Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11030

Features added / modified

Points calculation
"Points calculation" has been added in the sales documents, in order to calculate the clients' points that are going to occur.

Accounting Journals
In the User Defined Journals and the Accounting Journals, the filter "branch" has been added in order to show the balance per branch.

Sales document conversion and filing
Automatic filing in documents that have been created through the "Sales document conversion" job is now implemented.

Bonus Cards
In the "Card Rules" job under the Bonus Cards section, a parameter for the VAT value has been added in the Scaling field.

Services Folder Columns Design
The ability to add number and date fields in the Services Folders columns design has been added.

Exchange rate difference
When the company’s currency is different from the transaction currency, then the exchange rate difference also appears in the trading party’s currency. This happens when the trading party currency is the same as the company’s currency.

New UI - Columns design in services and Fixed Assets
The ability to search in services' and fixed assets' columns design has been added.

Sending emails from installations
The ability to send emails when right clicking on an installation browser has been added.

Excel Import in the new interface
In the new UI, the ability to import using excel in tables such as the manufacturer & the brand has been added.

Variation Analysis in U.O.M.2
The ability to analyze the U.O.M.2 in document lines for stock items observed in variations has been added, given that the related flag is selected.

Locked Years
In case that a year is locked, and there are not Date Limits, deleting documents is no longer allowed.

Searching in active browser
The ability to search the tabulated data that appear in browsers, such as the commercial category, has been added using the active browser in the new UI.

Variation Statement
In the "Variation Statement" report, sorting happens per code and date.

Conversions history
The field "conversion" has been added in the lines of the Conversions history.

Stock Documents
The ability to convert lines has been added in the stock documents.

Warranties - Document Deletion
During the deletion of a document, that has created a warranty, the warranty is also automatically deleted.

Set composition in series
Given that the method of a composition has been set to "With question (Yes)" in the series of a sales document, a message for the creation of the composition document appears, when there is a set in the document lines.

Pending orders
The delivery date has been added in the "pending orders" of stock items, through the related jobs.

Composition documents comments
Comments of a document are transferred (COMMENTS,COMMENTS1) to the composition document that is created.

Hint timeout in action history
The hint timeout has been increased from 2,5 sec to 5 sec in the new UI. In the old UI, hints remain while the mouse hovers over the action.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11028

Features added / modified

Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)
In the job "Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)", the filter "Participation of inactive" has been added.

Label print
In the stock items browser with alternative codes expansion, the option "Document for Labels (Lines)" has been added when right clicking on an item.

Document payment method from a Contract
Documents created by “Create Installment invoices” job, have the same payment method as Contracts.

Transfer of "Repayment" and "Interest" fields during the document conversion process
“Interest” and “Repayment” fields are transferred, during the document conversion process.

Search by in the service folders
The "search by" has been added in the spare parts' column design, of the services folders.

Financial Data debit/credit
At the trading parties' financial data, at the Comparison Data tab, the debit and credit fields now only concern the debit and credit of the year.

Composition document with bin
In case of a stock document's saving, which contains sets and creates a composition document, if the bin was filled in the stock document, it was also filled in the composition document's header.

Account 1 and Account 2 at the fixed assets documents
In the fixed assets module, the ability to add Chart of Accounts in the document lines was added.

Purchases history: Sales Quotations - Sales Orders
In the Purchases/Sales history of stock items, a checkbox for the Sales Quotations and the Sales Orders has been added.

Bug fixing

lib.include and alert
The use of Javascript with "lib.include" in alerts was fixed.

Tranfer of Guarantee field
During the conversion of a Sales Document, the field "Guarantee (Months)" was not copied.

Javascript Error
In some cases, errors appeared when there were custom modules with java script.