Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11230

Features added / modified

Purchases/Sales History-New filters
At Items' "Purchases/Sales History" the "Branch" and "WH" filters have been added.

Bug fixing

Dataset.GetXML (javascript function)/ New parameter
A new parameter has been added at:
function ON_SALDOC_TRDR()
X.WARNING(ITELINES.GetXML(false, false));
The second parameter defines whether there will be tags regarding fields with null value.

Customs lot/ Stock doc
Under certain circumstances, the Customs lot at Stock documents was not properly updated when it resulted from costing folder. Error has been fixed.

Stock Statistics/ Filters
At "Stock Statistics" report, in Types of material filed, the values "52, (services), 53 (debits/credits), 54 (fixed assets)" have been added. Also, at Entities the following "1253, 1353, 1453, 1553,1653 (Creditor other transactions), 1154 (fixed asset documents), 1352 (Service folder)" have been added too.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11229

Features added / modified

Department dimension in Budgeting
The "Department" dimension has now been added to Budgeting module.

Holiday Calendar/ "Employment" tab
The holiday calendar is defined in the "Employment" tab and included in calculating the leave days.

Tax form (IR7) - New specifications - Cyprus Localization
New specifications for tax form (IR7) statement have been implemented.

"Companies & Synchronization"/ MTRBRNLIMITS table
At Stock Management parameters, in "Companies & Synchronization" tab the "Limits per W/H" option can now be excluded.

SEPA file - Bank of America
The SEPA file for Bank of America has been developed.

Employees Actions Printout Forms/ New object
A new object has been created for Employees Actions Printout Forms.

D300 - Romanian Localization
Changes have been made to the Romanian D300 tax form and the relevant .xml file to support recent changes due to tax legislation.

Update Payroll Entries/ 255 characters
255 characters are allowed for Employee filter found at "Update Payroll Entries"(AcnBatchPayGL) job.

Objects Log File/ "Price" field
At "Objects Log File", regarding the Purchases Docs, when selecting the table "Material (lines) the field "Price" has been added.

Bug fixing

Select customer/supplier at branch
You are now allowed to select/enter a customer/supplier at cust./sup.branch field.

Company Overview/ Production Cost
At Company Overview report the "Production cost" field is now properly updated.

Overdue receivable cheques
Error "Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Date)" has been fixed while clicking on hyperlink "Overdue receivable cheques" at customers' financial data if a different date format from the default one, had been defined.

"Customer Aging Balances" report/ MS Excel file
Field titles/captions are now properly appear while printing the Browser/List of "Customer Aging Balances" report in MS Excel file format.

Sales Control Report
Fixed error message "FCHECKSTM: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" which was displayed while switching between Templates at "Sales Control Report".

Remote Systems - 2008 UI
At Off-line jobs, the parameters of the Off-line installation are now displayed (2008 Soft1 UI).

Employees Browser/ "Export to .xxf file"
The job "Export to .xxf file" is properly working for Employees list.

"CusFirstDateOpenDoc"/ SQL command
The function "CusFirstDateOpenDoc" is properly working as an SQL command too.

Filters on Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (Romanian Localization)
The filters in FIFO Analysis report ((ROM_MBAL_FIFO) are now properly working.

Stock Ledger with FIFO (Romanian Localization)
The error" Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near ','" has been fixed for Stock Ledger with FIFO (MAT_BOOK).

Pricing Policies/ Series 5 UI
In Series 5 UI, the following error message "LIST INDEX OUT OF BOUNDS (2)." has been fixed. The error was displayed upon changing line at documents with pricing policy-gift.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Version 5.00.519.11228

Features added / modified

ICS Elegant net/ Certified
The ICS Elegant net is now certified as a fiscal printer / cash register.

"SQLDateTime" function
The function "SQLDateTime" has now been added.

"Create SEPA file"/ "Show Debits" field
At "Create SEPA file" job, the field "Show Debits" including the following values (Indifferent, Cumulative, Detailed) has now been added.

Objects Log File/ "Price" field
At "Objects Log File", regarding the Sales Docs, when selecting the table "Material (lines) the field "Price" has been added.

"History changes"/ Set/ Kits
The "History changes" job has been added at Sets/ Kits.

Coverage of pending/ Different lots
You are now allowed to perform Coverage of pending (when right-clicking on doc lines) even in items with different lots.

"Requirements per Production - Analytical"/ "Group" filter
At "Requirements per Production - Analytical" report, the filter "Group" has now been added.

Bug fixing

Group of Companies schema/ Payroll Reports/Printouts
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and specifically at a child company, error fixed at Payroll Reports/ Printouts.

Cheques browser/ Amount selection
At "Cheques" default Soft1 browser, the amount filter selection is now functioning properly.

Soft1 designer caption/ Export to *.cst file
The caption of a designed entry (Soft1 designer tool) is now transferred/displayed when exporting it to cst.

Office 365 - Contacts import
Automatic contacts Import from Soft1 to Office365 is now properly working.

Loyalty Schemes - Hierarchies
The customer points are now properly calculated regardless of
the hierarchy level set in Pricing Policies Rules Data.

Members-Administrators of Capital Companies/ JL10 file
The income of members-administrators of capital companies is now calculated at the monthly JL10 file with income type 5.

Origin document(FINCODE)/ Hyperlink
The hyperlink for "Origin document" (FINCODE field),when included as column at document lines, is now properly working.

Series 5 UI/ Pre-selected lists
At Series 5 UI, you are now allowed to add an entry to an existing pre-selected list and view all the previously saved pre-selected entries as well.

Projects/ "Revenue Trial Balance" report
At Projects, and specifically at "Revenue Trial Balance" report, the filter "Includes VAT" is now properly working.

Group of Companies schema/ New Projects
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and particularly at a child company, the error "'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 511D38EC in module 'dbrtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000080
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed upon selecting new Project.

Filetype 10/ "Transfer to client" parameter
Error "[S]: Cannot open file ..." has been fixed when selecting the "Transfer to client" parameter in order to export Filetype 10.

Group of Companies schema/ Trading parties filter
At a Group of Companies schema/model and particularly at a child company, upon reupdating the trading parties (customers-suppliers etc.), the trading parties filter is now properly functioning.

Branches/ VAT status
The field "VAT status" is now available at Company Branches.

Installation lines
Error fixed upon adding an item at installation lines

Lots Trial Balance
Error fixed at "Lots Trial Balance" report. Balance Value is properly calculated regardless the Date Range selected at the report filters.

"Order planning" job/ Service Folders
Error fixed upon selecting "Order planning" job at Service Folders.