Thursday, October 6, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11520

Features added / modified

Name(NAMETRD)/ More characters
The 'Name'(NAMETRD) field, in ASSDEPR table, has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Purchase Order Plan/ Sales of Previous years/months
In 'Purchase Order Plan'(DRESTPUR) job (Purchases), a selection of previous years/months is now available. Moreover, the following filters have been added:
* Status,
* Payment terms,
* Shipping method

H.R./ Non-approved leaves
Non-approved leaves are no longer displayed.

Debit/Credit Statistics Browser/ New field
At Debit/Credit Statistics(VLINSTATS) the 'Account' field is now available.

Ιmage rotation
Ιmage rotation is now available (rotation 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°.)

Sales Doc Transfer/ Net Mass - Gross Mass
Upon transferring a Sales doc to a Purchases one, the values of Net Mass(NETMASS) & Gross Mass(GROSSMASS) are now properly transferred.

Company overview/ New filter
The 'Participating in Balance cost' filter is now available in 'Company overview'(COMPANYVIEW).

Data per Company/ New fields
At 'Data per Company' the 'Comm. category' & 'Group' fields are now available

Outstanding Orders/ Comment
The 'Comment' field is now available at Customers' 'Outstanding Orders' related job.

C.R.M. Report/ Start-End
At C.R.M. Report (ACT_STM) the Start / End date are now available.

Purchase Doc/ Costing folder
Fixed the issue: 'Ole Error:80004005.Subquery returned more than 1 value....' It occurred when a document has been linked to 2 costing folders.

Supplier transactions (G/L)
The 'Supplier transactions (G/L)' related job is now available for Suppliers.

Leaves/ Batch modifciation of status
When running the 'Batch modifciation of status' for Leaves, and the 'Completed' option is selected, the 'Approval' field takes 'Yes' value.

Conversion/ Maintain delivery data
The 'Maintain delivery data' field is now available in Conversion job.

Documents processing/ Maintain delivery data
The 'Maintain delivery data' field is now available in 'Documents processing' related job.

Consumption Requirements from Orders - Analytical/ New fields
At, 'Consumption Requirements from Orders - Analytical'(LMTRRESTPRAY), the 'Code, From - 'Code, To' fields are now available.

Users/ Core operations
At Core operations, the following are now available:
* Browsers - no right to add/remove columns
* Screens - grid (no right to add/remove columns)

Evaluations/ Growth plan
The 'Growth plan' is now been available (Evaluations/Assessor/Type).

Costing folders/ Attached fiels
At Costing folders, the Attached files are now available via Related jobs.

Production Printout Forms
At Production Printout Forms, the Co-Products and By-Products, Raw materials lines are now available.

Bug fixing

Transfer among W/h - New flag
The 'Check stock balance based on type' flag is now been available in 'Transfer among W/h' related job.
By activating it, a stock balance check is performed based on the 'Behavior' of the Doc type of document to be created. If otherwise, the job is performed as it has done so far.

Production/ SN Export
At Stock Mgmt parameters when the 'Export SN' parameter has been set to 'Select only', it is now working properly.

Costing folders/ Total value
The value of invoices included in a Costing Folder is now properly updated following a modification to a linked document.

Purchases Docs/ Fixed assets
When changing the VAT value in a Fixed asset purchase doc, the new price is now properly saved.

Doc conversion/ Last update by
'Last update by' field is now properly updated upon a Doc conversion, in case the conversion is made by a different user of the 'Created by' user.

Lots Trial Balance
'Lots Trial Balance' report [LOT_BAL] is now displaying proper results, when the 'Dates' filter is filled in.

Transfer among W/h/ Item variation analysis
Upon running the 'Transfer among W/h' job the item variation analysis is now proerly transferred.

Production Order Folders/ FULLYTRANSF field
The status of the 'FULLYTRANSF' field of a fully converted Order Folder to Production Doc, no longer changes to 'NO' when a change occurs to the header.

Service folders/ Service & Item sets
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Service & Item sets at Service folders.

B.A.M/ Send message
When ending a message from B.A.M the user can now attach more than one file.

Projects Timeline/ Total value
Total value is now properly displayed at Project Timeline data.

Create Other Trans. Docs (Payroll Expenses)/ Comment
Upon running the 'Create Other Trans. Docs (Payroll Expenses)' (PayLineDoc) job, the 'Comment' is now transferred to debit/credit lines of Creditor Other Trans.

Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis/ Screens - select
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 0A4F4FB1 in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 00000000' issue. It occurred at Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis report [DSBSALESFISCPRD] for users who did not have the 'Screens - select (right ro select Soft1 screens)' selected.

Alerts/ Message error
Alerts are now properly working.

Date Limits/ Last update by
At Date Limits, the 'Last update by' is now properly working.

Soft1 Scheduler/ B.A.M scenarios
Running B.A.M scenarios via Soft1 Scheduler is now properly working.

Depreciation Docs/ Date, To
The 'Date, To' field is now properly updated in the depreciation doc lines, following the sale and depreciation calculation of fixed assets.

The 'WebView2Loader.dll' file is now properly updated upon upgrading/updating client files to server.

Update - Cancel Update of Accounting Entries
'Cancel Update of Accounting Entries(TempCancelGL)' job is now working properly in Commercial Mgmt Documents.

Series 6 /Crystal Report
When creating a new Crystal Report, and selecting an .rpt file, the .rpt parameters are now properly updated at Local Fields.