Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11435

Features added / modified

Employee Data report/ Organization Unit
The 'Organization Unit' has now been added to the 'Employee Data' report [HR_REPORT].
Copy from buffer/ Cost field (Romanian installations)
Upon running the command 'Copy from buffer', the 'Cost' (SALESCVAL) value is now properly transferred to the new Document (Romanian installations)

Retail Pro/ New field
At Retail Pro, Close Cash Register [SOCASHCLS], the 'Cards Counted' field has now been added.

Other Transaction Doc Conversion
Upon Other Transaction Doc Conversion,
1. The following fields are now properly transferred from Header:
'Contracts', 'Business unit', 'Document date', 'Receipt of cheque'.
2. The following fields are now properly transferred from Doc lines:
'Contracts', Business Unit', 'Notes', 'YES/NO', 'Board 1 & 2'.

Payroll periods/ Cyprus Localization
Upon creating a new Payroll year-period (Cyprus Localization), the payroll periods include 13 periods (January to December and 13th salary).

Bug fixing

Grouped Browser/Cancel transactions-Reversal jobs
At Azure installations, when selecting a Doc to be cancelled, at a grouped Browser/List, the 'Cancel transactions' and 'Reversal' jobs are now working properly.

Group of Companies Schema/ Item search
Fixed the issue which occurred at a Child Company in a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. Items search is now properly performed using Search codes even if the Item is 'Inactive' at the parent company.

Intrastat- Imports Report/ Romanian installations
Fixed the 'Invalid column name 'DAP(207)' issue. It occurred at 'Intrastat- Imports Report' (Romanian installations).

HR - Speakers/ Presenters
At at HR Seminar Cycles [SEMCYCLE] and Seminars [SEMINARS] Speakers/ Presenters are no longer Candidates.

User access rights/ Bulgarian Language
Fixed the 'CREATEANNOUNCE,BR:1' is not a valid integer value' issue It occurred upon setting user access rights once performing log in to Soft1 using Bulgarian language.

Production Docs/ Variation Analysis
Fixed the issue which occurred at Production Docs. An inactive Variation at Raw/ Auxiliary materials is no longer displayed at Variation Analysis.

BOM/ Variation combination
Fixed the issue at BOM, in case of entering an Item at Raw/ Auxiliary materials having inactive Variation. Τhe inactive item is no longer displayed at Variation combination (right-click on lines).

General Ledger Account/ New Trading Party
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating a new Trading Party and a General Ledger Account at the same time.

Fixed Assets Opening Job/ Remaining Value
Upon running 'Fixed Assets Opening' (ASSETOPEN) job the remaining value of acctg. depeciations is now properly updated.

Acctg. Entry Templates
Fixed the 'ACNTRN: Dataset not in edit or insert mode' issue. It occurred upon selecting an Acctg. Entry Template. The Trading Party TRN is now properly transferred on acctg. entry lines.

Group of Companies Schema/ Item search
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "Α.MTRL" could not be bound.' issue which occurred at a Child Company in a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. Stock item searching at Doc lines through 'Search code' column is now properly working.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11434

Features added / modified

List of Expenses/ Timeline
The Timeline has now been added at 'List of Expenses' (Related Jobs).

MRP/ Delivery & Loading Date
At Production parameters, the Requirements Planning date has been added, including the following values:
1. Delivery Date (MTRDOC.DELIVDATE)
2. Loading Date (MTRDOC.SHIPDATE).

HR/ Rich Text
At News - Announcements object [SOHRANNOUNCE] the Text (REMARKS field) supports Rich Text format so as to use hyperlinks, bold and italic font etc. Moreover, the GetHTMLFromField function has been created to return/ include the field's data for News - Announcements object [SOHRANNOUNCE]. No parameter is needed but the SOACTION should locate to the object.

Myworkplace/ Color Matrix (series)
At Employees Parameters, (Myworkplace' tab) the 'Color Matrix (Series)' field [CLRVLS2] has now been added. At the same tab, the 'Color Matrix' field has also been moved (working hours per series).

Answer Groups/ Detailed description
The 'Detailed description' field has now been added at 'Answer Groups' [HRANSWERGROUP].

Stock Reports/ Field width
At Stock Reports, once selecting 'Variation Analysis' the 'Field width' flag will be displayed for the following reports:
1. Items Statements
2. Current Stock Balances
3. Stock Open Balances
4. Stock Open Balances per W/H

Consumption Notes/ Select Lots
'Select Lots' option is now available when right-clicking on Consumption Notes lines.

HR/ Employee Printouts Log File
The following fields have now been added at 'Employee Printouts Log File' job [SOHRPRINTFORMLOG]:
1. Year
2. Payroll Period
3. Print Type
4. Printout Form.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary/ Drop box
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report [CON_BOOKIAS] a drop box including the following three (3) options has replaced the 'Include sold F/A' flag:
1. No.
2. No (previous fiscal year)
3. Yes (current fiscal year)
Moreover, fixed a bug where if sold fixed assets were NOT participating at the report and the 'Detailed' flag was selected, the detail band and sold fixed assets were displayed.

Open-Item (Unpaid) Related Job/ Coverage and Claim Creation Docs
The Document's Branch has now been added to 'Open-Item (Unpaid)' Related Job (Trading Parties) at Coverage and Claim Creation Docs.

Prospects & Draft Entries/ Timeline
At Prospects & Draft Entries [SODRAFT] the Timeline is now available through Related Jobs.

Pr. Order Folder/ Production Order Folder
Creating Pr. Order Folder w/o including B.O.M. on Item lines is now available upon transferring a Sales Doc to Production Order Folder.

Suppliers/Cash Accounts-Contracts
The 'Contracts' Related Job is now available at Suppliers, Cash Accounts.

Payables on specific Date report/ New fields
At 'Payables on specific Date'[SUP_DOI] report, the following fields have been added:
1. Project Code
2. Project Description.

Seminar Cycles/ Code
The 'Code' column has now been added to Seminar Cycles.

C.R.M./ Timeline
The Action's Start Time/ Start Date is now available/displayed at Timeline.

H.R. Requests/ New fields
At H.R. Requests [SOPRSNREQ] the following fields are available at Browser Design list:
1. Timer
2. Duration.
Moreover, the 'Timer' field has now been added at 'Other data' tab.

Document link to ABC/ FTR3 - Business Unit resolver
The 'FTR3 - Business Unit' resolver has now been added at Depreciation documents (Document link to ABC).

Installation/ Show on map
Displaying the installations based on geographical points is now available through 'Show on map' option.

V.A.T. Status/ ReadOnly
The 'V.A.T. Status' field [SRVCARD.VATSTS], (Service Folders) is no longer 'ReadOnly'.

Reminders window/ Minimize
After minimizing the Reminders' window, the user can now keep working on Soft1.

Sales per Item Related Job/ Sorting
At 'Sales per Item' (Customers/Related Job), Items sorting is now properly working.

Unpaid Doc reports/ Show filter
At Trading Parties' 'Unpaid Documents' & Unpaid Documents per Business Unit' reports, the 'Show' filter/flag has now been added, which includes the following values:
1. From oldest to newest, or
2. From newest to oldest.

Retail Pro/ Suppliers Payment Terms
At Retail Pro (Suppliers Payment Terms), the Supplier who has been set at the design of a custom Screen Form is now by default filled in.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets/ Transaction link
Τhe 'Transaction link' selector at Fixed Assets Doc lines for connecting credit Document to the source Document, is now properly working.

Qlikview/ Windows 7 64-bit
Running Qlikview on Windows 7 64-bit is now properly working.

Custom Object/ Label printing
Fixed the issue which occurred upon label printing at Custom Object.

Cancellation Doc/ Gift voucher
Gift voucher is no longer suggested upon converting a Retail Sales Doc to a Cancellation Doc.

Evaluation Answers/ Copy from buffer
'Copy from buffer' procedure is now properly working at Evaluation Answers.

Oracle DB/ Sales Analysis (Qlik view)
Fixed the issue which occurred upon updating Sales Analysis (Qlik view) at an Oracle DB. Update again the qlik view files through add-ons to properly update Sales Analysis (Qlik view).

General Actions/ Related Jobs
The results are now properly displayed at Actions custom Screen Forms through Customers Related Jobs.

Stock Control/ Storage Bin-Lot
Stock Control is now properly performed on Doc lines per storage bin and lot.

Trading Party/ Accounting Category
Fixed the 'Field 'VATPROVISIONS' cannot be modified' issue. It occurred upon saving a new Trading Party having filled in the 'Accounting Category' including VAT exemption provisions.

CRM/ Change module
Fixed the 'Selector record not found (CUSTOMER=ΧΧΧ)' issue. It occurred at General Actions, upon changing module (e.g. from Customers to Suppliers).

Retail Pro/ Set prices (Custom Screen Form)
At Retail Pro, setting prices at custom Screen Form is now properly working.

Accounting Entries/ 'Set as default' option
Under certain circumstances, the 'Set as default' option was not properly activated at Browsers.

B.O.M./ Custom Screen Form
Fixed the issue 'List index out of bounds (2)'. It occurred upon exporting a custom Screen Form of B.O.M. to MS-Excel having previously set QTY2 at 'Fields with Totals' (Grid Properties).

Consumption Notes/ Search code
Fixed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 77D054C1 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000 Error Type: EAccessViolation' issue. It occurred at Consumption Notes upon searching an Item using Search code.

Stock Doc/ Cost of goods sold (BU) - CY Localization
The net value of Stock Documents lines is now properly updated when the documents have resulted through 'Cost of goods sold (Business Unit)' (CY Localization).

Doc printing/ Email settings
The Email settings are now properly displayed upon Doc printing.

Retail Docs/ Doc columns
Service Doc columns are now properly saved at Retail Docs.

Cost Price Calculation job/ Prices
At 'Cost Price Calculation' job [ITECALCCOST] (Stock Management > Cost Prices), upon selecting a saved Soft1 Template, all prices are now properly calculated based on the Template.

Docs Mass Printing/ Printer description
Printer name/description is now fully displayed upon Docs Mass Printing.

Doc Conversion/ Prices of original Doc
Upon Doc Conversion, where a project was included in the header (not in lines) of a Doc and the 'Transfer Project' parameter is selected (Conversion dialog), the Prices of the original Doc are now properly transferred.

Item Financial Data/ Last Purchase Price
At Items Financial Data, the last purchase price is now properly updated.

Expenses VAT/ Based on line VAT
The Expenses VAT is now properly calculated when the Items on lines had no value and the expense was based on line VAT.

General Ledger/ Expenses resolvers
Fixed the issue at Document links to Accounting (General Ledger). It occurred when expenses resolvers have been set.

Standard cost/ Values update
Upon adding a value at 'Standard cost' field (Stock Items/ Accounting tab) and selecting 'Yes' to the following message: 'Some periods have already been assigned values. Are you sure you want to modify them?' the values are now updated for all periods.