is displayed for the user to decide whether or not the recalculation will include item lines with pricing policies.

Document transform
The extra line field values num01, num02, num03,num04 are now transferred to the destination document.

Transform of purchase documents
The right – click option of document transformation is now available in purchase document browsers with line analysis. The feature was available in sales documents.

Contract salesman in document generated by contract
The salesman of the contract instead of the customer salesman is proposed in the document that is generated from a contract.

TRDR branch filter in document open-item window
The branch of document trading party is now available when selecting documents to be matched.

Date filter in document open-item window
A date filter has been added to the document open-item window.

Cancelling of production costing
The production costing can now be cancelled in all selected periods (and not only the last one). However, this feature should be used very carefully because cancelling intermediate periods can lead to wrong results.

New function in purchases
The FopenItemValueDoc function has been added to the purchases module.

Claim type change
A restriction has been added and applies to the modification of claim type in document types. Now only users with SOUNLOCK=1 can modify it.

Line columns
Two new fields available when designing sales document columns: nominal value, nominal V.A.T .

Employment date range (payroll function)
A new function that returns the number of employment days between two given dates has been added.

Preview of Revenue-Expenses entries (Greece only)
A new report has been added that displays the Revenue-Expenses entries to be exported to file.

Bug fixing

Bug in open-item
If a cash document had cash expenses it could not be matched. No open-item entries for the expenses were posted and all open-item entries of the documents were deleted.

Custom document screen
If a custom screen for document posting was used, then the pop-up window that included quantities and prices in color – size included inactive attributes also.

Custom document screen
In sales/purchases document with items with attributes the attribute analysis tab did not appear.

XSPELL (Romanian)
The XSPELL function in Romanian did not return results for amounts above 1000.

Quantities per attribute report
If an analysis expression was used, the filter “Only positive” / “Only negative” did not function.

Remove pending in sales order
If selected two times in a sales order, the document was not marked as transformed while the lines in the source order appeared as cancelled.

Multiple accounting entries of production document
If a production document generated more than one accounting entry, only one appeared in the relative window.

Official inventory report
When running the report, the message "Field '' has no dataset" appeared.

Custom e-mail screen
When designing a custom e-mail screen, an access violation error appeared.

Brief costing report
The Costing Documents band did not display.

Create company
The modification of company data was not saved if the company was created with the Create company option.

Display of dates and values in Windows 7
Dates and values did not display correctly in Windows 7 OS (according to the regional settings)

Print form
Printing of crystal reports in pdf format by using the PrintForm function in views and import scripts is now supported.