Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10176

Features added / modified

Issue #20090407-1155-2-476
Change password
The job for changing user password has been placed again in the System selection menu of the application (under Tools).

Issue #20100604-1155-2-675
Inventory reports
Two new reports regarding item sets have been added to the inventory reports:
1. Item sets – displays the set analysis in two bands
2.Composition document analysis (sets) – displays the set composition documents (behavior 101) in two bands

Issue #20100604-1155-1-682
Special transactions
The application now checks the document code of manual series and displays a message if the same code is used in a different document.

Issue #20100608-1155-2-700
Sales – Purchases history
A new filter has been added that allows for excluding cancelled and their cancelling documents from the sales – purchases history in items.

Issue #20100625-1155-2-804
Nominal value in Service lines
The respective fields are now available when designing service lines in Purchases as well as Special transaction documents - Nominal value (PLSMVAL), Nominal VAT (PLSMVAT).

Issue #20100706-1155-2-860
Order planning 
The [Order planning] feature is now available in sales document browsers.

Issue #20100713-1155-2-895
Search company in status bar
A new “search as you type” feature is now available when selecting companies in the Status bar.

Issue #20100720-1155-2-927
Re-login button
The re-login button function (at the left bottom part of Status bar) has been changed. Now, it can be used to exit the application.

Retail Purchase Behavior
A new QlikView scenario has been developed that presents the purchase behavior in retail module. For the time being, it is only available in Greek but it will be translated in the upcoming versions.

Bug fixing

Issue #20100630-1155-1-817
Import email
A problem was fixed that did not allow the import of certain e-mails (either an error message was displayed or blank lines).

Issue #20100715-1155-1-911
E-mail sending
The process has changed in order to monitor and record any problems that occur during sending.

Issue #20100706-1155-1-862
Document status after conversion
When mass conversion was selected, the status of the source document was not updated.

Issue #20100709-1155-1-878
VAT value in converted documents
If a document was converted to another document with at least one manually entered expense, the value of the VAT of the expense was transferred to the new document.

Issue #20100713-1155-1-899
FIFO cost price calculation (Romania)
If there were internal transfers of items (among warehouses), the cost of goods sold was not correctly calculated.

Issue #20100715-1155-1-914
New selectors in report design
The selector no longer appears in the reports that are placed in the user menu.

Issue #20100720-1155-1-932
Indirect card in Services / Lots
The indirect card in Services and Lots did not display results.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-939
Update of net line value after changing conversion rate
Now the net line value in local currency is updated each time the conversion rate of the document is modified.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-941
INTRASTAT XML file (Bulgaria)
The Nature of Transaction field displayed wrong values.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-942
Item lots 
A bug is fixed that occurred when an item with lots was inserted a second time in a document, the document type was using FIFO in lots and similar lines were not packed.

Issue #20100721-1155-1-943
Error message in Production slips
The message ‘‘Field PENDING NOT FOUND" appeared.

Issue #20100722-1155-1-946
Auto login
Auto login functionality has been restored.

Issue #20100723-1155-1-950
The reminders did not function correctly. They were displayed only during login.

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