Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Version 311.496.10115

Version 311.496.10115 is avalaible in all languages. Below you will find a list with the major changes included:
Features added/modified:

Lots in Retail documents
The item lot in the source document (order) is now transferred to the target document (retail receipt)

Preserve discounts when transforming documents
The feature is now supported – with a parameter - when transforming purchase documents to sales ones.

Packaging in production orders
The feature has been enabled in the production order documents.

Quotation lines in contracts
Contracts generated by quotations include only items that have been marked as [Win] in quotation lines.

Custom jobs selector
The selector in Import jobs has been replaced. The selector has been redesigned in order to merge the design and run of data import. The new selector will be used in upcoming editions to unify the interface of design and run in Browsers, Views, Line Reports, Template Reports, Alerts etc.

Change V.A.T rates (Greece only)
A new job has been added to change the V.A.T rates according to the new legislation.

Modifying of item code
If an item has linked transactions and in the company data the flag “Official Inventory” is enabled, the item code cannot be modified.

A new parameter has been added to report design that allows the user to define the orientation of the report.

Folder menu
The Quotation report has been added to the Purchases.

Sales – Purchases statistic reports
In all Sales-Purchases statistic and order statistic reports a new filter has been added. ([Show] = 1.Quantity, 2.Value, 3 Quantity-Value)


Reminders that show up in popup window have been added. Reminders can be set either on actions or by alerts on any application object.

Check T.R.No
The check is now applied on document series change.

VAT change (DEKLAR.TXT – Bulgaria only)
The DEKLAR.TXT file has been changed according to fiscal regulation in Bulgaria.

Similar lines behavior
The option “Prohibition” has been added.

Item lots
Only users set as “Administrator” and SOUNLOCK=1 can alter the lot management in items with linked transactions.

Bug fixing

Error in pivot analysis in browsers
(Romanian version only)
Due to a translation error an error message appeared when the pivot table data were expanded.

Display of user rights (Romanian version only)
Due to a translation error, the configuration of user rights was not correctly displayed.

Error message in document posting/preview
The message “Invalid column name” appeared when posting or previewing cash documents (payments/remittances)

Folder menu changes
The changes in command lines of jobs in folder menu were not saved.

Color zones
The feature was disabled.

XML Intrastat (Bulgaria only)
Differences due to rounding were corrected in XML INTRASTAT file.

Production of items with lots
An error message appeared when posting production documents with item lots that used the expiry date as consumption date.

Rounding variation in INTRASTAT value
In cases where there are discounts in document lines, a rounding variation appeared in the INTRASTAT value of the document.

Calculation of exchange rates in collections
If the transaction date was changed and no trading partner was selected then the exchange rate of the trading partner remained 0.

ΕXCEL processes in task bar
The excel instances remained opened in the task bar after printing document grid data to Excel.

 ITELINES: dataset not in edit or insert mode
The message appeared when selecting a date from the calendar control in fields with Date-Time editor.

The selector of cash accounts in remittance documents did not function properly.

Current balance in collections
The current balance of trading partners in cash documents was not updated correctly.

Collector in collections
The collector of the trading partner was not proposed in cash documents.

Copy from buffer in VAT table
When the feature was used, an error message appeared.

Bug in GL update
Under certain circumstances – when the subjected value or the VAT amount has been modified, the GL entry and the document were not consistent.

Matched documents report
When the non-matched flag and specific entities were selected, an error message appeared.

Transforming documents
When transforming documents of manual series that had been partially transformed, the VAT amount was wrongly updated in the target document.

Bug in saving of “Comments” field
If the field was completed and the cursor was moved to a different tab, then the contents of the field were not saved upon posting.

Customer reports
The “Project” filter in customer statement report did not function correctly.

Print question in documents
If a document was posted from a photo, the question for printing the document did not appear.