Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11234

Features added / modified

Analysis of Social Security Contributions/ New field
1. New field at payroll elements period to define the funds with type [998 - Private Group Insurance].
2. When the insurance fund bears type [998 - Private Group Insurance] (fundtype = 998) the analysis of social security contributions is now performed only for the related payroll elements based on the new field.

E-mail attachment/ Javascript code
You can now attach files at SOEMAIL object, using JavaScript code.

Bug fixing

Book of Leave Days Report/ Holiday pay
At "Book of Leave Days" Report, in case of multiple leave days, in same period, the correct Holiday pay value is now properly displayed.

Sales Opportunities/ CRM parameters
At Sales Opportunities, when a user posts a Interest Doc., bearing a Series that does not exist in the CRM parameters grid "User settings", the Interest Doc. is now displayed.

Detail Periodic Statement/ Income Code 14
In case of compulsory overtime (income code 14), the following error message "The employee's wage exceeds the employee's earnings" was displayed under certain circumstances.

"Calculate Detail Periodic Statement" job/ Holiday allowance
Error fixed at "Calculate Detail Periodic Statement" job, upon calculation of Holiday Allowance.

Delete Documents after Sorting/ Grouping
Once applying Sorting/Grouping at Sales/Purchases/Physical Inventory Browser, you can now delete the selected documents.

Items/ Available Serial Numbers
Error message fixed "List index out of bounds (0)" at Items, when using "Available Serial Numbers" job.

"Generate EAN Barcodes" job/ Linenum
Upon EAN Barcodes auto generation, the linenum is now working properly/accepting correct values.

Multi-company schema/ EDPS
At a multi-company schema/model, at a child company, the credit card can now be selected at transactions with EDPS card machine.

"Service Calls" job/ Default Selector
At "Service Calls" the items and services' default selector is now properly working.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11233

Features added / modified

"Payments Plan" job/ Generating Docs
At "Payments Plan" job, upon Generating Payment Documents, the cheque lines regarding the same supplier and same expiry date are now generating/resulting in one-cheque collection including the total amount.

Organization Chart based on Job positions
New Organization Chart based on the organizational unit and job analysis per organizational unit. It is displayed in graphical and vertical format.

Bug fixing

Stock Control/ Production Doc
Stock check/control is now properly working upon generating a production document from production order.

Office 365/ Outlook Connector
Under certain circumstances Office 365 Contacts where not properly linked to Soft1 Outlook Connector (Office 365). Issue has been restored.

Composition Doc/ Delete item's line
The composition document resulted from sales document can now be deleted when deleting the item's line.

"Repeat Action" job/ New records
Upon selecting "Repeat Action" job with annual occurrence, you are now allowed to create new records in the upcoming fiscal year even if this has not been created.

"CusBrBalance" function as an SQL command
Error fixed in custom Browser/ List when using the function "CusBrBalance" as an SQL command.

Check T.R.No (Romanian Localization)
Error message "ORA-00902: invalid datatype" displayed in Oracle database, fixed. "Check T.R.No." is now properly working to meet the Romanian fiscal requirements.

Suppliers/ Debtors - Settlement Data (Money-Time tab)
Error fixed in Suppliers/ Debtors Financial Data, in "Money-Time" tab, at "Settlement Data" grid.

"Cash Accounts financial Data" job
Error message fixed 'FBALQUESTIONS: Field 'FROMDATE1' not found' at "Cash Accounts financial Data" job.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11232

Features added / modified

"Payments Plan" job/ Cheques Expiry date
At "Payments Plan" job, the expiry date of the cheques is now displayed.

"Items Transactions Trial Balance" report/ Inventory (In-Out)
At "Items Transactions Trial Balance" report the Inventory (In/Out) Balances are now displayed.

Comments / CRM Report & Actions
Comments column has been added at CRM Report & at Actions (Trading parties Related jobs)

"Update Stock Limits" job/ Decimals
At "Update Stock Limits" job, the "Number of Months" field accepts decimals too.

Bug fixing

"Check T.R.No"/ Retail Sales Series
Error message fixed at a Retail Docs when the Doc. Series had Prohibition option checked at "Check T.R.No"

Cash Accounts/ Searching based on code
Error fixed upon searching cash accounts based on the entry's id. Now searching is performed based on account's code.

Retail Docs/ VAT
In case where, the "Alternative Items Retail price" includes VAT and is suggested at Retail Docs, then the VAT is properly calculated.

@ Editor / Screen forms design
Message error fixed "rtl250.bpl." upon designing screen forms using the "@" editor.

Delete Doc / Conversion process
Error message fixed "Bits index out of range" upon deleting a document resulted from Conversion process.

Aging Balances report/Aging Scenarios
At "Aging Balances" reports, the Aging scenarios is now properly working.

Detail Periodic Statement - discretionary benefits
Payroll element having the same APD 7 (discretionary benefit) code show cumulative results at Detail Periodic Statement.

"Order Planning" job/ Correct calculation
Upon running the job "Order Planning" for items having Variations. the prices are now correctly calculated.

Service and Item Sets/ Copy from buffer
At "Service and Item Sets" the "Copy from buffer" is now properly working.

Group of Companies schema/ Fixed Assets Depreciation
At a Group of Companies schema/model, at a child company , the Fixed Assets Depreciation is now properly calculated for fiscal period that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

"Service Calls" screen form
Fixed error message: "Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'SCODE'" upon designing the "Service Calls" screen form.

Check T.R.No. (Romanian Localization)
"Check T.R.No." is now properly working to meet the Romanian fiscal requirements.

Contracts at Sales Docs
Upon selecting a Contract at Sales Docs header, the lines are now properly updated.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11231

Features added / modified

Transaction (FINDOC) field / Statement Reports
The Transaction (FINDOC) field is now available at Trading Parties (Customers/Suppliers) and Cash Accounts Statement Reports

D300 VAT Statement (Romanian Localization)
The D300 VAT Statement including the latest fiscal requirements is now available.

Bug fixing

Azure installations/ "Copy to other companies" job
At Azure installations, the job "Copy to other companies" is now working properly.

ANAF Web service (Romanian Localization)
Error fixed while running the job "ANAF Web Service" .

"CRM Overview"/ Trading Parties
Fixed error message: "Ole Error: 80040E07. Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '1-000001' to data type int" at CRM Overview" upon selecting the Trading Parties.

Settings/ "Searching while typing" parameter
The "Searching while typing" parameter is now working properly.

Standard Cost/ Calculation
Error fixed upon saving/inserting the standard cost of items.