Thursday, September 20, 2012

Version 312.509.10360

Features added / modified

Merging of document expenses and expenses (Credits / Debits)
Merging of document expenses and expenses (Credits / Debits).

Form printouts - Pdf file creation with password.
Added the fields and in table TEMPLATES.
Added the field Password in table PRSN

Data flow scenario with filters
If in a data flow scenario,
there are selected entries that will not be accepted by a filter, an error message is displayed and no interruption of the job will be made with the error.

Offline synchronization time interval
Added the ability to change the interval between two Offline synchronizations. At the [OFFLINE] section of the xco file the command "SYNCINTERVAL=x" must be added, where x is the interval in hours. For the interval to work in minutes the command must be "SYNCINTERVAL=15m". If the synchronization is not to be executed the command "SYNCINTERNAL=0" must be added.

Improvement in prinouts execution time
Improvement in printouts execution time
Trading Parties
-Cards with analysis of cheques
-Cards in transaction currency
-Trial balance
-Detail trial balance
-Branch trial balance
-Inventory Items Cards
-Stock ledger
-Trial balance
-Official Inventory book
-Monthly inventory statement
-Monthly inventory statement per W/h
-Monthly import statement
-Monthly import statement per W/H
-Opening balance book
-Opening balance book per W/h
-Detail trial balance
-Detail trial balance per W/h
-Stock ledger (I.A.S.)
-Current balances
-Balance per W/h
-Trial balance
-Revenues-Expenses account Cards.

Improvement of Gift list status printout
Added the value of the line in retail documents so the balance leverage
will be available in the Gift list.

Contracts in sales statistics
Added in sales statistics a link for the Contract of the document.

Printout execution speed
Improved the execution speed of Sales report >Sales per item printout.

Improvement of Gift list status printout with added filters
Improvement of Gift list status printout with the addition of series and document types of retail documents as filters.
Also imprinting of retail documents in two segments (bands). Documents with a retail customer that is the holder of the Gift list and a second one with third party documents (with subsets).

Improvement of execution speed of Stock Ledger printout.
Improvement of execution speed of Stock Ledger printout.

VAT in sales of vouchers.
In case of sales of vouchers (voucher sale as a coupon) the VAT of the document line is updated from the inventory item.

Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts
Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts: Cards, Subsidiary ledger, General ledger.

Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts
Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts: Cards, Subsidiary ledger, General ledger.

Filter in Cash Flow and transfer to working day.
When the expiration date of a cheque is in the weekend then it is displayed the next Monday in Cashflow.
Added portfolio as a filter.

Outprocess in Offline mode.
For the application to be able to start directly in offline mode a parameter was added "FORCEOFFLINE=1" at the section [APPLICATION] of the xco file. Alternatively the command "/FORCEOFFLINE:1" can be added at the target of the shortcut.

Bug fixing

Recalculate customers' loyalty points
During the Recalculation of customers' points, the job did not update the points or doubled the points.

Routing in documents.
If Routing was selected by right click in documents browser, the email of the trading party would appear in destination address with a result that the routing could not be calculated.

Item balance per attribute
In indirect call of per company from the document lines, an error message would appear "Ole error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near ‘=’".

Deletion of Retail documents.
In deletion of Retail documents an error message would appear "Operation Failed"

Gift list status
When two gift lists had the same opening date and from the gift list, in client/server mode, the button Gift list status was selected, all gift lists appeared at the prinout and not only the selected one.

Gift List
In client/server environment if gift list status was selected from the button of the gift list View an error message would appear "In exec report. Dataset base is active point 13".

Collection filters in gift list status.
In gift list status the filters that concerned the collection were ignored (Series and Types of collection documents).

Wrong title in purchase documents in
In the module International transactions at a purchase document the title "value in customer's currency" would appear instead of "suppliers"

Wrong values when is used
If after posting a Retail document with credit card set in payment method and copy from last was selected, the value in field would be doubled.

Fixed assets purchase with 0% VAT
In Fixed assets document posting from purchases, when a supplier had "is exempted" in VAT field, an error message would appear.

Points to inactive bonus card
In retail documents, if a bonus card was selected, which was inactive a message would appear but the application would allow the selection of the card with result the points to be calculated normally.

Calculation of Loyalty points.
Loyalty points would be calculated normally in items that were not included in Pricing policy data if in the first line of the document existed an item that is included in Pricing policy data.

Commercial category in Stock ledger printout.
The item commercial category did not work correctly as a filter in the printout .

Series Rights
If a change was made at the parameters of a series, the user rights set on the series were lost.

field SOBOOLEAN3 cannot be modifed
In Item financial data>Period data>Inventory In-Out an error message would appear "field SOBOOLEAN3 can not be modifed"

Customer Balance Aging
At Customers Balance Aging the period analysis did not appear correctly.

Balance brought fwd in customer card
In case that Balance brought fwd was not selected in Customer transactions View the debit-credit values would not appear.

Item financial data
A long delay would appear if Item financial data was selected.

Green fields in Views.
If green fields (example SoFNetTurnover) were selected in a views of Customers, Suppliers, Items and then the view was selected, error messages would appear.

Error messages in javascript.
In case of a spelling error in a javascript view, the new window would not open on top of all windows but behind the first window so it was not available to be read.

Wrong activation with client s/n.
In retail documents the search customer option did not appear based on serial number.

Local fields
In <Analysis of customers per item>, if a new local field was created as 'Operation Line balance' and 'Calculation formula' no value would appear.

Sales Orders in Retail documents
During the posting of a Retail document in which two sales orders have been selected from the related jobs, an error message would appear incorrect syntax near ";"

Credit controls
In a credit control with accounting balance and outstanding Delivery Notes, if the customer did not have any outstanding Delivery Notes an error message would appear "could not convert variant of type null into type (double)"

CusAvgBalDays in customer card.
If in customer cards a local field was created using the function CusAvgBalDays the result would appear only for the first customer.

Popup form in grid.
In case of a new form in a View, if an area was placed at the form with two fields and the form was set as popup form in a grid of the View then the fields will dissapear from the grid and the fields of the form will disappear from the parameters.

Op. Balance in multicompany card printout of cash accounts.
In multicompany card printout of cash accounts would appear only the Op. Balance of the first company and not of all the selected companies.

Error during printing a Crystal report form
Error during printing a Crystal report form in Windows 7.

Lots balance
Lots analysis did not appear correctly when the offsetting of balances per warehouse gave zero balance.

Statistics Purchases per supplier
The printout 'Statistics Purchases per supplier' exhibited a dysfunction when there was a filter set in fields such as group.

Inventory Items Balance check
Under some conditions, a wrong balance stock check was made per warehouse

Allocation models in general ledger.
Allocation models in parameters of general ledger did not work correctly.

Empty numeric fields in Pivot analysis
If at a browser a numeric field was selected from a table linked with the main table would appear blank in pivot analysis.

Multiple addon dll in an .xco file
When multiple addon dll files were defined in an xco file (for example ADDON=Sem.dll;DigiDS700EBR.dll), an error message would appear upon login.

Financial data of trading parties.
In financial data of trading parties, in period data, in the totals of debit or credit fields the value of op. balance was included.
In many fiscal periods, the value of op. balance was multiplied respectively in the totals fields. The totals fields are removed.

Tabs in order planning.
In "Order planning" the names of tabs appeared incorrectly. Number "1" was displayed on both tabs.

Sales per customer
In "sales per customer" printout if a grouping filter of items was used, an error message "Incorrect syntax near the keyword Group" would appear during the execution of the printout.

Purchases per supplier
In "Purchases per supplier" if a filter of the inventory items was selected an error would appear: "ole error incorrect syntax near the keyword group".

Error on unpaid documents
In sales documents by selecting, by right click of the unpaid documents at customer hyperlink an 'access violation' message would appear.

ExcelImport in Import Script.
There was an issue with inserting data to a database, when entering data from excel using the function ExcelImport in an Import Script, when the characters ' and : were in the data.

Months sorting in Cash accounts
There was no proper sorting of months in the financial data section of Cash accounts.

Copy of item attributes to other companies.
If copy to other companies has been selected with update type "Insert and modify" and the item attributes was "per item", then if the item was modified in the first company the attributes would be deleted at the other companies.