Friday, January 27, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11526

Features added / modified

GUARANTY table / Fields size
In GUARANTY table (Guarantees):
Address' field has been increased to accept 100 characters.
'Name' field has been increased to accept 128 characters &
Name2 has been increased to accept 128 characters

Company Branches / email
The email is now avaialble at Company Branches.

Replace Existing File
In User Parameters 'Replace Existing File' option has now been added including the following values:
- No
- Yes (automatic)
- With question (Yes)
It applies to Related docs already saved/stored in the database.

Database Εxplorer/ F5
Running commands is now available by clicking F5 in Database Explorer.

Stock Management Parameters / New flag
In Stock Management Parameters, the 'Suggested W/h in intra-company transaction' flag is now available.

Inactive Pricing Policies
If a Pricing Policy is set to inactive then it is no longer applied.

*.jpeg image files
Uploading an image in *.jpeg format is now properly supported.

Scales / OPOS Driver
In CommonArea > Scales, S1DIGIDS.dll file is now available for Scale with OPOS Driver.

Bug fixing

Check dates overlap
In Employees Parameters the'Check dates overlap (HR)' parameter has now been added with values:
- No check
- Warning
- Prohibition
Default value: Prohibition.
Cancelled leaves are excluded.

Stock items / Increment per Variation
Stock items price (Retail / Wholesale) is now properly saved upon applying 'Increment per Variation'.

Working hours / Fields description
In Working hours, Days panel, the following are now properly displayed:
-Days off,
- Non-working days,
- Remote working days.

myWorkplace / Check out
Check out process can now be completed when it is performed after scheduled check out.

Group of Companies Schema / New Project
Fixed the issue 'String or binary data would be truncated' which occurred under certain circumstances upon creating/updating a New Project at a Group of Companies Schema /Model.

H.R & Payroll / Goals Detailed Description
In H.R & Payroll --> H.R --> Goals 'Detailed 'Description'(NAME1) column has now been added.

Doc Conversion / Lines Analysis
Docs conversion is now properly working when 'Lines Analysis' has been set in the Docs Browser.

Browser Fast report/ Dark Colour Scheme
In Browsers/ List, data are now properly displayed (Export settings: PDF) when using Fast Report.

Conversion / Credit card value
Upon Retail document conversion having credit card as payment method, values are now properly updated.

G/L Accounts - Multilingual Management
Translations are now available in G/L Accounts description.

2008 UI / Users Password
In 2008 UI, users authentication data are now properly displayed.

Employees / Dates format
Fixed the issue which occurred in Employees, after setting Dates format 'Tue 23/09/2003' (System settings).

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11525

Features added / modified

C.R.M. Parameters / Employees' Optional & Mandatory fields
In Parameters menu --> C.R.M. --> Employees - Contacts --> Employees Parameters, 'Payroll elements' are now displayed in 'Optional fields' & 'Mandatory fields' .

Retail Pro / Outstanding Orders
In S1 Retail Designer, 'Outstanding Sales Orders' option is now available.

Seminars / New Training provider
When a new Training provider is cerated (Seminars), by clicking the respective hyperlink, the Category field is automatically filled in with the Training provider value.

Job Calendar
In Job Calendar 'Copy' & 'Paste' action is now available, as well as, the repeat action with ocurrence.

Projects in Purchase Documents
The Project Timeline is now updated when it is included in document lines.

Payroll function
The 'TIMH_STOIXEIOU' function has been extended to return the value -1 when the employee's payroll element on a specific calculation date has no value. It applies to the Calculation Sheet.

Unpaid Documents / VAT
VAT value field has now been added to Unpaid Documents

Working hours / Copy to other companies
'Copy to other companies' option has been added in 'Working hours' (right click). The user can copy the working hours to companies of his choice. If 'Modifications' flag is activated, it is replaced in case the working hours already exist.

S1 Retail Designer / Soft1 search
At S1 Retail Designer, 'Soft1 search' has now been added to Customer & Stock Items Browsers/Lists.

Remote working / Employee transactions
In case of saving a fixed-hour employee's transactions, if there is no work action- in case there is one, the place of work is taken into account- and the day of the transaction is set in remote working days, then a prohibition message is displayed.

Project Transactions (lines) / New fields
The following fields have been added to Project Transactions (lines):
* Type,
* Qty,
* UoM.

Order Planning
In Orders Planning job, when the Scoring field is null, a suggestion based on FIFO dates will be made.

Automatic creation of Fiscal Year / Transfer of Doc. Series numbering
'Transfer of Doc. Series numbering' has now added in 'Automatic creation of Fiscal Year' job.

Production Orders Type / New field
At Prod. Orders Types a the 'Modify in a diffrerent fiscal year' flag is now available.

Bug fixing

Analytical General ledger / Query timeout
Fixed the issue which occurred in 'Analytical General ledger(ACC_ANL_KATH), when 'Yes, only balance brought forward' was selected in 'Accounts w/o trans. in Specified Dates'.

Create new contract
Upon creating a new contract from a doc that has already created one, the following message is dipslayed: 'The documents: XXXXX are under contract'.

Production Costing / Main & Co-products
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running Production Costing (PRDNCOST), when Main & Co-products where the same item with different lot.

Customer Browsers / Response time
Custom Browsers response time has been improved, upon drawing data from VMTRSTAT table.

Fixed Asset Document - VAT value line
When 'Fixed Asset one to one with entity' parameter was activated, VAT value could not be changed in Fixed Asset document lines.

Create SEPA file / Different files per date
In 'Create SEPA file', the 'Different files per date' has been added in order to create different files per date, so that in each file there is only one time the Company's data (debtor).

CRM / Dynamic lists
The Dynamic lists are now properly saved in CRM.

Sales documents / Doc. Code length
At Client / Server environment, Doc. Code length is now properly updated.

columns / Purchase History
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, the data included in 'W/h' & 'Branch' columns are now properly displayed (Purchase History).

Purchase History
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, 'W/h' & 'Branch' were not properly displayed in Purchase History

Intrastat & VIES
In 'Instrastat - Exports Report (SINTRASTAT_REP)' & 'Create Intrastat file (Exports)(CrtSIntrastat)' the Trad. party VAT is now filled in when this was inserted in Triangular Transactions.

Employee Loan card
The Employee Loans is now properly displayed in Loan cards(EMPL_LOAN_DATA).

Job Calendar / Copy & Paste
In Job Calendar upon Copy & Paste of more than one days in a row, a separate action has been created for each of the day.

Retail doc / Collection
When converting a Retail doc including the payment, the collection doc is now properly created.

Employees / Payroll period
Employee profile card is now properly working when 'Christmas compensation' (14) or any other but Normal option has been selected in Payroll period.

Costing Folder Closing
Fixed the issue which occurred upon closing a Costing Folder.

Physical Inventory Docs / Search by
Fixed the issue which occurred in Physical Inventory Documents upon searching stock items using Search by option.

Purchase Credit Notes Calculation
Fixed the issue ' SoftOne Range Error (Name: '' FieldNo: 17815108)'. It occurred on 'Discout credit notes Calculation' (right click on Purchase Documents) provided that 'Price per UoM' (Application Fields) & 'Scaling in value' (Scaling field) have been set in Purchase Credit Notes Rules.

Costing Folders
A forbidden message is now displayed in Costing Folders in case Cost category has not been filled in Expenses Documents.

Service Folders / Project
The Project is now properly transferred to Service Folders upon using the 'Send to Customer' ralated job.

Service Trial Balance
The export value is now properly displayed at Service Trial Balance (SRV_BAL) report.

Export GL transactions (GData.xml)
Fixed the issue: 'SoftOne Range Error (Name: 'ACNEDIT').' It occurred upon running 'Export GL transactions (GData.xml)(EXPORTBATCHUNIGL) job, in case more than one acctg entry was updated.

Associated Item / Delete
In case an item has been filled in 'Replaced by' & 'Associated Item' fields the following message is displayed upon deletion: 'Cannot be deleted. Reference to Stock Items file at 'Replaced by' or 'Associated Item'.

Retail Sales docs / Conversion
Upon converting Retail Sales documents using 'Cash' in Payment Terms, the Collection doc is now proeprly saved.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Version 6.00.622.11524

Features added / modified

Web accounts / Employees
During the web account activation/deactivation process, a message is displayed to indicate the selected employees for whom the task has been completed.

Assigned Invoices Payment / Suggest amount and pay-off date
In Assigned Invoices Payment (DocsPayment) job, the 'Suggest amount and pay-off date' is now available in Job field.

Working hours / New field
The field 'Split shift' has now been added to Working hours.
The field's value should be set to 'Yes' provided that the Hours table describes split working hours (2 different working hours on the same working day).

Update Employee Leave / Hourly leave
Upon running 'Update Employee Leave'( TRANSLEAVES) job the hours are transferred to Hourly leave tab.

HR Printout Forms / Seminar Cycle
In HR Printout Forms, the Seminar Cycle (SEMCYCLE) field is now available.

Contract transactions
Contract transactions are now available from doc header & lines.

Barcode / Code format
The 'Code format'(ITEPPRMS.SRSPFORM) (Stock Mgmt parameters>Barcode>Variation Barcodes) field has now been increased to accept 40 characters.

Service Folder / Project Timeline
The Service Folder is displayed in the Project Timeline, without the Spare Parts, Services or Actions being filled in.

Sales Other Parameters / New option
In Sales Other parameters, the 'Prohibition of negative & greater than transaction' (Retail Sales parameters>Check payable) is now available.

Accounting / Code - Alternative Code
The 'Code' and 'Alternative code' fields have now been increased to accept 30 characters.

Working Time Setup - Flexible/Modified per Day - Cancelled Actions
At 'Working Time Setup - Flexible/Modified per Day'(WTODAILY), the Actions marked 'Cancelled' are now properly displayed.

Bug fixing

Recalculate values and discount for the document / VAT
Under certain circumstances, when changing line in a document and while the user selected 'No' in the 'Recalculate values and discount for the document?', the VAT changed on doc lines.

Employee browser design /Absence
The Description column is now available upon Employee browser design (tab Absence>Type of Absence).

Employee browser design / Sickness
The Description column is now available upon Employee browser design (tab Sickness>Type of sickness).

Accounting based on Commercial / Cancel Update of Accounting Entries
Fixed the issue 'AcnUpdCancel1: Ole Error: 80004005. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression'. It occurred upon running the 'Cancel Update of Accounting Entries'(TempCancelGL) (Accounting based on Commercial) job.

Soft1 Portal / VAT job
On Windows 11 using /usewebview2 it was not possible to 'run' the automated 'VAT job' from Soft1 Portal.

Printout forms / Type
The Form type is now properly displayed in Printout forms Browser/List

Actions / Next step
In an existing Action, running the 'Next step' related job, suggests the initial Action's date is suggested as Start and End date.

Other transactions docs / Pay-off
Pay-off is now properly displayed in Other transactions docs (Customers /Debtors) through Related jobs.

Select SN / No check
Fixed theh issue 'access violation in findoc.bpl ' in Azure installations. It occurred upon selecting an Item monitored in SN (No check).

New Employee / Copy from buffer
Creating a new Employee entry usin Copy from buffer is now properly working.

Physical Inventory Documents / Technical code
The Technical code is now properly displayed at Physical inventory documents.

Doc Conversion /Triangular Transactions
Upon Doc Conversion, the trading party data (Triangular Transactions> Order from - Shipped to) are now transferred to the converted document

Speaker/Presenter hyperlink
The 'Speaker/Presenter' hyperlink is now properly working (HR & Payroll>Skills - Qualifications >Seminar Cycles).

Payroll period / Results
Fixed the issue regarding the correct payroll period display in Results.

Sales Docs / Composition/Decomposition
Fixed the issue 'Posting new entry not allowed. The SN code already exists. It occurred when creating saving a Sales document with automatic composition/decomposition of items monitored in Serial number.

Transfer leave from HR
The 'Transfer leave from HR' task preserves the days entered in the leave request and transfers this information to Payroll in the employee's tab.

Stock ledger design / Template
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 500600B6 in module 'rtl270.bpl'. Read of address FFFFFFC6'. It occurred upon Stock ledger design usin a saved Template.

Custom Administration / Add to Menu
Fixed the issue 'Access violation' wich occurred upon selecting 'Add to Menu'.

Sales Docs / Multiple SN selection
Under certain cisrcumstances, not all rows of the Serial number grid were updated upon multiple selection in a document.

Add URL / Embedded browser
When adding URL with Embedded browser the file could not be loaded. An update of the Add-ons is required.