Thursday, April 16, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11316

Features added / modified

Totals\ Active Browser
Totals are now properly displayed when smart search in Soft1 Lists using Active Browser functionality is applied.

Conversion process\ Suggested Doc Series
During Doc conversion process, are suggested only the Doc Series to which the specific document can be converted. That is, those declared at Doc Series setup, Conversion Data tab.

Office 365 and Google apps sync
Google/Office365 Calendars and Tasks can now be synchronized without Soft1 constantly asking for the connection details.

Accounting Updates\ Document Types filter
Document Types filter has been added at the following Accounting Updates jobs.
*Update Accounting Entries
*Update Revenue/Expenses Entries (GR Localization)
*Cancel Update of Revenue/Expenses Entries (GR Localization)

Fee code\ Business activity
When selecting a fee code for a trading party, only the SOPRSNNTYPE = 1 values, which refer to the business activity, are now displayed on the selector.

Leave Days\ Six-day work
Saturday is now taken into account when Leave Days are Calculated. Note that:
* Working hours should be mentioned at Work days setup.
* Soft1 only checks the Working hours and not whether a)the employee is salaried / day labourer and b) the value of 2027 payroll element.

Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary
Results are now properly displayed at 'Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary (CON_BOOK_GR)' report when the Entity filter is filled in.

Soft1 Retail Pro\ Autologin
Autologin is now available for Soft1 Retail Pro.
For cloud installations, Auto login is activated by adding the [LOGIN] section as well as GO=1 command at Params.cfg file
For on-premise installations, Auto login is activated by adding the [LOGIN] section at .XCO file.

Modify period data\ Next Year Dates
When dates are entered, which include next year's dates, a warning message appears stating that the next payroll year has not been opened.

Trading Party\ Employee profile card
The drop down list for Trading Party field, found at Employee profile card (tab:Business Info), shows entries based on what has been selected at 'Tr.Party Entity' parameter found at Employees Parameters.

Social security contributions\ New function
The following function have been implemented for social security contributions.
EISF_TYPE';' ( Type of social security,Type of contribution) (type: 1=employee.,2=employer)

Group of Companies schema/ model- Update data
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, , the following can now be excluded when data synchronization among companies applies.
For Stock Items : Business category, Group, Business Unit
For Trading parties : Prof. category, Business category, Business Unit
For Credits\ Debits : Business category, Business Unit
For Services : Business category, Group, Business Unit
Additionally, Employee/ Project/ Contact parameters

Seminars & Seminar Cycles\ .xxf files
Seminars & Seminar Cycles can now be exported in .xxf file format.

Suspension of employment contract
The following has been implemented at Employees file > Employment details tab.
* Field "Cause for Leaving' has changes to 'Cause for Contract termination'.
* Contract Suspension has been added as an option.
* A new Printout form containing the Date and Suspension protocol No. has been created.
*A new job for 'Mass Contract termination' has been developed (right click of the employee file)

Accounting Links design\ New resolvers
The following resolvers for Qty, Qty1 & Qty2 are now available at Accounting Links design.
*Item line Qty (Gift)
*Item line Qty (Warranty)
*Item line Qty (Empty containers)
Item line Qty (Plastic bag)

Main supplier\ Statistics
"Main supplier" filter is now available at the following reports:
* Purchases & Sales Year Overview.
* Purchases & Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis.

Employee's absence\ New value
The [Absence] labelling was added as an option for Employee Actions (WACTLINES.WLINETYPE). All lines labelled as [Absence] are excluded from the counted Working hours (similar behavior to lines with [Break] labelling).

Payroll Acctg. Link\ Cost center
Cost center resolver is now available at Payroll Acctg. Link design.

Bug fixing

Copy Prices\ Coverage of pending quantities
Upon covering pending quantities, in document lines, by activating 'Copy Prices' parameter, the discounts of the document were not properly updated. It occurred in case there were no discounts in the original document, but there were in Stock Items card.

Copy to Other Companies\ Doc Series
When copying Doc Series to other companies, any errors in the execution stages are now displayed.

Inventory Docs\ Stock Item Price per Variation
The proper Stock Item Price per Variation is now suggested at Inventory Doc lines when 'Wholesale Price' has been selected at Doc Type setup.

Export reports to file\ Pivot Analysis
Τhe user who does not have the right to 'Export reports to file', can no longer export those designed in pivot.

Soft1 Templates\ Default values
At 'Stock Balance per W/H' report, in case of default filters setup (custom design) these are properly displayed when a Soft1 Template is used as well.

Print Doc. again\ Series setup
A Document can no longer be printed by applying right click on a Doc list. That is only in case the "Print Doc. again" parameter is set to 'Prohibition' at Doc Series setup.

Custom field\ Series 5 UI
At Series 5 UI, selecting a value is now available when the SUPPLIER editor has been defined for a custom field, (eg.CCCSUPPLLIER) at MTRLOT table.

Field title\ Local fields design
Designed browsers are now properly working in case custom local fields, that alter fields captions, are included.

Advanced report design\ Delay
Error "Out of memory" has been fixed. It occurred at "Open Designed Reports" ( Advanced-Fast Report) in case of processing of Large Volume of Data.

E-invoice configurator\ Printout Forms
For Printout Forms, when a field/line is deleted, the "Save" button is now activated.

Keyboard shortcut\ Object jobs
The possibility to set job shortcuts for object jobs is now available through System Settings.

Document Columns design\ Access Rights
When the user does not have the right to design document columns, the 'Save' button is no longer functional.

Open Designed Reports\ SELECT TOP 1
The SELECT TOP 1 command is executed when editing an Open Designed Report. Has been implemented for Advance(Fast Report) type.

Open browser\ Error fixed
Error 'OpenBrowser Update : Record 1 . VCAPTION: Dataset not in edit or insert mode ' has been fixed. It occurred when modifying documents (collections/ payments) using the open browser tool.

Quick view\ CRM Tasks
A Custom screen form (CRM Tasks), embedding a Quick view design, now functions properly when it is used at User Personal Calendar.

Job shortcuts\ Related jobs
The possibility to set job shortcuts for Soft1 related jobs is now available through System Settings.

Payments Plan (wire transfers)\ Error fixed
Payments Plan (wire transfers)\ Error fixed

Open Designed Report\ Error fixed
Error "Ambiguous column name..." has been fixed. It occurred at "Open Designed Reports" when 2 queries participated at Properties section (Advanced-Fast Report)

Delete Item\ Doc Lines
Deleting an Item w/o balance, by clicking on symbol, which is located on the grid' s footer, is now available.

Soft1 Retail Pro\ Document print
In Retail Pro, document Printout forms are now properly printed in case the printing mode in Doc. Series is set "With Question Yes/No".

'CreateObj' function\Error fixed
Error fixed when using the CREATEOBJ function at a designed screen form.

Update Stock limits\ Dates filter
Update Stock limits

Fixed asset\Entity control
When creating a purchase document for a fixed asset, in case the F\A line was completed first and then the Series and the Supplier, no entity control was performed.

F/A Purchases journal\ VAT description
VAT description in now properly displayed at F/A Purchases journal (PURASSET) report.

Working hours\ Inactive entry
When a Working hours record/entry is set as inactive, it no longer appears in the employee's  Job Calendar (right-click on employee's list)

Job Schedule\ CRM Doc Series
CRM Doc Series can now be displayed at Job Schedule. In addition, error 'Incorrect syntax near %d.' has been fixed. It occurred when the filter "Only employees with actions' had been set to 'No',

Outstanding cheques\ Balance aging
In some cases, in terms of the value of the "Outstanding cheques", the Financial data of the Trading Party did not show the proper results compared to the reports "Aging Balance" and "Cheques Aging Balance".

Group of Companies schema\ Job Schedule
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, , if the same working hours code corresponded to the parent company and the child company, then by running the "job schedule" job, both were included in the produced CRM action.

Group of Companies schema\ Job Calendar
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, working hours are properly displayed, for the login company, at Job Calendar.

Display Totals for selected cells
Error 'List index out of bound' has been fixed. It occurred when the user clicked on the symbol, which is located on a grid' s footer, to automatically display the indications of Totals, and then proceeded to the Previous or the Next record

Group of Companies schema/ Contracts
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, trading parties are properly filtered at Contracts browser.

Soft1 Shortcut\ .xco command
Error "configuration file not found" has been fixed. It occurred when /xco:name.xco command has been added at Target path (Soft1 Shortcut properties).

Companies & Synchronization\ Commercial categories
Commercial categories can now be excluded at Stock Items Parameters > Companies & Synchronization tab.

Modification of Period Data\ Error fixed
Error fixed upon executing 'Modify period data' payroll job. It occurred at Soft1 Classic edition UI.

Document for Labels
Document for Labels can now be printed in *.pdf printer/format

Document printer\ Workstation setup
Printing/ Sending a document, to the printer that has been declared at the workstation setup, failed.
It occurred under certain circumstances.

Screen Forms\ Set as Default
'Set as Default' option is now properly activated for custom Screen Forms designed at Related jobs.

Document Printer (Series - Workstation)
Instead of a document to be printed automatically, a 'Yes/ No' question is displayed. It occurred in Cloud installations when the printer has been declared at the workstation instead of the Doc Series setup and Print mode had been set to "Automatic(Yes)"

List of Expenses (SOEXPENDITURES)\ Browser fields
At a List of Expenses (SOEXPENDITURES) browser, the following fields are now available.
*Total expenses
*Total Approved expenses
*Total payments

Doc Conversion\ Fields display
Doc Header and Footer fields are now properly displayed upon document Conversion.

Multi-company button\ Reports Taskbar
Multi-company  button/ functionality, found at Reports task bar, is now available to non-Administrator users.

Open Designed Reports\ Local fields
Error has been fixed at Open Designed Reports. It occurred upon Local fields selection.

Browser Design\ Force Pivot
'Force Pivot' parameter is now properly working once is activated at the Browser /List design.

Default search browser\ ToLang function
Error has been fixed when the the Default search browser included the ToLang function.

Leave days Report\ Decimals
The rounding on days is now following the decimals printed in the 'Leave days Report'.

Resources Calendar\ Personal User Menu
Error 'incorrect syntax near...' has been fixed. It occurred when the Resources Calendar (RSRCCLDR) had been added at the Personal User Menu.

Accounting entry\ Blank Date
Error ' Invalid value for field FPRMS' has been fixed.It occurred in Accounting upon creating a new entry and the 'Default value' for 'Date' field has been deleted from the screen form design.

CRM Actions/ Next Step
Error fixed upon selecting "Next Step" at CRM Actions.

Printout Forms\ E-mail
At Series 5 UI, by selecting the flag "Same options for all" printout forms to be send by email, the pop up window for selecting the form is now displayed only once.

Correct F/A value when fully depreciated
The value of the fixed asset is now correctly calculated when it is fully depreciated (Acctg Depreciation).

Stock Item Financial Data/ Group of Companies schema
At a Group of Companies schema, quantities and values are now properly updated at 'Stock Item Financial data' related job. The problem occurred in 'Period data', in case the item had only one transaction in a period.

Excel import\ (=) filter
Filter '=' is now properly working when used in Excel import design.

Create Services folder\ Error fixed
Error upon creating a Services folder via Sales document related job. Error occurred in client\ server operating mode.

Protocol number\ End Date
The 'Protocol number End Date' field is now available at 'End of Contract Agreement' payroll related job (Right-click on browser).

Strict numbering\ Soft1 message
The message has changed to 'Attention! Violation of the "Strict Numbering" rule (Doc. Series setup).'

Electronic signature\ Soft1 Doc.
The "electronic signature" (Attached files / OneDrive), which derived from S360, is now properly displayed when a Sales document is printed via Soft1.

Advanced JavaScript Editor
You can now create a folder at Advanced JavaScript Editor.

Contract & Sales Opportunities
'Contract' button is now properly displayed at Sales Opportunities (tab:Quotations)

Soft1 Retail Pro\ Show keyboard
At Retail Pro, keyboard option functions properly in case "Show keyboard" parameter is deactivated.

String Lists\ Database Designer
When more than one String List was designed (Database designer), "Move Up" and "Move Down" did not properly work.

Batch Modification of Period Data\ Error fixed
Error [Access violation at address XXXXXX in module 'rtl250.bpl'] has been fixed. It occurred upon running Payroll job "Batch Modification of Period Data"

Decimal rounding\ Retail discount
At a Retail Doc, the "Discount %" value is now properly displayed.

Customer branches Statement\ Cancellation Docs filter
Error 'Invalid column name FINDOC' has been fixed at "Customer branches Statement (CUST_STM_BRAN)" report. It occurred when the "Cancelled by Reversal / Cancellation Doc" filter has been set to "No".

Active Browser\ MS-Excel print
At Series 5 UI, list results by using "Active browser" option are now properly printed when using Ms-Excel option.

CRM call\ Resource field
Error "Posting new entry not allowed. Field "Resource" cannot be located" has been fixed. It occurred while posting a new CRM call which included participants.

Purchase Order Plan/ Templates
Error fixed at "Purchase Order Plan" job when selecting a Soft1 Template.

Collections & Payments\ Soft1 Templates
Cheques are now properly saved when using Soft1 Templates for creating new Collection or Payment Docs.

Conversion History\ Error fixed
Error 'Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset' has been fixed. It occurred when the user was trying to convert a document via 'Conversion History' related job.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11315

Features added / modified

Services Parameters/ New fields
At Services Parameters (Companies & Synchronization tab), the following fields have been added: "Update VAT", "Update Prices". The new fields are similar to the respective fields at Stock Management Parameters.

Browser/ Column hint
At Browsers, the display time of columns' hint has been increased to 6 seconds.

Shortages - Requirements Report/ New field
At "Shortages/ Requirements Report" the "Shortages/ Requirements Analysis per W/H" filter is now available.

Sales Docs Transfer job/ New field
Upon transferring Sales Docs to Purchases Docs the field Group per: "Cumulative" or "One to One" is now available.

Conversion related job/ Doc display screen
Docs Conversion has been added as Related job while operating on a Doc Screen.

VAT Resolvers/ Other Transactions
Resolvers have been added at the Accounting links design of Other Transactions regarding the type of Debit/Credit (Normal, Expense, VAT only).

Accounting Budgeting/ IAS
Accounting Budgeting results are now taking into account the Tax balance according to IAS.

Dates filter/ Employees
In Employees profile card (PRSNIN) has been added the Date, From/To fields at "Leave \ Sickness\ Absence" tab. Same operation as in Employees (EMPLOYEE).

Item Transactions/ Lot
When designing a screen form of Item Transactions (Related Job), the lot column is now properly displayed.

Fixed Assets Status - Analytical/ Branch field
You can now add Branch field at "Fixed Assets Status - Analytical" (ANAL_BOOK) report. The filed is available at "Detail transactions" drop down option.

CRM Tasks/ Resources
At CRM Tasks, the resources are now transferred to Participants too.

Service Folders/ Cost data
At Service Folders > Spares tab, the Cost data are now available by right-clicking on grid lines.

"Documents with Open-Items" report/ Doc. Number
At "Documents with Open-Items" report the whole number of the Document is now properly displayed even if it is 15 characters longer.

Cost Center/ ABC link of Depreciation Docs
Acctg. Resolver for the Cost Center has been added in Acctg. Links (ABC analysis lines of fixed assets depreciation)

Approval procedure/ Document field
Document field (FINCODE) is properly updated when multiple documents are rejected (Approval procedure).

Bug fixing

Suppliers/ Buyer field
Error "Selector record not found (PRSNIN=115)" fixed. It occurred upon creating a Supplier when selecting the flag "Is also a customer" (Business info tab) thus not copying the SALESMAN (salesperson/buyer) field.

Transfer Purchases/Sales Expenses job/ Error fixed
Error fixed upon executing "Transfer Purchases/Sales Expenses" job. It occurred when Purchases/Sales Expenses had not been linked to specific Credit/Debit.

Soft1 Interface 2008/ Classic menu
At classic menu, in case an existing menu name is given, the following message is now displayed: "There is an object with the same name!" Please select another one".

Doc conversion/ LIFO default
Upon converting a document, in case the consumption mode has been set to "LIFO default" the lot is now properly filled in on Doc lines.

Project lines/ BEFOREDELETE
At a Projects' custom Screen Form, the javascript code is now properly working at BEFOREDELETE event.

Actions reminders/ Minimize
The Actions reminders are now properly displayed even when Soft1 screen is minimized.

Hierarchy/ New Item group
Error fixed upon creating a new Item group at Hierarchy.

Subforms/ Preview
Upon object design at database designer the the sub-forms are now properly displayed at Preview.

Browser filters/ "@" symbol
Error upon setting the "@" symbol at a Browser's filters has been fixed.

Sales Opportunities/ Interest Doc.
Upon selecting "Interest" button at a Sales Opportunities record, Interest Doc. can now be printed.

Alert/ Stock Item Description
The value of the field "Description" is no longer deleted in case an alert has been created in ‘Items’ entity (Field condition, Error display).

G Suite Sync/ Address field
To synchronize contacts' addresses from Google apps to Soft1, you need to fill in the "Label" field (Contacts' tab >Address (PRESENT.ADDRESS)), by selecting one of the following options (home,work,other).

Series 5 UI/ New column
At Series 5 UI, you can now add a new column at a List (right click option), next to the last one.

Javascript/ Report Design
At Series 5 UI, upon a report design, the javascript is now properly saved at Define Report tab.

By using SCRIPTLANGUAGE in the [OBJPARAMS] part of an Import Script you can now specify which language, is used in the script, to perform the operation/ job.
Use SCRIPTLANGUAGE = 1 for Javascript
Use SCRIPTLANGUAGE = 0 or not, for VB.

User rights/ History changes
User rights are now properly applied for "History changes" related job.

E-mail via B.A.M/ File attachment
File attachment is now properly performed upon sending an e-mail via B.A.M.

Series 5 UI/ System date
At Series 5 UI, error fixed upon giving manually a wrong date at an Accounting Entry. The login system's date is now filled in when using the Esc key.

Accounting Entry/ Copy from buffer
At Series 5 UI, upon creating an Acc Entry using copy from buffer, the cursor is now placed at Series field.

Printouts Log / Actions related job
The "Printouts log" related job is now properly displaying the printed Actions. The user can drill through using double click.

Redirection to active jobs/ "&" character
Error fixed, which redirected to related jobs, upon using space char in the email body. That was in case where the job has been renamed including the "&" character.

Series 5 UI/ Warning message
At Series 5 UI, upon warning message display, the user can now cancel the job via the respective button.

Production Docs/ Raw materials line
Error fixed at Production Docs upon deleting a price at an existing line of Raw materials.

Alert design
Error fixed upon alert design. It occurred under certain circumstances.

Browser at Purchases Docs/ Editable field
At a designed Browser of Purchase Docs, the user can now edit the W.H. field, in case it has been set as Editable.

Custom jobs cancellation/ Message
Error fixed upon cancelling custom jobs. It occurred under certain circumstances.

Sales Credit Notes Rules
Error "Field 'DISTRICT1' not found" fixed. It occurred upon filling in data at "Sales Credit Notes Rules" following fields:
*Customer Branch prefecture
*Item Business Unit
*Scaling in net value

ABC Analysis/ Retail module
ABC Analysis is now properly applied at Retail module.

Actg. Category/ Sales Statistics
Actg. Category field, when added in Sales Statistics(VSALSTATS), shows proper results.

Employees Management/ Modify Employee
Error has been fixed upon modifying an Employee entry (PRSNIN) by entering his days of leave.

Remotes Server/ Run commands
Error fixed upon running commands via Remote Server.

H.R & Payroll/ Banks report
"Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'PRSN'" has been fixed. It occurred in Banks Report (H.R & Payroll module) when the Payment method field has been set at filters.

Character ''& ''/ Lines comments
Upon transferring a Sales Doc into a Purchases one, the Document's lines are now properly transferred even if char "&" are included.

Automatic opening at Login/ Classic Edition
"Automatic opening at Login", of menu job/ option, is now properly working for Soft1 Classic Edition.

CRM Calendar/ Display
At CRM calendars, error fixed when setting a color matrix at a field (e.g. Labelling). The direction (In-Out) is now properly displayed when selecting "Week" as calendar's display format.

Retail Pro/ Login user
At Azure installations, upon login to Retail Pro, the last login user is now suggested by the system.

"Production Cost Variations based on BOMs" report/ Indicative Cost
The Indicative Cost is now properly displayed at "Production Cost Variations based on BOMs" report.

Browser filter/ Custom field
At Series 5 UI, a custom field of smallint type is now properly displayed as a filter at a Browser/ List.

Group of Companies schema/ Partner field
"Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound" has been fixed. It occurred at a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, upon selecting a Partner at a designed Purchases screen form.

Serial Numbers printing
"System error!Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 06472BBB in module 'SOExtBase.bpl'. Read of address 000000EBError type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon printing Serial Numbers from Purchases module, through the respective SN grid found in Item lines.

Active Browser/ Searching
At Series 5 UI, searching by using "Active browser" option has been significantly improved in case of having a list that includes Stock Items Photo

Cash Account Transactions/ Cheques
Error fixed at Cheques Transactions. It occurred at "Cash Account Transactions (CFNBACDOC)" upon searching cheques at lines.

GL Accounts/ "Check T.R.No (GSIS)" related job (GR Localization)
Error message "selector record not found at KADTAXIS has been fixed." It occurred upon running "Check T.R.No (GSIS)" related job at Chart of Accounts list.

"Customers Aging Balances" report/ Balance average aging field
At "Customers Aging Balances" report, the results of "Balance average aging" field are now properly displayed.

Employees/ Leaves
Error upon saving employees' leaves has been fixed. It occurred when setting the Date, From/To period.

Doc conversion/ "Update Qty based on Balance" option
Error fixed upon conversion of Document with Items monitoring in Variations. It occurred when at "Only Items with Balance" filter has been selected the "Update Qty based on Balance" option.

Import Script execution/ SysRequest.ExecuteXScript function
Error "ScriptError:(Line: 1 Ofs: 0)" has been fixed. It occurred upon running Import script by using the SysRequest.ExecuteXScript function.

Browser Line Analysis/ Master-Detail
Error fixed while using a designed Browser. It occurred when,
* Lines Analysis (Expand by) has been activated in browser design and
* Master-Detail parameter has been activated in System settings.

Services in Doc Lines (CY Localization)
Selecting services in document lines is now working properly.

Approval procedure/ Status
Approval Status is properly updated when multiple documents are rejected (Approval procedure).

Accounting Entries/ Inventory Docs
The user can now see the Accounting entries linked to Inventory Docs by using the respective Related job.

Sales Docs to Purchases Docs\ Stock Item Variations
The process of transferring Sales Docs to Purchases Docs is now properly executed in case of Stock items monitoring in Variations.

Prod. Order Folder/ Conversion
Field "QTY1FCOV", found in Raw material lines, is now properly updated when Prod. Order Folder is converted to a Production Doc.