Thursday, March 30, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10915

Features added / modified

Remove pending in services
Pendings can be now removed from the services lines of service folders.

Composition documents are automatically deleted, when the item set is deleted from the lines of the sales document.

Consumption based on BOM
A new parameter has been added in the type of production documents regarding the consumption based on BOM.

Bug fixing

CRM Calendars
When fields material, quantity and value were declared in the details of the CRM user settings, an error occured in personal and group calendar.

Sales budgeting
Sales budgeting with declared dimensions Table 1 [Customers] & Table 1 [Items] was not properly working.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10913

Features added / modified

Inactive customers in calls
Inactive customers can be now chosen in calls.

Costing folders
Cash accounts special documents can be now added in the related documents of costing folders.

SN in production documents lines
SN can be now declared in production document lines.

Gross profit in project financial data
Expenses are now included in the gross profit calculation in the financial data of projects.

SN check in sales documents
The same sn can not be now declared in more than one lines of a sale document.

Cancelled documents are now involved in sales and purchases statistics reports.

Bug fixing

Customization password
Cst password blocking was not properly working.

Application server
Inactive users were not properly deleted from application server monitor in cloud installations.

Credit Control Scenario
Corrected an occasional error in the credit control rules display order.

Groups were not properly printed, in some cases, on browsers with grouping.

Empty containers / accessories
When a stock item is deleted, possible references of the item in empty containers/accessories table are now also deleted.

Composition documents
Corrected an error in composition documents posted through stock documents with intra company transfer.

Update services to other companies
Corrected an error occuring while updating services configured to be copied to other companies.

Suppliers other transactions
Posting suppliers other transactions documents using copy from buffer in a previous period document having a required field in lines, period and year fields were not correctly inserted.

Purchase orders per Item
Corrected an error in date selection of Purchase orders per Item report.

Inventory checks in client-server configuration
Fixed composition documents inventory check procedure so that it displays warning messages in clients.

Customer wire transfer form
An error occured in customer wire transfer documents using custom forms with links.

The description of the contracts was not properly posted using copy from buffer.

Approvals in trading parties having name with more than 64 characters caused error "String or binary data would be truncated" when trading parties were posted.

Crystal reports
Crystal reports were not properly working.

Salesperson in customers
An error occured when updating salespersons in customers having the configuration to be copied to other companies.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10910

Features added / modified

Messages in Credit Controls
An analysis of the rules that weren't verified during a Credit Control has been added in the message that shows up right after the Credit Control. If the document is saved as 'Non Approved', the same message will be saved on the 'Comments' of the document.

Commercial Category in Branches of Trading Parties
The field 'Commercial Category' has been added in the Branches of Trading Parties.

Trading Parties Name length
The size of the field 'Name' of the trading parties has been increased to 128 characters.

Accounting link with expiry date of cheque
Included a resolver for period of expiry date of cheques in accounting links. In case that no corresponding Fiscal Year has been created, the period field will remain empty.

Updating Markup via 'Update Sales Prices'
The ability of updating an Item's markup via the related job 'Update Sales Prices' by saving a Purchase document has been enabled.

Route in Sales - Inventory Statistics reports
The field 'Route' has been added as an available dimension for Sales and Inventory Statistic Reports.

Ability of linking one contact with multiple branches o a Trading Party
Added the ability to link one contact with multiple branches of Trading Parties.

Payment Terms- Different settlement for items and Credit/Debit categories
Included the option to indicate different settlements for Items, Services, Credit/Debit Categories and Fixed Assets in payment terms.

Line Columns of documents
The Column 'Received on' (the date on which the Lot was received) has been added in the Line Columns of Purchases-Sales-Inventory documents.

Comment on Inventory Documents (Composition)
When a composition document that contains a comment is saved, the comment will appear on the transaction of the set.

Items Purchase History
Reorganized Items Purchase and Sales History.

Lot Consumption suggestion
The parameter 'Additional Sorting' has been added on the Sales and Stock Management parameters, on the 'Lots' block. The additional sorting is performed after the 'Consumption Date' sorting, and can be done [Based on recording order] or [Based on Code].

Fixed Assets Accounting Categories
IAS depreciation data are included in Fixed Assets accounting categories.

Closing Scenarios
Included the ability to copy General Ledger/Cost Accounting closing scenarios among companies.

Resolver added in General Ledger
In designing a General Ledger link, a new resolver has been added [FTR37 - Document No.] for use of comment fields.

Line Columns of Composition Documents
The field 'Balance' of the item has been added in the design of composition documents' columns.

Accounting form values
The accounting form code length has been extended.

User authentication
New methods for User Identification have been added (Windows authentication, Active directory).
The available choices for the User’s field ‘Identification Method’ are:

1.Soft1: Identification Method with the username and password that have been registered to the Soft1 user (default Identification method)

2.Windows authentication: Identification based on Windows credentials. This method requires the Windows Username to be the same as the Soft1 Username. The Soft1 user’s Password, is the same as each Windows user’s password.

3.Active Directory: Identification based on Active Directory User. This method requires that the Active Directory Username is the same as the Soft1 Username. The user’s login to Soft1, is performed based on their Active Directory credentials, without need of typing a Soft1 password, as long as the same user has logged in Active Directory (by logging in Windows). If a Soft1 user tries to login to Soft1 on a terminal where another user is logged in to Active Directory, then the Soft1 user needs to type a password (their Active Directory password). Also, the URI of the Active Directory must be filled in the parameters menu>Access Rights-Approvals>Parameters, in the field ‘Active Directory’ (e.g. WinNT://name of your active directory domain).

Fixed Assets Financial Data - IAS
A tab including depreciations according to IAS has been added in Fixed Assets Financial Data.

The field Discount 3 has been added in the static fields of the item, in the line zoom of the Purchase Prices per Supplier.

Analytical Sales Report per VAT Category
New VAT Categories Have been added in the 'Sales Report per VAT Category' and 'Sales Report per VAT Category - Analytical'.

Function in Trading Parties
Functions that return the Code of the first or the last Unpaid Document have been added to the Trading Parties.

Wire transfers in Payment Plans
The job has been added in Financial Management.

Differentiation of Cheque-Letters of Credit-Promissory notes and matching them with Cash Accounts
Cheques are now separated in categories (Cheque, Letter of Credit, Promissory note), that are matched with cash accounts (via the Registers in the parameters of a Company).

Service Transactions statement
The field 'Customer Name’ has been added in Service Transactions statement, through Related Jobs

Correlating Commercial and Accounting categories
The ability of correlating an Accounting Category with a Commercial Category has been enabled, so that once the User chooses an Item’s Commercial Category, the Item’s Accounting Category can be filled automatically.

Country of Origin in Stock Items
The field ‘Country of origin’ has been added to the General Data tab of a Stock Item.

Item packages
The field 'Gross Weight' has been added in Stock Items data, on the tab .

Automatic creation of a customer's branch
The parameter 'Automatic branch creation' has been added in the parameters of Trading Parties.

Reference Code
The field 'Reference Code' has been added in the static data of the Trading Parties.

Markup value from Purchase document to Sales document
Introduced the ability of adding the '% markup' value to the purchase prices in order to form the sales prices while creating a sales document (from the right-click menu of Purchases browser).

Cash flow for Group of Companies
The ability of demonstrating the balance of 'Cash Accounts', 'Balances Aging' and 'Cheques' for Groups of Companies is added in the .

User-defined fields of customers and suppliers
The User-defined fields of Customers and Suppliers are now available for use in Pricing Policies, Discount Credit Notes and Budgets.

Sales Statistics Dashboard
Included item Accounting Category as filter in the 'Sales Year Overview' Dashboard.

Document change history
Change history has been enabled for documents in Sales, Purchases, Collections, Payments, Remittances, Other Transactions, Warehouse Documents, Retail and Accounting Entries.

Detailed settlement lines in payment terms
'Cash type' and 'Days expired' fields have been added in detailed settlements lines in payment terms.

Unpaid field in purchase documents
In Browser Design for purchase documents, the green field "Unpaid" has been included.

Comparative Overview
Manufacturer and Item Season have been included in filters and fields of the dashboards "Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis" and "Purchases Comparison Overview".

Warehouse Set suggestion
Included a new parameter "Strictly Warehouse Set" in Stock Management, which suggests the Warehouse of the set.

General Ledger e-mail
The e-mail has been added in the tax identity of General Ledger Accounts.

Price lists with different currency
Different currency price lists are now available, using a new condition ('109 Document Currency') in Pricing Policies Rules.

Physical Inventory Documents (Zero Quantity)
The field 'Manufacturer' has been included as filter in 'Physical Inventory Documents (Zero Quantity)' (found in Stock Management/Opening balances-Physical inventory)

Suggested W/H and Bins in Data per Company
The grid [Expenses/Suggested W/H] (that contains the suggested Wharehouses and Storage Bins) has been added in the tab in the Stock Items file.

Branches of Trading Parties
The automated entry of the Companies of the Group in the branches of Trading Parties is now functioning properly, as long as the flags 'Update all' and 'Transfer Data of Parent Company to all' (found in Trading Parties’ Parameters) are checked.

Office 365 - Url image
Url images can be now added using OneDrive.

Order Planning
The following fields have been added as extra filters in the job Order Planning: Brand, Group, Model.

Cheques division in Customer's Financial Data
In the Financial Data of Trading Parties, the cheques have been divided into Cheques of their Own, and Cheques of Third Parties.

Remarks in Other Transactions
In Other Transactions documents a line data hyperlink has been included.

Composition Quantity Configuration
The parameter "Quantity Configuration" has been added in the Type of Sales documents. In case of selecting [Based on Balance], while Saving the sales document, if the set has a positive balance, the program will produce a composition document using the difference between the balance and the quantity of the set in the Sales Document.

Credit Controls in Groups of Companies
Introduced Credit Control capability for Group of Companies.

Companies' Data
Employees, Resources and Projects have been included in Group of Companies data.

Entity on Fixed Assets Reports
The field 'Entity Code' has been added as a filter in the 'Fixed Assets Status-Analytical' and 'Fixed Assets Status-Summary' reports.

Items Statistic Per Variation
The ability of adding items without Variations in the 'Items Statistic Per Variation' print has been enabled.

'Revoke Pending Status of Line
The job 'Revoke Pending Status of Line' has been added on the right-click menu of the lines of a Retail Sails document.

Origin field when converting documents to production orders
The 'Origin' field of Production Orders is now updated when originating from Commercial Management documents through the job of converting documents to production orders.

Financial Data in Retail Sales documents
The choice of 'Financial Data' has been added on the menu that appears by right clicking on the line of Retail Sales document.

Pricing Policies
The parameter 'Initializing prices/discounts for Items in Pricing Policies' has been added in the Sales Parameters. If its value is 'Yes' and a price or discount (that come from a former pricing policy) are already applied on the lines of the document, before the new pricing policy applies, the price and discount fields will be initialized.

'Factory Code' in Statistic Reports
The field 'Factory Code' has been added as a filter in Purchase and Sales Statistic Reports.

Sales Overview-Comparative Analysis
The Field Salespersons has been added as a filter in the 'Sales Overview-Comparative Analysis' dashboard.

Fiscal Year as a filter in the 'Sales Year Overview'
The mandatory field 'Fiscal Year' has been added as a filter in 'Sales Year Overview' and 'Fiscal Year Purchases Overview' reports.

Fixed Assets
A new column showing the 'Acquisition Value' of a fixed asset has been added in 'Fixed Assets Status-Analytical' and 'Fixed Assets Status-Summary' reports.

Bug fixing

Sales opprotunities
When we try to modify a sales opportunity we receive the attached error message. THe browser and the view are the default ones.

E Invoice Agent
The program now receives properly the Company settings that concern the use of e-invoice agent during the issue of an e - invoice .