Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11519

Features added / modified

Stock Docs Accounting links/ New resolvers
The following resolvers have now been added to Stock Docs Accounting links, at 'Debit' & 'Credit' columns:

Retail Designer/ Payment methods
In S1 Retail Designer, the 'Cash' and 'Card' payment methods have now been added to Payment Display (Miscellaneous) tab.

FIteAvailableDays/ sql command
The FIteAvailableDays function [ITEM.MTRL,LoginDate] can now be used as sql command.

Production Orders and Documents/ MTREXTRA fields
At Production Orders and Production Docs, the user can now add fields from Item's Extra Data: Materials (MTREXTRA), in Raw/ Auxiliary Materials, Co-Products and By-Products.

Maintain delivery data/ Carrier & Shipped from
Once the 'Maintain delivery data' parameter is selected, then the 'Carrier' and 'Shipped from' fields of the initial doc are maintained, even if they are not filled in. Otherwise, the fields are filled in with the Customer's values/ options.

Production/ Multiple selection of SN
Multiple selection of SN is now available to Production Docs and Production Orders.

Purchase Docs/ Last purchase price
The Purchase Doc's discounts will be of zero value, if:
- the 'Value incl. discounts and expenses' Stock Management Parameter is selected and
- the 'Uses Price' field (Doc Type) is set to 'Last purchase price'.

Stock Docs/ CODE1 & CODE 2 fields
'CODE1' & 'CODE2' Lot fields are now available at Stock Doc lines.

Retail Pro/ Gift receipt
At Retail Pro, the Item's code has now been added to Gift receipt.

Bug fixing

Physical Inventory Documents/ Consumption Docs
Fixed the issue regarding the quantity sign (+ or -) at Consumption Docs upon running the 'Physical Inventory Documents' job.

Group of companies/ FItemCDimRem function
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using the FItemCDimRem function as SQL command at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model.

Current Stock Balances/ Variation analysis
Fixed the issue related to field alignment at 'Current Stock Balances' report [MAT_CURREMAIN], once the 'Variation analysis' filter was selected.

Collection Docs/ To be approved
A Cash Doc is no longer created/saved in case the initial Doc is in 'To be approved' status. It will be saved/created upon approval.

Repeat values with Tab
Fixed the issue regarding the use of 'Repeat values with Tab' parameter at Series 6.

Companies/ Copy Items
Fixed the issue which occurred upon copying an Item to a child company, and then it was deleted.

Web accounts/ B2B Service
Fixed the Selector record not found (CUSBRANCH=0) issue. It occurred when creating a new web account having B2B set as web service and no Customer branch has been selected.

Purchase Docs/ Intrastat statistical value
Fixed the issue which occurred upon saving the Intrastat statistical value at a Purchase Doc.

Fast Report/ Saving options
Fixed the issue regarding the display of the reports' available saving options when running in Fast report.

Single click to open a menu option
Fixed the issue regarding the display of menu subfolders. It occurred once the menu was hidden and the 'Single click to open a menu option' parameter was activated.

Other transactions/ Costing folders
Fixed an issue where linking a document to a costing folder was allowed, even though the specific doc Series was not set in costing folder Type setup.

Group of Companies Schema/ New contacts
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating new contacts at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, once the 'Transfer data of Parent company to all' parameter was activated.

Leaves/ Batch modification of status
The 'Batch modification of status' related Job is now available at Leaves(SOPRSNLEAVE). The available options are the following:
- To be activated.
- In progress.
- Completed
- Cancelled

Doc lines/ SN
Fixed the issue which related to SN consisting of many characters on doc lines. It occurred under certain circumstances.

Grouped Browsers/ Double click
Fixed the issue related to grouped Browsers/Lists (double grouping), when double clicking was applied to a specific field in the Browser.

Employee's Payroll financial data
Fixed the issue which occurred at Employees Browser when Employee's Payroll financial data was multi-displayed (through right click).

Keyboard shortcuts/ Customer Branch
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using a search button (through Keyboard shortcuts), once applied to the Customer Branch field.

Retail Pro/ Bonus Card
Fixed the issue which occurred at Retail Pro regarding the Customer's Bonus Card, once the Customer was located using his phone no.

SMS/ Username
Fixed the '1.306985ΧΧΧΧΧΧ, error: Invalid auth credentials.' issue. It occurred upon sending an SMS, in case the user had a blank character in the username.

Conversion/ Maintain delivery data
The 'Country of delivery' set at the initial document can now be maintained by activating the 'Maintain delivery data' parameter, even if the respective field is empty. If the parameter is not activated, then the new doc will have the Customer's country as 'Country of delivery'.

Series of Exceeding Working Hours
The 'Series of Exceeding Working Hours' field (Employees Parameters) is now displayed as well at the Employees Calendar.

Crystal reports/ New model report
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 0040E0A1 in module 'S1Crystal.exe'. Read of address 00000004.' issue. It occurred upon selecting a New model report (Crystal Report) and accepting the 'Automatic use of Crystal reports default filters'.

Customer Statements/ Withholdings
At Customers Statements report [CUST_STM], the 'Withholdings' column is now properly updated once the 'Withholdings' flag is selected and
the Expense Type of charge is set to Deduction.

Production Docs/ Raw material values
The Raw material values at Production Docs are now properly updated after running the costing process.

Re-issue by canceling with reversal/ Collection Doc
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using the 'Re-issue by canceling with reversal' job, having 'Prohibition' option set at Check TRN. The Collection Doc is now properly saved.

Budgeting/ Update initial data
The 'Update initial data' (Budgeting) Related Job is now properly working.

Saved templates/ Check VAT
Fixed an issue with a saved template, in which when selecting it, the Check VAT warning messages was displayed.

Recording of events/ Delete period data
At 'Recording of events' (SOAUDITACC) when you select simple recording to delete employee data, a record with the total number of employees is now created.

Sales Doc/ Sorting
At Sales Docs, when searching at the selector the sorting is now properly working.