Friday, September 24, 2010

Version 311.499.10180

Features added / modified 

Physical stock-taking of items with no balance   
A new job has been added that nullifies the balance of items not included in physical stock-taking documents. This job creates documents (physical stock-taking) of zero balance per item (lots and attributes are taken into account) that have transaction in the selected warehouse. It should be performed before using 'Update physical stock-taking'.

Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM)
Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM) based on Date is available (Romanian localization).

Trial Balance per Group   
A filter for the movable accounts has been added to the [Trial balance per group] report. (Romanian localization)
Bug fixing

Resizing of panels in Inventory parameters
The first time the tab [Properties] was opened, the panels did not display correctly.

Field Acquisition / Addition in fixed asset lines
When a purchase document with item lines, fixed asset lines and custom column set was posted, a message appeared.

Change of date in a Supplier Remittances
When the date in a Supplier Remittances was modified the field TRDRRATE was not refreshed.

Opening balance as upper level account balance   
The check box “Opening balance as upper level account balance” did not  work properly in all Trial Balances .

Wrong INTRASTAT amounts in case of more than one company   
If there were more than one company in the database, the INTRASTAT amounts were not correctly calculated. (Bulgarian localization)

Trading partner general setup   
In general parameters, the [Open-item exchange rate gains and losses based on evaluation] no longer appeared.

Settlement dates when modifying documents
When a document was modified, the payment terms dates were calculated based on the date of the document and not the one of the payment method. In addition, when the document date was changed the dates were calculated based on the previous payment term date and not the one of the payment method.

User fields in general parameters
The numeric fields had been replaced with the date fields.

Allocation models in Cost Accounting   
If there were two different allocation models with the same code in different accounting schemas, then the allocation was not working properly.

Icons in browsers and views
The icons that indicate the default and built-in browsers and views did not display correctly.

Accounting link   
When the accounting chart format was not using any separators (just a space instead), the accounting link did not function properly.

Exchange rate differences   
A fix has been made in order to include both documents within the selected date range and documents that have beeen matched with other documents in previous dates.   

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Version 311.499.10178

Features added / modified

Difference between line value and accounting entries
When the trading partner, the account and the company had the same currency but the transaction had different currency, the accounting entry did not match the line value.
Related issue: 20100621-1155-1-770

Costing folder and last purchase price
The hyperlink in last purchase price in item financial data now displays the correct transaction.

Change in Spell function (Turkish localization)
The Spell function now returns "TL" for the Turkish lira and "KR" for the Turkish cents.

GetWhere function as CallPublished
The GetWhere function has been implemented as CallPublished and is now available in Java Scripts.

Financial data and ratios (trading partners)
 The calculation of [Average settlement days] in financial data of trading partners has been improved. In particular, the following changes have been made:
1. The calculation is based on the transaction date (TRNDATE) for invoices and final date (FINALDATE) for payments.
2. The yearly ratio is calculated up to the login date (and not up to the last date of the login fiscal year as before).

Bug fixes
Refresh of pricing policies in documents
When document lines are deleted, the agreement policies are re-calculated per line only if one of the applicable rules uses combinative scaling.
Open - Item exchange rate job 
Under certain circumstances, the job did not run and the message "Field 'trnval1' not found" appeared.

Reversing documents
When a document with manually changed VAT status was reversed, the reversing document had the default VAT status, thus resulting in discrepancies.

VAT status of trading partner branch in document conversion / processing
During document conversion/processing the VAT status of the trading partner branch was not calculated.

Company creation
If there were series with branches or warehouses in the model company, the process of company creation was not completed.

Wrong warehouse in document header
It was reproduced when converting sales documents to purchase ones.

Related documents in Calls
When [Related documents] were selected in Call browsers, an error message appeared.

Settlement dates in documents 
When the beginning date of the settlement was set to either [Last month date] or [First date of next month], the dates were not correctly calculated.