Thursday, June 13, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11222

Features added / modified

Offline local installation sync / "Enable Reminders" parameter
If the "Enable Reminders" Soft1 parameters is activated then a reminder is displayed upon local installation synchronization regarding the log file check.

Browser/List date time filter
When working in a Browser/List, and using date time filter, you are now given the option to select both date and short time (hh:nn).

Doc. conversion/Payment dates
Upon converting a document to another one, the content of the field ITELINES.INSTALMENTS (payment dates) is now transferred/copied to the new doc. as well.

E3 Income statement (Greek tax legislation)
The 485 & 481 codes in "E3 income statement", are added up by the 423 code of D9 table.

Bug fixing

Composition Doc/Copy from buffer job
Upon "Copy from buffer" job, regarding a composition doc, the W/H is now properly updated.

"Commercial & Financial Transactions" - Scroll bar behavior
When selecting "Specified dates" in "Dates" field at "Commercial & Financial Transactions" related job the Scroll bar is now properly displayed.

"E4 Table of Employees" - Corrections/Additions
In "E4 Table of Employees", when selecting Status type "E4 hire complementary" an xml file is generated including the Break hours defined at "E4 Table of Employees" job. The Detail description is also included in the PDF file. Moreover, additions/corrections have been made regarding:
1. the Group of Companies xml file
2. the employees' earnings in case of an hourly employee.
3. the calculation date of current period is the default value of the Reference date.

Series 5 UI - "Copy Grid line" function shortcut
At System Settings, the "Copy Grid line" function shortcut at "Keyboard" tab, is now properly functioning.

Items Statement report/Brought fwd
At General Stock Reports, when running the Item Statements report, the "Brought fwd" are now included in the Balance and Inventory In/Out to date column.

E4 Table of Employees (Greek tax legislation)
In E4 Table of Employees, when selecting "E4 hire complementary" at "Status type" field the "Submission data" area is now displayed.

Copy employee entry
An error upon saving a new employee when copying data from another employee has been fixed.

EDOEAP (detailed earnings statement - Α.Κ.Α) file (Greek tax legislation)
Error upon calculation of EDOEAP (detailed earnings statement - Α.Κ.Α) file, in case of an employee with reduced insurance tax, has been fixed.

Pricing policies data
In case of a large volume of data (up to 100000 lines) the speed of displaying pricing policies results has been significantly improved.

Wrong values printed/SAMSUNG SAM4S Fiscal printer
Error upon using SAMSUNG SAM4S fiscal printer has been fixed. The recorded values are now properly printed.

Discount changed when adding SN
Upon converting a document with pricing policy and items with SN, the discount of the initial document is transferred too.

Sales doc conversion/Shipping method
Upon converting a Sales doc and selecting the shipping method from the convert doc pop-up window, the displayed error "Field '' has no dataset." has been fixed.

E3 Income Statement / (Greek tax legislation)
In E3 income statement, the calculations pop-up window is now displayed when clicking the tab "Calculation".

E3 Income statement/Calculation of expenses (Greek tax legislation)
Error upon allocation of expenses in "E3 income statement" when selecting "Expenses Total" of Z2 table/section.

Error upon Soft1 login (connection with fiscal printer)
The following error "Access violation at address 08703563 in module 'SOFPrt.dll", which was displayed upon login to Soft1 when connected with fiscal printer, has been fixed.

Group of Companies / Fees file
When working at a fees file, you may now select data from all companies (parent and child) provided that you have a Group of Companies model/schema.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11221

Features added / modified

"Edit FMY file" job/ Totals added to columns
At Payroll in "Edit FMY file" job totals have been added to all columns.

ANAF Web Service-Romanian Localization
You are allowed to update the data of new and existing tr. parties by using the ANAF Web service (Romanian localization).

"Open-item (Unpaid)" job - Filter added
At "Open-Item (Unpaid)" job of tr. parties', a "Dates" filter has been added at matched docs (All entries section), suggesting as a default date the current year's.

Customer transferred from sales doc to prod. order
Upon transferring a sales doc to a production order, if you activate the field "Document per Tr. party" the customer of the sales doc is transferred to the production order.

Bug fixing

Grouping by item/customer (Series 5 UI)
Error "Duplicate field name 'X_1D6AA760" at Sales doc Browser/List upon grouping by item/customer and local fields has been fixed.

Open-item/''Dates lockup" job
"Open-item" job is now allowed even if "Dates lockup/limits" has been activated for "G/L entries".

"Calculate Gross Income from Net" job/ Payroll elements
Error upon running the payroll job "Calculate Gross Income from Net", where the list including the payroll elements did not appear in the grid, has been fixed.

Group of companies - "Job Schedule" report
In Group of companies installation, the "Job Schedule" report is now supported.

"Close cash register" job/Calculations
When setting/selecting a cash register in more than one branch, the user is allowed to perform calculations at "Close cash register" job.

Change credit card at retail doc
At an already saved Retail transaction, you are allowed to change the Credit card even though the user is different form the one made the initial transaction.

Printout Forms/"Parameters" tab
The tab "Parameters" is now displayed at "Customers", "Suppliers" & "Inventory" printout forms.

"Create SEPA file" job/ Group of companies
At Payroll module, regarding a Group of companies installation, the functionality/operation of "Create SEPA file" job has been improved.

Employee financial data /Totals added
At Payroll, in "Employee financial data" screen form, totals at values of "Periods data" tab have been added.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11220

Features added / modified

Use of Soft1 Templates "Transfer to Purchase/Sales documents" job
Soft1 Templates can be used either upon Sales Docs transferring to Purchase Docs and vice versa.

Contracts - "Invoicing Module" field added
At Contract Types, the field "Invoicing Module" has been added regarding the "Leasing" and "Subscription" categories. This way, you may issue Installments Doc. for the respective modules.

Company data - Added 2nd Company Representative
You are allowed to add a second person as a Company Representative with different TIN (TrNo) and role/ title, when filling in Company data.

New fields in Docs Conversion job
The following fields have been added to Docs conversion job. By filling in their values, the information will be transferred to the final document.
1. Route
2. Delivery date
3. Shipping method
4. Transport. means

SN Card-Transactions Sorting
The "SN Card" report performs sorting at transactions based on:
3.stock item.
Different item lines are displayed in case the same SN has been used in different items ( i.e. consumption-production).

Bug fixing

PRINTFORM function - XLS file
An error fixed regarding the functionality of PRINTFORM subroutine.
Note that,
1) you have to define an *.xls file in the PRINTFORM parameters.
2)"XLSX" parameter can be used instead of "Excel" thus producing an *.xls file. In this case, at Users & Right Parameters, you may activate the "Use of Spreadsheet" thus MS-Excel is not required to produce the xls file.

Intrastat Reports - FINTRASTAT error
Error "FINTRASTAT: Type mismatch for field 'NAME', expecting: String actual: WideString" fixed at "Intrastat Import/Exports" Reports in Client/Server installations.

GETHTML function/Javascript error
Error "S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000", which has been displayed when using the GETHTML function in JavaScript (Screen form design) has been fixed.

Printout Forms/ Parameter tab
At Payroll Printout Forms, the "Parameters" tab became visible.

Income Tax from Compensation
In case of an employee discharging, for which a withholding income tax is resulting, an entry of 37 earnings type is created in JL10 monthly file and includes the amount of tax in the respective column.

Create Spare Parts/Service Docs from Service Folders
Information such as Stock Item Discount remains available upon creating Service Docs for Spare Parts and/or Service Docs from Service Folders.

Merging Scenarios Export Data
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near 'WHERE'" upon running "Merging Scenarios Export Data" job has been fixed.

Filters in "Stock/Service/ Debit-Credit Statistics"
In "Stock/Service/ Debit-Credit Statistics" you may add/design filters for customer/item in case of Groups of Companies schema.

VIES - Debtor/Creditor Other Transactions
The entries in "Debtor/Creditor Other transactions" update the "Vies - intraEU arrivals Report".

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11219

Features added / modified

Factoring - Concession field
A field named "Concession" has been added to the data grid of job "Assign Invoices to a Factor".

Physical Inventory Documents (zero qty) - Multiple selection of WH
In "Physical Inventory Documents (zero qty)" job, you are allowed to select multiple warehouses so as to generate the respective documents per W/H.

Stock Balance per W.H (Vertical Analysis)
A new report named "Stock Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)" has been added to the Stock Management menu in order to show the balances in vertical layout/analysis.

Bug fixing

Excel Import - ORACLE error
Error upon "Import from excel" job at a Date column (ORACLE) has been fixed.

C/A closing scenario - acctg. entries generated
Upon running "Accounting Closing entries" job using a "C/A closing scenario" the respective acctg. entries are now generated.

Abstract error in Ms-Excel import
"Abstract error" appearing upon running the "ExcelImport" command has been fixed.

Synchronize with Office 365
An error fixed upon automatic entries import in office 365. The Series of calendars should be different from those of Tasks.

Login upon outprocess procedure
Error upon login with outprocess procedure has been fixed.

"Description 2" field as a selector
At Soft1 Document lines the "Description 2" field functions as a selector too.

User Settings-Insert on/Last updated fields
At User settings, Core operations tab, the "Insert on/Last updated" fields are activated.

Automatic data import - Payroll module
At "Automatic data import" job, the length of the field "Include employees with lay off date" is longer now so as to fit the date.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11218

Features added / modified

Payroll Calculation Sheet - PRDVAL value
You are allowed to define, at Payroll Calculation Sheet, the value which will result at PRDVAL field.

Physical Inventory Documents - Surpluses & Deficits
A new parameter added to Stock Management job that allows different Doc. Series (surpluses and deficits) to be used.

New Related job - Create/Update Acctg. Entries
A new job to Create/Update Accounting entries is available through the Related jobs of documents by right-clicking selected records on browsers/lists of the Commercial management. 

Multilingual version - Live update
Live Update procedure, for direct/instant update of installation files, is now available for Soft1 Multilingual versions.

Open-item of Unpaid documents
Running time of job "Open-item of Unpaid documents" of Trading parties has been improved. It is recommended to use ODBC driver in xco file.

Copy - Delete company job
"Copy/Delete Company" jobs have been improved so that they can run on large-scale DB.

Contracts - Sales document
The following has been implemented:
1. Upon creating a contract from a sales document, in the dialogue form the field is filled in by the document date.
2. Upon creating an XML file (right-click Contracts), special characters are converted, to generate a valid file.
3. Upon creating an XML file, the characters regarding the trading party and address are limited based on required layout.

GetPrsnsWork (Advance JavaScript)
New PRSN filter at GetPrsnsWork call (Advance JavaScript).

Bug fixing

Company jobs - query timeout
Copy/Delete jobs have been modified to avoid query timeout.

Required field upon Doc. conversion
Error fixed in Series 5 UI, while converting a document when "Number 01" field participated in doc. columns as required one.

Switching screen forms at Customer object
An error message displayed upon switching screen forms through the related jobs at Customers object, has been fixed.

Production Docs - Qty consumption based on BOM
The lines of Production Docs were not properly updated, based on the Qty1 field in Doc. header, in case the parameter "Consumption based on BOM" has been setup to "Yes (Automatic)".

Parenthesis character (Series 5 UI)
In Series 5 UI, you are allowed to perform mathematical operation using parenthesis character.

Depreciation Calculation - GAS & IAS
The batch job "Depreciation Calculation - GAS & IAS" did not include F/A documents which have been setup to "Increase value (GAS - IAS)".

Cancel FIFO open item
Error message upon running job "Cancel FIFO Open-Item Calculation" has been fixed.

New Set/Kit entry - 64 character description
Fixed an error upon creating a new Set/Kit entry, which included a longer than 64-character description.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11216

Features added / modified

Pricing policy module
Pricing Policies, the 'Order by', 'Send to' 'and' 'Invoiced by' ' fields were added at pricing rules.

Bank account at wire transfers
Bank account field at wire transfer lines added

New 'Warning' field at customer's branch form
New 'Warning' field at customer's branch form added

Wholesale-Retail Price in Alternative Codes
In the types of sales notes in the field '' Uses price '', 'Wholesale Alternative' & 'Retail Alternative' prices are added which take into account Wholesale / Retail Alternative Prices.

Total quantity (+/-)
Added to the design of purchase / sales invoice browsers, green field '' Total quantity (+/-).

Fixed assets / sales
In the calculation of depreciation of fixed assets, the option "Calculate only sold / destroyed" for the assets sold or destroyed in the selected period was added.

Credit note discount at purchases
The ability to create credit discount notes for purchases and special transactions was added to the related Credit Discount Credit results.

Empty container module at WH documents
Empty container module added at W/H documents.

Cash flow
On the 'Finance' tab of the traders, the checkbox '' Excludes from cash flow '' was added.

Value & net line value at purchase documents lines design
The fields '' Value (LLINEVAL) '' & '' Net line value" are now available. Value (LNETLINEVAL) '' in the column design of the purchase documents.

Numbering for S1 browsers
Ascending numbering for S1 browsers.

New indexes
Added the index '' XI_FINDOC_CNTR = CNTR '' &

Production module
It has optimized the execution of commands in the database, in the batch jobs, "Transfer to Production Documents" and "Transfer to Production Orders".

Customers at SEPA file
Customers module has enabled at SEPA file.

Address at branch form
Increased field size '' Address (CUSBRANCH.ADDRESS) '' to 100-character trading branches.

Shortcut field at commercial category
In trader's details form, the shortcut in the business and commercial category is now displayed when the search list is opened.

Field Job type has more characters
The size of the 'Profession (JOBTYPETRD) Field' in traders records was increased to 128 characters.

Send Email in utf-8
In each new email created by the application, the html page has charset of the IE default. If default are windows-1253 international characters will not be inserted with right characters ( as '?'). To be able to enter these characters, the charset should be utf-8. Added option to user parameters.

HR - Evaluations module
Module Evaluations - detail 'Performance per group of questions' new field Comments.

Shortcut field at search
During search in defined tables, the shortcut field now appears.

Revenue - expenses module at group of companies setup
In groups of companies, the revenue / expense accounts were added at the account form under the 'Data per company' tab.

Accounting entry
When saving a record at commercial management modules, if there is online accounting link at type, if we select a record from the browser, we get the question 'There is no account entry related to the document. Do you want to be created? '

Increase of characters for field
Account category name has 128 characters.

CRM - User rights
In the CRM module, no longer appears Users who do not have access to the company, at the 'Order by' & the 'Operator' fields.

Project at production orders
Projects were added to production orders.

In the VMTRSTAT view, the MTRDOC table is now linked to LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Bank account at wire transfer module
Bank account added at wire transfer documents.

New resolver for GL added
Resolver, [MTL1MAT17MACN9] - 'Cost of Sales / Adjustments in Fixed Asset Class' added.

Company at Revenue/ Expenses module
In Revenue/Expenses module, through Relative jobs, at '' Questions ''. the Company's filter was added.

Production module
When transferring a sales order to a production order, the option "Document per transaction" was added to the job dialogue.

Project transactions report with group of companies setup
New filter 'company' at project transactions report.

Fixed assets module
Fixed asset calculation from the acquisition date.

Lot module
Through the batch job "Create-Batch Selection" at Purchase / Sales invoice lines, processing can be done by adding fields related to Quantity, Code, and Expiry Date.

Warning at service folders
In a service folder, a warning message appears when selecting an item if it is stated in the item (Stock items only).

Production module - documents
In the types of production documents, Flag was added 'Change to other fiscal year'.

Timeline - Force filters
At timeline design the user can change the default filters like daterange etc.

'Substituted by' at purchase and stock documents
The 'Substituted by' parameter has been added to the Sales, Purchases, stock & Service folders General Parameters.

Stock management report 'items transaction trial balance'
At Stock management report 'items transaction trial balance' date range has added as a filter.

Technical code
In the columns design of warehouse documents, the Technical Code is now available.

New resolver at revenue/expenses for type field
Resolvers were added to the General Account link design, special transactions, related to the type of record (Normal, Exit, VAT only).

Delivery date at production order
In the process of transferring from a sales document, to production document, a production order or a production DN, with the retention of dates, the date of delivery is also transferred.

Participating in balance cost
New filter added at reports: 'Items Trial Balance', 'Stock opening balances', 'Stock opening balances per WH'
Participating in balance cost: 'All warehouses' or 'Only warehouses participating in cost calculation'. Default is: 'All warehouses'.

Service folder from Meeting (action)
Module Meeting - browser job 'transfer to folder', new grouping by contract added.

Job Fifo open item calculation
New filter added - Document Business unit.

Webport activation
For security reasons from version 500.519 and thereafter, the webport will not automatically activated when the application server is turned on. In order to activate, the application server should run with the / WEBPORT: XXXX parameter (where XXX the desired PORT) alternatively in the params.cfg file in the program file folder is added the WEBPORT command: XXXX

Service folders module - Delivery date
The delivery date of service folders generated by quantitative receipts is updated from the delivery date of document lines.

Open item form
At Open item form new filter added: Daterange of document

Production module - column design
At Column design of production documents added the fields NUM01,NUM02,NUM03,NUM04.

Service Folder module
When a Delivery note receipt automatically create a service folder, the installation field is also transferred.

Bug fixing

Stock Statistic report
When printing to Excel in the Stock Statistics, having added the '' type '' column, not all types of documents were printed.

Custom object with deader - detail tables
It was corrected to work without changing the definition of object.

Production documents
Production BOM could not be typed in the production documents.

Revenue & expenses module - browser list of accounts - export to excel
Revenue & expenses module -
When printing to Excel from a browser Accounts list with column 'book column', all columns were not printed.

Conversion at Retail module
When converting document at retail module with payment type Card, and detail grid of cards filled in the record with card remains.

Service CRM - import item with SN
At item's parameters in the Properties section of the "Serial Numbers, Guarantees" tab, the SN field must be "Yes (Mandatory)". Plus has the same functionality for the value "Yes (no check)".

Empty containers with barcode setting
When selecting an item in a document using 'barcode' setting in document Type, the cursor updated the next line, but the focus remained at the first.

Production module - import script
When executing import script that inserts production documents, warning messages were on.

Group of companies module - inactive company
Setup group of companies - it was allowed to save a document to an inactive company in the group.

Item Sets field in a document's lines
In document lines, field 'Item sets' is not editable.

S1 Script error from custfindoc
Custfindoc module - S1 script error when selecting the last record at browser.

Sales document Form design
There was an error rising in some cases at sales form design. If ORDERTRDBRANCH fields and fields from SHIPTRDRBRANCH (for example, address) were added.

Browser design - Title of browser
Browser design - Date as title of a browser from filter was not correct.

Collection & payment statistics
Collection & payment statistics report - Wire transfer return to a customer was missing.

Inherited Tables in S1 Designer
In S1 Designer, when you create a new table and add an Inherited Table there was an error message.

Loyalty module
In a retail document, the discount on an invoice with a customer and a bonus card was not correctly calculated, since the card type was discount in the total amount.

Function parameters :X.SYS.PFYDATE & :X.SYS.PLYDATE correction.

Import script dialog at series 5 UI
Import script dialog at series 5 UI with error message.

Group of companies module - Item transactions
In some cases item transactions view at customer's relative jobs, were not correct if the login company was the main and transaction was at the child company.

Customs W/H module - reports
In some cases the value at the trial balance was zero.

Expenses st cash account module
In groups of companies, in a company other than the main one, the cash expenses were not correctly calculated.

Lots module - size of field 'New lot code'
Lot code size is now 30 characters.

Production module - Production analysis report
In the "Production analysis report" did not work correctly the daterange filter.

ABC in accounting
ABC module - Update accounting based on commercial dimensions.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11141

Features added / modified

Credit control - Orders with deposit
New Expression term added at credit control design OPNORDERSPAY. The formula calculates value of open orders with deposit.

Purchase order plan job
At 'Purchase order plan' job, items with variations were not included in the calculation of 'Previews years & months' filter.

Document Conversion
At 'Coverage of pending' job the field Conversion has the value 'partially'.

Bug fixing

Error at open design report
Error fixed at open design report with Fast report tool.

Required field at lot view
Error fixed at lot view with required field Code1.

Outlook connector
Error fixed at outlook connector - archive job.

Documents history - Oracle DB
Error fixed at document history - DB Oracle.

VAT calculation - Cyprus
Error fixed at VAT statement - Cyprus.

Function XSupport.ExecS1Command
Error fixed at XSupport.ExecS1Command function.

Personal calendar
CRM module - Personal calendar - when choosing 'Day' view the login date appears instead the first date of the login week.

Payroll - links to accounting
Payroll links to accounting English version. Some of the resolvers had wrong caption.

Intrastat import report
Improved the execution time for Intrastat reports at oracle DB

System setting - Keyboard shortcuts
Error fixed at keyboard shortcuts.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11140

Features added / modified

SN card report
At 'SN card' report new data order - Date, Document.

Supplier other transactions - Check for duplicate document code
In supplier other transactions, a warning message is now raised when the same document code with the same supplier is entered.

Bug fixing

Confirm deletion in grids - system settings
System settings - With 'Confirm deletion in grids' checked. - Cash transactions module, when trying to delete lines at mass cheques selection, using Ctrl +Delete, the cheque lines were not correctly transferred in the documents.

Error at browser's custom menu
Series 5 UI - Error at right click in a browser custom menu with javascript.

Intrastat import report
The grouping at Intrastat import report was not correct.

Accounting module - Trial balance report
Accounting module - Trial balance report
The filtering of the grade when switching between default and custom report, was not right.

Customs W/H reports
In all reports of Customs W/H the total value balance were not correct in case of a lot not used in login year.

Document conversion - Sum amount
In the conversion of documents, if an item did not have a strict relationship in the UOM and the quantity was changed, the sum quantity remained the same.

Purchase order plan job
The filter brand was not working properly at 'Purchase order plan' job.

Open designed reports with fast report tool
There was an error at open designed reports when the tool was Fast report.

Group of companies - Pricing policy
In groups of companies, in every child company, at pricing policy data and the escalation table, the items selector had wrong results.

Group calendar - group of companies
In groups of companies, in a company other than the main one, only the login user appeared in the user filter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11139

Bug fixing

Purchases module - Conversion document with fixed asset
Bulgarian specifications company - during the conversion of a purchase document with fixed asset, there was an error message at the change of VAT document status.

Zip code - ENG installation
In some cases when typing a zip code in a customer's form, the fields address, district were not updated

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11138

Features added / modified

Calendars in any object
From now on a calendar can be displayed from any object. Management is performed through java script.

Intrastat reports
Intrastat reports contain fields : TRNDATE, FINCODE, ITEMCODE.

Transfer extra line fields
When transferring a purchase document into a sales document, the NUM, BOOL & DATE fields of the lines are also transferred.

Open-Item (Unpaid)
The queries of "Open-Item (Unpaid)" job, by right clicking on trading party's index or through their relative jobs, have been improved.

Total discount with empty containers
In case of empty containers, the total discount is from now on calculated based on the document's total value minus the value of the empty containers.

Service Folder
The fields of "Remarks" and user-defined fields that have been filled in in a service folder, are transferred when converted into a sales document (by right clicking in the list of Service-Spare Parts Document).

Bug fixing

Balance per company
The Company did not appear properly in the trading parties "Balances per Company", from the related jobs, in Group Of Companies.

Error in S1 designs
There was an error in opening S1 Designs.

Fast Report forms in CUSTFINDOC
Fixed error occurred when designing an advanced printout form from business documents.

User access rights / bug in switching interface
When defining user's access rights in jobs from Softone 2008 UI, in Series 5 UI the name of the group did not appear.

User access rights
There was an error in user access rights using the 'define user access rights' button from Sotf1 Toolbar.

Attached files
In some cases, the file saved in database through attached files, didn't open.

Installation Report (INSTLINES)
When designing a report from the installation module where there was the table "INSTLINES", the lines printed were not only for the selected installation, but for all.

Accounting link in group of companies
Fixed error occurred in group of companies,in a company that wasn't the main one, in case of using a resolver of the group of companies.

Filter Type/Series Stock Statistics/Debits Credits
Fixed error occurred in purchase, sales, stock, credit-debit, payments, collections and collections & payments statistics, so that the series/type can be selected, when more than one modules have been chosen.

New Templates in personal calendar
In some cases, the default templates weren't saved in a user's calendar.

In some cases, the function “CusAgedRemain”, did not return correct results.

Sales Orders Directory
Fixed error occurred when printing an index in excel, as long as there were any company data.

Access violation in sales vouchers navigation
Fixed error occurred in custom screen form of sales document, when selecting next / previous record from the index.

Contracts in group of companies
In group of companies, when creating a contract in a company that wasn’t the main one, the records of the stock management, services and assets, couldn’t be selected.

Sales Accounting Report (Oracle)
Fixed error occurred in "Sales Accounting Report",on oracle database.

Wrong bill of material when creating a production document
When creating a production document from an order, the bill of material didn't update properly in the "Create Production Document" window.

Customs W/H reports
Fixed error occurred in the reports of
- Lots Trial Balance
- Temp. Storage Trial Balance
when using the filters
"Lots not used in year",
"Lots not used in period" &
"Calculate Balance value", with customs W/H.

Document with cost price in custom w/h
Fixed error occurred in warehouse documents with temporary storage, when selecting custom lots.

Project with template
Fixed error occurred when entering a project by choosing a template.

Production Orders Report
In the reports of
- Consumption Requirements from Production Orders
- Requirements per Production
- Consumption Requirements from Production Orders (Semi-finished Analysis)
- Requirements per production order (Semi-finished Analysis)
the available quantity displayed in the analysis was wrong, when filters were completed only in the consumption data and the date didn't begin from 1/1.

Customer's Aggregates Trial Balance
Fixed error occurred in Aggregates Trial Balance report, so that records without any transactions for the selected period, do not appear.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11134

Features added / modified

Meetings in outlook office 365
When saving a meeting in Soft1 CRM with participants, outlook office 365 is now on updated.

Item grouping based on an hierarchy
When grouping a browser with a table in which a hierarchy has been created, every level of the hierarchy appears by choosing the first one.

Production orders (Replace set with composite items)
An error that occurred when transferring a document with items sets to a production order, has been fixed.

Quantity configuration based on the number of SN
In documents, in case the lines' quantity is different than the Serial Numbers, a relevant message appears.

Bonus cards in groups of companies
In groups of companies, the column "company" has been added in the customer's bonus cards, so that the card can be available in the selected companies.

Serial Numbers - Composition documents
In composition documents, the serial numbers' numbering did not appear in the relevant popup when asked to fill out the items' serial numbers.

Unpaid Documents
The document's branch has been added in the trading parties' "unpaid documents" job.

Item VAT (MTRL.VAT) in a document's lines
The item's VAT is now available in a sales/purchases document's lines.

Special Contracts
In documents, the contract can now be selected, regardless of the customer's branch.

Bug fixing

Message when saving a document - Azure
Fixed error occurred (series not found) in some cases in Azure installations, during a document's saving.

General Report Parameters - Users rights
When selecting "Apply settings to existing Reports", from system settings, users rights that had been set in reports, had gone.

Project market transaction
The items / services grid, did not appear properly at the project market transaction.

Application and Mega Menu
In Series 5, when 'Mega Menu' was enabled from system settings and some of the login user's jobs were in a folder, these jobs didn't display.

Custom title in a browser
In the Series 5 UI, in the case where the title of a browser was set through a local field, the name of the local field was shown.

Grouping with a local field
In the projects statements, the projects grouping was not executed correctly, when having a local field with the field "Start".

Item's name in a printout form - Group of Companies
Fixed error occurred with the assets name, which is a company element. The field MTRLINES.MTRL_MTRL_NAME must return the description that corresponds to the document's company.

Aging Balances - Analysis Type "Weeks"
Fixed error occurred in aging balances, where some columns from the balance aging areas didn't appear, and therefore customers aging balances didn't appear properly.

Create Group of Companies
Fixed error occurred when creating a group of companies with "Copy Parameters" copy mode.

Error on Oracle execution
Fixed error occurred at the execution of the "Cost of Goods sold - Accounting entries" job, on Oracle.

Intrastat transaction behavior in other transactions
In other transactions documents, the intrastat transaction behavior was not updated correctly based on the type.

Full Copy Company
Fixed error occurred when full copying company, and the stock management parameter "Automatic Line Analysis" was set as 'Yes'.

Recalculation with prices per C/S
The price / discount recalculation from the relative jobs of the documents that use wholesale price, didn't update the changes in the wholeprice table of the item.

Customer statements with branches
In the "Statements" report from the customers module, the brought forward balances did not appear, in case the name of the branch was given as a filter.

Physical Inventory document and stock item with lot
Fixed error occurred when selecting an item's lot, in a physical inventory document.

Open-item (Unpaid)
In the Open-item (Unpaid) job in the trading parties' related jobs, the "Save" button was not being activated.

Cancellation form printing
Fixed error occurred when reprinting a cancellation document in fiscal device, with a printout form which contains the field ''saldoc.iscopy''.

Installment invoices issue
When executing the "Installment invoices issue" job, installment invoices were not created, in the case where the date was 31/12.

Memory table in groups of companies
In groups of companies, records in memory tables such as "customer groups" appeared in every company.

Credit Card Installment
In some cases, the creation of the credit card's installments from the collection documents, was wrong.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11131

Features added / modified

Office 365 Calendar
From now on the 'contact' appears in Office 365 calendars' calls.

From now on the FORCEOFFLINE=1 in azure's params.cfg is supported.

Bug fixing

Browser searching
Fixed error occurred when searching in a browser, while having the parameter "Single click to open a menu option" enabled.

Office 365 Synchronization
During the synchronization of Soft1 records to Office 365, a pop-up window with the user's credentials was appearing constantly.

Tools menu (Romania)
Fixed error occurred, in Series 5 UI, in companies with Romanian (country) standards, when a user with personal menu selected tools menu.

ExecReport - Advanced Printout Forms
Fixed error occurred in ExecReport method of XSupport in SDK, when applied on Advanced Printout Forms.

In companies with Bulgarian (country) standards, the open-item records didn't appear.

Unreadable email text
In some cases with Outlook Office 365, Microsoft 32 bit, the email text appeared with unreadable characters.

Meeting screen forms in the calendars
When opening a meeting from a calendar, it was opened with the default screen form and not with the one that was defined in the user.

Google Apps Synchronization
Fixed error occurred while synchronizing google contacts.

Document with zero quantity
Since an item with colour/size was registered in a document with zero quantity, we couldn't refresh the lines and so the the value remained, without any quantity.

Settled gift vouchers in a document's pay-off
When paying off a document from the relative jobs, in the gift vouchers' lines, the selector is now on appearing only the gift vouchers that are not settled..

Office 365 Groups
In Office 365 apps, when not selecting a specific group, all the relative objects are synchronized.

Purchase Order Plan
Fixed error occurred in the "Purchase Order Plan" from purchases, by clicking the button "Selection", even if 'Series' and 'Warehouses' were completed.

Fixed Assets Opening Job
During the Fixed Assets Opening Job, the accounting depreciation documents were not created, in some assets.

Currency change of a trading party with wire transfer
In some cases, we could change the currency of a trading party that had been transacted with wire transfer, without any error being displayed.

Office 365 contacts synchronization
During the Office 365 contacts synchronization, the json's format wasn't right.

Office 365 contacts synchronization
In some cases, the Office 365 contacts synchronization wasn't completed.

Office 365 and meetings in calendars
When inserting a meeting in which the operator was a user registered in the CRMPPRMS.USERS table, a pop up window used to appear for the user's credentials, in order to accomplish the connection with office 365.