Thursday, June 30, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11515

Features added / modified

Retail Pro/ Login date
At Soft1 Retail Pro, a Date check is now performed upon adding an Item at a new Doc.
This way, a warning message is displayed if the Login Date is different to the System Date.

ABC Dimension Models per Company
ABC dimensions and ABC models options have now been added at Data per Company for the following:
1. Stock Items,
2. Services,
3. Debits/ Credits,
4. Customers,
5. Suppliers,
6. Creditors,
7. Debtors,
8. Contacts,
9. Projects and
10. Resources.

Cash Register / Delete
No Cash Register can now be deleted if transactions are included.

Production & Composition Docs/ Variations
At Production & Composition Docs, selecting variations through the quantity hyperlink, is no longer included in Core operations:Soft1 hyperlinks: right to use.

Employees / New functions
New functions have now been added to the following Employees:
- FGetSupervisorsPrsns: Returns the ID of the employee managers with ID Prsn Example FGetSupervisorsPrsns [PRSN.PRSN],
- FGetSupervisorsPrsnsCodes: Returns the codes of managers of employee with ID Prsn Example - FGetSupervisorsPrsnsCodes[PRSN.PRSN],
- FGetSupervisorsPrsnsNames: Returns the full name of employee managers with ID Prsn Example - FGetSupervisorsPrsnsNames [PRSN.PRSN].

Doc behavior/ Gross profit and COGS
The behaviour of the document is now checked; if it is credit one, the prices in Gross Profit and Cost of goods sold do not show values.

Browsers/ Static Lists
Static lists at Browsers, are now sorted in alphabetical order.

E-mails/ Attached files
Multiple attached files can now be sent via E-mail.

Sales Budgeting Dimensions/ Customers Salesperson
The 'Customers Salesperson' has now been added to Sales Budgeting Dimensions.

Trading Parties reports/ Code field
At Trading Parties reports, the 'Code' field has now been increased to accept 250 characters.

Payroll elements/ Multilingual installations
The 'Name' [NAME] and 'Username' [USRNAME] fields are now available at Multilingual installations for the following:
1. General Payroll data
2. Employees Payroll data
3. Period payroll elements per employee.

ABC dimensions/ Hierarchy
Hierarchy functionality has now been added to ABC dimensions.

Copy to other companies
'Copy to other companies' job has now been added to Transactions design when right-clicking on the following:
1) Stock Management,
2) Customers,
3) Suppliers,
4) Creditors,
5) Debtors,
6) Cash Accounts,
7) Services,
8) Debits/ Credits,
9) Fixed Assets,
10) ABC and
11) Revenues/ Expenses.

Objects Log File/ New objects
The following objects have now been added to Objects Log File(TRACEDEF):
1) Prod. Orders and
2) Prod. Order Folders.

Bug fixing

Quick View/ Stock Management browser
Fixed the issue '"Unknown field/variable/function : NCM1",. It occurred once Quick View has been activated at Sales Docs Browser, related to the Stock Management one which has local fields using functions.

Group of Accounts/ Hierarchies
Fixed the 'Field 'ACNSCHEMAACNGROUP'not found' issue. It occurred when using hierarchies at Accounts Groups (General Ledger).

Copying Series/ Companies
All Companies are now properly displayed upon copying Series.

Statement with Cheques Analysis/ Export to PDF
Fixed the issue which occurred at 'Statement with Cheques Analysis' report [BANK_STM_CHEQ] once running 'Export to PDF' command through Fast Report.

Screen Form design/ Custom Button
Fixed the issue related to displaying a custom button created using directly a command.

General Ledger/ ABC Analysis
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 501692A6 in module 'rtl270.bpl'. Read of address 00000000
Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred when selecting Activity Based Costing Analysis (right-click) (Accounting Entries).

Comments field/ Project transactions
The Project transactions are now properly displayed at 'Comments' field [TRDTRN.COMMENTS].

Browser filter/ Custom field
Fixed the issue which occurred when using a large alphanumeric custom field as Browser filter.

Custom Items Screen Form/ Day balance 1
At a custom Items Screen Form the decimals of the 'Day balance 1' numeric field [SoRenQty1] are now properly displayed.

Open designed Crystal reports
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, at Crystal reports.

Sales Journal report/ Justify fields
The value fields can now be properly justified at the 'Sales Journal' report [SALASSET].

Shortage / Requirements Report - Filters
Fixed the issue which occurred upon displaying the Shortage / Requirements Report [MAT_REQ], once specific filters combination was selected.

Production Docs/ UoM 2
Fixed the issue which occurred at Production Docs - having 'Automatic document creation' activated (Subcontracting) - when Item's UoM 2 has not been filled in.

Production / Default Doc Series
Fixed the issue 'MTRDOC: Dataset not in edit or insert mode'. It occurred at Production Docs Screen form when a default Doc Series have been selected.

Retail Pro/ Advance Payment
Fixed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 5892A5C4 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000 EAccessViolation' issue. It occurred at Retail Pro, once running the 'Remove pending' job for an Advance Payment.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11514

Features added / modified

ShowWarning function/ in SBSL
The 'ShowWarning' function has been developed to show warnings in SBSL (without requiring exception).
Example: x=ShowWarning('Warning message')

Employees/ Organizational level
The 'Organizational level' has now been added to Work positions (Employees, Employment tab).
List of Expenses/ Attached Files
The 'Attached files' related job has now been added to List of Expenses(SOEXPENDITURES).

Retail/ User Default Series
At Default Series (User profile card) for Retail Module, Series having 131 & 181 Behavior (Doc Type) are now displayed.

Retail Pro/ Date & Time
In S1 Retail Designer, when activating the 'Show date/time' flag, Date & Time are also displayed in Retail Pro display.

Retail Designer/ Show calculations
In Retail Designer, the 'Show calculations' flag has now been added to keyboard. The user can now use the virtual keyboard to perform calculations.

Supplier Wire transfers/ Business activity
At 'Supplier Wire transfers'(BFNSUPDOC) the 'Business activity' field is now available upon Columns design.

Series 6/ Shortcuts
In Series 6, the user can now scroll with the arrow keys or use Enter key to run Related Jobs, Browsers and Screen Forms.

Dark theme/ Color
Color customization was made to facilitate the user upon Browser design when having previously applied the Dark theme.

Document Printout Forms - Retail/ Expense Analysis
At Document Printout Forms - Retail (TEMPLATES.11351), the Expense analysis((EXPANAL) table is now available.

Bug fixing

Relogin to Soft1/ Different date
Fixed the issue: 'Invalid Date'. It occurred upon relogin to Soft1 with a different date.

Conditional Formatting/ Rule type
At a Browser expanded by Item lines, having set Conditional Formatting, the 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format' rule type is now properly working.

Payroll Fast Reports/ Automatic filing
At Fast Reports, 'Automatic filing' is now properly performed, and no link is created at Employee Attached files/Notes.

email Templates/ Local Fields
At email Templates, Local Fields are now properly saved.

Printout Forms/ Automatic filing
The 'Automatic creation of file' parameter has now been added to Printout Forms.
In Fast Reports, the 'Automatic filing' value will be filled in.
In Internal use reports, value 1 will be filled in provided that the 'Formula for path' & 'Formula for file name' fields are completed.
From now on, the file will be automatically created based on the 'Automatic creation of file' field. Also, based on the 'Automatic filing' field, the relevant link will be attached to the Attached files.

Senor VFD customer screen/ Characters
The number of characters accepted for Senor VFD customer screen is now 20.

Series 6/ Documents Date
Fixed the issue: 'Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Date)'. It occurred under certain circumstances, when changing the date of an already saved document.

Series 2008/ Objects Log File results
In Series 2008 UI, running the 'Objects Log File results'(ViewTrace) is now properly working.

F/A Document - Acctg category
Upon creating a F/A Document, when selecting the Acctg category, the depreciation rates are now properly updated.

B.A.M. Scenarios/ Send SMS
In B.A.M. Scenarios Job, Type: Send SMS, the user can now drag & drop fields in Message area.

Group of Companies Schema/ Points recalculation
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, recalculating the points of a Bonus card belonging to multiple companies, is now properly working.

FItemCDimReserved function/ SQL command
Fixed the issue: 'Format 'SELECT SUM($DBO.fnSOAnalQty1(M.' invalid or incompatible with argument'. It occurred at a custom Stock Items Browser upon using the 'FItemCDimReserved' function as SQL command.

Series 6/ Maintain open the Main menu
Fixed the issue ''System error!
Please send the error report to Softone.
Access violation at address 50CFA780 in module 'vcl270.bpl'. Read of address 00000208
Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred in Series 6 when selecting 'Maintain open the Main menu' parameter (System settings).

Costing folders/ Expense docs
At Suppliers Other transactions, importing an Expense document to costing folder is now properly working.

Items Statistics per Variation/ W/h
Fixed the issue: 'MtrTrnData: Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "b.whouse" could not be bound'. It occurred in 'Items Statistics per Variation'(ITECDIMMTRSTAT) report, when selecting a W/h.

Transfer Purchases/Sales Expenses
A new section 'Cash accounts' has been added in 'Transfer Purchases/Sales Expenses'(CrtLinDocs) job.
*Suppliers Other transactions docs will be created out of Purchases & Payment Series.
*Customers Other transactions docs will be created out of Sales & Collection Series.
*Cash accounts Other transactions docs will be created out of Wire transfers Doc Series (Suppliers/ Customers). As a result, the selected cash account will be displayed in docs header. If no cash account is selected, the one in wire transfer doc header will be displayed.

Sales per Item/ Field Width
At Sales per Item [STAT_MSAL] report, the 'Field width' has now been added. 14 characters are accepted by default.

Copy from buffer/ Line discounts
Fixed the issue concerning the cases of Docs Conversion and Re-issue by cancelling with reversal. No longer is the document recalculated. In case of 'Copy from buffer', if a new customer is selected, the prices must also change according to the new customer.

Close Cash Register
In Close Cash Register job, upon Calculating actual data, no Collections documents having status 'TO BE APPROVED' are included.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11513

Features added / modified

Email Validator
Email validation has now been added to the email fields. It checks the validity of an email based on some rules. Only validity is checked, not existence.
It has also been added as a local field function.

Cheques/ Bank account No.
At Cheques(CHEQUE), the length of 'Bank account No.' field has now been increased to accept 50 characters.

Customer Branches/ Pricing category
At Customer Branches the Pricing category has now been added.

Budgeting/ New dimensions
At Budgeting (Sales/Purchases/Accounting/Expenses/ABC), 2 more dimensions have now been added.

Prospects & Draft entries/ New fields
At Prospects & Draft entries(SODRAFT), the Latitude & Longitude fields are now available.

Company data/ Business Activity
At Company data, the Business Activity(COMPANY.SOUNIT) field has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Multilingual Data Management/ Service & Item Sets
The Multilingual Data Management has now been added to Service & Item Sets(SPCITESRV).

Project Statistics/ New fields
The following fields have been added to Project Statistics(PRJCSHEETS) report, as well as to Project Details, Sub-Projects Details, Related Projects Details (related jobs):
* Text 01 -05
* Table 01-05
* Date 01-05

Email Intrastat/ Length
The length of Email Intrastat field has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Personal User Menu/ Search
At Personal User Menu, when adding a new job, report etc., the user can now search by their name (i.e. Sales Documents).

FIFO Open-Item Calculation/ New field
At FIFO Open-Item Calculation(FiFoFinpayTerms) job, the 'Open-item method' is now available.

Payments of Assigned Documents/ Credit notes
At Payments of Assigned Documents(TRDFCTDOCREPEX) report, the credit notes value is now displayed in negative sign.

Sales opportunities/ Status
At Sales opportunities, Quotations tab, the Status column is now available.

Bug fixing

Retail Documents/ Pricing category
At Retail Documents, when changing customer, the prices of the already filled in items will be recalculated according to the new customer's pricing category. If there is no pricing policy and the customer has no pricing category filled in, then the prices will be adjusted based on the Document Type. In case there is a pricing policy, the existing behaviour applies.

Collections Statistics/ Salesperson & Collector
At Collections Statistics(VCASHIN), the Salesperson and Collector are now properly displayed when entrIES/records related to wire transfers doc lines.

Payroll/ Employee data
Employees data are now transferred upon using 'Export to .xxf file' job. All required checks are made to ensure payroll periods and cost centers are available.

Copy Company/ Employees data
Employees full data are transferred upon using Copy Company(CopyCompany) job.

Groups of Companies Schema/ Credit Notes
At a Groups of Companies Schema/Model, when creating a new document at Credit Notes Calculation(CULCTMPCREDIT) the login salesperson is now filled in. The same adjustment was made for Purchase Credit Notes.

Series 6/ User access rights
Fixed the issue ''Customer is not a valid integer value'. It occurred when setting user access rights (either by using the Key icon or right-clicking on a job) having previously selected the English language at the login screen.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes
Fixed the issue ''InsertSpcs: W/h already exists.
The 'Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes(PRDDOCPRDN)' job is now properly working.

Retail/ Virtual Cheques
When payment is made with virtual cheques, the corresponding table is filled in with the instalments upon saving the document along with pay-off document. This way, the instalments are calulated since the items will have been entered in the document.

Production Documents/ Delete Lots
Deleting lots on Production Documents lines, when having previously selected 'User specified' at Consumption mode (Doc Type) is now properly working.

Series 6/ Browsers Printout date
At Series 6, the Printout date and Entry date are now 2 different parameters. To print the printout date in the default Browsers/Lists, the setting must be activated in General parameters.

Series 6/ WebComponents
At Series 6, when using WebView2 the WebComponents are now properly working.

Companies Parameters/ Surname
At Companies Parameters, People tab, the Name column is renamed to Surname.

Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports are now properly working.

Sales Documents/ Copy from buffer
At Sales Documents, using Copy from buffer is now properly working.