Friday, January 29, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11422

Features added / modified

Screen Forms/ "Deadline" field
The "Deadline" field has been added at the default Screen Forms for the following objects:
- General Actions,
- Calls,
- E-mails,
- Meetings,
- Tasks,
- Service tickets.

Contracts/ Create Installment invoices
Upon running "Create Installment invoices" job (CreditCntrInterest), the "Comments" column (Contracts, "Contracts/ Installments" tab) is now updated, based on the comments of the Sales Document lines.

CRM/ Customer Replies printout forms
Customer Replies Printout Forms (CRMCUSNAIRE) are now available.

HR objects - xxf. export/ import
The following HR objects can now be exported/ imported through xxf. files:
1) Duties,
2) Seminars,
3) Seminar Cycles,
4) Employees Benefit packages.
Condition: All previous objects should be included in your Installation SN.

Payroll/ Employees workcenters and positions
Employees's Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by "Employees workcenters and positions" (PRSWRKCENTER) through Design List > "Define Modules" tab.

Payroll/ Employees list (Date Range)
Employees's Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by "Date Range" (EMPSPECIALDATES) through Design List > Modules tab.

Inventory Statistics/ Field editors
At Inventory Statistics (VITESTATS), the editors of the following fields, are now properly displayed:
- Acctg Category
- Comm Category
- Geographical Area
- Prof. category
- Payment method
- Agreement
- Group of expenses
- Trading Parties Credit Control.

HR/ Salary data
At "Employee data" report (HR_REPORT), the "Salary data" field has been added. Can be be used for custom Employee Leaves calculation.

Retail Pro/ Browser Fast report
At Retail Pro, Browsers/ Lists can now be printed using Fast report.

Romanian Trial Balance
"Balance sign same as cumulative value sign" filter has been added in Trial Balance for companies with Romania localisation.

Bug fixing

CRM/ Series per Branch
Fixed the "Posting new entry is now allowed. Branch already exists" issue. It occurred upon selecting the Doc. Series per Branch at CRM Parameters.

Windows Scheduler/ Import script
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running an Import script using Windows Scheduler.

Attached files/ Cloud Storage URL
Filed linked to Cloud storage URL are now properly saved at Attached files.

HR/ Create evaluations job
'Series' redirection is now properly working at "Create evaluations" job.

Purchase Documents/ Intrastat value
Intrastat value, upon Purchase Doc conversion, is now properly calculated when 'Auto Calculate' has been setup for 'Intrastat value - Check' parameter at Doc Type.

Documents Browser/ Attach to message
The 'Attach to message' job (right click at Documents Browser), is now properly working.

Other Transactions Doc/ Costing Folders
Upon selecting a Costing folder from Document's Related jobs, before saving the Doc, the values entered are now properly updated.

Documents based on shortage/ requirements (Production)
Fixed the issue, at 'Documents based on shortage/ requirements' job (DRESTPRD), where Items with zero (0) balance appeared if specific filters were selected.

User Access Rights/ Fast Report Preview
You can now set up Access Rights to 'Fast Report Preview' job (DSBFASTPRV), through 'User Access Rights' tool.

Group of Companies Schema/ Create Installment invoices
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running the 'Create Installment invoices' job (CreditCntrInterest) for a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. The login Company is now taken into account.

OutProcess procedure/ Document saving
Error upon saving Document with OutProcess procedure has been fixed.

Create Physical Inventory Doc - W/H filter
At 2008 UI, the 'W/H' filter is now displayed at 'Create Physical Inventory Documents' job (MtrNatBalance).

Purchase Order Plan/ Inactive items
Fixed the issue where under certain circumstances, inactive Items appeared at 'Purchase Order Plan' job. It occurred even if the 'Status' field was set to 'Active'.

Payoff/ Payment terms
Upon deleting a Payment Document (via Payoff related job), you can now change the Payment method.

Document Conversion/ Maintain expenses
Upon Documents' Conversion job the 'Expenses' are now properly transferred to the converted Document. An issue occurred when 'Maintain expenses' option was selected during conversion and the Doc. had zero value.

Stock Items/ Custom Screen Form
Fixed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone' issue. It occurred at Series 5 UI, upon using a custom Stock Items Screen Form that included a memo field.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11421

Features added / modified

HR/ Employees' Payroll elements
At HR & Payroll module, the Employees' Payroll elements are now available to use.

Employees Parameters/ New field
The field "Check dates overlap" has been added in the Employees Parameters table with the following values:
* No check
* Warning
* Prohibition (default).
The Check is available not only for the Employees (Employees Management), but the Employees (Payroll) as well.

Costing Folders/ Inventory Documents
At Costing Folders, "Purchases - Imports" job (CSTFLDRPUR), Inventory Documents option is now available at Module column (Related documents tab).

Fixed assets/ reg. depr. rate 100%
If at Fixed assets entity the Regular depr. rate is set to 100%, then the field "Depreciated in year" is automatically updated and vice versa.

HR Objects/ xxf Import/ Export
The following HR objects can now be imported/ exported through xxf:
Foreign languages
Benefit package
News - Announcements
Evaluation models
Evaluation cycles
Job positions

Employees/ General Payroll data
At HR Parameters, setting a value for "General Payroll data" per Employee is now available. Plus, this value is given priority over the general value.

Trial Balance report/ Balance
The "Balance" field has now been added at Trial Balance report (ACC_GL_BAL_IAS).

Employee Leaves/ Trace
A trace has now been added at "Leaves" object (SOPRSNLEAVE).

Bug fixing

Production Docs/ BOMs
Fixed the issue upon running the "Create BOMs based on Production Docs" job (SPCSPRDDOC) at a Group of Companies schema/ model, and specifically at a child company. The Bill of Material was not displayed at the BOM Browser.

Payroll/ Print form (Questions incl.)
Fixed the issue at Payroll, where upon selecting the "Print form (Questions incl.)" report (pdf) at Employees Browser/ List, one file is now properly printed.

Modify Documents/ Approved transactions
Fixed the error which occurred upon Document modifying through Credit Control and Approval Scenarios.

Documents/ Screen Forms design
At Documents Screen Forms design, the fields from Branch (MTRDOC.SHIPTRDBRANCH ) are now properly displayed with CUSBRANCH editor.

Retail Pro/ Stock Balance per W/H report
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, which occurred upon selecting the "Stock Balance per W/H" (MAT_WHOUSE) report.

Installations/ Actions (Related Jobs)
At Installations Related Jobs, all Actions are now properly displayed.

Retail Pro/ Non-Controlled jobs
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, where the Default buttons area is now properly displayed when the user has been given the right for "Non-Controlled jobs: Do not execute" ("Access right to jobs" tab).

Documents Browser/ Master-Detail tree
At Document Browser/ List having set the Master-Detail tree view parameter (System Settings) the table's values are not displayed in case the "Filter"/ "Filter to Exclude this" options have been selected.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Lot Code
At Physical Inventory Docs, the new Lot Code is now properly saved.

Service Doc lines/ Project column
At Service Doc lines (Sales & Purchases Documents) at Services tab, the Project column is now properly displayed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11420

 Features added / modified

Physical Inventory jobs/ Branch filter
The field "Branch" has been added at the following jobs:
1. Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity) (MtrZeroNatBalance),
2. Create Physical Inventory Documents (MtrNatBalance),
3. Cancel Physical Inventory Documents (UndoMtrNatBalance).

Sales per Customer per Item report/ General totals
At "Sales per Customer per Item" report (ITE_SAL), the "General totals" has been added on the very last page of the report.

Retail/ Advance Payment Behavior
The new multi-select Sales "Advance Payment Behavior" parameter (SALPPRMS.TFPRMSRETAILADV) has been added (Other tab > Retail parameters panel).
When "Advance Payment/ Order" Related Job is selected, the system displays Documents of the specific selected behaviors.

Update Sales Prices/ New method
At "Update Sales Prices" job (IteCalcMarkUp), the "Last purchase price - markup of item price.category" method has been added at the Alternative Prices.

Group of Companies Schema\ Expanded Employees list
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the Employees's Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by "Contacts per Company" (Designed List > "Define Modules" tab).

Multilingual Data Management/ Penalties Description
At Penalties table the "Description" field is now multilingual.

Trading Parties/ Excluded fields (Insert & Transfer)
At Trading Parties parameters (Companies & Synchronization tab) the following fields have been added:
1. Excluded fields (Insert)
2. Excluded fields (Transfer).

Retail Pro/ Suggested Qty
Filling in Stock Item Qty, via a pop up form, is now available for Doc lines of Retail Pro (provided a 'Suggested Qty' has not been set up for the Item).

Bug fixing

"Transfer among W/h" job (Romanian Installation)
Pop-up window for "Transfer among W/h" job (right-click on a Document List), no longer stays on top when using a Soft1 user-defined Template (Romanian Installation).

Empty containers
Doc lines are now properly updated in case empty containers participated in a Pricing policy.

Collection Doc lines\ Cheques
At Group of Companies schema/ model, the single Collection Doc Series regarding Cheques of a child company, is now automatically filled in/ proposed in Doc lines.

Soft1 messages\ Characters display
Soft1 messages (user internal communication) are now properly displayed through Messages (SOREMINDER) (Company processes > Business Processes & Approvals) .

HR Employee properties\ Copy from buffer
"Copy from buffer" is now properly working for the following modules:
1. Education,
2. Foreign languages,
3. Skills,
4. Qualifications.

Data Flow Rules/ Contract lines
Sales Doc. that derives from Contract lines is now properly created when the process is designed through Data Flow Rules (SOTRNFRULE).

Group of Companies Schema - Reupdate Inventory/ Stock
Fixed the "'SELECT COMPANY,SOSOURCE,FPRMS,N' invalid or incompatible with argument" issue. It occurred upon running the "Reupdate Inventory/ Stock" job (IteReUpDate) for a Child Company and the "Multi-Company" button has been selected at the taskbar.

Advanced Printout Form/ User-defined table
Fixed error "System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000" . It occurred upon creating/ editing a user-defined table, at an Advanced Printout Form.

Group of Companies Schema/ Reconciliations
Fixed "Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound" issue. It occurred at a child Company Reconciliation Doc, upon selecting the Trading Party Branch.

Retail Doc - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Docs, where under certain circumstances, "Advance Payment/ Order" related job could not be selected.

Attached files/ Cloud Storage URL
Login data for Cloud storage URL (Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive) are now properly saved at Attached files.

Composition Doc Line/ Item Bin
The suggested Stock Items Bin at Composition Doc lines, is now properly updated.

Group of Companies Schema/ Duties
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and specifically at a child, Employee Duties are now properly selected.

Supplier/ Company legal form (Romanian Installation)
The field "Company legal form" (SUPPLIER.CMPMODE), at the Supplier's profile card, is now displaying the proper values (Romanian Installation).

Stock Item/ New Group
Fixed the "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near 'KEY1'" issue. It occurred upon creating a new Stock Item Group (ITEM.MTRGROUP).