Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11327

Features added / modified

Revenue & Expenses Document Templates/ "Copy to other companies"
At Revenue & Expenses Document Templates, the "Copy to other companies" option has now been added when right-clicking on the Browser/ List.

Projects/ "Project Statement per Stage" report
The "Project Statement per Stage" report (PRJC_STM_PRJCSTAGE) has now been added.

Doc Types/ New SN Type
For Sales & Purchases, a new SN Type "Quotation/Order" has now been added (at Docs Types), which is exempted from all SNs reports.
- For Sales, it can be transferred to "Sales/Consumption" SN type
- For Purchases, it can be transferred to "Production/Purchase"" SN type.

CreateText & OpenText functions/ New parameter
For "CreateText & OpenText" functions an extra parameter has been added, which corresponds to the codepage, in order to export and import text file using different language (that is another codepage than the one that corresponds to the locale of DB)
- For UTF-8 text files the codepage is 65001. (eg. CreateText(, 1253) for Greek, CreateText(, 65001) for UTF-8)
- For UTF-16 text files, the codepage is 1200.

Sales Years Overview/ Customer's "Prefecture" field
The Customer's "Prefecture" field has now been added to the Additional fields of the "Sales Years Overview" dashboard.

D300 tax form (Romanian Localization)
Error upon validating the .xml file, regarding the Romanian D300 tax form has been fixed. It occurred when having the "&" character. (Romanian Localization)

SRV Monitor
The SRV monitor can now support different server verions. For instance, set cmdline= c:/..../xplorer.exe /server;c:/520/..../xplorer.exe /server.
ports=1:22001;1:22002;2:32001;2:32002 at rvmpnitor.cfg file.

Bug fixing

Revenue/Expenses & Debits/Credits/ Project transactions (lines)
"Revenue/Expenses & Debits/Credits"(LINEITEM) with "VAT only" Type, now properly update the "Project transactions (lines)" values.

Docs Mass Printing/ Physical printer
If, upon running mass/ batch conversion of Documents, and having selected "One to One" at Grouping field and "Mass" at Process field, the user could not select a physical printer if no printer has been set/ defined at Doc Series.

Internal(Fast Report)/ Grouping
At an Internal(Fast Report), if grouping by Item is selected, the "Qty (AP)"(ITELINES_QTYP) field is properly summed up.

Trading Parties parameters/ Create Account
When activating "Create Account" at Trading Parties parameters, the GL accounts' code format is now properly checked.

Fixed Assets/ Deferred Taxation Report
At Deferred Taxation Report(IASBOOK) (Fixed Assets), upon fixed assets sales the undepreciated values is now properly displayed upon fixed assets sales.

Browser/ Pre-selected List
When deleting the entries of a pre-selected List, at a certain Browser/ List, the preselection is now deleted too.

Group of Companies Schema/ Batch Modification of Period Data job
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the Employees are now properly displayed at "Batch Modification of Period Data"(MASSPRDVALCHANGE) job, at a child company.

Sales per Item report/ New Template
At "Sales per Item"(STAT_MSAL) report, if having set "Period(Month)" at Analysis period filter, the value is now properly saved at a new Template.

CRM Parameters/ Custom Screen Forms
In CRM parameters, at User Settings area, custom Screen Forms that have been designed for Employees' list of expenses, are now properly dislayed.

Fixed Assets/ Depreciations
The calculation of accounting depreciations (GAS) in performed as follows: Acquisition date minus (-) the salvage value.

Sales - Purchase Document/ Series field (cursor)
Under certain cisrcumstances, upon creating a new Sales/ Purchase Document, the cursor is now properly set on the "Series" field. The cursor used to appear on the "Date" field.

UI Softone 2008/ Documents processing
At UI Softone 2008, upon selecting "Documents processing" (right-click on List), the fields "Sort by" & "Process" are now properly displayed.

Offline mode/ Application server connection
"Socket error" messages upon logging in offline mode, have been fixed. It occurred under certain circumtances, when the connection with the application server was interrupted.

Series 5 UI/ Custom Screen Form
In Series 5 UI, at a custom Screen form, when setting the parameter ''CUSTOMBUFEXCLUDE'' in a custom table, the table values are now properly saved.

Browser Print Grouped/ MS-Excel file
Printing the results of a Browser/ List at a Grouped Level is now properly performed in case of MS- Excel file.

S1 Retail Designer/ Screen Form Design
Error "Access violation" in S1 Retail Designer upon designing a new Screen From, has been fixed.

Export Browser to excel/ "Expand by"
Error "Access violation at address 591AF4C4 in module 'SOExtCtrls.bpl'.Read of address 000008." has been fixed. It occurred upon exporting the Browser to excel having previously selected "Expand by" at Browser design.

SN Journal report/ Results
At "SN Journal" report, when selecting the Trading Party name on the filters, the results are now properly displayed.

Transfer data of Parent company to all/ Excluded values
Error has been fixed at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. It occurred upon creating a new Item, provided that at Stock Mgmt parameters, excluded values have been set for transferring data of Parent company to all.

Production Costing Levels job
The "Production Costing Levels"job (PRODITEMLEVELP) is now properly working when using version 2008 UI.

Group of Companies Schema/ Transportation means
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, when running the "Intrastat imports" and "Intrastat exports" reports, as a child company of Bulgarian standards, the "Transportation means" is now properly displayed.

Payroll/ Recalculation (Preparation)
At an Oracle DB installation, the 'Recalculaton (Preparation)' related job is now properly working.

S1 Retail Pro/ Customer Collections
Error "access violation" that appeared on Soft1 Retail Pro, has been fixed. It occurred on Customer collections browser, in case it included the Salesperson filter.

Payroll/ Employees file
Error "Attention! Please select period" has been fixed. It occurred upon opening Employees file.

QlikView file certification
Error "Could not load SSL library" has been fixed. It occurred upon QlikView file certification.

Unpaid Documents report/ Outstanding cheques
At Trading Parties' "Unpaid Documents" report, the Outstanding cheques are now properly displayed.

Sales & Purchase Discount credit notes/ Shipping purpose
Sales and Purchase Discount credit notes, that result from the "Create discount credit notes" job, now include the "Shipping purpose" that is set on the Type.

Report to SoftOne
Error "Unable to send error message" has been fixed. It occurred upon clicking "Send error report" on any Soft1 error message.

CRM Group Calendar/ Color matrix
Error "Access violation in SoExtctrls.bpl" has been fixed. It occurred upon scrolling down on the Group Calendar, in case the color matrix specified on the CRM parameters included values that were set to "bold".

Internal (Fast Report)
The Internal (Fast Report) is now properly working.

Conversion of Production Notes into Production Docs/ Cost Elements
Upon converting a Production Note into Production Document the cost elements are now properly transferred based on BOM.

Series 5 UI/ Journal Entries
Error "Could not convert variant of type (Array Variant) into type (OleStr)" has been fixed. It occurred at Series 5 UI, upon deleting a Journal Entry.