Thursday, March 26, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11314

Features added / modified

Other Transactions Browser/ Intrastat fields
At Other Transactions Browser/ List design, the fields regarding the Intrastat/ Vies statements are now available.

Factoring/ Discount amount (disbursement)
You can now perform "Discount amount (disbursement)" by right-clicking on a Document, which is not fully disbursed.

Non-approved Docs/ Conversion
Conversion of a non-approved Document into a Document of another module can no longer be performed. For example, a Sales Doc cannot be converted into Purchases Doc if it is not approved.

Conversions History/ Fields on grid
At Conversions History related job, the fields
''Inserted by'', ''Last update by" and "Approved by" are now properly saved on data grid columns.

Conversion job/ New flag
The "Maintain Shipping Purpose" flag is now available at Docs Conversion job.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production job-New field
At "Create Productions Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes"(PRDDOCPRDN) job, the "Date" field of the Docs creation has been added.

Bug fixing

Designed Browser/ Column width
At Series 5 UI, error fixed at a designed Browser/ List, in case of setting a column width smaller than 8 characters.

ABC Parameters/ New Allocation Type
At ABC Parameters, in Allocation Type, the "Per dimension w/o cumulative recalculation" option is now available. This option saves the ABC values as recorded by the user.

Coverage of pending/ Delivery Note
Error fixed upon applying Coverage of pending on Item lines of a Delivery Note. It occurred when the Delivery Note has resulted from 2 different orders (including different Series & Items) and no Coverage of pending applied for the second Item with the respective Order Series.

Customers' Trial Balance-Analytical report
Error fixed at Customers' "Trial Balance - Analytical" report. It occurred in some cases, when having selected "Customers have no transactions in Period" filter and displayed customers with zero balance.

List of Expenses Screen Form/ "Approved" field
The "Approved"(ACTLINES.AINT03) field is now properly displayed upon "List of Expenses" Screen Form design.

Production Docs/ Alternative BOM
Error "selector not found spcrpd=-1000" fixed. It occurred at Azure installations, upon selecting "Import as alternative BOM" at a Production Document.

Browser filters/ Esc key
The user can now run a Browser/ List and then use the Esc key to return to filters screen.

Series Params/ Print non-approved Docs
Any Document characterized "TO BΕ APPROVED'' can no longer be printed if at Series Parameters, the "Prohibition" option has been selected at "Print non-approved Doc" flag.

Sales Doc into Purchase Doc/ UoM 2 qty
Upon transferring a Sales Doc into Purchase Doc, the quantities of UoM 2 are now properly transferred too.

Recalculation of prices/ Changing Series
Recalculation of prices is now properly performed after changing the Series of a Document before saving it.

Sales per Item related job/ New fields on grid
"Technical Code", "BarCode" & "Factory Code" fields are now available at grid displayed in Customers' "Sales per Item" Related job.

Transfer job/ Soft1 Templates
Upon selecting Soft1 Templates when transferring a Sales Document into a Purchases Document, the lines' sorting is now properly performed.

Doc modification/ first Fiscal Year
"softone range error name" has been fixed. It occurred upon creating or modifying a Document at company's first Fiscal Year.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11312

Features added / modified

ABC Analysis/ "Per Dimension"Alloc. type
Error fixed at ABC Analysis when at parameters the Allocation type has been set to "Per dimension" option.

Employees/ .xxf file
At Employees .xxf file the information/ data from Special Leaves tab and Attached Files/ Notes are also exported.

Retail Pro/ Touch keyboard
At Retail Pro, the use of the touch keyboard is now available for Item lines.

Payroll elements/ Copy values
Copying the values of employees' payroll elements to other companies (of the same database) is now available. The job is performed by right-clicking on Payroll Elements Browser.

Bug fixing

Printout Forms/ Crystal Report
The Printout Form type "Crystal Report" is now properly printed in MS Word & MS Excel.

S1 Import/ Commands red highlighting
At S1 Import, under the S1Script bar, the commands "div" & "mod" are now highlighted in red color.

Accounting entries (=) symbol - Series 5 UI
In Accounting Entries, upon searching an account by using the (=) symbol at the selector, the sorting is now properly working.

Printout Form (Advanced/ Highlighted fields
Error fixed upon print preview of a Printout Form (Advanced) having a numeric field highlighted.

Sales Doc/ custom screen form (2008 UI)
"System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 511D2A46 in module dbrtl250.bpl. Read of address 00000040 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred at a Sales Document custom screen form when using javascript code to open the Customer entry at a new window.

Brief Accounting Report/ VAT value
The VAT value is now properly displayed at the "Brief Accounting Report" for credit/debits characterized as "VAT only" type.

Fast Report/ Default values at filters
"System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 5015D40E in module rtl250.bpl. Write of address 02F8F384 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon designing the Label (Fast Report), having default values at filters.

New job/ "File OS directory" type
At Series 5 UI, creating a new job at menu, having "File OS directory" type, is now working properly.

Questionnaires/ Question type
At Questionnaires(CRMQSTNNAIRE), when selecting "Multiple choice" at Questions(CRMQSTN) type, then at Customers Replies(CRMCUSNAIRE), there is one more than answers to select at "User Reply" field.

Open Designed Report/ Modifications
Upon designing an Open Designed Report, in case a modification has been made at local fields, if you click "Accept" the changes are now properly saved.

Meetings Browser/ Contract field
"System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 0710D00F in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 0000000C Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred at a designed Meetings Browser/ List when setting the Contract column to be Editable.

Pivot Analysis/ "Custom" function
When using Pivot Analysis at a Browser/ List the "Custom" function has been added through which you are allowed to change functions at local fields.

MS Excel Import/ Advanced Javascript editor
Error upon MS Excel import has been fixed. It occurred when having Advanced Javascript Editor.

CRM Actions/ Next step
At CRM General Actions, when selecting "Next Step", in case the user who created an action is inactive, the field is now updated with the Login user.

Sales Documents/ Fixed Assets Entity
At Sales Documents, the selector of Fixed Asset Entity is now working properly even if the FA entity had no previous transactions recorded.

Converted Docs/ Coverage of pending
"Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near ')'" has been fixed. It occurred at a converted Doc. when adding/ removing Items and then applying Coverage of pending.

Leave Balances/ Decimals
The decimals are now properly displayed at "Leave Balances" & "Book of leave days" reports. It is required to have previously setup decimals....

Retail Pro/ "Cash & Credit Card" payment method
Error has been fixed when "cash & credit card" option has been selected as a payment method.

Retail Pro/ Unpaid amount
At Retail Pro, in case of a manual edit of cash value or paying by credit card, the unpaid amount is now properly refreshed/updated.

Azure Installation/ Credit control
At Azure Installation, the customer's credit control, which performed check of previous fiscal year's turnover, is now properly applied.

BU field/ Payment method
The BUSUNITS field at FINPAYTERMS table was not properly updated when Documents had no payment mehod selected.

Actions for Administrator Approval/ Browser design
Error ''is not a valid integer value" has been fixed. It occurred upon designing a Browser/ List at "Actions for Administrator Approval" (ViewProcInstAct) job.

Payroll/ 6th day of weekly employment
Error fixed regarding the characterization of 6th day of weekly employment. it is now properly characterised as [6th work day]

Accounting Budgeting/ Results
An Accounting Budgeting with comparison period "previous year" now displays proper results. It is required that both "Update initial data" & "Update actual data" related jobs are performed.

Designed Stock Items Browser/ Intrastat field
Message "system error ... in module xextui.dll" has been fixed. It occurred at a designed Stock Items Browser/ List, having an editable Intrastat field.

Crystal Reports/ File of Fees report
The Crystal Report forms, for "File of Fees" report, have been updated in order to retrieve data only from business activity.

Group of Companies Schema/ Customer Aging Balances
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at "Customer Aging Balances" report, the salesperson is now properly displayed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11311

Features added / modified

Payroll parameters/ Employees - Period Financial data
The user is now allowed to add specific fields at Payroll financial data screen form. The user can select the fields at Employee general parameters, Payroll elements section and more specifically at Employees - Period Financial data field.

Employee/ Leave description
Upon posting a new leave at Employee profile card, the description of the Leave is now available.

Contracts/ Line Discounts
Applying Discounts on Doc. lines has now been added when selecting the Contracts through Sales Doc. Related job.

Receivable/Payable Cheques at Customer Financial data
At Financial data Related job (Trading Parties & Cash Accounts), the payable cheques (Outstanding cheques link) are now displayed with the (-) sign.

Pricing Policies Rules Data/ inactive records
At Pricing Policies Scenarios, the "Select inactive" option has now been added. This option allows the inactive records of entities (e.g. Items, Customers) to participate in the Pricing Policies Rules Data.

Conversions History/ New fields
At ''Conversions History'' related job, the following fields are now available: ''Inserted by'', ''Last update by" and "Approved by" by right-clicking on data grid.

BU/ Customers Unpaid Documents & Aging Balances
You are now allowed to lock/ block the filter " Settlement Business Unit" at the following Reports: "Unpaid Documents" , "Aging Balances" & "Statements per Business Unit" per Customer Business Unit.
Get Rates/ Romanian Localization
Upon selecting "Get Rates", in case there is no exchange rate for the current date, a message to maintain the current date is displayed (Romanian Localization)

Composition Documents/ Item SN
At Composition Documents, the Item SN(SNCODE2) field can now be added as a column.

Bug fixing

Access Rights Report
Under certain circumstances, error message "Invalid value for field 'Code" displayed upon running the "Access Rights Report (UsersRightsRep)". Error has been fixed.

Browser/ "not like" filter
Message "error ) expected but NOT found" fixed. It occurred upon applying "not like" filter on a Browser/ List.

Prices per Variation (Color - Size) at foreign currency 
At Items with different price per Color/ Size (e.g. Wholesale price), the price is now properly calculated based on the Doc. exchange rate currency.

CRM General Actions/ Start date
At CRM General Actions, the "Start date(SOACTION.FROMDATE)" field is now properly updated.

At Series 5 UI, the XCMD command is now properly performing AUTOLOCATE.

Employees List/ Add filter
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name FISCPRD" displayed in Employees List has been fixed. It occurred upon adding a field from "Employee details (PRSBALSHEET)".

Sales/ Purchases Docs - Input functionality
The "Input" functionality was not properly performed at Sales/ Purchases Docs. It occurred when there was only one Item line.

Reminders/ Related action
At Series 5 UI, the Related action link is now properly displayed provided that the Reminder has been created from C.R.M. Calls.

Printout Forms/ Label (Fast Report)
At a Printout Form, whose type is set to Label (Fast Report) and a filter has been selected at MasterData, the printing is now performed properly.

Item Balances per Lot/ "Expires on" column
At "Item Balances per Lot" report, the "Expires on" column is now displaying results.

Sales Documents/ FOCUSFIELD function
At Series 5 UI, the FOCUSFIELD function, at Sales Docs (custom Screen Form), now focuses on the preferable field.

New Employee entry/ xxf file
Error "Posting new entry not allowed. Field Company already exists" fixed. You can now import a new Employee by using an xxf file and selecting Modifications option.

Project Tasks/ Copy from buffer
At Projects, upon "copy from buffer" process, the Project Tasks are now copied properly.

Group of Companies schema/ Inactive Customer-Supplier
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company specifically, the inactive Customer/ Supplier is no longer available at Collection Documents.

Color Matrix/ Default Selector
At Series 5 UI, using a specific Browser/ List, as a default selector,with Color Matrix activated, is now properly working. 

Prices per Variation (Color - Size)
Upon using New Template tool, the Item's price on lines in now properly updated, provided that there were variation prices per Color/ Size.

Printout Forms/ Label (Fast Report)-CUSTFINDOC
Error "access violation" upon using printout form (Fast Report) for printing a business doc has been fixed.

Item Agreement Price/ Decimal point
At Series 5 UI, the Agreement Price at Purchase prices per Supplier tab, now accepts a decimal point.

Fixed Assets Status (Alt. Depr.) – Summary report
In case the following fields "Profit(POSITIVEVALUE/ Loss(NEGATIVEVALUE)" are included in the the "Fixed Assets Status (Alt. Depr.) – Summary" report, they are now properly updated.

SetProperty/ Custom field name
At Series 5 UI, at a designed screen form, changing the caption at a custom field through SetProperty is now properly working.

Group of Companies schema/ Bank-assigned Cheques
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, the Cash Account of bank-assigned cheques is now properly updated.

Automatic Branch creation parameter
Error "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated" at database with unicode fields has been fixed. It occurred upon creating a new trading party having previously activated the "Automatic Branch creation" parameter.

Purchase Docs - Fixed Assets / Pricing policies parameter
Error "Access violation at address 79CAF12D in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000" has been fixed. It occurred upon posting Purchases Document of fixed asset, from Purchases Module, having previously activated the "Pricing policies" parameter at Doc Type.

Copy Company job
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'dbname'" upon "Copy Company" job has been fixed.

Sales Statistics/ Company field
Error "IN predicate list may not be empty" has been fixed. It occurred at a Group of Companies schema/ model, upon designing a List at "Sales Statistics"(VSALSTATS) and adding the "Company" field as column and filter.

Production Doc print
Error "Procedure "SPCANAL" not Found" has been fixed. It occured upon printing a Production Doc from Production Order Folders.

Exports Costing folder/ Total Invoices Value
The total Invoices Value of Docs included at Exports Costing folders is now properly displayed/ updated.

W/H and Storage Bin on Doc lines
At Stock Management parameters, at Properties tab specifically, the "Default W/H" parameter has been added including two options:
1. "Based on Item data" and
2. "Based on Item/Document data".
If the parameter is set to "Based on Item data" option, Locate to the MTRDEFWHS table, branch and Module will be performed and then the W/H and the Storage bin (data) will be filled in Doc line. (same process previously conducted).
If the parameter is set to "Based on Item/Document data" option, Locate to the MTRDEFWHS table, Branch, Module and W/H on Doc line will be performed and if there is a storage bin, then the storage bin (data) will fill in the Doc line.

Customers Financial Transactions (L.C)/ Screen Form
When the related job "Financial Transactions (L.C)" is added at a designed Screen Form of Trading Parties, the proper results are now displayed.

Exchange rate/ Get rates (Romanian Localization)
Error "System error - access violation;" has been fixed. It occurred upon selecting "Get Rates", in case there was no exchange rate for the specific date. (Romanian Localization).

Services Folders/ Conversion status
Under certain circumstances, upon modifying/ editing a Services folder, the specific folder appeared as partially converted.

"Update Accounting Entries" job
Upon running "Update Accounting Entries" job, the execution stages and results are properly displayed.

Azure Installations/ Transmission of Statements (Bank of Greece)-Greek Localization
At Azure Installations, the calculation can now be properly performed at "Transmission of Statements (Bank of Greece)" (refers to Greek localization)

E3 Statement
The totals of 560 & 561 codes of E3 Statement are now properly updated after manual modifications/ changes.

Composition Docs/ Serial Numbers
At a Composition Document, the available Serial Numbers are now properly displayed for Items in Doc. lines.

Supplier Payments Plan
At "Payments Plan"(SupDebPayments) job, the Supplier's payment Doc. Series are now properly displayed upon selecting the "Series (suppliers)" link.

Local fields - Designed Browser/ List
Error "Access violation at address 05E82B3F in module 'SOExtBase.bpl'. Read of address 000000EB" has been fixed. It occurred upon exporting/ printing the local fields of a designed Browser/ List.

CRM Calendars/ Remarks
The length of Remarks section, at Hint, has been increased.

Stock Balance per W/H - Vertical Analysis
The following Stock Balance reports:
1. "Stock Balance per W/H (vert. analysis)"(MAT_CURREMAIN_WH)
2. "Lot Balance per W/H (vert. analysis)"(LOT_AVAIL_WH) now display the proper results in case there are Item transactions in the beginning inventory.

"Exchange rate" field/ Calculations
At Series 5 UI, you can now perform calculation at Exchange rate field (e.g. =10*0.24).