Monday, December 16, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10474(i)

Features added / modified

Fields in lines of Retail Documents
For the Retail documents which related to Advance Payments are updated the fields NUM01, ΝUM02, NUM03, NUM04, BOOL01, BOOL02, DATE01, DATE02, UFTBL01, UFTBL02 from the Advance Payment.

Item attributes in Views
The attributes of Item have been triggered also through the design of the View: it is sufficient to indicate at the parameters of the View, at the tab general data the CSCOLUMNS 1

Bug fixing

Lots remain check
Due to rounding errors, under certain cases the application proposes lots with no remain balance.

Production - consumption requirements
In some cases the print production-consumption Requirements ' did not display results.

Offline in Azure
In Windows 8.1 and azure not completed the creation of local offline support.

GSM Phone
Corrections were made in connection with the GSM mobile phone for sending SMS messages.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10472(i)

Features added / modified

ForceDll command in xco file for mandatory loading of dll during the login
The parameter 'FORCENETDLL' was added in APPLICATION section of the file XCO. If the value is set to '1', Soft1 requires the mandatory loading of NET dll.

Document printout with automatin conversion
A correction was made, for the automatic printout of documents generated from posting of document with automatic conversion.

Automatic printout of payoff document
A parameter was added in sales module for the automatic printout
of the payoff document, from the posting of a document.

ProSMS provider
Incorporation of ability to use ProSMS provider for sending SMS.

Access to companies and brances
Selection in the dialogues of status bar no longer appear for companies and branches in which the user has no access.

Bug fixing

Create cash register codes
At "Create cash register codes" job the values of fields "created by" and "Value" did not appear correctly

Image in view
By adding an image field in a view from design an error message would appear "list index out of bounds".

Editable fields at email browsers
At email browsers with editable field "utbl04", if a change was made to the value of that field, this would cause an incorrect change to the content of the email.

Access Violation: browser with Graphs
An access violation message would appear in Browsers with grouping, in which graphs was selected to be shown.

Forecast date
The caption "Forecast Date" did not appear in Import folders on the corresponding field.

Button input and item quantity
The button Input on the selector for mass selection of items from document lines did not appear in the correct position.

Credit notes for Vat exempted customer.
During the creation of credit notes, if the customer was exempted from VAT a message would appear "Module:SALDOC.Vatprovision cannot be modified" at the results.

Cash flow Qlikview
During the update job, the data were not updated, despite the creation of the file.

Cash flow
An error message would appear on printout Cash flow "the job file creation is already running". You must delete the existing Cash Flow file and then re-run the job "Create cash flow"

Email templates
If an email was opened through marketing campaigns the templates could not have selected.

Costing levels
The calculation of Costing levels takes into consideration the inactive items when the option "Participation of inactive Bills of Materials" is selected.

IMAP4 and email import
The import for IMAP4 email, when the email had codepage UTF-8 did not work properly.

Email from sales documents
Greek characters did not appear correctly on emails created from sales documents.

Copy to other companies for Customers/Suppliers
During the "copy to other companies" of customers/suppliers an error message would appear "Connection file could not be found".

Sql filter and checked list box
Improved the behavior of sql filters with checked list box local fields.

Factoring - Invoices payoff
In Factoring, the documents that have been partially paid did not appear in the list of unpaid documents.

Totals from grouping in Azure
In Azure, overall totals from grouping appeared with 0, in design reports.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10468(i)

Features added / modified

Outlook Connector
The default definition for the direction of emails from outlook connector is updated based on the type of action of Soft1 and not from the details of the email from outlook.

Default filters of open printouts
The predefined filters of open printouts are also active during the execution of the printout from the command line of the operating system.

Purchase history
On Purchase history the payment method of the document is made available.

Account IBAN
A function is added for checking the correctness of the account's IBAN. (function CheckIBAN (IBAN: string): Integer; (Returns 1 -> True, 0 -> Error)

Inventory documents and GL links
In accounting links of inventory documents at lines of costing> Command document purchase / sale the fields Code and Account of tables UFTBL01 and UFTBL02 and the fields from NUM01 to NUM04 of document lines were made available.

Qlikview and login year
A variable was added, FISCPRDLOGIN which returns as result the login year.

Bug fixing

Export attributes grid to excel
On export of the grid of analysis of quantities per attribute to excel, the document line titles were not displayed.

Excel printout
The height of lines grew, so the exported excel file is readable.

Document convertion
If the selected documents, are set to convert into different series from the conversion data, at the dialogue of convertion no series will be available for selection.

Vat value import
Changes on VAT value are ignored during the import of sales documents with the use of import script

Copy from last on Services calls
After the posting of a services call that have come with the use of copy from last, the lines of items and services were double from the original call.

Use of alternative code
With the use of alternative code on document lines the selector remained open.

Connection parameters from Crystal Reports
With Client / Server implementation using the command /sxco at the shortcut of the client the connection parameters of the database were not properly updated for crystal reports.

Qlikview and null value field
When updating data, if a field of a record had a value of null or blank, then this field was updated with the value of the previous record on the QlickView report.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10466(i)

Features added / modified

Credit card instalments - Charged on [marginal date]
A change was made, on the field "Charged on [marginal date]" of retail instalments of credit cards, so that it concerns the first instalment in days. If on the Card devices one of the fields "Charged on [marginal date]" or "Payment date" is completed then, the application takes into account these fields. Otherwise applies the corresponding fields of credit cards.

Send SMS via Java Script
Addition of SysRequest.XSendWebSMS function. As parameters, are accepted the phone number at which the sms would be send and the text of the message.

Name of the Alternative code
Added the field Name of the alternative code of the items to the corresponding selector in sales documents lines.

Mass approval of sales documents
Added a job for mass approval of sales documents,
on sales browsers (on right click).

Detailed or Groups printout
In execution of printout from command line, the printout of groups is made available if at the .txt file of the command the parameter GROUPSONLY=1 exists.

Bug fixing

Search in Remittances
The use of backspace key during the search of customer/supplier in remittances, would cause the appearance incorrect results.

Alternative codes selector
If a seach was made on document lines, based on items with items alternative codes broswer set as default selector, the selector window in document lines would remain open, when only one option was available.

Statement 300 (Romanian Localization)
Modifications has been applied regarding the values demonstrated at some fields.

Item image in labels
An error message would appear, in case of label printout, in which the item image was set and empty lines existed at the top of the page.

A correction was made so that XTABLE.Current.Delete() would correctly delete, the current entry and not the first.

Document printouts
Long time delays were appearing during the print of document printouts with the use of fiscal printers.

Indicative cost of Bills of Materials
The cost of Bills of Materials was not correctly updated, when there was a change of the indicative cost of cost data.

Execution from command line on Azure
With the execution of commands from command line (windοws scheduler), on Azure, an access denied message would appear on Xecutor.log file.

Function IteAgedRemain
The function IteAgedRemain did not work correctly, if the parameter for the calculation in detail of the transactions of previous years was selected.

Customer card and Document column
The length of Document column on customer cards was increased.

Wrong balance calculation
The balance calculation on lines, was not executed correctly for the Shipment to customer job, from Services folders.

Status in Service calls
With copy from last, in service calls, the field "Status" also copied.

Service calls
An error message would appear in printout Service calls, if the value "Processed" is selected on Call status field and a processed service call entry existed.

Double lines of Currency on Exchange rates
Double lines of Currency would appear on Exchange rates table, in case an entry was already posted on specific date for the currency rate.

Payment terms with calculation method [Per Project] and Services
Payment terms were not updated correctly, in case documents included services lines and the document had a payment method in which, the calculation method took into consideration data from lines eg project.

Special transactions with payment method calculation [Per Project]
Payment terms were not updated correctly, in case of Special transactions documents and payment method in which, the calculation method took into consideration data from lines eg project.

Selector in document lines
The line selector did not appear, when entering item code or description, in documents lines, with the use of the * character and enter button, nor selecting the item with accurate entry of the item code.

Total of cash and cheques
An error message would appear during the detailed printout in MS-Excel of the browser "Total of cash cheques and credit cards" in case a grouping was applied.

Socket error
In case of network issues, an error message would appear "Socket Error 10054".

Paste from clipboard
In case "Disable fast paste from clipboard" was selected on Explorer Configuration settings, then Paste from clipboard would not work correctly.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10462(i)

Features added / modified

New parameters for Pivot grids
A new option was created (by right click on the header of the pivot) in the popup menu for the way that the Pivot grid will be shown.

Bug fixing

Cancel update of accounting from commercial module
An error message would appear when executing the job

Copy from last and Customer Branch
In a sales document, in which was selected at the tab Delivery - Transfer the field ''Order From'' and "Branch", and then made a copy from buffer and deleted the customer from "Order From'', the customer's branch was not deleted from the field "Branch".

Balance aging of cheques and Grouping zones
A correction was made for the value shown in the Grouping zones in the printout Balance aging of cheques.

Advanced stock control Per Attribute
An error 'Invalid pointer operation' would be desplayed in the posting of a document if:
At the type of document was set 'Per Attribute' at the Advanced stock control and the expression of the Formula field included the reserved from sales orders.

Current entity quantities
In Fixed assets printout "Current entity quantities" the filter "Zero quantites" did not work properly.

Import script on custfindoc
In import scripts that imported entries at the custfindoc object an
error would appear for non-recognition of the type of document.

Issue in lot selector caused by rounding
During the selection of Lots, with balance control set on the type of the document, Lots with zero balance were available for selection.

Order posting
A message "invalid argument" would appear during order posting if at the type of the document an entry was set at the field "Outstanding" and at "Formula" an expression was set [Balance minus the specific outstanding] and the control was made on items with attributes.

Code format
In implementation of code format (general parameters) for alphanumeric characters, Soft1 did not recognize correctly the Greek characters.

Creation of database tables
An error "access violation" would appear during the creation of database tables

Outstanding Orders
In Customer Card "Outstanding Orders" an incorrect value would appear on the field "Outstanding Value"

Windows scheduler on windows 8
The jobs stated in the windows scheduler did not completed correctly in windows 8.

Record Printouts
The option "Record Printouts" from "Related Jobs" was not available for selection.

Creation-Import of database tables
An error would appear on creation of database tables if the selected xdt file was from a previous version.

Spell function
Characters were not displayed correctly using the function "Spell", in multilingual versions.

Exchange rates and inactive currency
If there were inactive Currency entries, then when selecting the option "Exchange rates" an error would appear.

PiLib.FileExists with wildcard
Implementation of "FileExists" function with the ability to find multiple files (using wildcard) in import script.

Detail trial balance
The printout "Detail trial balance" from General Ledger, with specific conditions was demostrating negative period totals.

Incomplete item name on Outstanding documents
The length of the field "Item Name" was increased in the printout "Outstanding documents"

Costing levels calculation
During the execution of the job "Costing levels" a dialogue was added for the involvement of inactive "Bills of materials" on the Costing levels.

Sales Document Approval
The option 'Execute job' did not work correctly in Approval obligations (user).

Outstanding customer orders from related jobs
The series per module was not displayed correctly to outstanding customer orders from related jobs.

General Ledger Official journals
The series abbreviation did not appear in General Ledger Official journals if selected from the design of the printouts.

Start and stop character in funcotion Code128A
With the use of function Code128A the start and stop character did not appear correctly.

Composition documents and Copy from last
An error "Access violation" would appear if the Copy from last option was selected in "Composition documents"

Wrong balance value
In printout Balance per W/h the parameter "Calculate balance value" did not work correctly

Printout Service Calls
The printout "Service calls" displayed an error message "There is nothing to print" although posted entries existed.

Detail Trial Balance (CUST_ANBAL)
An error "Access Violation" appeared during the execution of Detail Trial Balance printout for all trading parties.

Cancel in the same day
A correction was made for the use of field <Cancel> found on document types. Under certain cases the date control did not work properly.

Comment on Accounting entries
If at a General Ledger Accounting entries browser the field <Comment> was set as a filter, upon selection an error mesage would appear.

Series on Customer Transactions (T.C.)
At Customer Transactions (T.C.) the field series appeared inactive and upon selection from the hyperlink an error message would appear "Ole Error"

Outstanding cheques view
On Outstanding cheques from related jobs of a customer, the fields for totals did not show the correct value if cheque status filter was selected with another value.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10457(i)

Features added / modified

Trader Branch - Purchases to Sales
The branch of trader comes as an option into the following conversion processes.
1.Purchase document to Sales document and 2. Sales document to Purchases document

Charges - Withholding
Added the calculation of charges - withholdings with a percentage of past charges and sequentially.

Printouts in Pivot
Has changed the appearance of the pivot browser : longer has tree structure that encapsulates the descriptions of the columns.

Copy document and Relative documents
At the job 'copy document' was given the ability to copy also the information found in the Related files (either stored in the database or not).

Add filter to FIFO matching job
Work "Fifo match" added filter accounting / business class operators.
In the job “Fifo matching” was added filter regarding the accounting/commercial category of the traders

Serial Numbers
Apart from the posting of documents that participate Composite Items with SN, is now possible the recurrence of the form of SN in each subsequent viewing of the document.

New Lot code with size 30
Increase of size of code of new lot in 30 characters.

New lots and packing of lines
If it is selected pack of similar lines in the type of the document, does no longer apply the packing if in the lines exist different registered lots in the field of new lot code (CRLOTCODE).

Massive selection of securities and display name of the initial trader
During the massive selection of securities, a column appears that shows the name of the original trader

Constant quantity consumption in BOM
Was added the possibility in a BOM to define constant quantity for Raw materials, that is not to be proportional based to the quantity produced.

Balance aging - Inventory
Was added parameter at the IteAgedRemain and FIteAvgBalDays for whether will be calculated analytically the transactions of previous years. Respectively, was added filter in the Balance Afing report.

Cancel transactions - Confirmation
When the job 'Cancel transactions' is completed from a Sales browser a confirmation message is displayed on the screen.

Campany information
Added in the Company parameters the fields 'Establishment date' and 'Date of Dissolution'

Prices per Supplier
Using the 'copy from buffer' at the Item card, are not transferred the prices per supplier.

Totals at the Subsidiary ledger of G.L.
At the Subsidiary ledger of G.L. added the ability to print totals.

Behavior: Self Delivery
Added the option "Self Delivery" as new behavior in the types of the documents

Resources at Special Transactions
Added the Resources as an option at the header of special transactions.

Rights to Approval scenarios and data flow Rules
Added the possibility to set Rights to Approval scenarios and data flow Rules

Detailed control report - Payment method
At 'Detailed control report' added as a column the payment method of the document. Also at the 'Control report' and the 'Detailed control report' the surtitles have the VAT category name and added filter for VAT categories

Retail sales and Bill of lading
The report 'Bill of lading' takes under consideration also the Retail sales

Cancellation transactions for serial numbers
The card of serial number per Item shows also the cancellation transactions.

Credit notes - Purchases
Added the possibility of automatic creation of inventory document through the results of discount credit notes

Collections - journals
Ιn printout 'Collections - journals' (CNF_GET_JRN) added the possibility to display collections with gift vouchers and the corresponding amounts.

Bill of materials book based on raw materials
Added the report 'Bill of materials book based on raw materials'

Discount credit notes
At the job 'Discount credit notes' added the possibility to exclude costs that affect the turnover.

Supplier trial balance
General totals were added at the Projects report:Supplier trial balance

Warning message in suppliers special transactions
At special transactions of suppliers longer triggered the alert for the trader.

Customer - Related jobs - Sales - Order analysis per Item
In 'Sales - Order analysis per Item', that appers through the customers Related Jobs, added as filter the commercial category and the group of the Item

Official Inventory book
At the report 'Official Inventory book' added the filter 'Items w/o trans. in year'

loyalty - operation in the wholesales module
The loyalty operates also in wholesales module.

Printing to XPS format
Longer exists the possibility to export prints to XPS file format

FIFO - cost price calculation
Optimization of Inventory cost price calculation when using FIFO method(option = 12)

Calculation of last Purchase Price from Production documents
The job 'cost price calculation' for last purchased price also takes into consideration the production documents. Additionally, the update of the last purchased price and the last purchased date is also executed from production documents if the relevant flag is selected

Field Code 1 in Lots
Increased to 40 characters the size of field Code 1 [MTRLOT.CODE1] in Lots directory.

Security - password expiration
Added rules for the password of the users which are defined through 'Parameters' >'Security - Rights'>'Parameters' The three rules are:
1) Validity days
2) Minimum length
3) Characters

Documents from Production Orders
In production orders appear to the Related Jobs (Converted into) the documents that resulted from it.

Identity - S1 Help
In the identity of the system the option for the S1 Help redirects to the appropriate links
wiki GR:
wiki ENG:

Orders per item - Sales/Purchases
The following filters were added at the dialogue of the report 'Orders per item' for Sales and Purchases:
Item Group
Item Brand
Item Manufacturer
Item Model
Item Season
Item Com. category
Item Acctg. category

Check of Document code
In handwritten Series of purchases, the check at the code of document is now in relation with the supplier, and in Sales is in relation to the Series.

Gadgets - selection in browsers
In the list of browsers has been added (right click on the browser you want) the option "Send to Gadget". Upon selection, the browser is stored as Gadget, which you can select from Gadgets --> Category Browser.

New features: Google apps & office365
Google apps & office365:
1. Two-way sync with deletion.
2. With the contact entry, trader and actions at crm, Drafts entries, is automatically introduced the entry in applications Google apps & office365 (using the "Auto Save" parameters per user).
3.At the parameters per user for applications Google apps & office365 is longer possible to copy the configuration of a user in user group and / or department (use of right click)

Bug fixing

Change of Code
In an effort to change the Code, which does not change at the end, it displays the error "The code already exists."

Item balance per attrib.-W/h
In the Inventory printing “Item balance per attrib.-W/h”, when an Item had total sum of balance equal to zero, did not appear in the printing even if was declared in the dialogue of the report.
Retail Documents
When canceling the Retail order with reversal appears message that there is no reversal Series defined.

Business unit at Collections
Once declared business unit in the Series of collection it appears as default in the collection document.

Bonus card - Returns
In case of return, not updated correctly the bonus card points.

Print groups in excel
Printing browsers in excel by applying grouping (eg customer receipts) Displays Error message 'access violation in module xdll.dll.'

Automatic printing of documents
If the series had automatic printing, but the printer was empty or had been defined in windows, all documents were printed same as the first one. Now is displayed to the user a dialogue for printer selection

Field CMPMODE not visible
The field CMPMODE (Company legal Form) is available for installations with modules:
Soft1 Multilingual: Romania
Soft1 International Edition

Date - Remote Execution
In Azure, if it had been selected remote execution, the date does not appear in the form DD / MM / YYYY as it was selected by the parameters but MM / DD / YYYY.

Selection of Inactive VAT rate to Items
In a New entry in items, with exclusive use of keyboard could be selected inactive value for the field of VAT.

Copy of Services
Was not functioning the copy of services to other companies.

Print of non-approved document during conversion
Was allowed the print of non-approved document during conversion in case a credit control applied

Input selector in the lines of documents
The Input selector did not function properly

Column 'Balance per WH' in Production Consumption Note
If in the columns of a Production Consumption Note had added the column'' Balance wh'', the title of the column in the document appeared as WHREST and did not show the balance.

Message 'cannot resolve date mask' in Actions
When declared in the Type of Action calculation of period and the beginning and the end date had more than four months difference appeared the error 'cannot resolve date mask'

Account in GL entry
When typing an account in a GL Article, was changing the writing language.

Balance Per W/h - Azure
In Azure enviroment, the error message "Arguments out of range" appeared when executing the report 'Balance per W/H'

Replace function in Azure
The function REPLACE produced false results in Azure environment.

Print to PDF file
The print of a reports form to pdf, created an xps file ending with tmp which ultimately was not readable.

Customer Card in Excel
When printing a Customer Card in excel, the dates appeared in the following format 'MM / / DD / YYYY'

Project in Special transactions Views
The Project was added in the default View of Special transactions

Special transactions Views
During the configuration of a Special transactions view appeared problems with the arrangement of fields.

Cost variation based on BOM
An error occured during the execution of the printout 'Cost variation based on BOM'

Balance per W/H - Retail
In Retail, an error message occured if for an Item the user selects to see the 'Balance per W/H' and no quantity had given at the line.

Peplace in Import script
In clientimport script execution, in Azure environment, the Replace function was translating the Greek characters into semicolons.

Accounting report
In Accounting reports (eg suppliers) only displays documents with registered expenses.

Credit limit - Customers
In installation without the module 'credit control' was applied wrong check on Collections.

E-mail with html local field
The text email that arise through local field was printed in semicolon when the print form sent automatically by email.

Update sales prices
At job 'Update sales prices' (job on the purchases invoices) the items appear in a different order than posted.

Type of document as column
In customer card, if had been defined as column the Type of the document, appeared empty.

Document code in Purchases
If was given code for a purchase document, without having completed the supplier, displays Error: Ole error 80040E14 Incorrect syntax nea '='

Subsidiary ledger
Not displayed correctly the totals at the report 'Subsidiary ledger'

Actions - Sales opportunities
In the view of sales opportunities, the button 'Action' dis not appear if the Attribute was set as Opportunity.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10415(i)

 Features added / modified

Questions when sending email
Added parameter for whether to display questions when sending mail. The parameter can be set either globally or per user.

Bug fixing

Search by character =
Not functioned properly the search possibility when using the = character when used in an intermediate position of the word search.

Creating S/N through document
When creating a s/n through document did not take into consideration in their masks the numbers.

Brought fwd value at the Inventory Book and participation of the W/H at the cost of balance
At the Inventory Book the column of brought fwd values takes into account the parameter 'Included in cost price calculation available at the Warehouses configuration.
The correction applies also at the reports: Monthly Inventory statement, Monthly Inventory statement pes W/H

Workstations (WRKSTN)
When selecting Workstations (WRKSTN), displayed the error: Field SERIESNUMB not Found.

Azure - New Series and Types
In Azure environment, the program is updated immediately for changes in document Types.

Production with consumption to 3 decimal
When selecting a BOM in a production document with consumption to 3 or more decimals, were rounded to decimal quantities of the company.

Prototype to Template
Changed the word of the Save Template Data: From 'Save New Prototype' became 'Save New Template'.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10413(i)

Features added / modified

Dimensions in production documents
Added new option in the 'Transfer in' parameter calculating dimensions to convert the quantity in UOM2, without being considered the quantity in UOM1 declares pieces.

Bug fixing

Transfer prices per attribute in conversion
In conversion of document with different prices per attribute became erroneous calculation of values: did not be taken the prices per attribute despite the fact that they had been converted.

Services from order to retail
Was presented the error "select record not found, if in retail were selected an advance of/order from relative jobs and the order contained services.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10411(i)

Bug fixing

Separator character in design columns of ascii import
In designing import from ascii, in the "Columns separated." Saves only the character "," and nobody else.

Guarantee / SN
Calling selector of SN, in the View of guarantees, appeared the message "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DISTINCT'."

DISTINCT in view table
If a view table had been set with select distinct, then when you call it in a field as editor, the program mistakenly add the top 20 and displayed error for the query.

Error in Offline mode
During the synchronization of the local database, it appears a meesage that the exlorer.exe stopped working.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10410(i)

Features added / modified

Check of the Alternative code for inactive attribute
Ηereafter is checked the introduction of an alternative code (with attributes) when the attribute is inactive and are not accepted the inactive codes.

Bug fixing

Cancel update of accounting from commercial module
An error message would appear when the executing the job <Cancel update of Accounting from commercial module>

BG.bpl - Romanian Localization
Corrects errors regarding the Romanian Vat procedure.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10409(i)

Features added / modified

reupdate inventory/devided by zero
When inventory reupdate finds zero quantities in inventory documents but these documents have value no longer take then into account.

Bug fixing

Cash Flow
When matching, the Cash Flow job included the records which di not have open value.

Conversion of a sales document to a purchase
After the conversion of a sales document to a purchase is not displayed correctly the quantities at the purchase when the item had dimensions.

Default Series
If the user had declared default series, did not recognize the properties of the current series (eg changing VAT value for handwritten series)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Version 312.510.10407(i)

Bug fixing

Strict Numbering Issue
Did not display the correct message when posting a sales document, that document is posted with greater number at an earlier date, when
there was a Series of Inventory with the same numbering as the sales order Series and existed sales order Series with the same code as the inventory Series.

Problem with the selector of the field (Project) to budgets
In a Budget with Dimension 1 the Business Unit lines and Dimension 2 the Project, the following Error message would appear [Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'COMPANY'] in project selection.

Calculation of Qty1 in sets
There was no proper calculation of quantities in the set at Qty1 when there was strict relation among UoM2 and the 2nd rounded quantity resulted to be zero.

Readjustment of Assets
Year Depreciation is not calculated for fixed assets in case readjustment values had been calculated.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Version 312.510.10406(i)

Features added / modified

Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS
Added the possibility to post a seperate document for the Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS.

Series ordering to the requirements of consumptions.
At the printout 'Consumption requirements' added the option for selecting specific series.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets documents and columns with local fields
When posting a F/A in purchases documents and in line columns were local fields or fields from the second analysis the system displayed a message that the field 'purchase / addition' does not exist.

Windows 1251 symbol in VIES file (BG Localization)
Tab characters were substituted with space symbol.

Syncronization of local db
Under certain circumstances, did not take place the synchronization of the local base

Error in Item posting- license manager not found
In Azure, in Item posting with cypy in other companies, appeared error message that was found the license manager.

Update physical stock taking with attributes
During the execution of the Job '' Update physical stock taking'' the following error message would appear:
mtrnatqtys: Violation automatic numbering in the database file'' temporary table of items (inventory)''

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Version 312.510.10405(i)

Features added / modified

Depreciation - Day of sale of and fixed asset
Added option in the Fixed Assets parameters for the calculation of the depreciation to take also into account the day that fixed asset was sold. 

Expiration and valeur in Cash Flow
If declared in Cash Flow 'Transfer to workday', first is transferred the expire in the first following working day and then is calculated the valeur.

Offline - Central update
Was added the possibility of updating the central installation from offline mode. Additionally in synchronization .log file from central to offline was added a record for the beginning and expiry time. Furthermore, during the updating of the central installation is created .log file in which is recorded the time of beginning and close of work.

Pivot Tables - Excel Export
When you export a pivot table to excel, is exported only the table with the data, and numeric fields now appear as numbers.

Bug fixing

Internal report form with background image
In windows 7, did not printed correctly the internal forms of documents which had background image and image at one section simultaneously.

Sales of Fixed Assets
In fixed asset sales, and since the company declared the monitoring fixed assets one by one, the entity at the line of the document was not completed.

S1 Designer-columns in User defined tables
In design of User defined tables, the fields changed place at the save. Moreover was added in the User defined tables, the possibility for change of place of fields (scroll up / down with right click)

User defined table in internal report form
An error would occur upon completion of the entry of an user-defined table at an internar report form.

Cancel of Accounting from commercial
Did not work properly the , when the design of the link was set to be per day.

Report ACT_STM
In the printing (ACT_STM) the filter “Series” did not take into account of the code of the Series, but the Type of the posted documents.

Sales by customer branch
In the printing (STAT_SAL_WH), when it was declared a value in the filters of the item was presented the following message “OLE error incorrect syntax near keyword AND”.

Cash flow
In selecting specific categories of portfolios in cash flow, it brought in the analysis and negotiable instruments that does not belong in these categories.

Copy customers to other companies
In Azure environment was not working the copy of customers to other companies.

Document strict numbering
In Series with and failed the check of posting of next numeration in previous date.

Discount credit notes
During the execution of job for Sales and Purchases, presented error in ORACLE.

Pay-off and wrong rate
A wrong rate would proposed if the option is selected from the Related jobs.

Cache -Azure
The changes of of documents and business unit were not available in the other azure clients only after the deletion of the cache.

Correction of editor field in the budgets of sales
If in the budgets of sales it was selected as dimension the , then in the elements of budget did not function correctly the editor the field.

Call of local field in title of field in the columns of lines of browser
Did not function the call of local field in title of field in the columns of lines of browser. (i.e browser of items with addition of band of analysis of balance per colour/size and WH)

Items with attributes and alternative packaging
In Items with analysis in attributes, is allowed henceforth the posting of alternative code without attributes provided that these have been declared in the relative packing.

Romanian V.A.T. Journal
Wrong information displayed in case of open-item deletion and matching with another document.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Version 312.510.403(i)

Features added / modified

Grouping Zones - Horizontal analysis - columns restriction
The horizontal analysis arising from grouping zones, can now accommodate up to 100 columns.

Previous customer balance - special transaction forms
In special transactions printout forms have added fields for a previous balance of the trading party.

User defined table in excel-word form
Added the relevant option for excel-word forms in the popup displayed upon right-clicking.

Available SN code
When creating sn on an item having a specific sn code format, there is currently proposal of the next available number based on the mask.

Shortages order
The Order document resulting from the Order of shortages now includes calculated totals.

Shortages Orders for purchases including color, size
In the shortages order for purchases, when the items to be ordered include color, size options there is now opening of the characteristics analysis too.

Selection of sales opportunity within customer
The related Customer jobs now display the Sales opportunities.

Sorting in form pivot
In browsers that we show with form pivot, we can henceforth apply sorting in the numerical fields.

Customer and Supplier Detail Trial Balance printout
In the Customers/Suppliers trial balance printout, we added the filters:
Customers/suppliers without transactions, Customers/suppliers with balance, Inventory in balance form.

Excel Import - First useful line
Field length was increased.

Accounting category of an item in the lines columns
In the documents column design the item accounting category is available. It was added to sales, retail, purchases, inventory.

QlikView version 11 is now supported.

Inventory documents line columns
In the line columns of inventory documents it is now possible to select the item model.

Emails: addition of jobs send - reply - forward- attach.
Email view shows all send - reply - forward - attach jobs.

Fixed asset transaction without an entity!
It is no longer possible to post a fixed asset transaction without an entity.

New report - pivot "Transactions by characteristic" in the General inventory reports
A new report - pivot "Transactions by characteristic" in the General inventory reports was created.

Transactions in local currency
In statistical printouts "Customer analysis per Item" and Supplier analysis per Item" added a filter related to the recording of values (transaction currency - local currency).

Fixed assets depreciation calculation
In the Depreciations calculation (& Depreciations calculations according to I.A.S.) job added a filter for the date according to which the depreciations document is to be posted.

Check the sn quantity for consumables on production documents
Production documents now control consumables with regard to SN quantity.

Pivot Browsers with analysis of percentages on the total
In Pivot that exist in the Browsers support the possibility of analysis of percentages on the total (as in Dashboards).

Transportation means Selector in purchase documents
In purchase documents, field "Transportation means no." is now a selector.

Cheques analysis - cancellations
In "Cards with cheques analysis" of the trading parties added filter "Canceled - Canceling: Yes/No"

Possibility to display by default a signature in emails based on general user settings
Added the ability to display a signature based on general user settings (Parameters-Actions & CRM - Parameters-CRM entries-Parameters per user).

Modify price from ex.rate in purchases
In purchase parameters we added parameter "Convert price from parity" (according to the respective one for the sales)

Branch country different from the central one
If the country of the company branch is different from the one of the central offices, then during customer creation by the branch, the branch country is used.

Cost centers
Added a 2nd description fielda

Supplier reevaluation - Based on valuation
There is no longer available the creation of entries with zero value, if the job is executed again without prior Cancellation.

Filters in Cash Flow
Added filters for deposit bank and cheques status in the Cash Flow display.

Gift list report - documents justification
Added document comments fields in the Gift List (they appear during printout design).

International accounting reports
The following reports were created: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports in the Financial Accounting reports

Refers to field CUSTOMER.ADDRESS
Increased the number of characters from 50 to 100 for the trading parties "Address" field.

V.A.T. Field Size
Increased the size of VAT field (company, persons, trading parties, cheques, draft entries) to 19 characters.

Cash flow: deposit bank
In Cash flow added the deposit bank filter.

Job for the Creation of services folder
In the "Create services folders" job, for the documents selection added a filter for the calendar period for document posting and the documents' type

Shortages production job
Job "Shortages Production" now generates and Production Orders.

Selection and proposal of lots in production documents
Lots selection mode and lots suggestion were added in the production document types.

"Outstanding Documents" report
In "Outstanding (purchases/sales) document printout" design added fields 'Discount value' and 'price'.

Job copy report form (payment receipt from model company to other companies of the installation)
Added the ability to copy a printout form from a selected company to other companies found in the same database.
This job is available through the browser of the printout form documents of each module.

Copy accountings link to companies
Added the ability to copy an accounting link from a selected company to other companies found in the same database.
This job is available through the browser of the accountings bridge documents of each module.

I.R.S characters
Field I.R.S was increased in characters.

Cheques status in cash flow
In cash flow we added to the filters the status of the securities.

G.L. Trial Balance
On G.L Trial balance the proposed analytical grade is the first which is mandatory for printing the balance.

Alert on modifying print on series
The right to change the option 'Change printed documents' was applied to the user with Administrator rights.

Item picture properties
Added the ability to display item picture properties and size change thereof.

Consumption requirements based on orders including calculation of balance and outstanding raw materials
Printout "Consumption requirements based on orders" co-calculate the balances and outstanding quantities of Raw materials.

Creation of Cheques Factoring module
Creation of Cheques Factoring module

Classification, Grouping, Packing of fields on an Excel printout form
On Excel printout forms added the ability to define ordering fields in the repeated part table .
The field with the hyperlink '{>' indicating the beginning of the repeated part must have been imported to excel prior to the hyperlinks indicating normal fields of the repeated part.

Addition [Continuation] to employees Actions for the Calendar
In employees activity (browser) added Next Action and actions History.
Also added filter "Status" in the Calendar

Cost center dimension in ABC budget
ABC budgets now include the cost center dimension

Expenses budget in cost centers, executives and debit/credit category
In expenses budget added to the dimensions the debit/credit category, the cost center and the executives

Different mode of lot consumption per module
Added the ability to define a different method of lots consumptions per module (sales - production parameters)

Addition of fields/columns in Originating from - Converted to of the documents
In the relevant jobs of the sales - purchases documents and in details "Originating from" - "Converted to" added the code and trade name of the trading party.

SelRecs Parameter
Parameter SelRecs now supports tables in which primary key contains more than 2 fields

Update accounting articles
Cancellation is now performed on the basis of the date of the documents and there is ability to select types.

Remote server and parametric local field
Commands executed by a remote server are now provided the ability to enter filename using parameters (through a local field). The function name must start with ^. I.e.

Second message of automatic synchronization
With the parameter ONLINEUPDATE=1 in the file of connection, it can deactivated and the second message of confirmation of updating of central base with the entries of local offline base.

QlikView 11 support
In version 312.510, the version of QlikView version supported changed to 11.

Document - actions printouts recording
In series added a parameter concerning whether to record the printouts or not. If "Yes" is selected, form printout creates an entry in SOAUDIPRN file, which shows the printout time, the form used and its serial number.

Field 'Document' is available for Purchases
The field 'Document' is available when selecting the 'Transaction Link' in the 'design columns' of Purchases.

Allocation sheets
In Gen. accounts allocation Sheets and Detail. accounts allocation sheets printouts added filter "Detail only active accounts" which displays only the transacting account.

Cash closing
In "Cash Closing" job added the ability to select multiple users (in case there are no shifts).

Cash flow, debit suppliers & credit customers
Cash flow displays both credit customers and debit suppliers.

Field Season in document conversion
During document conversion, field season, which is selected in the document lines, is also transferred.

In project card report, monetary accounts special transactions types must also be available
Project card printout now avails the special transactions document types.

Retail sale document in purchase document
Added the ability to create a purchase document from a retail sale document.

Print documents from mass conversion
In the mass conversion dialog which is executed by the documents browser, added option through which document printout starts - following execution of the conversion job.
In the dialog displayed for printer selection, only system printers can be selected.

On certified Fixed assets reports, we added filter "Next page number"
Added filter "Next page number" in the following Assets printouts: Book of accounts, Book of accounts (altern. deprec.) and I.A.S. reports: Book of accounts.

Date interval in the production costing book
Added the date interval filter in the production costing book, the collective book of production costing and the production costing book with correlation code.

Conversion history
Added in documents the Conversion history option (from Related document jobs).

Improved the speed of prints
Significantly improved the speed in the following prints:
Matched and non Matched documents (customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors)
Market Transaction (customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors)
Pending Documents (purchase, sales, customers, suppliers)
Arrangements purchases and sales
Status of Receipts and Payments
Journals receipts and payments
Outstanding document (customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors)
State of revenues/expenses
Balance of revenues/expenses
Cheques cars
Cheques journal
Services Card
Analytical services balance
Storage book
loans Cards
Banks state

Accounting assets Resolvers
The depreciation and depreciated items accounts became available in accounting links from the depreciation lines.

Zero values in cash machines
In the cash machine codes file there is also transfer of codes with zero values in order to import value from the cashier.

line items in retail.
Double clicking on the display line of retail displays the popup items of the line, such as in the sales documents.

Balance of Lots per W/H
In the report of was given the possibility of horizontal analysis per W/H as in the report of Balances of Items per W/H.

Inactive attributes
It is no longer allowed to turn inactive an item attributes used in active alternative codes.

Customer comparative data
In the financial data of customers, in the comparative data, added two additional fields: one displays the difference between the periods in turnover value, and the other shows the deviation between periods turnover as a percentage.

Alternative Packages (Sorting) - items with attributes
For items that have an analysis in attributes, can now be registered alternative package where is proposed only the quantity (not necessarily to fill the attributes)

Definition of the uniqueness of the new lot code
Added parameter in the general warehouse parameters defining uniqueness when creating new lot codes.

Automatic printing of collection from an Invoice entry
Added parameter for printing a collection in sales and purchases. If 'Yes', it will be printed and cash voucher immediately after the original document. The second printing is not done when the document is printed from a browser or massively.

Discount credits job
The discount credits job may now be performed through the browser (in OBJINFOS.CFG set [SALDOC_BRMENU]
1;Discount credits=CULCTMPCREDIT)

Appearance of dates scaling in credit discount & pricing policies
Appearance of dates scaling in credit discount & pricing policies

Optimization of Search time
If selected, the system parameter "Automatic opening of selectors during typing" then the calculations are made ??by 3 characters and up, also has optimized the speed of searching.

Compare accounts value per period and fiscal year
At the financial data-> In comparative data -> comparison of value per period and fiscal year, is always proposed the debit and credit.

Balance of Suppliers-Customer
Was improved considerably the speed of report Balance of Suppliers-Customer in oracle.

New Lot in Retail Lines
Incorporated in retail the automation which opens new lot in the lines of the document.

Acctg resolver for line Cost Center
Added resolver in accounting links for the use of the account of the cost center found in the line of special transactions.

Bug fixing

Error in the execution of jobs (client/server)
In some jobs (execution of conversions, cancellation of revenue and expenses update) including a dialogue with mandatory filters which were not completed, an error occurred in client-server environment.

Report design
In Report design the name of the module changed in Tab: Report Definition. The correction refers to new designs only.

During the action 'copy from last' an error appeared stating that it was not possible to record the new user and it was not possible to delete entries in "Operations" tab.

Strict numbering in offline mode
In offline mode, in documents with strict numbering, when it became deletion of the document, was not corrected the numbering for the next document.

Credit control check with query in client/server mode
Fixed a problem related to the transfer of messages from SERVER to CLIENT, when running a batch job that creates other object causing the creation of messages, i.e. in the mass document conversion with Credit control check with query

Empty file in the transmission of a word form over email
During the transmission of a word form through email and when using word formatting, the attached file was empty.

Document update re-updates the prices by color, size
Following the conversion of a document using supplier price, on which there has been modification of the price per supplier for the item, the values per characteristic were changed on the lines.

Crystal form on azure
On crystal forms on azure environment, Greek characters do not display correctly.

Deletion of warehouse
Following the deletion of all documents related to a warehouse, it was not possible to delete the warehouse.

Required fields in Open report
If on an Open print a filter was defined as required, import to the design was forbidden.

Cancellation documents, VIES
At Vies-intra Community purchases, was incorrectly calculated the values of the cancellation documents.

Create item from hyperlink
In documents and following efforts to create a new item from a hyperlink, and following cancellation, the error message Selector record not found! was displayed. (Table = ITEM, KeyValue = 0).

Selected line in the print preview
In print preview the selected line was not highlighted but the one right below did.

Labels on document series
It is no longer possible to select a form label in a document series.

Qlikview sales analysis
When executing the QV Sales Analysis from client and results grouping, a blank line displayed in the totals.

Debits/Credits set
Applied a change so that inactive debit/credit is not
retrieved from the set.

Qlik View filters -'Sales Analysis'
On a client / server installation filters of Qlik View-'Sales Analysis' did not function correctly.

Crystal and oracle free reports
Crystal and oracle open reports displayed error 'Invalid index'.

Notepad messages in Oracle
In Oracle, when 'Sent'-> user was selected on Notepad an error message appeared.

Delete chart of accounts
When deleting a chart of accounts an error message displayed. Upon re-execution, the job completed normally.

Two designs in an open report
In an open report consisting of two designed ones, a print text line appeared when the designed reports were swapped.

Inherited Table in Database View
Enabled option Inherited Table in Database View in Database Designer (as well as in tables).

Dimensions from purchase to sale
During conversion of a purchase document with dimensions to a sales document, the dimensions were not transferred.

Production costing book
The production costing book report in oracle displayed an error: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000.

E-mailing of excel 2007 forms
When sending an e-mail containing a document with an excel 2007 form the excel file appeared empty.

Right-click selecting inactive customer
It is no longer allowed to post a document by means of displaying an inactive customer, nor this is displayed in subsequent options by right clicking.

Unsettled documents of trading parties
Following indirect customer posting on a document and search for outstanding documents, an access violation was displayed.

Fixed asset purchase
During posting a fixed asset purchase from purchases, when the same asset entity code was entered again on a second line and such line was then deleted, an error displayed stating that the entity code already exists.

During the offline process of creating the local database from cstinfo only dbversion entry is returned.
This problem is caused by incorrect data in one entry in the cstinfo table. Specifically, there is an entry where column 'NAME', is empty. In order to locate problematic entries, it is possible to use query
select * from cstinfo where name is null
In order to fix this issue, it is possible to use query
update cstinfo set name=cstname where name is null
It is scheduled for this problem to be automatically corrected in future synchronizations.

Current lots balance
In report dialog "Current Lot balances", upon right-clicking to call the codes from the memory an error displayed, ole error the column prefix 'A'does not match with a table name or alias name used in this query'
or 'The multi-part identifier A.MTRL could not be bound'.

Delete company
Company deletion job did not complete correctly.

Wrong display of data on project transactions (Header)
In project transactions (Header) from customer remittance with a project in the header and the lines, the value displayed both from the lines and the Header with Positive and Negative sign, creating thus zero result.

Function GLAgedRemain
Function GLAgedRemain did not return any results.

Total forecasts value
The total forecast value of the costing folder did not update correctly.

Serial numbering in the items transactions view
Increased the size of serial numbering of the grid in the items transactions view

Cash flow
The removal of "Customer/supplier/creditors payment terms" from the cash flow caused incorrect calculation of the totals "brought forward".

CRM Users
Fixed CRM users management

Contract from related document jobs
The lines of the contract selected from the related jobs of a sales document, presented with wrong customer redirection.

Oracle and Offline database
When the central database is on oracle, file export for the creation of offline database did not complete.

During automatic creation of accountings account through trading party posting, the free fields of the account tables are locked.
During automatic creation of accountings account through trading party posting, the free fields of the account tables were locked and could not be used.

Change of series of ccc fields.
Following posting of a custom table, the display order of ccc fields created in the table was changed.

InsDate in Soemail
There was no default value in the field InsDate of Object Soemail.

Cash closing: Undo
After calculating the cash, transfer of actual count to counting and actions undo, an error displayed.

Issued with reversal document
In the reissue of document with reversal, was not printing the Cancellation document with all the forms stated.

Attributes analysis in items transactions
Attributes analysis by means of right-clicking on items transactions through related item jobs, operates correctly.

Local fields in search browsers
Search browsers with local field display error messages.

Remote server-Export File
When executing file creation job from remote server, the file is always created (empty when there are no entries).

Email server connection and remote server
During remote server operation, a disconnection with the email server occurred which did not reset automatically.

Orders shortages
The document created by the execution of the job 'Order shortages' did not display the value field in the lines of the document and the total were nil.

Purchases history
Enabled column 'Lot' in purchases history.

Zero quantities in a attributes analysis
It is no longer allowed to import non-existent attributes in alternative item codes.

Synchronization of database through xdt
When creating a new database from xdt a synchronization error was displayed.

Search by '?'
The search using code mask in a specific location and symbol "?" did not work properly.

Company image in landscape
The printout of the company's image in landscape format resulted to a blank page.

Fixed asset module branch
An intallation that has not purchased branches received the message "you must fill in the branch" when registering an asset module.

Warehouse Reupdate and Latest purchase value
Upon reupdating the warehouse for one warehouse, the last purchase value was calculated correctly, but if reupdate was applied to all codes, the calculation was wrong.

Credits with escalation per net value
If in a credit discount rule it was set in a field to escalate per net value, the calculation of the discount credit returned the error message 'Invalid column name LNETLINEVAL'.

MAXOPNDAYS in the credit checks rules
Function MAXOPNDAYS in credit checks calculates the days of pending documents only if the customer has a debit balance.

Aging calculation
In some cases, there was miscalculation of aging customer balances.

Line VAT with excise tax and municipal tax
In documents with 2 expenses (excise tax and municipal tax), there was miscalculation of the line VAT value.

New folder in classic menu
The files created in the menu and do not contain any job, are now saved correctly.

Year with 4 digits
The date entry did not accept 4-digit year inputs.

Message in a form with runsql
An error message appeared in the printout of a form with local fields containing runsql.

Suggested price of questions in open reports
If were declared proposed price in the questions of an open report, it only functioned at the first implementation, and if became effort of saving the design again, was presented message Control '' has not parent window.

Outstanding Customer Documents
If was excecuting the printing 'Outstanding Customer Documents' with selection based od: Settlement date - securities, was wrongly applied the sorting regarding dates.

Securities Transactions
Was presented the error 'Field “cheque” not found' in the cheques Transactions from relative jobs.

Way of consumption of lot in receipts of production
In production document that consumed items monitored in lots, during the posting of the document, the lot was filled (fifo) while in the type of document was declared mode "From user".

Field VAT in printing forms
When printing with a report form the field description VAT: MTRLINES.VAT_VAT_NAME, it was presented with question marks.

Action continued from crm calendar
During the follow-up action to the calendar of CRM access violation occured in crm.bpl

Not application of filters in printings html view
In printing with form “html view”, the redesign of filters was not applied.

Intrastat XML file - Header total different than the lines total
In the Intrastat XML file the Header total was different than the lines total.
(Bulgarian Localization)

Update physical inventory
Under certain circumstances, appeared great delay at job for updating the physical inventory

Soft1 MAPS Parse error
An error message would appear at job "show map" in the customers browser.

Change field using enter
In sales document after selecting the series and enter, went to the field type instead of the date.

Message for remote execution at the browsers
The wrong message would appear for remote execution at the browsers

Field UOM1 in report form
In internal report form, the field MTRLINES.MTRL_MTRL_MTRUNIT1 printed question marks

Aging of customer balances per salesperson
Differences appear in the result of the customers browser' Aging of customer balances per salesperson " and the report Balance aging. Fixed function CusAgedRemain.

Matched documents
In report 'Matched documents' was not taken into account the parameter to print only matched documents.

Print document in .pdf file
Did not work properly the print of a document to a pdf file.

First useful line in excel import
Imports did not propose value 1 for the first useful line and an 'ole error' message would appear

Classic menu - Cache
The Classic menu was not available for selection in the card of the user.

Error ID =1
Not completed the entries that participated tables with record ID that equals to 1.

Analysis of production documents
In the printing 'Document analysis' of production did not function the filter of types for specific items.

Update physical stocktaking
Was not correctly updated the balance of items when updating physical stocktaking.

On Off. Update local database - deleting records
Added the parameter $ MERGEDELETED = 1 in the section of the .ini file on the master files. Once activated before synchronizing the file is checked the existence of the documents at the offline database.

html view in designed reports
The designed reports, in html view, only the first page loaded

Lot balance per W/H
Inconsistency appeared in the balance of lots per W/H between the financial data and selection of the items file

Suppliers - Alternative codes
Excluded the alternative supplier codes from the 'copy from last' to the posting of item.

Credit controls in Client-Server mode
Did not display the warning messages from the Credit Control in a Client-Server mode

Add document to preselections
Error message: ''cannot insert Null into solist", would appear in Oracle db if the user added a document to preselections

Filters in designed reports
In the filters of a designed report which have been linked with editor, appeared error upon selection.

Value of receipts in calculating commission
During the execution of job for calculating commissions is taken into account and the value of cash accounts thus calculated wrong the value of the receipts.

Balance in accounting transactions
In case no specific dates were defined in accounting transactions view, an error message would appear.

Balance per W/h - FIFO
For companies having Fifo as valuation method, the Inventory report : Balance per W/h did not show any result upon execution.