Monday, November 4, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10468(i)

Features added / modified

Outlook Connector
The default definition for the direction of emails from outlook connector is updated based on the type of action of Soft1 and not from the details of the email from outlook.

Default filters of open printouts
The predefined filters of open printouts are also active during the execution of the printout from the command line of the operating system.

Purchase history
On Purchase history the payment method of the document is made available.

Account IBAN
A function is added for checking the correctness of the account's IBAN. (function CheckIBAN (IBAN: string): Integer; (Returns 1 -> True, 0 -> Error)

Inventory documents and GL links
In accounting links of inventory documents at lines of costing> Command document purchase / sale the fields Code and Account of tables UFTBL01 and UFTBL02 and the fields from NUM01 to NUM04 of document lines were made available.

Qlikview and login year
A variable was added, FISCPRDLOGIN which returns as result the login year.

Bug fixing

Export attributes grid to excel
On export of the grid of analysis of quantities per attribute to excel, the document line titles were not displayed.

Excel printout
The height of lines grew, so the exported excel file is readable.

Document convertion
If the selected documents, are set to convert into different series from the conversion data, at the dialogue of convertion no series will be available for selection.

Vat value import
Changes on VAT value are ignored during the import of sales documents with the use of import script

Copy from last on Services calls
After the posting of a services call that have come with the use of copy from last, the lines of items and services were double from the original call.

Use of alternative code
With the use of alternative code on document lines the selector remained open.

Connection parameters from Crystal Reports
With Client / Server implementation using the command /sxco at the shortcut of the client the connection parameters of the database were not properly updated for crystal reports.

Qlikview and null value field
When updating data, if a field of a record had a value of null or blank, then this field was updated with the value of the previous record on the QlickView report.