Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11223

Bug fixing

Open Designed Reports/ Printer error
Error fixed upon printing an Open Designed Report developed using Internal Advanced tool. Therefore, you are allowed to select any printer other than the default one.

Services Folder/Selector
At Services Folder in "Actions" tab, when the "Subject" column is clicked, the proper selector opens now.

Stock Parameters/Automatic lines analysis
In Stock Management Parameters, the table ''cdimmtrln'' is properly updated when the "Automatic lines analysis" parameter is activated.

Values in GL entry lines/MS-Excel file format
Under certain circumstances, while exporting GL entry lines in MS-Excel file, more decimals were displayed on the printout. Error fixed: The decimals in values are now properly displayed.

"Financial Transactions (LC)" screen form
Transaction's currency (LC) will be displayed properly when adding the field at "Financial Transactions (LC)" screen form.

Blob type fields/Runsql command
The user-designed local fields, which call the blob type fields, using Runsql command, can now be used in Internal Advanced printout forms.

CreateSupport function at a screen form/Azure installations
The following error "S1:EStringListError:List index out of bounds (0)" was displayed at Azure installations. This occurred, when javascript has been implemented using CreateSupport function at a screen form. Error fixed.

Redirection Error to List/Browser records
At "Stock Statistics" the redirection to the record (when double-clicking on the List/Browser lines) is now properly functioning.

Group of Companies-Debits/Credits Parameters
At a Group of Companies model/schema, at Debits/Credits Parameters, when the parameter "Update all" is active, the data are now saved properly.

Tax Reform Statement" job/Yearly calculation (Greek tax legislation)
At Revenues & Expenses, in "Tax Reform Statement" job, at tab "Calculation" when the period is set to "Yearly", the calculation is now properly performed.

Basic Stock Control/"Alert Behavior" field
Error fixed when at the "Basic Stock Control" area of a document's type, the "Alert Behavior" field was set to "Question". The document is now properly saved.

Total Value display/ MS-Excel printout
The Total Value is now properly displayed when printing list results in MS-Excel file format. Error was due to specific filters applied on the list.

Bin column/"Sales Order per Item - Analytical" report
When adding the Bin as a new column, for example, at "Sales Order per Item - Analytical" report, the results are now properly displayed.

"Replace receipt" button/Gas stations
The "Replace receipt" button regarding gas stations is now properly displayed upon "Save New Template" job.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11222

Features added / modified

Offline local installation sync / "Enable Reminders" parameter
If the "Enable Reminders" Soft1 parameters is activated then a reminder is displayed upon local installation synchronization regarding the log file check.

Browser/List date time filter
When working in a Browser/List, and using date time filter, you are now given the option to select both date and short time (hh:nn).

Doc. conversion/Payment dates
Upon converting a document to another one, the content of the field ITELINES.INSTALMENTS (payment dates) is now transferred/copied to the new doc. as well.

E3 Income statement (Greek tax legislation)
The 485 & 481 codes in "E3 income statement", are added up by the 423 code of D9 table.

Bug fixing

Composition Doc/Copy from buffer job
Upon "Copy from buffer" job, regarding a composition doc, the W/H is now properly updated.

"Commercial & Financial Transactions" - Scroll bar behavior
When selecting "Specified dates" in "Dates" field at "Commercial & Financial Transactions" related job the Scroll bar is now properly displayed.

"E4 Table of Employees" - Corrections/Additions
In "E4 Table of Employees", when selecting Status type "E4 hire complementary" an xml file is generated including the Break hours defined at "E4 Table of Employees" job. The Detail description is also included in the PDF file. Moreover, additions/corrections have been made regarding:
1. the Group of Companies xml file
2. the employees' earnings in case of an hourly employee.
3. the calculation date of current period is the default value of the Reference date.

Series 5 UI - "Copy Grid line" function shortcut
At System Settings, the "Copy Grid line" function shortcut at "Keyboard" tab, is now properly functioning.

Items Statement report/Brought fwd
At General Stock Reports, when running the Item Statements report, the "Brought fwd" are now included in the Balance and Inventory In/Out to date column.

E4 Table of Employees (Greek tax legislation)
In E4 Table of Employees, when selecting "E4 hire complementary" at "Status type" field the "Submission data" area is now displayed.

Copy employee entry
An error upon saving a new employee when copying data from another employee has been fixed.

EDOEAP (detailed earnings statement - Α.Κ.Α) file (Greek tax legislation)
Error upon calculation of EDOEAP (detailed earnings statement - Α.Κ.Α) file, in case of an employee with reduced insurance tax, has been fixed.

Pricing policies data
In case of a large volume of data (up to 100000 lines) the speed of displaying pricing policies results has been significantly improved.

Wrong values printed/SAMSUNG SAM4S Fiscal printer
Error upon using SAMSUNG SAM4S fiscal printer has been fixed. The recorded values are now properly printed.

Discount changed when adding SN
Upon converting a document with pricing policy and items with SN, the discount of the initial document is transferred too.

Sales doc conversion/Shipping method
Upon converting a Sales doc and selecting the shipping method from the convert doc pop-up window, the displayed error "Field '' has no dataset." has been fixed.

E3 Income Statement / (Greek tax legislation)
In E3 income statement, the calculations pop-up window is now displayed when clicking the tab "Calculation".

E3 Income statement/Calculation of expenses (Greek tax legislation)
Error upon allocation of expenses in "E3 income statement" when selecting "Expenses Total" of Z2 table/section.

Error upon Soft1 login (connection with fiscal printer)
The following error "Access violation at address 08703563 in module 'SOFPrt.dll", which was displayed upon login to Soft1 when connected with fiscal printer, has been fixed.

Group of Companies / Fees file
When working at a fees file, you may now select data from all companies (parent and child) provided that you have a Group of Companies model/schema.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11221

Features added / modified

"Edit FMY file" job/ Totals added to columns
At Payroll in "Edit FMY file" job totals have been added to all columns.

ANAF Web Service-Romanian Localization
You are allowed to update the data of new and existing tr. parties by using the ANAF Web service (Romanian localization).

"Open-item (Unpaid)" job - Filter added
At "Open-Item (Unpaid)" job of tr. parties', a "Dates" filter has been added at matched docs (All entries section), suggesting as a default date the current year's.

Customer transferred from sales doc to prod. order
Upon transferring a sales doc to a production order, if you activate the field "Document per Tr. party" the customer of the sales doc is transferred to the production order.

Bug fixing

Grouping by item/customer (Series 5 UI)
Error "Duplicate field name 'X_1D6AA760" at Sales doc Browser/List upon grouping by item/customer and local fields has been fixed.

Open-item/''Dates lockup" job
"Open-item" job is now allowed even if "Dates lockup/limits" has been activated for "G/L entries".

"Calculate Gross Income from Net" job/ Payroll elements
Error upon running the payroll job "Calculate Gross Income from Net", where the list including the payroll elements did not appear in the grid, has been fixed.

Group of companies - "Job Schedule" report
In Group of companies installation, the "Job Schedule" report is now supported.

"Close cash register" job/Calculations
When setting/selecting a cash register in more than one branch, the user is allowed to perform calculations at "Close cash register" job.

Change credit card at retail doc
At an already saved Retail transaction, you are allowed to change the Credit card even though the user is different form the one made the initial transaction.

Printout Forms/"Parameters" tab
The tab "Parameters" is now displayed at "Customers", "Suppliers" & "Inventory" printout forms.

"Create SEPA file" job/ Group of companies
At Payroll module, regarding a Group of companies installation, the functionality/operation of "Create SEPA file" job has been improved.

Employee financial data /Totals added
At Payroll, in "Employee financial data" screen form, totals at values of "Periods data" tab have been added.