Friday, July 29, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11517

Features added / modified

Group of Companies Schema/ Calendars
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model the 'Company' filter has now been added to Calendars.

Messages/ Is Read
Fixed an issue with messages, so that when the user access a message and clicks 'Is Read' it is not possible to click again on the same message.

XSendWebSMS/ New parameter
A 4th parameter is now available for GSM/Unicode (coding).

Memory tables/ Searching
Searching is now performed in Transport. means Country using the selector. All memory tables with no hierarchy, searching is performed for all grid columns.

Sales & Purchases parameters/ New flag
At Purchases & Sales Parameters, Other tab, the following flags has now been added.
* Recalculate when supplier changes
* Recalculate when supplier changes
When activated the document will be recalculated when the customer/supplier changes.

Group of Companies Schema/ New parameters
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model the 'Not Included' 'Update all' and 'Transfer data of Parent company to all' have now been added to the following:

HR / Organ.Unit - Approval (top level)
At HR & Payroll > HR > Setup> Organizational Units, the 'Organ.Unit - Approval (top level)' field has now been added.

Check Reconciliation Scenarios/ New symbols
New symbols have now been added to replace the commands in 'Check Reconciliation Scenarios' job.
1. !#100,101,102 = ΝΟΤ ΙΝ (100,101,102)
2. ! %30.10% = ΝΟΤ LIKE (%30.10%)
3. <>100 = Different form 100

Production Docs - Orders Type/ New parameter
The 'Similar lines (Items)' parameter has now been added to Production Orders & Production Doc Types.

Design G/L C/A Links - New resolver
At Expand sales (Design G/L C/A Links) the 'Country acctg. code' resolver has now been added.

Item transactions/ New fields
At Item transactions related job, the trading parties 'City' & 'Country' as well as 'Address' fields are now available upon Screen Form design.

Bug fixing

Relogin to Soft1/ Messages
Fixed an issue that was showing up in messages upon relogin to Soft1.

F/A Purchases & Sales Journal
At F/A Purchases journal ((PURASSET) & Sales journal(SALASSET report, total value is now properly updated.

Acctg entries
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND' upon creating accounting entries when the Recurrent entry' flag was enabled in combination with the "Clear Form after data entry" parameter.

Acctg entries/ Same recurring entries
Fixed the issue 'Selector record not found (GENTRDR=xxxx), List index out of bounds (0)'. It occurred upon creating acctg entries when similar recurring entries existed and specific accounts were used.

Series 6/ String List
At Series 6, full text is now displayed in a string list with Multiple Combobox.

Browsers/ Grouping
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, applying horizontal analysis and Grouping by Monthly analysis are now properly working in Browsers/Lists.

SMS sending
Fix an issue where SMS sending was not properly working.

Factoring & Sales
Fixed an issue in 'Discount commission / fees' and 'Factoring commission / fees' jobs. The Commission field now displays the debits/credits concerning the creditors.

Purchase prices per supplier grid/ Last purchase price
Fixed an issue so that during Stock reupdate, the 'Valid till' field (Item profile card, Trade tab) is not updated. In addition, at 'Purchase prices per supplier' grid, the 'Last purchase price' column is now displayed.

F/A - Purchase Invoice - Delivery Note
When converting a purchase order including fixed assets, in which the quantity has not been filled in, it is now possible to convert it to Purchase Invoice - Delivery Note and fill in the fixed asset entity there, as long as the process is performed on the screen and not with the "Mass" option.

Purchase Order Plan/ W/h
The W/hs are now properly saved at a templated when using the 'Purchase Order Plan'(DRESTPUR) job.

Production Documents/ Qty2
At Production Documents, the Qty 2 is now properly updated when the UoM fixed relation is set to 'Two-way the first time' and the BOM selected included Raw material with Qty1 & Qty2.

CRM/ Next Step
Fixed an issue when not all fields where transferred upon using 'Next Step' job.

Allocate on Cost Accounting
Fixed the issue when selecting 'Allocate on Cost Accounting' (Other Transactions) when the line had zero net value and the Non-deductible VAT value has only been updated.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Version 6.00.622.11516

Features added / modified

Stock Items/ Abbreviation
The 'Abbreviation' field at Stock Items User-defined fields has now been increased to accept 30 characters.

Production Orders/ Item SN
At Production Orders, the 'Item SN' field is now available at Raw/ Auxiliary Materials grid lines.

Production Orders Browsers/ MTRLINES table
At Production Orders Browsers/ Lists the user can now use the 'MTRLINES' table [PRDLINE & MPRDLINES] as already performed at Production Docs.

XSENDSMS function/ New parameter
A new parameter has now been added to XSENDSMS function.
From now on using:
* '0' parameter will send SMS messages
* '1' parameter will send Viber messages
X.EXEC('CODE:SysRequest.XSendWebSMS', '6912345678', 'Viber Message', 1);

Company/ Multilingual data management
Μultilingual data management is now available for the following:
* W/h Address
* Company Branches

Documents Processing/ Grouping
At Documents Processing related job, null value option has been added to Grouping field, in case no Grouping is required.

Production Orders & Docs/ Brand & Model fields
At Production Orders & Production Docs, the 'Brand' & 'Model' fields have now been added to 'Raw/ Auxiliary Materials' and 'Co-Products/ By-Products' grids.

Bug fixing

SN balance per W/H
The SN Balance results are now properly displayed at 'SN balance per W/H' report [SLINES_QWH].

Series 2008/ History
In Series 2008 UI, fixed the issue: 'System error!
Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 031CB849 in module 'XDll.dll'. Read of address 000000C0
Error type: EAccessViolation'.
History is now properly working.

Sales Orders/ Stock Items filters
Fixed the issue which occurred at Sales Orders(ORDER_STM) results. It occurred when certain Stock Items filters have been set.

Classic menu/ Drag & Drop
Drag & drop functionality in now properly working from Series 6 Personal menu to Classic menu.

Documents Processing/ Merge lines
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using Documents Processing related job, once filling in Outstanding Sales Orders in case 'None' was selected at 'Merge lines' field.

Production Automations/ Documents based on shortage/requirements
Fixed the issue which occurred when running the 'Documents based on shortage/requirements' job [DRESTPRD] through Production Automations.

ABC Allocation
Fixed the issue which occurred at ABC Allocation, once a new line without analysis was filled in.

Documents with Open-Items/ Redirection
Fixed the issue at Documents with Open-Items(CUST_OI_FIN) report. Redirection is now properly working once the 'Non-matched' option is selected (Selection filter).

Browser design/ Image print form
In Series 6 UI, 'Image print form' option is now be properly working upon Browser/List design.