Monday, November 14, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11522

Bug fixing

Intra-company documents
Fixed the issue 'Item not found' In WMS LITE. Intra-company documents can now be properly created/saved.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11521

Features added / modified

Stock Reports / Stock Ledger per W/h
The 'Stock Ledger per W/h'(MAT_BOOK_WH) is now available in Stock Reports.

Update sales prices / Substitute smaller values
At Purchase Doc Types, the 'Substitute smaller values ' flag is now available when selecting 'On Line' & 'On Line (question)' options at 'Update sales prices' field.

Employees/ Cost Centers
If in the employee's profile card a cost center is selected, which is already active (without the To date filled in) in another line, the following message is displayed: 'There is a period of time in which the cost center is active: ...' and the entry is not saved/ created.

Service Folders Design / General Actions
At Service Folders Design >Define Modules, the 'General Actions' option is now available at 'Expand by' field.

Recording of events / Batch Modification of Period Data
Τhe 'Recording of events' job (SOAUDITACC) now display changes that have been made in the 'Batch Modification of Period Data'(MASSPRDVALCHANGE) job.

Wire transfers
The message Attention! The document is cancelled' is displayed when sending & paying a wire transfer to a bank,regarding a cancelled wire transfer document.

Eurobank Cyprus / SEPA (ISO 20022) payroll file
At 'Create SEPA file' job, in Banks, Eurobank Cyprus was added to the bank file with the appropriate notation based on the pain.001.001.09 template.
Also in HR & Payroll > Payroll - Period jobs > Payroll Auxiliary tasks, a new task has been added 'SEPA (ISO 20022) payroll file'.

Print form (Questions incl.)
At 'Print form (Questions incl.)' job, the 'Grouping' field is now available including the following values:
*Per period and employee
*Per employee and period
It mainly differentiates the display in a summary printout. It is required the file uploaded in 'File' field to have the extension .pdf.

Group of Companies Schema / Purchases-Sales History
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the 'Companies' filter is now available for At Items & Services 'Purchases/Sales History' jobs.

Group of Companies Schema / Items VAT
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, in case a ompany has a different country & VAT, the proposed VAT rate in the country included in the company's details, should be filled in, in order to propose the respective rate in Data per company.

Printout Forms / New field
At Internal (Fast Report) & Label (Fast Report), the 'Technical code' is now available in the VSETGPR table.

Aging Balances & Unpaid Documents reports / New Series & Types
At Trading Parties 'Aging Balances' & 'Unpaid Documents' reports the 'Customer - Supplier reconciliation' is now available in Doc Series & Types.

Objects Log File / Service tickets
At 'Objects Log File' (TRACEDEF) Service tickets are now available.

Bonus card points / Scaling in doc total value
The Bonus card points are now properly calculated when setting 'Scaling in doc total value' in Scaling field.

Production Documents / History changes'
'History changes' related job is now available in Production Documents.

Production Orders / Default W/h
The default W/h is now availabl at Production Orders Doc Series.

Printout Forms / Company
The Company (COMPANY) field is now available for all Companies in Printout Forms.

Service Folders / Disc. 2(%)
The 'Disc. 2(%)' (DISC2PRC) field in Service Folders Screen Forms is no longer Read-only.

Employees / Check fields
The Optional and Mandatory fields set at C.R.M Parameters >Employees - Contacts > Employees Parameters, are properly working when creating an employee entry which is not included in existing Employees.

Doc Processing - Conversion / W/h
In 'Doc Processing' and 'Conversion' jobs, having set 'No' at 'Set Branch, W/h (based on Series)' flag, the W/h of the initial Doc is filled in both in header and lines of the converted Document.

Sales opportunities / End Date - Closing Date
At 'Sales opportunities' in case the 'Status' is updated from 'Completed' to another value, the fields 'End Date' and 'Closing Date' will have NULL value.

Payments Plan / New filters
At 'Payments Plan' (SupDebPayments) job, the following fielsd are now available:
*Comm. category (suppliers)
*Group (suppliers)

Hyperlink / $WEBPAGE editor
The Hyperlink is now properly displayed in an alphanumeric grid field with $WEBPAGE editor.

New contract / Trading party
The Trading party to be invoiced is now updated in the new contract created from a Doc (Sales Docs >Transfer to)

Create Contracts / Payment Terms
Upon creating a new contract from Docs, (Transfer to > Create Contracts) the Payment Terms are transferred too.

Documents for Administrator approval / New options
At 'Documents for Administrator approval'(ViewProcInst), the following options are now available when right-clicking on entries:
*Run job

Bug fixing

Order planning / Previous page
When selecting 'Order planning' job (right click on a List), the 'Previous page' button is now properly displayed.

Setting /noparams to the target of the shortcut, params.cfg is now ignored and the .XCOs saved in the application's directory are porperly working.

Accounts Reconciliation Scenarios/ Aggregate Exempted
At Accounts Reconciliation Scenarios, the Aggregate with 'Exempted' value is now properly working/ exempted.

Doc conversion / Duties
'Nominal Value' and 'Nominal VAT' is now properly transferred upon a Doc conversion or Doc processing, in case of Items having Duties.

Organization chart - Graphical display
By default, the Organization chart now displays results in vertical order. Activate 'Graphical display' and click 'Refresh' for graphical display.

Organizational units / Job positions
In Job Positions, 'General Data > Periodic Data' tab, the grid does not allow a new line entry for an existing Organizational Unit that does not have 'Date, To' filled.
In this case, a message is displayed: 'TThere is a period of time in which the same organizational unit is active.'

S1 Retail Designer / New flag
At S1 Retail Designer, at Miscellaneous tab, the 'Clear values on cancellation' flag is now available.

Memory table / Recent entries
For the fields in which a memory table has been set as editor, the number of 'recent' entries/selections (right-click on the arrow) has been reactivated.

Working hours / Duration
The time (duration) is now correctly calculated in case Working hours/schedue, fall/s on a change of day.

Browsers / Time
The 'Time' information is now properly saved when a date field is used as a Browser filter having $DT as editor.

Contracts - Factoring Invoices
Ιnvoices to be discounted (Factoring) are now available for 'Contract transactions' and 'Commercial & Financial Transactions' related jobs.

Update Employee Leave
Provided that there is a link/connection between the Type of leave and the payroll element, upon running the 'Update Employee Leave' job, the Leaves are correctly transferred to the employee card.

Accounting Entry/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue: 'ACNHEADER: Dataset not in edit or insert mode.' It occurred when using 'Copy from buffer' at an Accounting entry having Cost Accounting setup.

Soft1 Visual Flow / Custom table
At a Visual Flow Step, fields of a custom table existed in the corresponding Screen Form are now properly displayed.

Companies & Synchronization / Copy mode
No new item was created in a company after an update, having selected in the Item parameters 'Insert -Update' (Copy to other Companies > Copy mode)

Purchase/ Sales History
Fixed the issue which occurred -for Items monitored in Lots- upon selecting 'Purchase/ Sales History' related jobs.

Purchase/ Sales History
The information about Document Type/ Warehouse and Branch is now properly displayed at 'Purchase/ Sales History' related jobs.

Items Journals & Service Journals reports/ Extra fields
At 'Items Journals' (MAT_JRNL) & 'Service Journals' (SRV_JRNL) reports, data included in Trading parties' table extra fields are now properly displayed.

Sales Docs / Type hyperlink
Fixed the issue: 'System error!
Please send the error report to Softone.
Access violation at address 7C236BC2 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000
Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred at Sales Docs. The 'Type' hyperlink is now properly working.

Grid lines / ctrl +home , ctrl + end
At Series 6, the 'ctrl+home' , 'ctrl+end' functionality is now available to go to the first and last line in a grid.

Sales credit notes
Fixed the issue: 'ORA-00942 : TABLE OR VIEW DOES NOT EXIST'. It occurred at an Oracle database upon creating/saving Sales credit notes.

Cloded folder / Modify Docs
In case the 'Modify while participating in cloded folder' flag is activated (Purchases Parameters), the Doc can no longer be modified.

Locked Transactions - Trading Parties
table is now agian available at Jobs menu > Commercial management > Trading parties.

Cancel update of Accounting Entries
Fixed the issue: 'cnUpdCancel1: 'The source of line' field does not exist'. It occurred upon running the 'Cancel update of Accounting Entries' job in case both G/L entries and C/A entries were simultaneously updated.

Docs approval (User / Admin)
In case a document was approved either from a Browser/List or through the Related Jobs, the status of the document in Documents for Administrator approval(ViewProcInst) & Documents for User approval(UserProcs) was 'Pending'.

Composition Docs / Lots
Fixed an error that occurred when creating a Composition Doc from a Purchase document, in case an item monitored in lots was filled in and the new lot code included letters & numbers.

Bonus Cards Statement
The 'Bonus Cards Statement'(BONUS_POINT_ANAL) did not display correct results if more than one company was selected in the company filters.

Send bulk SMS messages
Send bulk SMS messages -right click on Customer list- is now properly working.

Payroll Report per Period / Fast Report
At 'Payroll Report per Period'(EMPL_PAY_REP_4) the Fast Report option is now properly working.

S1 Designer / Custom field name
Lowercase characters are now supported when creating a new custom field in S1 Designer.

CustomDialog/ Right click option
Right click is now available on a custom dialog object at S1 Designer.