Monday, November 12, 2012

Version 312.509.10367

Features added / modified

Document strict numbering
In series with common and strict numbering failed the posting check into next numbering before that date.

Browsers/Views: Right to Delete
To a user which does not have the right to design custom browsers/Views but have the right to select Soft1 browsers/Views, the 'Delete' option in no longer available.

Costing Folders
There was no correctly calculated the sales prices through the folders costing when the items was found in more than one line item in the invoice which participate in this folder.

Given the opportunity to display different forms (xad) for each language.

Send email using an import script
Added the possibility for mass sending email from import script.

Customization control per installation
Has changed the control of the customization based on the sn of the installation

Bug fixing

User Rights and Series
When you set up a right for Series (through Series) upon save the grid appeared empty.

Wrong increasing numbering in browsers
Browsers returning results in more than one screen, and had increasing numbering, there was no proper behavior when switching screens with Page Up, Page Down.

Copy from last - goods and services
After sequential registration of document with goods and services, with only goods, re-postingn using 'copy from last' of the document that has goods and services, re-posting using 'copy from last' of the document that has only goods, displayed and the services of the previously posted document .

ItemCDIM function descriptions
Fixed the descriptions of the arguments of functions:
FItemCDimOpn, FItemCDimImp, FItemCDimExp, FItemCDimPur, FItemCDimReserved, FItemCDimOrdered, FItemCDimRestMode, FItemCDimOtherRest, FItemCDimBalImp, FItemCDimBalExp, FItemCDimSumBalImp, FItemCDimSumBalExp, FItemCDimPriceW, FItemCDimPriceR

Export .cst using a serial number
If you had export a .cst using a specific serial number, import in this serial and export from there, then it did not keep the serial number and the password that was set. If change had taken place in .cst, the password was lost.

Error message in Action history
In XP environment in related jobs of General actions>Action history an error message would appear 'incorrect syntax near WITH'

Bonus Card report in client/server enviroment
The 'Bonus Card report' in client / server enviroment and oracle db delayed excessively.

Cost Accounting articles
During the posting of an accounting article from the screen of the cost accounting accounts an error message would appear «Access Violation at address 03809EEA in module XBase.bpl. Read of address ...... »

Outprocess in Offline mode.
Although it was declared the parameter FORCEOFFLINE = 1,
the . net outprocess application was not linked to softone for offline mode , and displayed messages 'Control "has no parent window'.

Error when using Prototypes
If for the Statistics report 'Purchases per item' was created and applied a standard Prototype, appeared error "Field SOSMALLINT = 4, cannot be modified."

Order planning
During the execution of job 'Order planning', traders did not appear in the results unless it was chosen the flag 'Customer branches'.

Pricing policies - last purchase price of the lot based on given rate
In sales document declared to use the last purchase price of the lot and applied a pricing policy based on a percentage, the value was calculated based on the purchase price of the item and not the lot.

General Ledger report
If to the filter code was given 5 *, ie. 1st grade, the articles were not sorted by date.

Intrastat XML file - Wrong Header information from multicompany installations
If more than one company exists in an installation then the Intrastat xml for Imports-Exports was produced including the T.V.A and the Name of the first company

Gross Profit at Comparative sales overview
The Comparative sales overview does not show correctly the gross profit in case the valuation methods are FIFO or LIFO.

On line calculation of last purchase price
If it had declared to be executed 'online cost price calculation' and as a valuation method was declared the last purchase price, the purchase invoice entry was performed too slow.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Version 312.509.10360

Features added / modified

Merging of document expenses and expenses (Credits / Debits)
Merging of document expenses and expenses (Credits / Debits).

Form printouts - Pdf file creation with password.
Added the fields and in table TEMPLATES.
Added the field Password in table PRSN

Data flow scenario with filters
If in a data flow scenario,
there are selected entries that will not be accepted by a filter, an error message is displayed and no interruption of the job will be made with the error.

Offline synchronization time interval
Added the ability to change the interval between two Offline synchronizations. At the [OFFLINE] section of the xco file the command "SYNCINTERVAL=x" must be added, where x is the interval in hours. For the interval to work in minutes the command must be "SYNCINTERVAL=15m". If the synchronization is not to be executed the command "SYNCINTERNAL=0" must be added.

Improvement in prinouts execution time
Improvement in printouts execution time
Trading Parties
-Cards with analysis of cheques
-Cards in transaction currency
-Trial balance
-Detail trial balance
-Branch trial balance
-Inventory Items Cards
-Stock ledger
-Trial balance
-Official Inventory book
-Monthly inventory statement
-Monthly inventory statement per W/h
-Monthly import statement
-Monthly import statement per W/H
-Opening balance book
-Opening balance book per W/h
-Detail trial balance
-Detail trial balance per W/h
-Stock ledger (I.A.S.)
-Current balances
-Balance per W/h
-Trial balance
-Revenues-Expenses account Cards.

Improvement of Gift list status printout
Added the value of the line in retail documents so the balance leverage
will be available in the Gift list.

Contracts in sales statistics
Added in sales statistics a link for the Contract of the document.

Printout execution speed
Improved the execution speed of Sales report >Sales per item printout.

Improvement of Gift list status printout with added filters
Improvement of Gift list status printout with the addition of series and document types of retail documents as filters.
Also imprinting of retail documents in two segments (bands). Documents with a retail customer that is the holder of the Gift list and a second one with third party documents (with subsets).

Improvement of execution speed of Stock Ledger printout.
Improvement of execution speed of Stock Ledger printout.

VAT in sales of vouchers.
In case of sales of vouchers (voucher sale as a coupon) the VAT of the document line is updated from the inventory item.

Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts
Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts: Cards, Subsidiary ledger, General ledger.

Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts
Improved the execution speed of the General Ledger printouts: Cards, Subsidiary ledger, General ledger.

Filter in Cash Flow and transfer to working day.
When the expiration date of a cheque is in the weekend then it is displayed the next Monday in Cashflow.
Added portfolio as a filter.

Outprocess in Offline mode.
For the application to be able to start directly in offline mode a parameter was added "FORCEOFFLINE=1" at the section [APPLICATION] of the xco file. Alternatively the command "/FORCEOFFLINE:1" can be added at the target of the shortcut.

Bug fixing

Recalculate customers' loyalty points
During the Recalculation of customers' points, the job did not update the points or doubled the points.

Routing in documents.
If Routing was selected by right click in documents browser, the email of the trading party would appear in destination address with a result that the routing could not be calculated.

Item balance per attribute
In indirect call of per company from the document lines, an error message would appear "Ole error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near ‘=’".

Deletion of Retail documents.
In deletion of Retail documents an error message would appear "Operation Failed"

Gift list status
When two gift lists had the same opening date and from the gift list, in client/server mode, the button Gift list status was selected, all gift lists appeared at the prinout and not only the selected one.

Gift List
In client/server environment if gift list status was selected from the button of the gift list View an error message would appear "In exec report. Dataset base is active point 13".

Collection filters in gift list status.
In gift list status the filters that concerned the collection were ignored (Series and Types of collection documents).

Wrong title in purchase documents in
In the module International transactions at a purchase document the title "value in customer's currency" would appear instead of "suppliers"

Wrong values when is used
If after posting a Retail document with credit card set in payment method and copy from last was selected, the value in field would be doubled.

Fixed assets purchase with 0% VAT
In Fixed assets document posting from purchases, when a supplier had "is exempted" in VAT field, an error message would appear.

Points to inactive bonus card
In retail documents, if a bonus card was selected, which was inactive a message would appear but the application would allow the selection of the card with result the points to be calculated normally.

Calculation of Loyalty points.
Loyalty points would be calculated normally in items that were not included in Pricing policy data if in the first line of the document existed an item that is included in Pricing policy data.

Commercial category in Stock ledger printout.
The item commercial category did not work correctly as a filter in the printout .

Series Rights
If a change was made at the parameters of a series, the user rights set on the series were lost.

field SOBOOLEAN3 cannot be modifed
In Item financial data>Period data>Inventory In-Out an error message would appear "field SOBOOLEAN3 can not be modifed"

Customer Balance Aging
At Customers Balance Aging the period analysis did not appear correctly.

Balance brought fwd in customer card
In case that Balance brought fwd was not selected in Customer transactions View the debit-credit values would not appear.

Item financial data
A long delay would appear if Item financial data was selected.

Green fields in Views.
If green fields (example SoFNetTurnover) were selected in a views of Customers, Suppliers, Items and then the view was selected, error messages would appear.

Error messages in javascript.
In case of a spelling error in a javascript view, the new window would not open on top of all windows but behind the first window so it was not available to be read.

Wrong activation with client s/n.
In retail documents the search customer option did not appear based on serial number.

Local fields
In <Analysis of customers per item>, if a new local field was created as 'Operation Line balance' and 'Calculation formula' no value would appear.

Sales Orders in Retail documents
During the posting of a Retail document in which two sales orders have been selected from the related jobs, an error message would appear incorrect syntax near ";"

Credit controls
In a credit control with accounting balance and outstanding Delivery Notes, if the customer did not have any outstanding Delivery Notes an error message would appear "could not convert variant of type null into type (double)"

CusAvgBalDays in customer card.
If in customer cards a local field was created using the function CusAvgBalDays the result would appear only for the first customer.

Popup form in grid.
In case of a new form in a View, if an area was placed at the form with two fields and the form was set as popup form in a grid of the View then the fields will dissapear from the grid and the fields of the form will disappear from the parameters.

Op. Balance in multicompany card printout of cash accounts.
In multicompany card printout of cash accounts would appear only the Op. Balance of the first company and not of all the selected companies.

Error during printing a Crystal report form
Error during printing a Crystal report form in Windows 7.

Lots balance
Lots analysis did not appear correctly when the offsetting of balances per warehouse gave zero balance.

Statistics Purchases per supplier
The printout 'Statistics Purchases per supplier' exhibited a dysfunction when there was a filter set in fields such as group.

Inventory Items Balance check
Under some conditions, a wrong balance stock check was made per warehouse

Allocation models in general ledger.
Allocation models in parameters of general ledger did not work correctly.

Empty numeric fields in Pivot analysis
If at a browser a numeric field was selected from a table linked with the main table would appear blank in pivot analysis.

Multiple addon dll in an .xco file
When multiple addon dll files were defined in an xco file (for example ADDON=Sem.dll;DigiDS700EBR.dll), an error message would appear upon login.

Financial data of trading parties.
In financial data of trading parties, in period data, in the totals of debit or credit fields the value of op. balance was included.
In many fiscal periods, the value of op. balance was multiplied respectively in the totals fields. The totals fields are removed.

Tabs in order planning.
In "Order planning" the names of tabs appeared incorrectly. Number "1" was displayed on both tabs.

Sales per customer
In "sales per customer" printout if a grouping filter of items was used, an error message "Incorrect syntax near the keyword Group" would appear during the execution of the printout.

Purchases per supplier
In "Purchases per supplier" if a filter of the inventory items was selected an error would appear: "ole error incorrect syntax near the keyword group".

Error on unpaid documents
In sales documents by selecting, by right click of the unpaid documents at customer hyperlink an 'access violation' message would appear.

ExcelImport in Import Script.
There was an issue with inserting data to a database, when entering data from excel using the function ExcelImport in an Import Script, when the characters ' and : were in the data.

Months sorting in Cash accounts
There was no proper sorting of months in the financial data section of Cash accounts.

Copy of item attributes to other companies.
If copy to other companies has been selected with update type "Insert and modify" and the item attributes was "per item", then if the item was modified in the first company the attributes would be deleted at the other companies.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Version 312.509.10353

Features added / modified

Account printouts by date
A filter is added to the prinouts of accounts by period for revenues/expenses. The filter regards the date interval.

Automatic selection of printer in printouts.
A new functions is made available
ΕxecuteReport(ObjectName, ListName, Filters,file name or printer name)

Accounting opening entries for accounts in foreign currency
Accounting opening entries are now created by currency for the account transferred.

Group by VAT rate in Opening balance book.
Added the ability to group by VAT rate in Opening balance book.

Serial number card printout.
Added a new printout Serial number card.

Update line comments from set item to composition document.
A change was made so the document line comments of set items are being transferred to the composition document too.

Αddition of filter to printout Trial Balance of customers / suppliers and Detail Trial balance of customers / suppliers
Αddition of filter to printout Trial Balance of customers / suppliers and Detail Trial balance of customers / suppliers. With the selection of the filter only trading parties with transaction in the fiscal year/period or balance appear.

Detail trial balance in Azure
Improvement of the calculation time of the printout Detail trial balance in Azure.

The codes for Special Barcodes (weight) are increased to ten.
The codes for Special Barcodes (weight) are increased to ten.

Banks and SWIFT code
Added the Swift code at bank accounts

Update in comment and lines of closing documents with the folder code.
The code of Import folders is now being filled in the comment of the closing document and its lines.

Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of inventory and Bills of materials
Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of inventory and Bills of materials

Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of trading parties and cash accounts
Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of trading parties and cash accounts

Negotiable instrument transactions.
A change was made for the fields Name and Address to remain active in case the holder category is third in a negotiable instrument.

Detailed trial balance by w\h
Totals of all warehouses appear now at the Detailed trial balance by w\h printout.

Depreciation calculation for fixed assets
If the calculation of depreciation for fixed assets is selected the calculation is made until the day of dale or destruction of the fixed assets as required by law and not fortnightly.

Creation of Cash flow through Soft1 tools.
Creation of Cash flow through Soft1 tools.

EAN code production --COUNTRY.EANCODE
Added a parameter to the job of alternative codes production, by which the alternative code has the first digit that is posted in COUNTRY.EANCODE located in the field country of origin in the Items file.

Loyalty - "Bonus Card report"
Added the printout "Bonus Card report"

Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of projects, services, Credits / Debits.
Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of projects, services, Credits / Debits.

Item selection list (summary) and Quotation summary.
Improved the calculation speed of Item selection list (summary) and Quotation summary.

Change of Customer trial balance (cumul.) printout.
A change was made in Customer trial balance (cumul.) printout. When 'Detailed per property' filter is selected then a single line by VAT number is shown.

Value/cost of co-products in Production & cost book printout.
In Production & cost book printout the fields value/cost of co-products are made available.

Added a resolver in Open-design documents
Added a resolver in Open-design documents for the Creditors branches in document lines.

Improved the calculation speed of the inventory detail trial balance printout
Improved the calculation speed of the inventory detail trial balance printout

Same document lines.
In document types, in the parameter for the similar lines it has been added an extra option 'Transfer to the same'. When this value is selected, during the posting of a document line with an item that already exists on another line, it is automatically transfered to that line before the posting of quantity.

Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of General ledger accounts.
Creation of diagrams and pivot tables in financial data of General ledger accounts.

Stock ledger and warehouse cost price
If a warehouse is not included in the calculation of cost prices then at the Stock ledger printout the remaining balance will not be included in the calculation of cost prices.

Last date and value of payments for suppliers.
Added functions that return the last date and value of payments for suppliers.

Printout forms - pervious balance in trading party's currency
The field previous balance in trading party's currency is made available in printout forms.

Collection and Payment statistics.
Added two new menu items in Financial > Cash-Cash Accounts > collection statistics and payment statistics.

Τransactions from Special transactions - Cash accounts in Project card printouts
A change was made so that in Project card printouts, transactions from 'Special transactions - Cash accounts' are being shown.

U.O.M filter in Orders per item and Orders per customer printouts
Added in printouts Orders per item and Orders per customer the filter U.O.M.

Storage book printout.
Added the columns Net value and VAT in Storage book printout.

Accounting links for depreciation of fixed assets
Accounting links in fixed assests depreciation with multiple entries are now displayed correctly from related jobs.

negotiable instruments transactions.
Added a new printout 'Maturity report' in negotiable instruments

Update sales prices from costing folders.
Added in Related jobs of the costing folders the job Update sales prices.

Calculation speed for Aggrages
A change was made, so the speed for the calculation of inventory and trading parties aggregates is improved.

Monthly inventory statement printout and cost price calculation of warehouses
If a warehouse is not included in the cost price calculation then the available balance at the Monthly inventory statement printout is not included in the balance cost calculation.

Ability to transfer not filled quantity in canceled.
A new parameter is created in Inventory which states whether the not filled amount will be transferred to QTY1 as now or to canceled.

T.R.No filter in Customer trial balance (cumul.)
In the printout Customer trial balance (cumul.) a filter is added that exempts the customers with no T.R.No. set.

Account and Account 2 in fixed assets
In Line columns of purchases in fixed assets tab the fields Account and Account 2 are activated.

Sales DashBoards
Creation of Sales DashBoards (For Fiscal year and comparative Fiscal years)

Purchases DashBoards
Creation of Purchases DashBoards (For Fiscal year and comparative Fiscal years)

Inventory DashBoards
Creation of Inventory DashBoards (For comparative Fiscal years)

Τransactions from Special transactions - Cash accounts in Project card printouts
In project card printouts Τransactions from Special transactions - Cash accounts now appear as expenses. Added SOSOURCE - 1453.

Bug fixing

The read only option was disappeared in views once designed a custom field in the corresponding table
The read only option was disappeared in views once designed a custom field in the corresponding table.

Decimals in MS-Excel
In the account card printout many decimals appeared if it was printed in MS-Excel.

Users and tab Customizations
During the creation of a new user an access violation message would appear if the tab Customizations was selected.

End Date and time.
when the End date was deleted the corresponding time was not automatically deleted.

Item balance per attrib.-W/h
If Code - Name was set as a title of a column at the printout 'Item balance per attrib.-W/h' the letters 'Wh' would appear as a title.

Grid and Linked fields.
During a design of a view linked fields disappear when changes were made to available grids.

User Rights.
A new user ability is implemented so the opening of a document is available by double click from the user directly from the customer card printout.

Shortage orders and Group filter.
At the execution of the job Shortage orders the filter Group did not work properly.

Fixed Assets transactions
-In a document that increased or decreased the acquisition value of fixed assets the trading party was required to be set for the accounting link of revenues/expenses entry to be posted.

Convertion of fixed assets documents.
In a convertion of a purchase document (only quantity) to a purchase document (only values) an error message would appear 'FPRMS: AUTOSPCGPS not found΄

Cost accounting
In a full copy of a company with chart of accounts the parameters of the cost accounting where not updated.

Data flow scenario.
If in a Data flow scenario displaying the final entity, which had required fields that were not filled automatically from the data flow scenario, then the data flow was canceled and an error message appear. A correction was made and the data flow continues normaly.

Expenses document in suppliers special transactions.
In Suppliers special transactions the
Expenses document did not appear in the related jobs.

Inventory balance ageing.
The job calculated the age of the inventory stock by the date of opening balance and not the date of purchase, and did not decompose by sales from inventory opening balance when there have been a purchase before the depletion of inventory opening balance.

Extra fields of items in balance per w\h printout
If in filters of balance per w\h printout a field from the extra fields of the items was brought an error message appeared.

Check dates.
Check dates did not apply when set in retail module.

The horizontal analysis of the browser no longer gives a choice between all available fields in the browser.
The horizontal analysis of the browser did not allow a choice between all available fields in the browser (eg the salesperson of the document) but made available only the cache tables of the browser.

Loyalty - cancelation of retail document with bonus card.
In cancelation by reversal of a retail document with bonus card the bonus card was not transfered in the cancelation document and the gift voucher was now canceled automatically.

Loyalty - copy from buffer
During the copy from buffer of a retail document the bonus card was not transfered.

If the job was executed more than once then a new sales document was created while the first one already existed.

Word forms with item pictures.
If the picture was deleted from an item, then the form that was selected in did not print.

Canceled and cancelation documents as unpaid.
In sales documents browser the calculated field Unpaid, showed as unpaid, the canceled and the cancellation documents.

Revenue/Expenses book printout
If in Revenue/Expenses book printout the columns number, series, trading party where selected no data would appear.

balance reflection of inactive attributes in item card printout.
Inventory item card printout reflects the balance by attribute even if an attribute is set inactive but the item has balance with this attribute.

Gift list status
When two gift lists had the same opening date and form the gift list, in client/server mode, the button Gift list status was selected, all gift lists appeared at the prinout and not only the selected one.

Insert and modify of items in another company.
If Insert and modify was selected in Inventory parameters for another company the set of the item was transfered too.

Inactive items per customer
In the printout Inactive items per customer the filters did not work properly so all the inventory items appeared.

Update accounting in Creditor remittances.
Added the field Update accounting in the browser of Creditor remittances.

match with revenues/expenses in fixed assets
Added in fixed assets documents browser and depresiation documents browser the field match with revenues/expenses

Bug on calculating values aftεr using Calculate button from Intrastat
If in sales documents an item was selected with quantity and value and the line was not changed and the Calculate button from Intrastat was used then the document would have discrepancies between lines and totals.

Synchronization of the offline database.
During the synchronization of the offline database (automatic or by the user) an error message would appear if the com port port was used by a fiscal printer.

X.PLAY In Customer Screen
In Customer Screen from the retail module if the X.PLAY function was used, when the first item was selected, a sound was heard but the screen was distorted.

Error message in Action history
In XP environment in related jobs of General actions>Action history an error message would appear 'incorrect syntax near WITH'

In transactions from related jobs of Revenues accounts only the value of the first transaction appears.
In transactions from related jobs of Revenues accounts only the value of the first transaction appears.

Wrong activation with client s/n.
In retail documents the search customer option did not appear based on serial number.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Version 312.508.10334

Bug fixing

Word form and double lines (dashes)
''ole error 800A03EC'' message would appear while printing a Word form that had double lines (dashes)

Offline Synchronization
After copying files from the server and re-setting of the parameters an Windows error occured.

Settlement dates in the massive conversion of documents
In Massive conversion of documents, the settlement dates were calculated based on the date of the original document and not at the date of the new document.

Accounting links
Wrong VAT to accounting links at Azure.
Pbxmonitor-Interface not supported
A correction was made, Pbx monitor was failing to identify the caller id after some time and an error message "Interface not supported" apperd.

OnOff: Synchronization of Local Installation
Fixed an error when synchronizing local installation.

Error during synchronization of the local offline database.
Changes were made in synchronization of the local offline database concerning the connection client-server and database version.

Azure: Error while creating external accounting records
In Azure enviroment, an error would occur while creating external accounting records.

Wrong recording of local currency in accounting article
The article that resulted from the closing folder document (import) showed wrong local currency.

Titles instead of data in word forms.
An error is corrected in Word forms of collections, the titles of fields was printed instead of the data.

Transaction behaivour and shipment method in intrastat in cancellation by reversal.
A change was made copying the fields transaction behaivour and shipment method in intrastat of a cancelation document resulting from cancellation by reversal.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Version 312.508.10330

Features added / modified

Gross value in purchace lines
Added to the purchase documents the field 'Gross value field' as the one existed on sales documents.

On/Off with Azure.
The On/Off ability is now supported in Azure environment.

online price calculation of last purchace price
In databases with online price calculation and valuation method the last purchace price, the posting of invoice-delivery note for items with many transaction, delayed excessively.

Intrastat exports xml
Modifications applied to Intrastat exports xml file

New email and 'To' field.
A change was made so when customer, customer branch or customer person was selected, the 'To' field will be filled only if it was blank.

Document modification in another fiscal period for CustFinDoc.
Added the parameter UPDFISCPRD which for value '1' allows the modification of documents in another fiscal period.

SELRECS parameter
A change was made so in browsers with line expansion the SELRECS parameter brings the ID of the lines too.

Intrastat - Delivery term
In the list of Delivery terms for Intrastat (BGINTDELIVERY), the following option was added:
DAP-Delivered at place

Bug fixing

Expenses and fifo lots.
In case that, in the document type, an automatic fifo was set and two items with expenses where selected in the document lines with discount 1 filled on both lines, then total value of the documents was changed after posting.

Wrong totals values during document change.
A change was made so when a record is in a changing state, no printout for that record can be made.

Item quantity Input in sales documents.
In multiple selection of items in sales documents with input, an error message would appear when the item did not have available quantity.

Creation of external files for Revenues/Expences
During the export of the revenues/expences file with the selection 'Transfer to client' an access violation error would appear and otherwise 'ist index out of bounds'

Payment documents date
A change was made so automatic payment documents can be posted with a later date from that of the original document.

Production orders in oracle databases
In Oracle databases, when a production documents were created from production orders, then the user could not view the order or make changes in the production document.

Special transactions - Creditors
A change was made so in document posting of Creditors Special transactions with online revenues/expences accounting link, would appear correctly when the matching with revenues/expences is selected from related jobs.

Export of accounting file
During the export of the accounting file, an access violation error would appear.

Transactions between warehouses <= of the limits
In transactions between warehouses when the balance was between the limit levels then the balance value was brought in the field quantity.

Line columns in data flow scenarios.
During a document view from data flow scenarios, the defined Line columns would not be applied.

Statement 390, sign '&' in traders name
If the '&' sing existed in the name of a trading party, then no data would be displayed at Statement 390.

Error Invalid column name 'SOTYPE'
If the version was earlier than 311.499, then an error Invalid column name 'SOTYPE' would appear instead of the message for database synchronization to 311.499 version.

Convertion of lines
From a browser with item lines, the convertion of a document did not work correctly. The dialog would appear on screen but no document would be created.

Report problem ( FIELD '' HAS NO DATASET)
When defined in the design of the print more than 6 local sql fields, appeared error: FIELD'' HAS NO DATASET

S1 portal in English Azure
When login with English in Azure environment the S1 Prortal would appear in Greek.

New account at cost accounting article
When introducing a new line while modifying a cost accounting article
generated from general ledger entry, the field 'ACNTRN.ACNTSEC' did not update, thus not reflected properly in Sharing Sheets.

Synchronize offline database
When synchronizing from the central database error occurs.

Sales & Purchases history for Services
Did nor work properly the Sales and Purchases History for Services

Report form with entity image
Report form which had the image of the item in the header and footer, did not print the form data unless the image does was placed in the first line of the section.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Version 312.508.10326

Features added / modified

Update Revenues\Expenses for Payroll
Added the ability to update Revenues\Expenses, for Payroll via Special transactions.

Series numbering brought fwd
During the execution of 'Series numbering brought fwd' job, are set in grid the series that will be excluded from the general rule.

Fiscal year for payroll for multicompany databases.
A new job is added, which creates new fiscal year for payroll, in all the companies of the database.

Resolver in Revenues/Expenses
Added in Revenues/Expenses link a resolver, Expense Value (Negative expense) - Expense VAT Value (Negative expense).

Select multiple entries from available list
Given the possibility to be imported to the document the selected browser results opened by right clicking : from list

CRM access level
A field 'Access Level' has been added in CRM parameters per user.
Once completed, each new action posted from that user comes with this level proposed.

Revenues/Expenses Book
The report revenues/ expenses book, gives results when last year selected .

copy - paste of softone messages
Added the ability to copy messages that appear in Softone.

Scroll bar in Softone messages.
Added scroll bar in messages that appear in Softone.

Infinity in aging
The column for older balance is now with infinity sign (-oo).

Sales/Purchases statistics per item
In the filters is available the number of months. This option is aggregating quantities - values ??in one column (corresponding to the number of days).

Services in Retail module
Added the ability to select services in Retail documents.

Selection of Pricing policy in Retail module & Recalculation.
Added in Retail module, in Related Jobs, the options Select agrement and Recalculation.

Printform for email
Fixed PRINTFORM for printing on Email.

Fixed assets - accelerated depreciation methods (Romanian Legislation)
Incorporation of Accelerated depreciation method.

Unpaid document balance-date status
For Outstanding documents was given the ability to set the date of validity (requires FIFO openitem).

Projects - Items Balance
Added filter for 'Projects w/o transactions'

Update alternative prices upon saving a purchase documnet
Added parameter in the types of sales that determines which of the alternative prices will be updated.

Extra fields in Draft entries table
Added Extra fields in Draft entries table

Possibility to set up Pricing Policies for Items and Lots.
Given the ability to set pricing policies in lost.

Cost of goods sold in project financial data
Added column to the financial data of the project that reflects the cost of goods sold. Refers to the goods contained in a sales invoice and matched with the module of projects, either in a header or line level.

Characters (length) in field serial number
The length of the serial number field is increased to 35 characters.

Gross profit aggregate - Projects
In Project Financial data added the columns of the project cost of goods sold, sales value and gross profit.

Update rates of wastage at job in lines of production documents
In producing documents generated from work , is filled the wastage rates that exist in the specification.

Customer data in contacts
Added the parameter "Transfer trader data
", The general parameters of contacts. The default value is [Yes]. To prevent the auto-complete of data to be set ['No].

IBAN code validation in cash accounts
Added validation of IBAN in cash accounts.

Reports with services transactions
The following reports created.
"Sales of services per customer" and "Services analysis per customer."

Reports for Services transactions and Suppliers
New available reports: 1. Service purchases per supplier, 2. Service analysis per supplier

Cash accounts: Different Exchange rate in Accounting compare with Commercial part.
Transfer of TDEBIT, ADEBIT, TCREDIT to ACREDIT. It gives correct results only when traders are matched one to one with an G.L. account, with the same currency. In the event of improper use of significant issues will arise.

Lots & FIFO automatically analysed in lines
Added in the related jobs of Sales and Inventory, the job 'Lots Proposal'. Upon execution the behavior is the same if Automatic coverage existed.

Lock and "Inventory balances brought fwd"
If "Inventory balances brought fwd" is executed in a fiscal period and is locked the first fiscal period, it appears o prohibition message.

Filters expected - reserved at job "Shortage orders"
In Shortage orders job added filter regarding the available categories for expected - reserved.

Function for balance in local currency
In the function CusBalance was added parameter which returns the balance in local currency and not in the currency of trader.

The cash charges SOCASHEXP became Master Form and allow design view

Remittances as Retail Advances
Remittances are now available as Retail Advances.

Open new fscal year to all companies massively
New job: 'Mass import of fiscal year' is available in Periodic jobs - Change fiscal year

Expenses and methods of calculation
Possibility of new method for calculating expenses "Charge Rate * Line Value before discount"

Expenses - Intrastat
Intrastat option is no longer available in expenses card.

Printing job data 'Order planning'
Added printout by pressing a button through the interface of the work

Order planning with a different priority by customer branch
Added the field 'Scoring' in customers branches. If no value is set 'null' it will take this into account while executing the job, otherwise use 'Scoring' from customer card.

Automatic Lot creation
The ability of automatic Lot creation is now available from document lines of purchases. The job can be selected by right click on the document lines.

Detailed control report -Sales
In Detailed control report of Sales is available for selection as a column, the series of the document, where the description 2 shows the description of the series.

Exclude items from Intrastat file
Added filter for excluding items involved in the same invoice, from the file and Intrastat report (filter "Items without intrastat code).

Matched documents report
In 'Matched documents' report when 'Only matched' is selected there is also available the module selection. Open-design documents also participate.

Open-design documents in 'Brief accounting report'
Open-design documents are also calculated in Brief accounting report

Supplier prices in Purchases orders
Added purchases parameter in order not to update automatically the grid "prices per supplier - Last purchase price
" with the value set in the Order.

Dialogue for W\h change in document convertion. Sales to purchases and the opposite.
In the dialogue of sales document convertion to purchases (and the opposite) a filter was added for the selection of W\h.

No copying of canceled document (as conversion)
Added check and error message that the document we are going to copy is canceled.

Physical stocktaking per document
Added option to not participate in the balance transactions made after the posting of the physical stocktaking document.

Size of attached image.
Limited size of the photo can be entered by the user.

Negotiable instruments and returns
Added to document types of payments and collections , the parameter 'Outstanding cheques (own)'. When 'Yes' is selected, the available negotiable instruments limited to those having as original trader the trader of the document.

Description of transaction
In Items transactions (related jobs) appears the name of the transaction.

Update actg link of special cash accounts in Revenue/Expenses
Added the entity of 'Special cash accounts' in job 'Execute update' for Accounting from Commercial module.

Phase of project and Payment methods
Added the option "per project phase" in Payment methods

Update Commercial from Payroll
Improvements in job 'Update Commercial from Payroll'

Posting a new remittance from Related jobs
Option 'New remittance' is now avvailable through traders' special transactions.

Display of canceled negotiable instruments in printouts and views.
Added a filter in printouts for the display of canceled negotiable instruments.

Transfer of remarks from sales opportunity to Order.
Transfer of remarks from sales opportunity to Order.

New Tab in the 'People data' of the company (legal representatives)
Added to the Companies tab - People data - Details of persons entitled "company representative." In the Property there is a stringlist indicating roles for submission of forms.

Filters in Cash Accounts cards
Is given the choice of all series or types of documents for receipts or payments.

Depreciation of Fixed Assets on Revenue-Expenses
In case where has been posted a F/A depreciation with link to Expenses, from the related jobs of depreciation document, the expenses document appeared in the list of depreciation documents

New report "Sales per customer branch"
Added a new report "Sales per customer branch" similar to the "Item analysis per customer branch".

Order planning
Appears in the grid of the orders the earliest date of the claim.

Order planning
Button for refresh data was added in job 'Order planning'.

Characters (length) for field Lot code
Increased the size of the Lot code field to 30 characters.

Region for the qlikview analysis (sales-purchases)
Region and Season were added as filters in qlikview analysis (sales-purchases).

Creation of set items with items that follow lots.
Added the ability to post specific lot in consumption lines of a Set.

Browser for 'Item sets' and line expansion
Possibility for 'line expansion' in 'Item sets' browser.
Addition of dimensions to Sales forecasts
Salesperson was added as available dimension in Sales forecasts

Traders Balance aging
In customers Balance aging report added the filter 'Apply open-item: To date reference'. With this option is not checked matchings, later from the reference date .

Balance per W/H
Improved the execution time for 'Balance per W/H' report.

Shortage/Requirements job and current date
At Shortage/Requirements job, the current date is proposed for the creation of documents.

Size of Negotiable instument number 40
Negotiable instuments number field is now bigger CHEQUE.CHEQUENUMBER (from 25 to 40).

Branch as filter in General Ledger report
In General Ledger report (Official reports) added as filter the branch of the company

Order planning
Added the filter 'Geografical zones' in job 'Order planning' from Inventory Items browser.

Balance cost in Inventory trial balance and Card of item
Given the possibility of selecting cost price for calculating the value of balance and added column to the tab 'Period data', that calculates the balance based on the cost of the corresponding period.

Coverage of pending to document lines
In option , available in lines document, added filter regarding dates.

New functions for Import Script
To Import Script added the following Published functions:
-Function RenameFile (OldName, NewName) renames the file with name OldName into NewName name file.
-PILib RenameFile VarArray (OldName, NewName, 2)
-Function DirectoryExists (Directory): checks whether there is the list Directory, and returns True or False. BC. x = CallPublished ('. ', PILib DirectoryExists Directory)
-CreateDir Function: Creates the list Directory. BC. x = CallPublished ('. ', PILib CreateDir Directory)
-Function RemoveDir (Directory): Deletes the Directory Directory if it is empty. BC. x = CallPublished ('. ', PILib RemoveDir Directory)
-Function ForceDirectories (Path): Ensures that all the lists of the Path exist. In the event that there will be created. BC. x = CallPublished (' ForceDirectories ', PILib. Directory)

Addition of function and credit control
Addition of function and credit control thatreturns the number of months based on a specific date i.e. today and the newest umpaid document

Modify printed document, prohibition based on the behaviour of the document.
When creating a new sales series with behaviour: Shipment note,Sales Invoice and Retail receipt, prohibition is proposed for the option 'Modify printed document'. Also during the modification of the specified field an error message will appear.

Series numbering brought fwd - Filter for module selection
Added dialogue for selecting modules in job 'Series numbering brought fwd'

Introduction of autonomous documents without any necessary link to an entity
Introduction of autonomous documents without any necessary link to an entity

Register of non-physical persons
Possibility of the application to connect to the non-physical persons register and verify data for Customers, Suppliers, Debtors, Creditors, Draft Entry. The job will only work for clients with contract.

New Credit control formula
Added the expression "Number of days without servicing the oldest settlement". The function returns the difference between the days of orientation dates and the oldest outstanding arrangement

CusFirstDateOpenTerm function
Added function 'CusFirstDateOpenTerm', which returns the first date of the outstanding payment.

Cumulative trial balance of inventory transactions and extra filters from items cards
Added the filters: Accounting category, Commercial category, Group, Manufacturer, Brand, Model, Country of origin, Season.

Detailed trial balance - Company filter
In Detailed trial balance added as a filter the companies.

Pricing policy based on country or trader currency
Possibility to define a pricing policy based on country or trader currency.

Item with attributes - Wholesales/Retail price analysis
Before posting a new item that has attributes, you can select the Hyperlink to choose the wholesale / retail price and to set different prices.

Added filters in statisrics reports
Added filters in reports:
1. Sales statistics per customer (Manufacturer, model, country of origin, season )
2. Purchase statistics per supplier(Manufacturer, model, country of origin, season)
3. Statistical orders per customer (commercial category, Accounting category, group, Manufacturer, brand, model, country of origin, season )4. Orders statistics per supplier (commercial category, Accounting category, group, Manufacturer, brand, model, country of origin, season), 5. Servises Sales Statistics (commercial category, Accounting category, group, category, Subcategory, season)
6. Sales statistics of services per customer (commercial category, Accounting category, group, category, Subcategory, season)

Behavior - Purchases/Sales per item
Behavior was added as filter in 'Purchases/Sales per item' Statistic reports

Opposite Account Journal (Rom Legislation)
Rebuilt of report "Opposite Account Journal"

Order planning
Added totals of requirements and distributions by characteristic,
coverage rates, colors for greater usability and
filters for detail section.

EAN codes and existing altenative codes.
The job creates new EAN codes and always ignores the altenative codes associated with other inventory items.

Order planning
Can be printed the 'Order planning' of the item as displayed in the monitor.

Browsers and Contracts
Added possibility to expand lines with trader lines, and also analysed the fields of Service, Trader, Trader branch

General Ledger Trial Balance
Αdded the ability to display the column : balance with sign with respective totals.

Create Intrastat imports file - CrtIntrastat (Romanian Legislation)
Modifications applied for "Intrastat imports file"

Sales - Purchases history
In Sales - Purchases history was added columns for quantities (executed and canceled)

Intrastat Imports -compaction (Romanian Legislation)
In Intrastat Imports report applies compaction for lines with the same data - sum values

Filter "Only items with trns or balance"
Filter "Only items with trns or balance" was added in the following reports: "Monthly inventory statement" and "Monthly report (correlation codes)".

U.O.M 1 for items without attributes
The field U.O.M in lines is calculated as value-line / qty1, if strict relationship is set between sales UOM and UOM1. Otherwise if affected the quantity1 and there is no strict relationship, was not conducted again the calculation.

Filter in "Monthly inventory statement per W/h " & "Monthly statement (correlation code) per W/h"
Added the filter 'Only items with trns or balance
' in the following reports: "Monthly inventory statement per W/h "

Create Intrastat exports file - CrtSIntrastat (Romanian Legislation)
Modifications applied in "Intrastat exports file" based on 2012 official changes

Intrastat - C.N. and Complementary U.O.M
'None' is available for Supplementary Unit field.
Based on this option madifications applied also to Intrastat xml exports

Intrastat- List of Delivery terms
Updated the List of Delivery terms regarding Intrastat

function for related documents
1. Added function which uploads to Azure the files found in physical disk. That fuction
a.takes the filename as a parameter
v.posts a new record in files directory
g.uploads the file to Azure.
d.updates the URL of the file which was posted with the address located at Azure.
The function returns us to the Url Azure. eg X.PUTFILE ("C: \ \ filename.txt")
2.Added function with which we can call html link. That function takes as parameters the url and the caption and returns string. eg href ("", "in").

Intrastat exports xml
Modifications applied to Intrastat exports xml file

CallPubllished funtion ModuleIntfGetValueToFile
Added the function ModuleIntfGetValueToFile which allows the contents of a blob field to extract to a file.
GetValueToFile (DataSetHandle, FieldName, FileName)

Project cards (PRJC_STM)
Added multiple filter in all preojects reports
1. Main projects (sub-projects not included)
2. Sub-projects only
3. All (sub-projects included)

Bug fixing

Error "Connection interrupted"
Fixed an error "Connection interrupted due to communication fail. Please run Soft1 again" when working in an environment client / server.

Save an 'Open report' with different name
If an Open report was saved with a different name (Save as ...) then when you run it displays the name of the former.
The name of the custom stored properly, with the wrong title.

Error when closing the application
Error occured when closing the application if a document was posted that created on-line link to GL same behavior when a customer or items copied to another company.

Configure the company information from the header of the report
Can be defined by the user the data displayed in the header of a report.

Configure the company information from the header of the report
In System Settings > General report data, when 'apply settings to existed reports was selected data were not saved when I choose to see the 'company data'.

Print to Excel
When exporting a browser (eg items) on Excel, the fields that had long character can not be shown in the cells, but "struck" in the middle and at the end of it 3 dots are added ...

Spell check
In fields of comments (e.g. comment document) the spelling is not checked on the last word of the text

Error in client and sql monitor
Error appeared in a client / server environment with sql monitor performance and cost price calculation. Messages in sql monitor displayed at the end of job.

Malfunction restrictions for designer and logical limitations
In the database designer in logical limitations that existed by = and then were deleted during posting

Series rediraction in custfindoc
Fixed to work properly and the redirection of the type.

Error during Cost Price calculation
In client-server mode the job cost price calculation for options for all types of codes and all values ??of cost / sales showed a message "connection interrupted due to communication fail. Please run Soft1 again".

Color in line columns of documents
In Line columns of documents with color and backgrounds, the color did not appear in the text.

Error in Bills of materials from documents
Fixed Error 'Autoincrement Assignment' at job 'Bills of materials from documents'

Customers trial balance from projects module.
If Revenue documents are posted with project at the document lines then in Customer trial balance printout from projects, nothing was printed.

Filters in browsers
Did not work properly the filters of the browsers when there was a call from command line.

Email Import
During the execution of the job 'Email Import', if there were more than one series available for selection for the imported email, message "must be given the number of document" was displayed.

Sales statistics and pivot analysis
Access violation occured in Sales statistics and pivot analysis

Data flows and documents
Problem occurred in target document when items with attributes participated or option 'Use of barcode' had selected.

Shortage/Requirements job and Suppliers' payment method
In document created by the Shortage/Requirements job, is proposed the method of payment of the supplier.

Comments of the branch from sales document
If text was registered in the comments field of a branch from the customer file, the text does not appear in the hyperlink 'customer branch' in sales document.

Change the date of special transaction with automatic collection
If in series has declared that the collection is automatically created, is transferred also the date of the original document in case of modification.

Filter 'Cash' in sales statistics.
The cash field appeared as 'locked'.

Type of trader Inentory statistics
Type of trader did not work properly when selected as filter in Inentory statistics

Recalculation of canceled and cancellation documents
Recalculation did not work in canceled or cancelation documents.

Azure - Posting Revenues-Expenses documents
When posting a Revenues-Expenses documents, fields : Document, number of the series were not updated.

Orders (ORDER_STM)
During the printout Orders (ORDER_STM) if a specific item code was given, orders of other items would appear also unless the flag 'Detailed' was selected.

Balance per company
Option 'Balance per company', through trading parties related jobs, dod not work properly.

External file of General Ledger in client/server.
During the creation of external file for General Ledger (Accounting from commercial mod.) an error would appear in client/server enviroment.

Purchase documents to sales with intermediate line deletion.
During the conversion of a Purchase document to sales, that had inventory items with attributes, if intermediate lines where deleted, then at the final posted document, the quantities of the attributes where not correct.

Last Saas user
Keeps the last user when entering the application environment in Saas - on demand.

User-defined tables and pivot execution
In inventory browsers when using one of the extra tables (UTBL) of item file, an error appeared in pivoting (access violation in xdll.dll).

Transfer among WH
During execution of job "Transfer among W/H" , a transaction can be executed among the selected W/H.

Alternative packaging
When posting/updating an entry where not shown correctly the attributes.

Fixed Assets and cost centers.
If entities were selected to be shown, in a printout an error message would appear INVALID COLUMN NAME X_CODE.

Agreement with combined scaling.
In document lines with 'packing of similar lines' and 'use of barcodes' enabled , in case of combined scaling an error was made in scaling.

Documents file - Related docs
When deleted file that is stored in the db through the related docs of the documents , then could not be stored in another object.

Filtering comments filed for custmaster
At custfindoc, during the selection of comments, the sosource filter of custfindoc did not work properly and comments of all modules appeared.

Draft entry conversion - salesperson
During a draft entry conversion (related docs) an error message would eppear regarding the id of the salesperson.

Non greek characters in excel from command line
If you create an excel file with command line it did not display the greek characters.

Opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM) (Romanian legislation)
Rebuilt of report "Opposite account card"

Inventory - Balance aging report
Balance aging report for Inventory did not work properly in case a spesific w/h is selected.

FIFO and automatically creation of Composition documents
Composition documents that were created automatically from inventory documents, were not taken into account, in FIFO Cost price calculation.

Bills of materials from documents
'Error in Autoincrement Assignment' appear while executing the job 'Bills of materials from documents'

General Ledger Trial Balance with fields from user-defined tables.
With client/server status, in General Ledger Trial Balance printout, question marks (?) appeared for fields from user-defined tables

Qlik View
When updating from client message appeared: abstract error

The report "Control report" in sales and purchases showed no results (wrong use of the fiscprd filter).

Create a local installation
Did not work correctly the creation of offline local installation.

Standard data
Standard data ddid not appear after re-login in the program.

Print document in email-pdf
When printing a document formatted to email pdf. and form in xls, the file containing the email was ending to xls and not pdf.

Print a document to mail
When choosing to print a document to mail by right clicking on the browser the following error appeared "ole error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near '=' "

Time entry in Azure
The field 'Entry time' at Azure environment displays the time from 2 hours before the real one.

Sales statistics and pivot
In sales statistics, the Pivot selection displays the message:
Access violation at address 0A07D696 in module 'SOExtEditors.bpl'. Read of address 00000314.

Invalid Argument in designed columns
In PC running XP it appeared "Invalid Argument" when selecting a an item and the sales document had in the proposed columns the fields(reserved - expected).

Date in documents after creating new branch
Since introduction of the new branch was made in an existing company, and re-login to the new branch, the proposed date in sales documents was 31/12/1899.

Users rights in Offline enviroment
Did not work properly the users rights in Offline environment.

Wrong matchings when executed from remmitances module
If remittances were matched to invoices and then re-matched and , then fails to delete the matching and the remaining value was the previously matched

Sales to Purchase with designed columns
During the conversion of a sales document to purchase, if designed colums was defined a n error message appeared.

Pack of similar lines in documents and 'pricing policies'
If you had set in the document type 'pricing policies: Yes" and "Pack of similar lines", and was posted customer without pricing policyi, there was packing of lines.

Chart of accounts in a branch
Did not appear the chart of accounts and the correct date if the login was made with a different branch of the proposed.

Custom view in projects
Fixed the error 'Invalid column name LoginDate' appearing after saving a view in projects.

Wrong calculation for Gross Profit
In the financial ata of the project the column "gross profit" calculated wrong.

Login to pc with win2000
At the login from a win2000 pc error appeared with reference to bpl70.dll.

Calculation "to date" in the Balance per WH
In report "Balance per WH", account was taken only months from the field" to date "instead of the date.

Menu at Offline client
Logging in the client directly, when offline, does not propose the right menu.

Data flow rule (Sales to Production)
In data flow rule from a sales document to production, displays message "dataset not in edit or insert mode"

Conversion to Purchase from Sales
During the conversion of a sales document (order) in purchase (order) an 'Access violation' appeared.

Azure: Report forms
At Azure is not stored the changes made for printing forms.

Email import - address 'from'
If you import an email and change the operator then was changing also the address "from" and proposed the email of the user.

NVL Error
Fixed an error that affects all browsers-scripts that use the function NVL.

Fields in 'Balance per WH'
In report 'Balances at WH', if in the design had been added a field from MTREXTRA and MTRDATA, error message appear "There is nothing to print."

Unpaid documents report and aggregates
If during the matching of documents, by changing the price was "excluded from the aggregates", then the report 'Unpaid documents' show incorrect unpaid value.

Composition documents, Resolver for lines
Appear only the fields of lines of composition documents

Errors while Matching
If transactions were matched, upon
change in value or the date of the document, is not updated and fields opntamnt, isclose.

Matching issue upon deletion of line value
Upon deletion of line value, the matching was deleted but no document was proposed for new matching

Documents to be matched
After deleting remmitances matchings, the matched documents appeared to have closed.

Remmitance with multiple matching
In a remmitance which had been many matchings, deleting one, was deleted and the rest.

Branches in Order Planning
Do not appear the filter "branches" when 'Order Planning' was selected with right-click on documents browser.