Monday, November 12, 2012

Version 312.509.10367

Features added / modified

Document strict numbering
In series with common and strict numbering failed the posting check into next numbering before that date.

Browsers/Views: Right to Delete
To a user which does not have the right to design custom browsers/Views but have the right to select Soft1 browsers/Views, the 'Delete' option in no longer available.

Costing Folders
There was no correctly calculated the sales prices through the folders costing when the items was found in more than one line item in the invoice which participate in this folder.

Given the opportunity to display different forms (xad) for each language.

Send email using an import script
Added the possibility for mass sending email from import script.

Customization control per installation
Has changed the control of the customization based on the sn of the installation

Bug fixing

User Rights and Series
When you set up a right for Series (through Series) upon save the grid appeared empty.

Wrong increasing numbering in browsers
Browsers returning results in more than one screen, and had increasing numbering, there was no proper behavior when switching screens with Page Up, Page Down.

Copy from last - goods and services
After sequential registration of document with goods and services, with only goods, re-postingn using 'copy from last' of the document that has goods and services, re-posting using 'copy from last' of the document that has only goods, displayed and the services of the previously posted document .

ItemCDIM function descriptions
Fixed the descriptions of the arguments of functions:
FItemCDimOpn, FItemCDimImp, FItemCDimExp, FItemCDimPur, FItemCDimReserved, FItemCDimOrdered, FItemCDimRestMode, FItemCDimOtherRest, FItemCDimBalImp, FItemCDimBalExp, FItemCDimSumBalImp, FItemCDimSumBalExp, FItemCDimPriceW, FItemCDimPriceR

Export .cst using a serial number
If you had export a .cst using a specific serial number, import in this serial and export from there, then it did not keep the serial number and the password that was set. If change had taken place in .cst, the password was lost.

Error message in Action history
In XP environment in related jobs of General actions>Action history an error message would appear 'incorrect syntax near WITH'

Bonus Card report in client/server enviroment
The 'Bonus Card report' in client / server enviroment and oracle db delayed excessively.

Cost Accounting articles
During the posting of an accounting article from the screen of the cost accounting accounts an error message would appear «Access Violation at address 03809EEA in module XBase.bpl. Read of address ...... »

Outprocess in Offline mode.
Although it was declared the parameter FORCEOFFLINE = 1,
the . net outprocess application was not linked to softone for offline mode , and displayed messages 'Control "has no parent window'.

Error when using Prototypes
If for the Statistics report 'Purchases per item' was created and applied a standard Prototype, appeared error "Field SOSMALLINT = 4, cannot be modified."

Order planning
During the execution of job 'Order planning', traders did not appear in the results unless it was chosen the flag 'Customer branches'.

Pricing policies - last purchase price of the lot based on given rate
In sales document declared to use the last purchase price of the lot and applied a pricing policy based on a percentage, the value was calculated based on the purchase price of the item and not the lot.

General Ledger report
If to the filter code was given 5 *, ie. 1st grade, the articles were not sorted by date.

Intrastat XML file - Wrong Header information from multicompany installations
If more than one company exists in an installation then the Intrastat xml for Imports-Exports was produced including the T.V.A and the Name of the first company

Gross Profit at Comparative sales overview
The Comparative sales overview does not show correctly the gross profit in case the valuation methods are FIFO or LIFO.

On line calculation of last purchase price
If it had declared to be executed 'online cost price calculation' and as a valuation method was declared the last purchase price, the purchase invoice entry was performed too slow.