Monday, May 27, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11220

Features added / modified

Use of Soft1 Templates "Transfer to Purchase/Sales documents" job
Soft1 Templates can be used either upon Sales Docs transferring to Purchase Docs and vice versa.

Contracts - "Invoicing Module" field added
At Contract Types, the field "Invoicing Module" has been added regarding the "Leasing" and "Subscription" categories. This way, you may issue Installments Doc. for the respective modules.

Company data - Added 2nd Company Representative
You are allowed to add a second person as a Company Representative with different TIN (TrNo) and role/ title, when filling in Company data.

New fields in Docs Conversion job
The following fields have been added to Docs conversion job. By filling in their values, the information will be transferred to the final document.
1. Route
2. Delivery date
3. Shipping method
4. Transport. means

SN Card-Transactions Sorting
The "SN Card" report performs sorting at transactions based on:
3.stock item.
Different item lines are displayed in case the same SN has been used in different items ( i.e. consumption-production).

Bug fixing

PRINTFORM function - XLS file
An error fixed regarding the functionality of PRINTFORM subroutine.
Note that,
1) you have to define an *.xls file in the PRINTFORM parameters.
2)"XLSX" parameter can be used instead of "Excel" thus producing an *.xls file. In this case, at Users & Right Parameters, you may activate the "Use of Spreadsheet" thus MS-Excel is not required to produce the xls file.

Intrastat Reports - FINTRASTAT error
Error "FINTRASTAT: Type mismatch for field 'NAME', expecting: String actual: WideString" fixed at "Intrastat Import/Exports" Reports in Client/Server installations.

GETHTML function/Javascript error
Error "S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000", which has been displayed when using the GETHTML function in JavaScript (Screen form design) has been fixed.

Printout Forms/ Parameter tab
At Payroll Printout Forms, the "Parameters" tab became visible.

Income Tax from Compensation
In case of an employee discharging, for which a withholding income tax is resulting, an entry of 37 earnings type is created in JL10 monthly file and includes the amount of tax in the respective column.

Create Spare Parts/Service Docs from Service Folders
Information such as Stock Item Discount remains available upon creating Service Docs for Spare Parts and/or Service Docs from Service Folders.

Merging Scenarios Export Data
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near 'WHERE'" upon running "Merging Scenarios Export Data" job has been fixed.

Filters in "Stock/Service/ Debit-Credit Statistics"
In "Stock/Service/ Debit-Credit Statistics" you may add/design filters for customer/item in case of Groups of Companies schema.

VIES - Debtor/Creditor Other Transactions
The entries in "Debtor/Creditor Other transactions" update the "Vies - intraEU arrivals Report".

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11219

Features added / modified

Factoring - Concession field
A field named "Concession" has been added to the data grid of job "Assign Invoices to a Factor".

Physical Inventory Documents (zero qty) - Multiple selection of WH
In "Physical Inventory Documents (zero qty)" job, you are allowed to select multiple warehouses so as to generate the respective documents per W/H.

Stock Balance per W.H (Vertical Analysis)
A new report named "Stock Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)" has been added to the Stock Management menu in order to show the balances in vertical layout/analysis.

Bug fixing

Excel Import - ORACLE error
Error upon "Import from excel" job at a Date column (ORACLE) has been fixed.

C/A closing scenario - acctg. entries generated
Upon running "Accounting Closing entries" job using a "C/A closing scenario" the respective acctg. entries are now generated.

Abstract error in Ms-Excel import
"Abstract error" appearing upon running the "ExcelImport" command has been fixed.

Synchronize with Office 365
An error fixed upon automatic entries import in office 365. The Series of calendars should be different from those of Tasks.

Login upon outprocess procedure
Error upon login with outprocess procedure has been fixed.

"Description 2" field as a selector
At Soft1 Document lines the "Description 2" field functions as a selector too.

User Settings-Insert on/Last updated fields
At User settings, Core operations tab, the "Insert on/Last updated" fields are activated.

Automatic data import - Payroll module
At "Automatic data import" job, the length of the field "Include employees with lay off date" is longer now so as to fit the date.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11218

Features added / modified

Payroll Calculation Sheet - PRDVAL value
You are allowed to define, at Payroll Calculation Sheet, the value which will result at PRDVAL field.

Physical Inventory Documents - Surpluses & Deficits
A new parameter added to Stock Management job that allows different Doc. Series (surpluses and deficits) to be used.

New Related job - Create/Update Acctg. Entries
A new job to Create/Update Accounting entries is available through the Related jobs of documents by right-clicking selected records on browsers/lists of the Commercial management. 

Multilingual version - Live update
Live Update procedure, for direct/instant update of installation files, is now available for Soft1 Multilingual versions.

Open-item of Unpaid documents
Running time of job "Open-item of Unpaid documents" of Trading parties has been improved. It is recommended to use ODBC driver in xco file.

Copy - Delete company job
"Copy/Delete Company" jobs have been improved so that they can run on large-scale DB.

Contracts - Sales document
The following has been implemented:
1. Upon creating a contract from a sales document, in the dialogue form the field is filled in by the document date.
2. Upon creating an XML file (right-click Contracts), special characters are converted, to generate a valid file.
3. Upon creating an XML file, the characters regarding the trading party and address are limited based on required layout.

GetPrsnsWork (Advance JavaScript)
New PRSN filter at GetPrsnsWork call (Advance JavaScript).

Bug fixing

Company jobs - query timeout
Copy/Delete jobs have been modified to avoid query timeout.

Required field upon Doc. conversion
Error fixed in Series 5 UI, while converting a document when "Number 01" field participated in doc. columns as required one.

Switching screen forms at Customer object
An error message displayed upon switching screen forms through the related jobs at Customers object, has been fixed.

Production Docs - Qty consumption based on BOM
The lines of Production Docs were not properly updated, based on the Qty1 field in Doc. header, in case the parameter "Consumption based on BOM" has been setup to "Yes (Automatic)".

Parenthesis character (Series 5 UI)
In Series 5 UI, you are allowed to perform mathematical operation using parenthesis character.

Depreciation Calculation - GAS & IAS
The batch job "Depreciation Calculation - GAS & IAS" did not include F/A documents which have been setup to "Increase value (GAS - IAS)".

Cancel FIFO open item
Error message upon running job "Cancel FIFO Open-Item Calculation" has been fixed.

New Set/Kit entry - 64 character description
Fixed an error upon creating a new Set/Kit entry, which included a longer than 64-character description.