Thursday, June 19, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10520

Features added / modified

Labelling at Action history
Added field "Labelling" at Action history of Crm Actions.

Bug fixing

Other transactions - Intrastat
In case a Debit/Credit with type "Expense" existed in Other transactions then the calculation of Intrastat value was doubled.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10519

Features added / modified

Currency Rates functionality
Added button "Get Rates" which appears only when the report Currency is EUR or RON. It is required that the international code of the currencies is completed.

SMS provider Bulker
Added the ability to send SMS via the provider BULKER.

Bug fixing

Automatic Routing with mail server
In case of Automatic Routing to email the application used the field username instead of the Outgoing-Mail Address.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10518

Features added / modified

Balance aging per Customer branch
Added a parameter at "CusAgedRemain" function for the customer balance aging to be calculated per branch.

Transfer of Cheques with balance (different of the initial value)
Add parameter "No action (rest value)" at Cheques Transactions so the current balance of Cheques is suggested. The older parameter "No action" is renamed to "No action (initial value)"

Open item and trading parties branch
At the dialogue for Open item mappings through documents, the branch of the trading parties is now suggested.

Bug fixing

Calculated fields and screen form design
In case calculated local fields were used at a custom screen form, an error message would appear at the selection of a new record.

Inactive series and Customer cards
For Users with limited rights at documents series the descriptions of inactive series did not appear at Customer cards.