Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Version 312.507.10301

Features added / modified

Picture QuickView
Creation of a function that enables pictures of inventory items in Quick view. (the extention for the function is X.QUICKVIEW)

SoftOne user license
Has changed the way of counting the users who use the program.

Gift vouchers lines in sales browser.
Gift vouchers lines is available in sales browser.

mapi profile name
While trying sending email, when the mapi profile name was not named 'Outlook', a 'time out expired' message would appear. Changed to select the default profile name whatever.

Resolver for GL account of the project of the branch
Added the possibility to select the resolver for the following: The GL account of the project of the branch which poarticipates in the line of the document and also in the header

Business Unit in Customers' Detail trial balance
Addition of the filter Business Unit of the document in Customers' Detail trial balance report

Trading parties 'Branch trial balance'
In trading parties report 'Branch trial balance' added option 'Opening balance as balance'.

Bug fixing

MS-Word form with pictures of inventory items
In MS-Word form with pictures of inventory items (IMAGE:$MTRLINES.MTRL;0) an error would appear when items did not have pictures in their card.

Error message during the copy of a company that has items with attributes
In a full copy of a company, that has items with attributes, at the end of the execution an error message would appear "Ole error: 80004005. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows = , ! ... or when the subquery is used as an expression".

Azure: Error during posting of reminders in actions
During posting of reminders in actions an error message would appear "xxxx is not a valid date and time"

Incomplete corrections for sn in Physical stock taking
The Physical stock taking job did not correct some sn that appear in Inventory but where not found in Physical stock taking.

Multiple selection filter
In an Open report which incorporates a designed report multiple selection filter did not work properly.

Field "Processed documents" in Azure
In Azure, the field "Processed documents" showed the Greek characters with questionmarks (?).

Revenue-Expenses Accounting Links
Only for installations with revenues-expenses, in 'Cancel update' job, the Module filter was empty.

Cost Price calculation (Fifo)
In calculating fifo cost price for all items, upon any calculation, is changing the price in any calculation.

Processing Pricing Policies data
Under certain circumstances error messages would appear upon Processing Pricing Policies data

Interruprion of time consuming operations
Under certain circumstances a 'Connection interrupted' message would appear upon execution of time consuming operations

Improving the execution time of printouts when using a background
Improving the execution time of printouts when using a report form with background