Thursday, November 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10187

Features added / modified

Nominal value and VAT of Services
A new resolver has been added that is used for the nominal value of services.

Intrastat/Duty entry in the accounting links of Special transactions
The accounting link of special transactions now includes "Intrastat/Duty" entries.

Bug fixing

Statistics Agency No_BGBULSTAT
The english translation of the message that appears when wrong code is entered at field CUSTOMER.BGBULSTAT has been corrected.

Document processing (items with attributes)
When a document including items with different prices per attribute (color-size) was processed with line packing, the price in the new document was not correctly calculated. This bug has been fixed, however, the different prices of the original lines will be replaced by the price average. There are two options available in order to maintain the different prices of item attributes: 1. Use document conversion instead of processing 2.Use document processing without line packing.

Pricing policies (applied in lines)
When an item line of type [Gift] was deleted, the recalculation of pricing policy with combined scaling did not function properly.

Rounding values in accounting entries for Import export cost
A question has been added to the job "Calculate cost prices" that helps preventing rounding differences.

Supplier remmittances
Under certain circumstances (exchange rate, transaction and expense value combinations), the value in TRDR currency in supplier remmitances was not correctly calculated.

Means of transport
The job type in official menu was not correct.

Document convertion
Under certain conditions (two total discounts, successive appliance and modification of the document totals) there were differences in total values when a document was converted.

Wrong discounts in documents
Under certain conditions (two total discounts, successive appliance and modification of the document totals), the discounts in totals of documents were not correctly calculated.

Business unit as dimension in budgets
The business unit used as dimension in budgets was not filtered by the login company.