Monday, December 16, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10474(i)

Features added / modified

Fields in lines of Retail Documents
For the Retail documents which related to Advance Payments are updated the fields NUM01, ΝUM02, NUM03, NUM04, BOOL01, BOOL02, DATE01, DATE02, UFTBL01, UFTBL02 from the Advance Payment.

Item attributes in Views
The attributes of Item have been triggered also through the design of the View: it is sufficient to indicate at the parameters of the View, at the tab general data the CSCOLUMNS 1

Bug fixing

Lots remain check
Due to rounding errors, under certain cases the application proposes lots with no remain balance.

Production - consumption requirements
In some cases the print production-consumption Requirements ' did not display results.

Offline in Azure
In Windows 8.1 and azure not completed the creation of local offline support.

GSM Phone
Corrections were made in connection with the GSM mobile phone for sending SMS messages.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10472(i)

Features added / modified

ForceDll command in xco file for mandatory loading of dll during the login
The parameter 'FORCENETDLL' was added in APPLICATION section of the file XCO. If the value is set to '1', Soft1 requires the mandatory loading of NET dll.

Document printout with automatin conversion
A correction was made, for the automatic printout of documents generated from posting of document with automatic conversion.

Automatic printout of payoff document
A parameter was added in sales module for the automatic printout
of the payoff document, from the posting of a document.

ProSMS provider
Incorporation of ability to use ProSMS provider for sending SMS.

Access to companies and brances
Selection in the dialogues of status bar no longer appear for companies and branches in which the user has no access.

Bug fixing

Create cash register codes
At "Create cash register codes" job the values of fields "created by" and "Value" did not appear correctly

Image in view
By adding an image field in a view from design an error message would appear "list index out of bounds".

Editable fields at email browsers
At email browsers with editable field "utbl04", if a change was made to the value of that field, this would cause an incorrect change to the content of the email.

Access Violation: browser with Graphs
An access violation message would appear in Browsers with grouping, in which graphs was selected to be shown.

Forecast date
The caption "Forecast Date" did not appear in Import folders on the corresponding field.

Button input and item quantity
The button Input on the selector for mass selection of items from document lines did not appear in the correct position.

Credit notes for Vat exempted customer.
During the creation of credit notes, if the customer was exempted from VAT a message would appear "Module:SALDOC.Vatprovision cannot be modified" at the results.

Cash flow Qlikview
During the update job, the data were not updated, despite the creation of the file.

Cash flow
An error message would appear on printout Cash flow "the job file creation is already running". You must delete the existing Cash Flow file and then re-run the job "Create cash flow"

Email templates
If an email was opened through marketing campaigns the templates could not have selected.

Costing levels
The calculation of Costing levels takes into consideration the inactive items when the option "Participation of inactive Bills of Materials" is selected.

IMAP4 and email import
The import for IMAP4 email, when the email had codepage UTF-8 did not work properly.

Email from sales documents
Greek characters did not appear correctly on emails created from sales documents.

Copy to other companies for Customers/Suppliers
During the "copy to other companies" of customers/suppliers an error message would appear "Connection file could not be found".

Sql filter and checked list box
Improved the behavior of sql filters with checked list box local fields.

Factoring - Invoices payoff
In Factoring, the documents that have been partially paid did not appear in the list of unpaid documents.

Totals from grouping in Azure
In Azure, overall totals from grouping appeared with 0, in design reports.