Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11122

Bug fixing

Problem with last purchase price
While re-updating a stock item, its last purchase price, was updated from the purchase document plus its expenses, in case it was in a purchase - import, without considering the designing of the item transaction that the folder created.

Company's Branch when logging in
When trying to log in the program, only if we changed company, the branch wasn't completed automatically.

Messages Icon
In Series 5 UI, the messages icon refresh couldn't be done, when there was a new message .

Trading Parties Transactions Printing
When printing a trading party's transaction from a statement, not all the columns were printed.

Company searching at the login - Series 5 UI
In Series 5 UI, the company searching at the login has been improved.

Deletion of a company with transactions
In a client / server & Azure installation, while deleting a company with transactions, the relative message didn't appear.

Reminders - Messages
In messages, we couldn't add a note.

Company's accountant data
Fixed error occurred , in case of filling the accountant's data, in a company where the user wasn't logged in.

Personal Calendar and inactive series
Inactive series were appearing in the personal calendar.

Expenses in cash account transactions in ABC costing
The expenses in cash account transactions, didn't update right the analysis of Activity based Costing.

Payable amount for card
When deleting lines in a retail document, the payable amount for card wasn't update.

Different in subject value
In some cases, the subject value wasn't correctly updated, so it didn't match with the lines.

FIFO automatic consumption mode
The procedure of saving a stock document has been accelerated, with FIFO automatic consumption mode.

Sales series browser
Fixed error occurred when adding a reversing series in the series browser, in series 5 UI.

Ora 1400 error when log-in the program
Fixed error occurred in Oracle, while logging-in the program, when the option 'Record login/logout' in the Objects Log File was active.

Copy Project - group of companies
Fixed error occurred when copying from buffer a project, in group of companies.

Messages in Series 5 UI
The column 'Job' in the messages browser wasn't updated.

Full Copy Company
Fixed error occurred while full copy company.

Statement of Branches - Headquarters only
Fixed error occurred in the report 'Statement of Branches' when selecting the flag 'Headquarters only'.

Update Sales Prices
The job 'Update Sales Prices', didn't consider the alternative prices' percentage/value, in the 'Cost prices and given percentage' method.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11121

Features added / modified

Import of Revenue - Expenses documents
An error that occurred when importing Revenue - Expenses documents with a different VAT value than the calculated one, has been fixed.

Conversion - Retail
When converting an order into a receipt from retail, the value used to not be transferred.

Service sets in columns
The Service sets (SPCS) have been added in the Services columns design.

Printform in word (MS-Word)
In a form's Javascript through the printform function, the parameters MS-Word & MS-Excel are now accepted.

Trading party's name
The trading party's name has been added in the "SN card" and in the "SN Journal" reports, through the guarantees' related jobs.

Bug fixing

Variation Statement
In 'Variation Statement' report, the transactions didn't appear by calendar order. In addition, the 'Brought FWD' balances did not appear.

Coverage of Pending
The Coverage of Pending did not work properly, given that the item was submitted in more that one lines.

Columns Design with read only field
A change has been added so that the column fields' characteristic 'Read Only' can be considered.

Payment in e-mail
When sending e-mail to a trading party, if there was the field 'Payment', the code appeared but not the description of the payment.

Alert causing printing
In the Series 5 UI, an alert activated "On insert" and "On Locate", that assigns an alphanumeric to the document's remarks caused printing from within the document.

General Fields in MTRLINES (Oracle DB)
In Oracle database, the general fields from the 'Material (lines)' table, couldn't be used.

CDIMMTRLN in case of a documents' processing
When processing a document where the documents' type had an "outstanding" parameter set, the analysis in the CDIMMTRLN of the source document did not update.

Soft1 Series 5 - Save as new
In the Series 5 UI, the option "Save as new" did not appear in an already saved document.

Create contract for a client
In Client/Server and Azure environment, the job 'Create Contracts', did not create any contract.

Maintain prices in Documents Processing
When processing a purchases document without the "Maintain Prices" filter, and given that the Type was using "Last purchase price from supplier", the discount in the items was taken into account, instead of the discount in the "Data per supplier".

Document deletion from a report
In the Series 5 UI, when drilling down in a record, in the "Sales Quotations" report from the sales object, the document's deletion was possible.

Net value change in a cancellation document
In some cases, when choosing reversal a document, the net value was not updated properly.

Autologin in Azure
An error that occurred in the autologin has been fixed.

Copy Company in Oracle
In an Oracle Database, an error that occurred when fully copying a company has been fixed.

Coverage of pending in items with colour/size
In some cases, the manual coverage of pending in item lines with Colour Size, a wrong quantity analysis was created.

Different Net value in relation to the Value subject to VAT
In some cases, the value subject to VAT was calculated incorrectly, when changing the gross value in the grid lines.

Partner in groups of companies
In groups of companies, in a company besides the main company, searching in the "Partner" field in the "Delivery - Transfer" tab was done incorrectly.

Series 5 UI: editor from database view
In the Series 5 UI, in a custom object where a database view is being used as an editor in a field, and a browser has been selected as a default selector, the widths that were stated in the designer were applied, not the widths of the browser's columns.

User Defined Table in advanced printout form
Fixed error that occurred during the printing of an 'Internal (advanced)' form, with user defined table and field in Picture Object in Master Data.

Hierarchy and Business Units
An error that occurred when saving in a memory table with a hierarchy, has been fixed.

Converted Documents
An error that occurred when saving a new entry, given that the field "Converted documents - dates" (SALDOC.PROCDOCSDATE) had been added, has been fixed.

Offline-azure Synchronization
Fixed error in items' synchronization in Offline - Azure.

Series 5 - Report Designing
In Series 5 UI, when editing a designed report, we had to re-open the report.

Copy from Buffer in customer's wire transfers with expenses
Fixed error occurred during the copy from buffer of wire transfer with expenses.

Locate with Link Tables
Fixed error occurred in locate query when using additional fields from link tables, in Series 5 UI.

Hierarchy and Business Units
In a sales documents browser with the Business Units as a filter, and given that hierarchies had been selected, the hierarchical relations were not filtered properly.

In default forms in the SOACTION object, the fields "Order placed by" and "Operator" update the corresponding fields "Contact".

Stringlist in the Series 5 UI
In the Series 5 UI, in a stringlist that was made in the designer as an editor, the key is displayed instead of the description.

CRM Additional Columns
In a Reminder's popup window, the name given to User-defined fields did not appear correctly.

W/H description in Stock Balances per Item Variation w/h report
In Group Of Companies, in the reports 'Stock Balances per Item Variation w/h' and 'Stock Balances per Color W/H', the description of the Warehouses was the w/h description of the parent company.

Batch job messages in a client
When "running" the "Physical Inventory Documents" job, in a Client / Server environment, the message "Consumption series has not been selected" did not appear, given that Production documents had been submitted in the corresponding period.

Searching based on an item's s/n
An error that occurred in documents when selecting an item with "Search by" and given that the trading party was not selected beforehand, has been fixed.

Alternative code with Variations
An error that occurred when scanning an alternative code for an item with Variations, in a document's lines, in the alternative code column, has been fixed.

Sales Orders per Item
In the "Sales Orders per Item" report, the Variation analysis did not work properly, given that a stock items' commercial category and variation analysis were selected as filters.

Editing trading parties' information
An error that occurred in groups of companies when editing trading parties' information has been fixed.

The field "Type, MTRTYPE" as a filter, did not work properly in a Revenue/Expenses Accounts browser.

Hierarchies in the UTBL table
Hierarchies were not applied in UTBL tables.

Access Violation is an alternative code column
An error that occurred when scanning an alternative code, in a document's lines, without the parameter "Automatic opening of selectors while typing", has been fixed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11118

Features added / modified

Creation of a branch contact
When creating a new contact from a trading party, the contact's information are updated by the trading party's branches, fiven that the branch has been selected in the line first.

Update Stock Limits
In the job 'Update Stock Limits', now we can calculate the minimum limit for a defined date without a strict semester implementation, but according to a date, that is given to the filters.

Cost in Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis
In the "Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis" job, the filter "Cost price based on period", for the calculation of costs of goods sold based on a specific period has been added.

Stock Documents in project transactions
When searching the database, stock document are also included. In order for them to be displayed on the grid, the user needs to add the corresponding column (Revenue/Expenses/Collections/Payments)

Accounting browser delay
Searching Charts of Accounts in the Accounting entries lines has been improved in terms of speed.

Banks in payments plan (wire transfers)
In the "Payments Plan (wire transfers)" job, the bank account can be changed in the Suppliers and Creditors Unpaid Documents, with a simultaneous update of the bank and the IBAN.

Production Cost Report
If a bill of material had a raw material more than once, in the Production Cost Report calculated a wrong quantity and therefore a wrong value of the raw materials.

Update Payroll Expenses - Cost Analysis
In commercial management documents that are created from payroll,only the lines that concern the employees cost can be now on be analysed in cost centers (Gross Income and Εmployer contributions)

List of expenses - Pay-off by wire transfers
The list of expenses' liquidation can now on be done by inserting a wire transfer from the relative button.

Contact form design
In a Contact's and in an Employee's form design, in the "Relations" option, the field relation (PRSREL.RELPRSN) has been added.

Project Transactions
In the projects transactions (through the related jobs), the filters "Code" and "Trading party name" have been added in the questions.

SN Card
In the 'SN Card' report, there were added the followning fields values:
- SNTYPE (3.5)
- Back
- Check-in for service

Comment in advance payment
In the retail sales module, when selecting "Advance payment/Order", the column "Comment" (SALDOC.COMMENTS) has been added in the corresponding grid.

Automatic ABC analysis in Accounting Entries
The 10120 command has been incorporated, which works in Accounting for the automatic analysis of ABC.
X.CALLPUBLISHED('ProgLibIntf.ModuleCommand', X.MODULE, 10120, sCommand)

User Restricted access to companies
If the user has 'restricted access (to specific companies only)', without completing the restricted companies, an error appears at the saving.

Bug fixing

Sales Per Item - Variation Analysis
In the 'Sales per Item' report, the totals of the item was different than the variation analysis totals, in case of selecting the Customer Commercial Category.

Maintain VAT Rates
When converting a sales document, with the choice "Maintain VAT Rates" activated, the vat in the services lines was not updated properly.

Default Printer in FastReport
In an Open Designed Report "Internal (advanced)", in case a Printer (eg PDF File) has been declared in the printOptions, then, when printing in a physical printer, the path for saving a file was displayed.

Installation type in multi-company
Fixed error that occured in Group of Companies, during the installation saving. The error concerned the "Type" of the installation.

Test Form in Custom Object
Fixed error that occured, in Series 5 UI, in a custom object, by choosing the Test Form from the S1 Designer.

Printer Change
When converting a purchase document into a sales document, with 'e-invoice' as default print mode, if we changed the printer, the error 'There is nothing to print!' used to appear.

Label document
In the "Document for label" job, only the advanced label option was available.

Transfer a sales document to a purchase document from one company to another
In groups of companies, the warehouses were not filtered correctly when transferring a sales document to a purchase document.

Error message in the messages module
In the series 5 UI, and error that occured when submitting a new message with time scheduling has been fixed.

Customers balance
In the Seris 5 UI, in a Customers Balance browser, when excluding balances with a value of zero, the filtering was done incorrectly.

Empty containers analysis
When changing the quantity in a stock item with empty containers, in a document that has empty containers analysis, and the items is a set/kit, the correct analysis of the quantities did not happen.

Employee actions - continue action with an expense report
In the emplyee actions [SOPRSN] the "continue" button now works if the series that has an "employee expense report" subsection has been stated.

EDPS credit card machine and Collections
An error that occured in the EDPS collections form when selecting "payment with card" has been fixed.

Supplier other transactions
Fixed an error that occurred to a company with Bulgarian Country Standards, at the change of the value of a saved document from 'Suppliers Other transactions'

Import form XXF file
An error that occured when viewing the summary results in an XXF import has been fixed.

Filters in associated companies statement report
In the 'Customers Associated Companies Statement' & 'Suppliers Associated Companies Statement' reports, the filtering was not based on the code.

Scanning in Series 5 UI
In the Series 5 UI, when scanning a stock item with the alternative code in a document, the curson did not change lines.

Line packing when copying an offer
In a sales lead where an offer has been made, when a copy of the offer was made, the created document packed the lines, regardless of the setting in the corresponding field in the document type.

Selection in the "Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage" (Seris 5 UI)
In the Series 5 UI, in the Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage job, when selecting in the order information and switching between tabs, the selection did not appear.

Counting work time
In the employee actions, the worktime sharing did not work properly if the "From time" field has a value between 00:00 and 06:00.

Work diary in Series 5 UI
The work diary now appears when right clicking in the employee actions browser in the Series 5 UI.

Submission of an employee action in the Series 5 UI
The work time now appears in the Seris 5 UI in an employee action submission.

Export to excel
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occured when printing a grouped browser to excel has been fixed.

Production Time sheets with colour size
The production documents automatic creation from the production time sheets with items with colour-size, used to create the production documents without quantity.

Autologin and xco in the shortcut target
In the Series 5 UI, logging out of the application did not work properly when an autologin was stated in the parameters for an automatic login.

Chart of Accounts transactions
In the Series 5 UI, an error that occured in the Accounting entries browser, when selecting the transactions through the related jobs.

SN card and local field
An error that occured when inserting a local field in the SN card report has been fixed.

Dashboard (Profit and Loss)
In the Profit and loss, the cost of goods sold is updated from a transaction or a relative filter in the questions. If a cost of goods sold value is given manually on the questions, the transaction value prevails.

Access Violatin during the login
An error that occured when logging in to the application, in case Additional Reminder Columns had been added, has been fixed.

Serial Number by using barcode
When inserting a serial number in a document by using barcode, an additional line of the item used to appear.

Changing fields when transferring to a Purchase Document
In some installations, the correct fields in the Purchase document pop up form did not appear when transferring from a Sales document.

"Transfer to Purchases" sales job
In the "Transfer to Purchase Document" job from the sales module, the question "Should the warehouse be transferred to the lines?" appears.

Filter and Grouping in a browser
In the Series 5 UI, cancelling a filter in a grouped browser has been fixed.

Cash Account transactions
In the Series 5 UI, displaying the cash account transactions through the pay-off job in the other transactions was not possible.

Bonus card
In some cases, the points calculation did not happen in sales documents.

Available medium
The "Prohibition" in the available medium option in the meetings did not perform any controls.

Balance sheet in excel - Module Titles
When exporting the Balance Sheet from the Individual Accounting Statements (G.A.S.) to an excel file, the aggregators' titles did not appear correctly.

Stock Management aging balances
The "Aging Balances" report from the Stock Management, did not show the correct results in some cases.

Bonus Cards and points calculation in Retail Sales
In a scenario based on the accounting category of a stock item, points were calculated without taking into account the stock item's accounting category.

'Data per Company' of a customer that has transactions
In Group Of Companies, in the statement 'Data per Company' of trading parties, if a company is completed in the gid and there are transactions, the change of the company is forbitten.

Browser with balances aging
In the Series 5 UI, in the "Balances aging" browser, the word wrap did not occur.

Import of a services folder with xxf
An error that occured when importing a services folder through an XXF file, in a different company, has been fixed.

Balance sheet in excel
When printing the Balance Sheet in Excel, having selected "No" in the "Show modules without transactions" option, the aggregators that did not have value also appeared.

Forms (Design)
In the form design, the "Contracts" link did not work properly.

Grouping by trading party group
An error that occured in Groups of Companies, when grouping with the "Group" field, in a trading party's browser, has been fixed.

Payroll Financial data - Period Name
In a multicompany installation, the descriptions of the payroll periods did not appear correctly in the Payroll Financial Data, in the period information tab.

Employees' Statistics [DSBHR]
There have been some changes in the 'Employees' Statistics' report.

Client / Server
Fixed error occured in client / server environment from windows server 2003, while logging-in soft1.

Sales Opportunities
In Series 5 UI, in a sales opportunity, in case of saving an offer or an order, during the refresh of the record from the list, in some cases the record did not appear.

SN in an item without SN
Fixed error occured in the documents columns design, when we completed a price in the column item SN, but the item had no SN.

Cheques Due Dates Report - Print Only Groups
The 'Cheques Due Dates Report' report, with the flag 'Print Only Groups', did not appear any result.

VAT Rates grid in Series 5 UI
In Series 5 UI, the VAT Accounts grid didn't appear properly, in the VAT table.